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Jesus, through John
Guidance from an
Elder Brother

  September 4 2016



Hello, this John with Jesus’ message for Sunday September 4th 2016. I spent 3 weeks channeling this message, mostly in the last 2 days, and so I am including my communication with Jesus before I fully relaxed and allowed him to commune with me. We all have our “stuff” coming up for release which can make it difficult to get into our quiet space, the one from which I channel. His encouraging words to me are, of course, directed to all of humanity.

Jesus Blog # 300 for Sunday September 4th 2016. Channeled 20.10 Thursday August 18th thru’ 21.18 Saturday September 3rd 2016.



Me:  Well Dear Jesus, I have been blocked, out to lunch, unwilling? I don’t know which, but I have either been avoiding making contact with you, or, due to reasons of which I am unaware, have just been content to remain uncommunicative and quiet.  I get vaguely anxious feelings that I should channel, but choose not to respond.  So input from you and/or a new message would be greatly appreciated, and so here I am attempting to be open to you, please commune!

Jesus:  Good morning John, thank you for calling, we have much to discuss, and you will be pleased with “what comes through.”  Just keep reminding yourself that All are One, you know this deep within yourself, so allow yourself to feel it, to experience it, and be truly inspired and uplifted, which is your will and therefore also God’s.  Don’t judge or disparage yourself, it is totally inappropriate because 1) God is Love and therefore so are you, and 2) You are not a body, you are free, you are as God created you.  Just be yourself, accept yourself as you are because that is how God created you, and that can only be Perfect!  You and God are One in perfect harmony, in perfect alignment, perfectly integrated and inseparable.  You just forgot that, momentarily, but your memory is returning if you will allow it to open and then accept the wonders it offers you.  And why wouldn’t you?  God wants only for you to be in perfect happiness, and only you can prevent or block your awareness of that.  YOU ARE ETERNALLY ONE WITH GOD, so ALLOW yourself to be aware of that, your eternal and most natural state!



Me:  WOW! Thank You.  I need to sit with that for a little while before we continue.  Please excuse me as I sit quietly assimilating those uplifting thoughts.

Jesus: The apparent chaos you see in the world around you – political confusion in many countries, continuing economic hardship for many, bitter conflicts, people being driven from their homes due to conflicts or business developments – is arising to be addressed and resolved, much like your individual packages of “stuff” that need to be acknowledged and released.

There is only Love! Humanity is coming to realize this, and the many grass roots movements across the planet seeking major change in the way humanity relates to itself and to the planet, are striving to bring these essential changes into being through loving and honest communication with those who are attempting to maintain a system that has long outlived its usefulness.  This essential change in relationships on every level will succeed!  The human collective has been preparing for this moment for a very long time, and it will not be diverted from its loving intent to create a state of peace and harmony on Earth.

As you note the reports on the mainstream media, focusing largely on catastrophes and disasters that involve individuals or nations, realize that the intent is to encourage a state of fear that will enable their owners and those who control them – those who would maintain the status quo, the old order of divisive interactions on every level – to impose ever more restrictive laws to maintain that control.  However, the old system is crumbling as more and more refuse to cooperate to maintain it.  It is clearly seen by the vast majority of humanity that the present system is totally corrupt and must be replaced by one that honors every human regardless of economic status, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and religious or political persuasion.

God created you eternally free, but, within the confines and limits of the illusion, you gave away your power and allowed bullies and tyrants to suppress and control you.  It was an enormous lesson for you to choose to experience, and now that you have learnt it, it is time for you to move forwards by returning to your God-given state of individual freedom in which harmonious and creative cooperation will lead you out of the morass of corruption and dishonesty that has ensnared you for eons.

You are all, as we have often told you before, spiritual beings having a human experience.  Living within the illusion, where that experience occurs, you utterly forgot who you really are.  But now, due to your collective decision to awaken, your memories are returning and gently reminding you that you are and always have been One – One with God and One with each other.

So what the vast majority of humanity is now doing is coming to a realization of this divine truth, and therefore being drawn intuitively to move inwards to the divine flame of Love that burns eternally on the altars within them – the holy and infinite space within each one of you that enfolds within it All That Exists.

This most wonderful realization is truly quite mind blowing after being in the deep sleep of forgetfulness for so long.  And yet it has been but a brief moment, as you will become fully aware when your awakening happens.

You can have no idea of the joy here in the spiritual realms as we observe you stirring and moving out of your state of deep and unaware sleep towards a knowing awareness of your true nature.  When that happens your joy will be boundless.

As you deal with long buried personal issues and the emotional pain they have been causing you, know that this is an essential but passing phase on your path to awakening.  To use an up to the moment analogy, it is as though you had been in very demanding training for an Olympic event in which you are now taking part and as the finishing line appears you can see that You are going to take the Gold!

Yes, every human is now in a position to win in a manner that you cannot possibly conceive of, for you are coming Home to God, to Yourself, to Reality.  And although it seems as though you have been separated from your true and divine nature for eons, it has been but a moment, a moment so brief that on your awakening it will be instantly forgotten, for in truth it never happened!  There will be no memory of pain or suffering of any kind, for that would be a memory of unreality, and what never happened obviously cannot be remembered.

Each of you is traveling on your own personal path Home.  It was designed specifically for you, and for no one else, with great skill and wisdom before you incarnated as a human, and no matter where you feel you are, you are never off your path.  That alone is reason to rejoice, because your path will bring you Home.  You can slow down or delay your progress along it, but you cannot leave it, move backwards, or come to a complete halt.  You are continually progressing along it at the pace that you yourself choose in any moment.  Enthusiasm draws you along more swiftly, whereas doubt and anxiety tend to slow you down.

