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Who and What IS Ashtar Command?
Please see December 16 post below

A rare opportunity!

 Live calls with our Galactic Friends
 reveal  their personality and way of life.  
And each time we listen, 
we benefit more and more from the
Higher Light Encodements!

Channel:  Michael Ellegion

JUNE 24 2016





Today I received notice that Prime Creator wanted to do a session through Michael Ellegion. Fortunately, Michael was open and we have a very good 90-minute call here for you with Prime Creator and Sananda. Here are some of the topics we discussed:


Who are the Tachyons?
They came to help us here on the surface?  How??

How do we help bring the 2.3 Billion yet stuck in 3D into Wave 3?

Some of us have been told we are surrogates.
Are we still serving as such?

Is Duality gone?

Please clarify "The New Republic" and which one is valid. 
Explain General Dunford and Paul Ryan.

Is "going within" open to all?
Or should we go "out" and find someone to ask?

Can anyone talk to Sananda?

Information about the current Grand Jury movement and their eventually becoming the Earth Council, working with the Galactic Councils.

JANUARY 29 2016


90 Minutes

Channel:  Michael Ellegion

Channel for the Masters
37 Years

No Planet has Ascended as quickly as Earth


                  ASHTAR              SANANDA           ST GERMAIN




No planet has ever shifted
as fast as Planet Earth is,
indeed, going through right now!

A rare and comprehensive session through Michael Ellegion!

We receive encodements as we listen to this very enlightening call from our Cosmic Masters AND Prime Creator!

We learn what is the most important action we can do now. 

Will the James Twyman global meditation have an effect? - And our own group's call... does it become a mandate to Federation?

Are we still "programmed with 'hot buttons?'"

Karma can be instantly cleared??  How??

Is Ascension complicated? Must we study?

Can it be simple?  How??

AUGUST 26 2015

Channel:  Michael Ellegion
Channeling the Masters - 35 years

    VOLTRA                    SANANDA


Final Word:

Will there be an evacuation? -  Corey Goode? Space Wars?

What about the Pillars of Light?

The Crescendo Wave of Love Energy taking us to a higher frequency?

How can we "make an appointment" for the Accelerator Chair?

Using the Power of Love - Connecting with Twin Flame?

MAY 11 2015

    ASHTAR             SANANDA     




Once again, we were alerted to connect with Ashtar, Sananda and Prime Creator for updates. These messages are a direct follow-up to the extraordinary message Sananda was eager for us to post on May 1: - Click on FEDERATION

 Sananda - Activating the Andromedan Stargate
May 1 2015

This message begins our education about the real reason we are here. The incredible Mission that started 6.5 million years ago when the 144,000 responded to the Clarion Call. And today, that number encompasses 45% of Earth's surface population.

What are we doing that "... no one has done before. That offers NO experienced guidance? That we just learn as we go - tripping over our own feet?" And WHY?  Our current frustration pales, as we awaken to the magnitude of the project we are accomplishing - never before done - affecting our entire Universe. 

Yes, we have come back from 20 million years in the future to REWRITE this timeline!

Also: WAS Jesus crucified? - What about Jade Helm?  Martial Law?  Cosmic Sting?   Are our diets changing our bodies to crystal silicon? Why are some of us acting as surrogates? What is the Harmonic level required for Ascension? Are we still doing the Training Exercises?

JANUARY 25 2015!



For Written Transcript:  CLICK HERE

The over-riding theme tells us where we have been while our bodies sleep at night. And why we are so groggy when we awaken. We learn we are participating in the most significant event in 6.5 million years - since we arrived... our troop of 144,000.

This is a message of compassion and understanding - appreciation and awareness - and guidance by direct Q & A with Prime Creator. The sweetness of knowing how close we are to Prime Creator and his caring and compassion, always being there when we need him, assures us that we are not alone and that we have personal, direct access to Divine Creation, always there, ready to help.

With each re-listen, we again benefit with the Galactics' unique encodings,  helping us to awaken...  always delivered through
Michael Ellegion

AUGUST 29 2014



1 hour 27 minutes

This session includes updated encodements for all of us.  Each time we listen, we are helped to awaken and remember more.  Current questions are asked ... "How can the cabal still be here when the planet's vibrations are at or above 5.6? --  Atrocities seem to be even more prevalent... what about KARMA?  Is it gone???"  --   Ashtar reveals some methods now underway. -- Are we making a difference? - What can we do from here to help?

 APRIL 24 2014


                      VOLTRA             SANANDA                ANNE               LADY NADA


Allow Time to Load!

90 minutes
Channel:  Michael Ellegion

Channel for the Masters - 34 Years


Commander Voltra give updated Universal Ascension Encodements
Explains Rejuvenation Chambers vs Light Chambers

Lord Sananda explains to Anne how their personal connection is affecting
Quanatum Field Energy for reunion of all Twin Flames.

Lady Nada's Higher Self explains how sometimes the Conscious Self
could be in conflict with the Higher Self and have another agenda. 

