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OCT 25 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEThis is a time when your many dreams are to manifest and the old ways are finally to be done with. Let this bell of freedom ring out again and again throughout this realm!
OCT 18 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEBe blessed, and know in your heart of hearts that a magnificent reality of joy and celebration is about to be yours! Contemplate in Joy what you accomplished in Heaven's good name. You stood firm in your visions and gave all the energy required to positively alter this realm.

OCTOBER 14 2016 ASHTARBeloved Ones, KEEP THOSE LOVE LIGHTS SHINING! Because your planet, with that LoveLight is actually hurting our eyes! So - keep on working! Keep on loving! Don't look back!  You've made it! I love you. We love you. Everyone loves you!
OCT 11 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEYou are almost free!  The debtor cloud is to be removed forever! Glory be! You arae in the process of becoming truly free. Money to enrich your lives is being redied to flow.

OCT 4 2016 SHELDAN NIDLENo longer will America have to worry about the evils of the income tax...   a number of fraudulent loans for housing, cars and the like are to be forgiven.  All the foreign bases are to be closed..  the rights given by the Constitution fully restored and many people freed from prisons for crimes no longer to be endured. This is to be a happy time for America.
SEPT 27 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEBe in Joy and most ready to meet the peoples of Inner Earth and those from the Galactic Federation. Your long night of the Soul is at last coming to an end!
SEPT 20 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEThe new banking system, the prosperity and the freedom that comes with new governance require avid participation from you. The world that you have grown up with is suddenly going to “explode” right in front of you. Take the time remaining and use it to come together and thank all in Heaven for these truly grand events.
SEPT 13 2016 SHELDAN NIDLESo far, several plans have been presented to us that are to precede our landings. These requisite changes are to swiftly transform those systems that currently hold you in a kind of ugly bondage. These transformations are to be in operation shortly. Then, various new governances can prepare this world for our much-needed arrival.
SEPT 6 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEThe first key is the broad prosperity programs. Their final delivery gives credence to the replacing of the USA, Inc. by the new NESARA governance. There are to be a number of very important public announcements. This new governance is to restore the Constitution and return the USA to Common law. Your collective envisioning and growing consciousness have made all of this possible.
AUG 30 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEThe Light has long protected you, preventing the dark from extinguishing the special essences that are the real you. Our mission is to take this holy vessel further and refill it with what it was intended to carry. This project is proceeding as intended. Be wise and able to accept what Heaven so graciously gives you.
AUGUST 27 2016 BLOSSOM GOODCHILD - THE SHIFTA very welcome Message from Blossom - her teachers - and White Cloud. - Gung-Ho!

AUG 23 2016 SHELDAN NIDLE... the Elders and the Royals are at last ready to firmly re-set release dates. Thus, we deeply feel that the global RV exchanges can actually be realized and therefore permit the complex RV process to commence. These massive exchanges can then lead to the distribution of the prosperity packages and to new governance!
AUG 16 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEMuch is going to take place simultaneously once prosperity actually begins. - This moment is special, as it marks the time for a number of important “accelerations” we mentioned to begin. Be prepared and fully ready to accept a whole host of wondrous events!
AUGUST 9 2016 SHELDAN NICLEThis is to be an age of power, prosperity and a return to full consciousness. You are to see us and appreciate what is being done. The Ages of the dark and duality are almost over.
AUGUST 2 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEAhead of you are truly miraculous times. Things that you vaguely remember are to reappear, giving you the wherewithal to enter into a new age filled with prosperity and immeasurable inner joy. Much is expected of each of you. The time for garnering these great heavenly gifts is at hand. We salute you and know that our reunions are ready to manifest!
JULY 26 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEYour wondrous positive energies are making a difference. Combined with those of your brethren, they are allowing monies to be distributed, new financial systems to form and a new governance to be disclosed.
JULY19 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEThe dark cabal is beginning to crack open. Meanwhile, the new NESARA Republic prepares to be openly declared. This time, thus, is the moment that Heaven has long prophesized.
JULY 12 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEAhead is the time to use these funds to achieve your dreams, to heal and to create great things. Additional events are planned to make possible new governance and a reality filled with joy and light!  The dreams of humanity are becoming real. The dark is being defeated and an isolation process is underway. This is the good news that we can at last convey.
JULY 9 2016 ASHTAR ON THE ROADThe Wingmakers are everywhere.  Do you know who the Wingmakers are?  They're YOU! About 700 years ahead of where you are right now, but they're coming to assist.  They are absolutely blasting that LoveLight everywhere!  And some people are seeing gigantic and beautiful fireworks in the sky – we shall call them fireworks.  This is the Wingmakers at work...
JULY 5 2016 SHELDAN NIDLEInitial deliveries were deferred until after American Independence Day... a strict schedule is to be kept once these first funds arrive...  future fundings are to proceed smoothly and to remove the feelings of frustration... The new governance is to oversee this and put an end to the greedy autocrats... their arrests are forthcoming and, with them, a time for all finally to rejoice!
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