Practice letting go of doubt and anxiety because they are unwarranted.  You are safely established on your way Home, so enjoy the ride by focusing on the good things in your life which far outweigh those about which you choose to worry.  Difficult situations may well arise, but you have the support of all in the spiritual realms who will help you deal with them successfully.  Ask for our assistance in being aware, in knowing that you are eternally divinely loved in every moment and that you will arrive, just as planned.  When you allow us to assist – often people ask for help but then choose not to accept it – and relax into that state of allowing, you will feel the Love that envelops you in every moment of your eternal existence.

You are the divine child of God, a holy and honored soul, created perfect because God delights in His divine ability to create perfection.  That is what He does, endlessly.  And your destiny is to return to complete awareness of your joy and ecstasy in creating with Him, eternally.  That is the only reason you were created, to share with Him the joy of creating, and as you awaken, you will be once more aware that that is precisely what you are doing.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

August 8 2016

It is time for you to discard your faith, your belief
in the illusion... and WAKE UP!

August 8, 2016 by John Smallman

You know that moods affect you as they pass through you, and you also know that they do pass through.  The human experience, as a separated being within the collective dream or illusion, is a passing experience, it does not last, it is temporary, impermanent, in fact it is momentary!  However time appears very real to you, like a river flowing through an ever changing environment of moods – emotions, feelings, worries, anxieties, fears, pain and suffering, interspersed briefly with hopes, desires, contentment, and pleasures.  But it always flows – slowly or rapidly depending on the individual’s choice in that moment – it is never still.

However, you are each eternal beings living in the eternal and timeless now moment, always present in God’s divine Presence, the only state of existence.   Anything else is unreal, a figment of your imagination, a game in which you, like a small child, have put your hands over your eyes and, in the very brief moment before you remove them, you feel alone, separate, abandoned, in fact terrified. There is nothing to fear because only Love is Real, so rest in the joyful certainty that that seeming sense of separation, aloneness, abandonment is utterly unreal!

The only Reality, All That Exists, is God.  Therefore you are all One with Him because there is absolutely nowhere else that you could be!  Humanity is finally, after many eons, choosing to awaken into Reality.  However, for that to happen you have to release your fearful stranglehold on the illusion.  That means you have to let go of all your imaginary – truly they are not real – hates, resentments, judgments, fears and any sense of self righteousness as all of those hide Love from you.  They act as a cloak, a veil, or a fog that hangs between you and Reality, hiding It from you.  They too are imaginary, constructed by you because you feared that your choice to experience separation from God had made Him extremely angry with you, and so you constructed them in order to hide from Him.

But God does not know anger, let alone harbor a sense of anger or judgment against even a single one of you!  How could He know anger when there is only Love?  He joyfully and lovingly awaits your awakening as His Will for you is eternal happiness, and He knows that your awakening is inevitable!

Your task in the awakening process is just to let go!  To let go of every sense or feeling of guilt, of unworthiness, of shame, of fear, because every one of them is totally invalid. God created you, therefore you are, each and every one of you, perfect divine beings.  As humans that does not seem to be the case, and that is because of the limits and restrictions that you built into the game that became the illusion.

You are Love!  All that God creates is Love, and God loves what He creates unconditionally in every moment and without exception.  If He loves you, then why would you not love yourselves?  It makes no sense, in fact it is quite insane for any of you to judge as unworthy, shameful, sinful, untrustworthy, ugly, or evil any of God’s divine Creations including, of course, yourselves.  He offers only Love to you, and he offers It continuously in every moment. All that you have to do is to open your hearts by releasing your ferocious grip on whatever is not of Love, and Love will fill them immediately, and your joy will be ecstatic.

Fear is what is holding you back, fear that you are unworthy sinners deserving only hell.  That is insanity because there is no sin and no hell.  What you experience as sin and hell are imaginary and completely unreal aspects of the illusion, the game of separation in which you are engaged, which is itself quite unreal.  It is time for you to discard your faith, your belief in the illusion and WAKE UP!

When you allow Love to flow into your hearts, as It will when you cease to shut It out with judgment and all the other related non-loving thoughts that furnish your minds, you will wake up because it is impossible to remain asleep when Love fills your hearts.  As humans,  there are very few of you who have not experienced an intense love for another, and when you are having that kind of experience do you sleep?  No, you are fully awake and vibrantly alive with joy.  When you awaken into Reality, your divine and eternal Home, your vibrancy and joy in life will infinitely exceed all your previous experiences and totally surpass whatever expectations you have been holding about your return to your awakened state.

I know it is hard for you to conceive of the infinite joy in which Reality enfolds you, waiting for you to awaken and engage with it.  So remind yourselves at least once daily, and preferably many times, that God’s Will for you is complete and eternal happiness right now!  He does not want you to wait lifetimes, He wants you to be happy, to be in joy right now!  All you have to do is open fully to the Love that is your true nature, to your Oneness with Him and all of creation.  When you hold and maintain the intent to do that, all that you have been holding onto that is not in alignment with Love will fall away and you will move from the darkness of fear, anger, hatred and resentment into the brilliant Light of God’s eternal Love and immediately know yourselves as you truly are – infinitely bright aspects of the Oneness that is God.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Chris Celine- The gift of not-knowing

August 1, 2016 by John Smallman

I just watched Chris Celine’s interview with Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump and very much enjoyed it. I then looked for her on YouTube and found this lovely and brief video (10 minutes).

Enjoy, I know you will.



   July 31 2016

Total self-honesty is an essential aspect 
of the awakening process.

On Earth, as humans, your task is simply to release anything to which you are clinging that is not in alignment with Love. When you do that, even for a moment, you will feel an enormous shift in your energy, a lightening of the burdens that you seem to be carrying.