January 3 2014
                           Voltra           Lady Nada    Lord Sananda    

Allow time to load
 1 hour 28 minutes

Channel - Michael Ellegion

There is much to be received and learned here.  Voltra updates embedded encodments that, although unique to Anne/Lady Nada, tells us will also benefit others who hear them.
Anne asks her Higher Self, Lady Nada, when she will have her heavy veils lifted. Lady Nada speaks from the Higher Dimension as Anne's Higher Self to Anne, " conscious Self."  This may be the first time a client asked Michael Ellegion to speak to their own Higher Self.  But, here it is! 
We almost cut Sananda's portion, as it includes some poignant moments for Anne. However, it would not be fair to deprive the listeners of unique information regarding Life Contracts, final lessons, multiple souls within one Earth human, and other enlightening aspects direct from Sananda.

Many now in embodiment will soon be encountering much of the same questions and uncertainties as voiced by Anne. Each will meet their own challenges and uncertainties as they encounter their own unveiling and ascension.  It is our hope that this information will enable a smooth transition for each of you.

We are One. 

I AM that I Am Lady Nada.  As above, so below.



MAY 18 2013

36 Minutes
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Timelines - Encodements - Our Other Half - Filters
About Hollow Earth Network's part

The "Bubble of Consciousness" that Hollow Earth Network created,
creating a portal, a stargate, a wormhole, like an acupuncture point in time/space.
"When two or more are together ..."

The energy of our network is recognized more than once, here.

 Cosmic Physician of Light 

March 6 2013

1st Half:  Light Frequency Healing Technology
2nd Half:  Your Twin Flame will soon be joining you. 
Learn how to clear and prepare for reunion

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1 hour / 23 minutes
Allow Time to Load

September 13 2012

Click Here - 43 Minutes
This gives us lots of insight into why our channel messengers are not always correct.  
It tells how we are also affected by these same subconscious traumas
that create unwanted reactions.  
And, what we can do about  them. 


InterGalactic Cultural Exchange Officer
January 14 2013

Be prepared for the coming reunion of billions of Twin Flames here on Planet  Earth. 

We're still on Planet Earth?  We thought we'd be gone!
WILL there be a 2013 - 2014 life here on Planet Earth?
How did this happen differently than we were told?
Why did we just barely slip into 5th Dimension?
What is the Galactic Plan to clear the dark remnants?
No soul left behind!

Click Here
 1 Hour - 5 Minutes

For article explaining Twin Flame evolution

February 10 2012
Click Here -  45 Minutes

Rowcan is lots of fun ! 
He talks about the Parties of Light on Arcturus.



ASHTAR, and ...


January 2 2013

The True Story of Our Delayed Ascension
 1 Hour - 22 Minutes
Allow time to load

Why did Gaia slow down her and our Ascension?
What Dimension is Gaia in now? -- What Dimension are we in now?  
Waves of Ascension and where we will go
How many will make it through?
How long will Gaia hold back?  --  Can Gaia stop ascending???


December 5  2012
 90 Minutes
Gaia's decision coming up - Sananda's ship arriving?
Timelines?  --   Why are there trillions of ships encircling Earth?

May 25 2012
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47 Minutes
You will hear Ashtar confirm
the necessity to clear the planet.

February 10 2012

 15 Minutes
Good information on how things work

OCTOBER 31 2012


World Teacher of this Solar System
under the auspices of the 
Great Central Sun Government

1 Hour; 24 Minutes
This message includes the energies of both Kuthumi and Sananda, and deals with our ability of discernment as we attempt to sort out the reasons for the Atlantic storm, Sandy and how the cabal fits in.   We learn how to prepare for the transition, clearing out energies of the old time line.


Cosmic Psychotherapist

43 Minutes
This will answer a lot of questions that caught people's attention
\on September 10. 

That is why I had this reading on September 13.
 We are given much insight and clarification... 
"Who is Light? -- Who is Dark?"

MAY 25 2012

 Commander Korton
 Inter-Solar Communications Base, Mars

 37 Minuites
Korton is speaking from his Rainbow Ship

Please click on date to view full posting

DEC 16 12 WHO AND WHAT IS ASHTAR COMMAND?The Ashtar Command is the airborne division of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar and the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda, know to Earth as Jesus, or the Christ, our Commander-in-Chief.
SEPT 28 12 OCTOBER SURPRISEI invite you now to Occupy the Media. The October Surprise is President Obama making an official Announcement of Full Galactic Disclosure to the World. This surprise will be to all the politicians, monarchs and government officials who benefit from hiding their contact with Extraterrestrials that its Game Over. October Surprise postpones the next election AND brings a Planet of Peace.
SEPT 19 12 AS UNIQUE AS A KISSWe remind you that this may be a very vital piece of the puzzle in regards to your ascension. Yes, we do not wish again to be the bearer of bad news and say to you there will be those of you who do not ascend because you have not been able to kick these habits, but we can only report to you what is truth and this is truth, for this is what you wanted.
SEPT 5 12 EARTH ALLIES LEAD FREEDOM'S CHARGE!Sealing the deal of your new world projects that we have spoken about your Earth allies who now are pressing forward and are upholding their word as they gave us their word and pronounced that they would make these arrests of the criminal elements of your cabal. This vow has been kept by them. They have done themselves proud, they have strengthened our confidence in them... 
You knew that at the end of this current cycle you would have to get extremely busy and take on a great work load, but this is how you wanted it; you felt you would cram. Well, your exam is not literally tomorrow morning, but there will not be very many tomorrow mornings left for any of you. It is time to cram, and we mean cram seriously.