July 31, 2016 by John Smallman

Humanity’s return to full consciousness, its awakening from the illusion, is proceeding apace. A massive awareness is growing that life on Earth followed by death are not your final destiny, that in fact what you are experiencing on Earth is but a passing moment in which you are learning the lesson that Love is All That Exists, and that your physical forms are purely temporary vehicles or residences that you occupy while you do this. They are ideal for this purpose, but when you all “graduate,” as you all will, you will no longer have need of them because your natural state is infinitely limitless and filled with potentiality beyond your wildest dreams. The joy you will experience in Reality, at Home in the Presence of God, is WAY beyond your ability as humans to even conceive of, and it is to that that you will awaken.

On Earth, as humans, your task is simply to release anything to which you are clinging that is not in alignment with Love. When you do that, even for a moment, you will feel an enormous shift in your energy, a lightening of the burdens that you seem to be carrying. Most of you have at some time been forgiven for something you did or said that was intended to hurt another, and which you later regretted. And when you received that forgiveness it felt as though an enormous weight had been lifted off your shoulders. Likewise, when you let go of any resentment, bitterness, anger, and hatred that you have been “nursing,” you will feel lighter and joy will flow in to replace those unloving aspects that you have released.

All your suffering and unhappiness flows from judgmental attitudes you hold and from your sensed need to have those judgments enforced to make others pay for the pain you believe that they have caused you. But the pain, the suffering is truly caused by your dwelling on your perceived mistreatment by others, long after the moment of mistreatment has passed. You are effectively continuing to punish yourselves by dwelling on memories of unpleasantness from the past, or on imagining new unpleasantness in the future. But there is only Now! So live in the now and live in peace, your natural state.

Forgiveness of yourselves is essential. Nearly everyone has been inculcated with a strong sense that they are not good enough, and that they must strive constantly to improve themselves. Within the illusion it does make sense to become educated and learn the basic social rules that enable agreeable interactions with others. However, in childhood, many are discouraged from doing what appeals to them, from doing what they are intuitively or instinctively drawn to, and are instead induced to study and learn what their “elders and betters” decide is appropriate for them. This leads to distrust of their own inner guidance and a consequential ongoing internal conflict that often leads either to boredom and depression, or to powerful rebellion.

Now, as adults, you need to let go of those imposed shoulds and musts and all the negative self-judgments and guilt to which they led you. You are all spiritual beings with countless friends and mentors in the spiritual realms on whom you can call for assistance, and who enthusiastically await that call. Go inwards when you seek guidance, for there you will find amazing resources to help you release all that no longer serves you.

Discussing options and possibilities with human friends can be very helpful, but in the end you need to make decisions based on your own intuition and the guidance offered to you by those on whom you call in the spiritual realms, plus your own sense of what is right for you. Only you can know what that is and act on it, and that is all that you are asked to do.

All humans make errors because being human has severely limited your abilities to fully understand either the world around you or situations that arise there. Errors are learning experiences and lead to wisdom.

Therefore do not judge yourselves harshly for making them, instead, gently forgive yourselves, learn from them, and do not refuse to admit to having made them. Total self-honesty is an essential aspect of the awakening process that you are all undergoing, and when you are totally honest with yourselves you will be at peace because then you know that you can trust yourselves. Trust of yourselves and others is very important. Without trust you are constantly expecting to make errors that must then be disguised, and you expect the same from others, thus causing yourselves unnecessary stress. With trust, when you make errors you forgive yourselves and move on.

You have probably noticed that those who are most peaceful, content, and at peace with themselves are people of honesty and integrity, people that you intuitively sense that you can trust. Trust responds with trust, and distrust with distrust. Betrayal is a consequence of the latter. When you are utterly honest you can almost always intuit whether someone else can be trusted or not, and that makes life a lot easier.

Everyone wants to be loved and trusted because Love is your natural state, but often, out of fear and due to previous bad experiences, many choose to be suspicious, believing it is a practical course to take in a world where so many are betrayed daily. But, as trust leads to trust, so suspicion leads to suspicion; what you think about and expect is what you experience. Suspicion locks out love because it cannot trust, and love and trust are inseparable.

As I and other channels keep reminding you; “You are all perfect beings because what God creates can only be perfect.” However, within the illusion as humans, you are, because you chose to be, severely limited in your skills and abilities. You chose this experience in a futile attempt to separate yourselves from Source, and to prove that you had no need of God. It was only a game you chose to play, but because God gave you power equal to His when He created you as perfect divine beings, because everything that He is He lovingly shares with all of His creation, the game you invented, the illusion you built seems totally real to you.

To uncover its unreality engage with Love, and only with Love, because nothing else is Real. You must all have heard the saying: “Perfect Love casts out fear.” And it is true, because there is nothing other than perfect Love. Anything that is not Love is unreal, illusory, and therefore will not last. You all will awaken into perfect Love, because that is your divine and inescapable destiny. So release your grip on any remaining self-righteousness, resentment, bitterness, or hatred that lingers from past hurts, and allow yourselves to awaken, and revel in the joy that ensues.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

July 24 2016

Suffering and sacrifice serve no useful purpose.
You cannot fail to awaken,
if that is your will and your intent 
~ and it most certainly is!

July 24, 2016 by John Smallman
As can be clearly seen now, as even the mainstream media reports on them, enormous changes are in progress all across the planet.  Do not be upset and fall into fear and anxiety as you hear or read about the upheavals and destabilizations in societies everywhere as politicians continue to play the fear and terror card.
There is only LOVE!  All else is illusion.  Yes, human beings are suffering, but you need to remember that no one is misplaced!  All chose to be on Earth at this point in their spiritual evolution, and in the locations in which they now find themselves.  Intend to send Love to those in pain, those who are suffering, you have absolutely no idea how effective it is to just do that, and it is what you are here to do.
Everyone on Earth in this moment chose to be here now to demonstrate, share, and extend the Love that is your divine nature.  Love is the solution to all your problems and consequently large numbers have incarnated to be Love in action to bring humanity to wakefulness, and they are succeeding.  What you see physically happening in many areas is an immensely effective wake-up call, and it is being heard.
Humanity’s awakening is inevitable, period.  This does not mean that every human will awaken in this current awakening, because there are some who have chosen not to do so.  However, do not concern yourselves about loved ones who appear to have no spiritual inclinations, because humanity’s sleep is d e e p, and many who seem to have no spiritual inclination or interest are just deeply asleep and will awaken.  The vast majority of those presently incarnate as humans made the choice, prior to assuming human form, to assist in the awakening process, they just did not realize how deep their sleep might become.
The small number who have chosen not to wake up are still part of the awakening process and have very courageously taken human form to play insane games to shock the rest into releasing their tight and often fearful grip on the illusion.  Later they will move to another environment in which all that they need to bring them to wakefulness will be abundantly and lovingly provided.
God’s Love for humanity is eternally all-inclusive.  No one can ever be lost or abandoned, all will awaken.
Your ongoing task, while it seems that insanity blazes all around you, is to continue holding your Light on high, the brilliant Light that, as God’s divine children, is eternally, vividly, alive and well within you, empowering and encouraging you as you struggle – and it is indeed a struggle for many of you – to let go of all your doubts and anxieties and remake your intent daily to be loving, regardless of the situations in which you are involved or in which it seems that you have arrived accidentally.  As you well know, there are no accidents.  An accident is a concept of the illusion, an occurrence for which there appears to be no rhyme or reason.  There is always a reason for happenings, they present you – individually and collectively – with lessons you have chosen to learn to assist in your awakening.
God’s Son chose to design and construct the illusion to experience separation, because He wanted to prove to Himself that He had no need of His Father – it is a bit like the teenage rebellion that so many humans undergo – and God, in His infinite wisdom understood that, because He had given His beloved Son infinite power, the illusion that He constructed would appear amazingly real, so real in fact, that He would become lost within it.  And He did.  Foreseeing that God instantly provided the means for Him to find His way Home.
Remember, the sense of separation, which truly never happened, lasted but an instant.  However, within that instant the illusion appeared and has seemingly been extant for many billions of years.  And those billions of years have brought much suffering to you, suffering from which you are finally ready to release yourselves.  Truly, despite the obsession with sacrifice that so many of you have clung to for so long, suffering and sacrifice serve no useful purpose, other than to show you that they serve no useful purpose.
God, your heavenly Father, Creator of all that exists, loves you infinitely and desires only your eternal happiness.
Suffering and sacrifice are concepts that you inserted into the illusion to make it interesting, intriguing, and constantly surprising.  You succeeded beyond your wildest dreams, and then turned them into nightmares!  Now is the moment to set yourselves free.  It has been your collective choice to be unfree, trapped, and enslaved!  But that is an unreal, an illusory state of existence, and now is the moment to dissolve it, and rediscover the Love that is your eternal nature, alive and well within each and every one of you.
Most of you have had experience with small children having nightmares, and you have lovingly and gently awakened them and comforted them, explaining that what they were experiencing was completely unreal. 
Now it is time for you to awaken and comfort yourselves in the same way.  When you do your joy will be ecstatic as you realize that you, too, have just been asleep and having bad dreams.
Oftentimes it is deep-seated fear that keeps you asleep.  Fear – an aspect of the illusion – that you are not good enough, that you are unworthy sinners, that you are unacceptable to God.  But nothing could be further from the truth!  You have always been in God’s Presence, where you are at Home, where you belong, because there is absolutely nowhere else that you could be.  So, hold the intent, as powerfully as you can, to awaken, and ask your brothers and sisters in the spiritual realms – who are constantly watching over you and cheering you on – to help you by nudging you towards wakefulness.  They will.  They are always there, waiting patiently for your call for help, so that they can respond, as they love to do.
You cannot fail to awaken if that is your will and your intent – and it most certainly is!
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Remember that all attacks or modes of defensiveness
are fear-driven responses by those
desperately seeking to be loved.

July 16, 2016 by John Smallman

The illusion, your worldly environment, built with the collective intent to experience separation, is collapsing! Humanity’s spiritual awakening is causing it to fragment and shatter into myriad irreparable components.

Vast numbers of you have seen through the veil that appears to separate you from your divine Source, and it is dissolving like morning mist, as more and more of the fear-driven dishonesty and corruption within all of your human societies right across the world is exposed by whistle-blowers and courageous investigative journalists. The electronic connectedness that enables people all over the world to communicate almost instantaneously with each other is the solvent in which the illusion is so effectively and rapidly being dissolved.

Your modern technologies, when sanely and lovingly developed, are of invaluable assistance in your process of awakening, and, each day,  further new ones are being developed and brought into the public domain. Change, on a scale never before seen in your illusory and conflict-driven world, is happening in every field of human endeavor, and, as a result, there is absolutely no one on Earth at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution who is completely unaware of what is happening. Yes, there are still many in positions of authority who choose not to see; who refuse to be aware that change, on an unprecedented scale, is occurring planet-wide.

Do not concern yourselves about these frightened ones who are attempting to maintain the status-quo, the old order in which a few with wealth, influence, and power continue to believe that it is their inalienable right to control the world and enslave its inhabitants. That mind-set or belief system, which depended on the human community’s acceptance of it as valid for it to work, is an aspect of the illusion, of the games that humanity has been playing for eons, that has now been shown to be totally unworkable; and those who continue to hold that vision are being removed from their authoritative positions and finding themselves no longer in power.