AUGUST 24 12 WORLD EVACUATION - TUELLAThis is the complete book from Sananda, through Tuella.  Three hours of must-read by everyone who knows they are on a Mission under Ashtar Command.
AUGUST 23 2012 END TIMES ASHTAR COMMANDThe Spiritual Hierarchy has concluded that Man has reached that point when a fuller revelation of the closing portion of the Divine Plan for Earth may be revealed to him. There are many who will cry that these things must not be spoken. Yet where will they be when the sky is darkened with spacecraft, come to lift them to safety?
AUGUST 22 12 MILITARY DISARMMAMENTWe will be requesting a complete and total disarmament of all of your military forces throughout every corner of your world, for what would they be needed for if we are now going to settle disputes amicably, honorably, fairly and nonviolently?  No people will be permitted to invade another people's land.
Why just a few days ago did you think you would experience ascension, and why today are there many of you who feel you won't? Is it simply because you have learned that not everyone will ascend? So why do you think this would automatically include you? 
Today the Galactic Federation pulled off a plan that has been in the works a very long time. We used our technology in a way which is very rarely done. All the conditions lined up and made it possible. We were able to use a kind of natural transducer device which... 
AUGUST 12 12 ASHTAR AUDIO IS POSTEDSee ASHTAR audio link above.  A personal reading for Anne DeHart, May 25 2012.  Ashtar discusses possible audio postings through this channel (Michael Ellegion) -- Should Anne do a new Disclosure website? - Should we clear the planet December 2012? - Korton tells of underground Mars communication base - His communications through Universe - Cabal surveilance...    
AUGUST 12 12 ASHTAR TELECONFERENCE TUESDAYSusan Leland will be presenting Ashtar in a live teleconference coming up this Tuesday, August 14th.  See enrollment form  Ashtar will be discussing our pre and post-Ascension lifesty;les.This is a very lively call which also includes the Crystal Exercise with Sekhmet.  Transcript of the call will later  be posted from the recording.
AUGUST 9 2012 ASHTAR COMMANDTo those of you demonstrating difficulty with these communications...  walk away from them, ignore them, no longer make them a daily part of your experience. If you cannot trust our words, why do you read them? Have you considered that the reason you do not resonate with these words is because these words are not made for you, that what we are discussing does not include you?
AUGUST 3 2012 ASHTAR WE ARE AT THE OLYMPICSWe are at the Olympics, and have been there since long before the torch arrived. Our ships are so great in numbers as to literally blanket the sky in layers, and our purpose is to monitor, assist in preventing major 'false flag' events and to beam loving messages to all present. 
JULY 28 12 ASHTAR ON THE ROADOne of the things you just heard, which we already determined that we would be discussing tonight, are the shootings in that town of Colorado. Well, the mainstream may call it random violence, but that is not the case. It is deliberate. It is deliberate to create fear... an old controlling program. 
JULY 28 12 ASHTAR ON THE ROAD - TARA & RAMATara & Rama News Report - A part of the Ashtar on The Road Message. Tara and Rama have dedicated their lives to bringing forth the higher dimensional perspective on the news of this time.
JULY 25 12 STRENGTHENING YOUR SHORELINESWe also say to you there is going to come a day very shortly where you must drop this charade because it will hold no water as we must drop the hammer and shatter your protected reality defended by your denial, your distrust, your suspicion, your accusations, your lack of faith in our channel who has been delivering for us messages accurate and honest for quite some time now.
 We would like to make clear that we, the Ashtar Command, also report to you that we are witnessing arrests of many members of your criminal cabal and their associates, their paid gunmen and missionaries. These individuals are being taken into custody one by one and day by day, and we see this process continuing on and through this month and next month and beyond. 
These creations are a perpetual support and upliftment to all of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond, because everyone is tuned in to Earth! "This is, what you say, 'Where the Action Is" in the entirety of the Universe. And  so our work takes on even greater significance...
JULY 15 12 BEING ON THE SHIPS (FEB 3) y Spanish"Next, let me remind you, Beloved Family, that you have all experienced being on the ships of the Ashtar Command. We have welcomed you aboard The New Jerusalem in our Exercises together. You have all visited our ships in your dreams and out of body travelings...
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