The old power structures, that kept you subservient to authoritarian elites, and that claimed to be democratic systems in which everyone was heard and honored, are being dismantled and those who operated them are being released from duty, much to their dismay.

New systems honoring all on the planet and respecting and protecting each individual’s right to live free and abundantly, have been prepared and will shortly come into operation. Enormous preparations have already been made to ensure that a smooth transition into these new systems takes place quickly and effectively so that the current seeming chaos and confusion worldwide comes to an abrupt end as the old, outdated, and conflict driven methods of human interaction are exchanged for the new and harmonious systems for which so many of you have been hoping and praying.

The Tsunami of Love has done its work well, and every human now has within them the ability and awareness to lovingly embrace and engage with the essential changes to relationships at every level of society that the new systems will establish. You, the light bearers and light workers, have done amazing work as you have set and continue to set the intent, each day, to be loving in every situation; thus intensifying the effect of the Tsunami as it flows carressingly and continuously across the planet, embracing every individual on Earth at this point in your spiritual evolution. There is no one on Earth, at present, who is not feeling and responding most positively to its influence.

Make a point of responding daily, with joy and gratitude, to the inner knowing that you all share – that humanity is in the process of awakening, and that the process is not only irreversible, but is, in fact,  gathering momentum. Then, reconfirm your intent to make it happen through your unconditional love and acceptance of every soul on Earth... every soul, without exception. Remember that all attacks or modes of defensiveness are fear-driven responses by those desperately seeking to be loved. Your intent to be only loving is the most effective way to melt the fear that has been endemic on the planet for so long;  and now you can clearly see the inspiring results of those holy intentions in places that have for so long been riven by conflict and distrust.

In all areas of conflict across the globe, families who have suffered appallingly are coming together, from both sides of those conflicts to meet in compassion with the intent to understand one another and to heal the wounds that they have been inflicting on each other. Sharing their experiences of the horrific suffering that they have undergone with those who have, for so long been their enemies, shows them quite clearly that in conflicts, no one wins; but that all suffer and to no avail. And those meetings are born from Love, from the intense need and desire for Love that conflict denies.

Truly, all want only Love. Conflicts have always arisen due to fear that,  instead of being addressed, has been buried and denied. Fear is a powerful aspect of the illusion that holds you in its thrall and leads to preemptive attacks that strengthen it. Your wars on drugs, poverty, homelessness, and terror, as well as “police-keeping” military engagements in foreign lands, are like your family disagreements on behavioral issues – exercises in judgment based on ego-driven opinions by those who would retain power over others – but on a much larger scale. When conflicts expand, as they almost always do, the ability to connect personally is lost, and people then choose to support opposing sides in what they see as necessary conflicts to reestablish peace on their terms.

Finally you have realized that this never works, that conflicts always escalate, and that the numbers of those suffering, also escalates, leading to an increased sense of fear and anger, and inducing a desire for vengeance.

Love is fearless because, in truth, there is nothing to fear. When you surrender to Love, fear diminishes, and as your ability and intent to be loving strengthens, then fear falls away. Truly, as we have so often told you “no matter what the question is, no matter what the problem appears to be, Love is always the answer.” And humanity is now becoming increasingly aware of this divine Truth.

Individually, you need to remind yourselves of this daily, upon awakening; then remind yourselves again, throughout the day, especially when situations arise that seem ready to explode into conflict. Fear arising is the ego’s attempt to control you and draw you back into the illusion from your personal space of peace. It thrives on conflict, and cares not that it brings you suffering and shame.

By being your true Selves, Beings of Love in a chaotic world, you disarm the ego, leaving it speechless when its only wish is to shout and scream. In the absence of screaming and shouting, the desire for conflict subsides, peace arises, and Love embraces all present.

Be Yourselves, enjoy life as it arises moment to moment, and your individual energy fields will meld, creating a space that welcomes all who approach you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

July 9 2016

Your whole way of human life is based on a very powerful belief in limitation! -- But you have become so accustomed to limitations that you fear to live without them.

July 9, 2016 by John Smallman

We are All One! That is easy to say but very difficult for you to accept and understand because in your illusory world all seem separate. Your modern physicists have finally discovered and accepted that absolutely everything is connected to everything else that you can see in the observable universe. And yet in your daily lives you live constantly with an intensely strong sense of separation because you are surrounded by individual impenetrable or non-integrated forms, forms that resist coalescence, unlike the air that you breathe and the water that you drink that easily and constantly flow and intermix. Sometimes in powerfully loving relationships there is a strong sense of oneness, but nevertheless you still occupy individual bodies. It is indeed very confusing.

Here in the spiritual realms, from which you truly are not separated, we mingle and mix with one another easily to exchange ideas or to share our love for each other, and when we choose to differentiate ourselves for whatever reason we just flow apart. But we are never separated from each other, our eternal state is at One with God, the Supreme Creator in Whom all exist, and, therefore, with each other. You have all chosen to experience separation, and until you change that choice, that is what you will experience.

Why would you continue to choose separation when it leaves you feeling alone, abandoned, and without love? It is because the illusion has become so real for you, a place in which billions of individuals appear to be constantly struggling for physical survival and because you identify utterly and completely with your bodies which always seem to be under some kind of physical or emotional threat. But bodies are just vehicles of limitation that you built and have chosen to occupy. You can choose to remove those limitations and experience a sense of vastness, of completeness, and of Oneness with All That Exists. But you have become so accustomed to limitations that you fear to live without them.

Your whole way of human life is based on a very powerful belief in limitation!

However, by going within to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary you can experience the vastness that is God, Creation, Love, and, therefore, You! To do so, you need surrender to the divine flame of Love burning constantly within you, to let go of your beliefs, whatever they may be, because they are very effective illusory distractions, and open your hearts so that the Love within can embrace you and demonstrate to you that you are as vast as all of Creation, as vast as God, and eternally embraced by the Love that is Reality. To fully experience that state would instantly destroy your physical form, your human body, because the energy of that state is infinitely powerful. Nevertheless you can experience a sense of that divine state, your natural state, that will permanently banish all your doubts about your Oneness with God.

You are on Earth to go through the awakening process and to assist others to do so. To awaken is a choice that only you can make, and in truth all living entities have already made the choice to do so, but you have not yet chosen when to do so. That choice of timing can, naturally, only be made in the eternal now moment, and when that happens you will awaken. Presently, those of you reading or listening to this message know this, but you are patiently biding your time as you assist others to make that same choice. You may feel that you have no choice, that you are waiting for some future divine event to wake you up, but in truth you always have the freedom to choose, and the moment of that choosing is drawing ever closer.

It is a confusing paradox to be experiencing life as a human within the space/time envelope while at the same time knowing that space and time are unreal. That is why it is essential that you go within daily to connect with the Love that resides there. That safe inner sanctuary is the doorway through which you enter Reality, the divine realms in which utter joy is eternally experienced.

Often, when you go within, your mind fills with distracting thoughts – all the shoulds, anxieties, and “must do's” that daily life as a human seems to demand of you. This is merely your egos attempting to draw you out from that place of divine peace and back into the illusion. Just acknowledge those ego thoughts, acknowledge that they are distracting you from your place of peace, but do not engage with them. If you do get drawn in, as often happens, when you realize this, just intend to return to that place of inner peace without any judgment of the fact that you were distracted. Distractions are an essential aspect of the illusion that you built and initially it is difficult to disassociate yourselves from them for more than a few moments.

Reciting mantras, focusing on a candle or on your breath, or playing quiet music intended to assist you to get into a meditative state can be helpful. But everyone of you are different and respond differently to the various methods that can assist you to reach inner peace in meditation, and of course there is no requirement that insists that you use a prescribed method for meditation. Do what feels right and comfortable for you, and practice that for a few weeks to give yourselves time to adjust to your new routine. Changing routines in an effort to find one that works better for you can be self-defeating, as it may well be your ego’s attempts to keep you distracted. Relax, allow, and as thoughts or distractions arise do not engage with them. However, when you do and become aware, just set the intent to return to quietness, and realize that there is no such thing as failure.

Meditation is a practice to enable you to connect with your true Self, the Self that is One with God. Concert pianists spend long periods of time daily practicing to maintain their professional competence, so do not be surprised at the amount of practice that you have to put into meditation to find the peace and stillness that you seek. Do not judge yourselves as successful or unsuccessful and do not seek to see yourselves making progress because that is just further distraction. Just set a regular time and place for your practice, and when the time you have allowed is over go back to your daily living. If you maintain your practice without expectations you will find peace and contentment.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Within each and every one of you
the Flame of Divine Love is ever-present.

July 3, 2016 by John Smallman

On the Earth plane much has been happening as a direct result of humanity’s collective intent to awaken from the nightmare with which the illusion presents you in every moment. God, the Source that is All That Exists, the divine energy field in which creation is constantly and eternally present, has been calling you to awaken since the moment you sought to separate from that from which it is impossible to separate – God, your divine Source, eternal Life.

You are divine beings who can never die – what God creates can only be divine and eternal! – dreaming of an existence separated from your Source. Separation is impossible, BUT, because you have infinite power – given to you lovingly at the moment of your creation – you were able to build and enter into an illusion that seems intensely real. Yes, you, the human collective, chose to experience separation and built the illusion to prove to yourselves that you had no need of God. But God is ALL THAT EXISTS! Separation is unreal! It is an imaginary mental construct, an aspect of the illusion that is extremely convincing, once you have incarnated as humans within it. It seems that you are alone, separated from one another, as feeble individuals in a hostile environment, constantly threatened by forces far more powerful than the life force occupying your puny human bodies.

You have spent eons attempting to contact God, but because of the limitations that you chose to impose upon yourselves when you incarnated as humans, it seems that that is an impossibility – God, if there is such a Being, is utterly out of reach, unaware of your insignificant existence in a universe so vast that it defies your ability to conceive of its vastness. And that is an extremely disempowering and depressing concept.

So, on the whole, you dismiss the possibility of God’s existence and focus the bulk of your attention on the insane games of which the illusion constantly presents you. Games of survival in a totally inhospitable environment in which it seems that your presence is an anomaly of unimaginable proportions. It seems to your scientists that the chances of you existing within the observable universe are utterly beyond the bounds of logic or reason.

And yet you do exist!

Maybe you are not seeing the big picture. Maybe there really is a Supreme Intelligence, a Being of infinite Love who created you. “Well,” you tell yourselves, “maybe that is possible, but we have to deal with our survival issues here on Earth, issues that are far more pressing and urgent. Should we have time when we have solved the important issues we might get around to looking at that, but it is highly unlikely because global warming, cancer, industrial despoiliation of the planet and other alarming issues are likely to occupy us for the foreseeable future.” You are, it would seem, totally captivated by the issues, the unreal issues with which the illusion constantly presents you. Your collective intent built the illusion and all the seemingly insoluble issues with which it presents you. You wanted the illusion to provide you with powerful distractions from Reality, God, your Oneness with all of the divine creation in order to experience separation, and it does that very efficiently.

Nevertheless, when you chose to experience separation, God, in His infinite and loving Wisdom instantly provided you with the key, the information, the ability to dissolve the illusion and return to Reality when you chose to do so. God is Love. Love never imposes, directs, or controls, It always honors the wishes of those loved. Within each and every one of you the Flame of divine Love is ever-present – without It you would cease to exist! – waiting patiently for you to acknowledge Its Presence, accept Its desire for you to awaken, and to open your hearts so that It may lead you out of the illusion and home to Reality where you are eternally One with God in a state of infinite joy.

That moment has now arrived. Millions of you have, over the last few decades, realized that the path that humanity is following leads only to chaos and disaster, and you have been turning inwards and finding the Flame of God’s Love burning there. That discovery has frightened you because it makes it clear that you have been denying Love, the creative field in which all exists, and you fear that you are sinners whom the god that you have installed in the illusion desires to punish you horribly for those sins. An illusory god who you invented to align with your own ill-conceived ideas of what is good or evil.

As you have been told by so many spiritual beings, saints, and mystics, the illusion and its concepts of good and evil are unreal! God is infinite unconditional Love, Who created you like Himself. Within God there is only Love. Good and evil, right and wrong, and all other concepts that entail opposites are of the illusion, and are unreal. Yes, within the illusion, they appear very real, but that is meaningless because the illusion itself is completely without substance, it is unreal, it never was.

To awaken you need do nothing! Just be yourselves, that is allow the Love that is your true and eternal nature to flow freely through you to everyone with whom you interact in any way. You all want only Love, you spend lifetimes searching for It outside yourselves – inside the illusion, inside other seemingly separate individuals – and all the time, throughout every one of your human life experiences, It has resided within you waiting for you to notice Its Flame burning gently, constantly, and eternally, calling you to awaken.

Cease worrying about the state of the planet, of nations in constant states of conflict, of the corruption of those who run and control multinational organizations and governments. Turn within to the divine Flame that will lead you home, and as you accept the abundance of Love for you that resides within you, and allow it to flow freely through you to all, making no exceptions, with whom you interact in thought, word or deed, watch in delighted amazement as you meet only Love and experience the warmth, the acceptance, the compassion and the truth that comes to meet you in every moment. Each one of you is leading humanity home. Your awakening is nigh, allow yourselves to be Yourselves and know Yourselves and God as One in eternal bliss.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

May 30 2016

You are all the divine children of God,
created perfect, and therefore
eternally perfect!

May 30, 2016 
John Smallman

We are all ONE! It really is that simple. You do not have to do anything, because you are One with God, our divine Source, and therefore your individual wills are in complete alignment with His. All you need do is to allow, and when you do the divine field of Love, which surrounds you in every moment, will embrace you, suffusing you completely as It flows through you out into the world nudging humanity toward its inevitable awakening.

You chose to be here right now, in this eternal now moment, to powerfully assist in humanity’s awakening process, and you are doing sterling work, work that no one else can do. When, along with the vast majority of humanity, you awaken, you will be amazed at what you have achieved as you have worked seemingly blindly in the illusion, to bring this stage of the divine plan to fruition.

You are each beings of intense Light – Love – Light that is temporarily very much subdued because your human forms could not withstand Its divine intensity. Because It is only dimly experienced you have difficulty in feeling It, in knowing It for what It is, and yet, deep within you do know that Love is your true, unchanging, and eternal nature. And that is why all the channels keep on advising you of your need to go within at least once daily to connect with and commune with your divine Source, the Source from which you have never been separated, your eternal Life Source, God, All That Is.

You and God are most definitely One!

As humans it is extremely difficult for you to get a sense of this, but that changes nothing. Oneness is the only state of existence because, unlike the illusory state in which humanity apparently resides – with myriad different cultures, nationalities, political systems, geographic locations, religions, belief systems, and diverse opinions as to what is right and what is wrong – It truly is the only state of existence. There is nothing else! When you awaken, as you most certainly will, you will understand fully what this means. And of course, there is only now, the eternal and everlasting moment in which all occurs, and in which you will awaken!

As you wait for this momentous event to take place it is frustrating for you, because you have been divinely promised that you will awaken, and nothing appears to be happening, the illusion still seems to be completely engulfing you. Of course, being eternally One with God, you are already fully awake. The illusion is, by its very nature, illusory. It is only a very temporary dream state.

As humans, you have all regularly experienced the dream state while sleeping, and sometimes those dreams have seemed, in the moment while they were occurring, totally real. Then you wake up and they are gone or fade quickly from your memories. However, some of you have experienced such severe traumas during your lives that they cause your dreams to be so terrifyingly real that you do everything to avoid going to sleep.

Because your human state is such a deep dream state it seems to be incontrovertibly real, and everyone with whom you interact appears to be sharing your dream and agreeing with you that it is real, that it is the only reality. However, you all experience the illusion or dream differently, and this becomes obvious when you attempt to persuade others of your rightness and their wrongness, and they attempt to persuade you that they are right and you are wrong.

Because you feel this so intensely you work very hard to convince yourselves of your rightness and of the other’s wrongness. Then you wage war to put the wrongs to right! This truly is insane, and you might reasonably think that this must become apparent. Nevertheless, most of you are extremely unwilling to release your attachment to your sense of being right and seeing others wrong, and so you hold onto the dream and do your utmost to make it real.

Judgment is the main issue here. For you to be right you have to judge others as wrong. That is why all the divine channels who are assisting you in the awakening process keep on telling you to cease judging, to just let it go. You can, you just choose not to, because when you are proven right you experience an enormous egoic high. It’s a little like buying a lottery ticket – there are extremely few winners! But, because being wrong is so painful, and seems to bring you so much intense suffering, you keep on judging, desperately hoping that you will win this time – and then you lose again! However, when you cease judging the pain and suffering dissolve!

The way Home, the way to awakening is through choosing to be loving in whatever situation arises. Initially that is difficult because the need to be right, the need for acceptance by others is intense. And the reason for this is because you have given away your personal power to others, thereby allowing their judgment of you to completely override your own sense of self-acceptance. And if you do not accept yourselves then you cannot love yourselves, and as Love is your nature, something without which you cannot bear to exist, you seek it outside yourselves in the form of acceptance from others.

So, I will now remind you yet again: “You are all the divine children of God, created perfect, and therefore eternally perfect!” Your lack of faith in yourselves is an aspect of the illusory sense of separation. If you were separated from your Source, which you know is impossible, you would be powerless, unloved and unlovable. But you are eternally One with God and therefore you are beings of infinite power and infinite Love, the power and the Love that God imbued you with at the moment of your creation.

Please just keep reminding yourselves of this divine Truth, and say to yourselves as you meditate, contemplate, or just relax into your holy inner space, at the altar within where Love resides: “I am divinely loved in every moment of my existence because I am a perfect child of God, and therefore faultless in every way.” When you say this to yourselves with strong intent and allow your hearts to be fully receptive you will feel the Love that resides eternally within you, because it is God’s Will that you do so.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

You Are All Beautiful Beings
of Intense Light!

Jesus through John
Guidance from an Elder Brother

May 22, 2016 by John Smallman

These are interesting times! Much is happening in the physical realms that is quite unprecedented. The stability of many of your “democratic” governments is no longer assured as dissatisfaction with the whole political process among the citizens of these various countries increases. And the elected officials seem either unaware of the situation or are unwilling to address it. From such situations revolutions arise. Enormous changes are about to occur that will amaze and shock you as the real agendas of many in positions of power and authority over you are disclosed by disaffected minions and employees. Whistle-blowers are appearing everywhere with information that has been withheld but which should have been in the public domain. As this continues so does people’s dissatisfaction and that leads to change. In this case to enormous change!

All the disclosures about endemic corruption in high places are happening as a result of humanity’s collective decision to awaken from the dream. What has lain hidden for so long can no longer be kept hidden, and as more and more of the endemic corruption is exposed it becomes apparent to all sane beings that change is essential. Therefore, change will occur. We have been telling you this for some time now so that you will be ready, and many changes are imminent.

It probably seems to many that we have been using words and phrases like “soon, imminent, very close, sooner than you can imagine,” with a cavalier disregard for the way time unfolds on Earth. This is most definitely not the case. It takes time for the importance and inevitability of the forthcoming changes we are talking of to root themselves in your awareness so that you strengthen your collective intent to bring them to fruition. That is what has been happening over the last few years as more and more people have become aware of the corruption and dishonesty that is endemic worldwide within the governments, international corporations, large banks, and global industrial behemoths, that those who run them have consistently told you are honest and trustworthy. You now know that this is not the case, and you very recently made the collective decision to dissolve the old system so that a new and incorruptible one that benefits all of humanity can be constructed to replace it.

As you well know, war is the business of large industrial corporations and the banks that fund them and they make fortunes from the suffering of the masses. That is to change. Small groups of inordinately wealthy, influential, and powerful people have been in control of global economics and politics for far too long, and their reign is coming to an abrupt end. Much of the strife that is presently ongoing across the planet is as a result of their last ditch attempts to maintain their positions of power by causing conflicts and intense suffering in as many places as possible to create fear on a vast scale. They then hope to militarize even more of the world so that they can lock it down and continue to control you. They will not succeed!

Here in the spiritual realms we are well aware of the frustration you are experiencing as you wait expectantly for the promised changes that will establish peace on Earth, and food, shelter, and security for all on the planet. Humanity has set the collective intent for these changes to occur, and therefore they will. Truly the power of your collective intent is immense, you have chosen collectively to awaken, and so you will. You are already in the process of doing so, and there is not the slightest possibility of you changing your minds or reversing your awakening process. What you have collectively chosen to achieve is unstoppable.

As you read this allow yourselves to sink into the center-most point of your being where Love shines brilliantly and resiliently in every moment. You mostly remain unaware of It because you allow doubts and anxieties to rule your thought processes. Going deeply within at least once daily is absolutely essential for your well-being, so do not neglect or forget to do so, and as you do open with certainty to the abundance of Love that resides there within you awaiting your unconditional acceptance of It. It is always there for you, but It does not force or impose Itself on you. Love is infinitely powerful and infinitely gentle. That probably seems like a paradox to most of you, but it is the Truth, because there is nothing else!

Love only seems not to be present within you because you have all, at some stage, been led to believe that you are unworthy, and so you do not believe that you will find It within you. Release those invalid and insane beliefs, remind yourselves frequently that you are indeed the beloved children of God, living eternally within His divine embrace, and dismiss all the negative self-judgments that weigh you down with an absolutely false sense of worthlessness vis-a-vis God. What God creates is eternal, like unto Himself, eternally perfect, and eternally infinitely loved. And He created YOU! Or do you not believe that? In that case where did you come from? Because there is nowhere else!

Many of you have of course been hurt from time to time by those whom you believed loved you, and that has reinforced that underlying sense of not being good enough, a sense which is often denied because it is too painful to be aware of. I am now telling you, and by no means for the first time, that it is utterly invalid!

There is nothing about any child of God – and all are God’s children – that is unacceptable, unworthy, mean-spirited, or disgusting. You are all beautiful beings of intense Light! Please, I beg of you, let go of those totally invalid self-judgments and allow the Love within you to flow. You are all divine conduits through which Love most strongly desires to flow. Love’s nature is to flow, but, because It will not impose or demand, It cannot flow through you unless you allow It to do so. Your own negative self-judgments restrict or completely block that flow, to yourselves and to all of humanity.

When you accept yourselves you are accepting God into your lives and then His infinite Love completely suffuses you and flows from you out into the world at large, directly affecting everyone with whom you interact in any way at all. You are presently on Earth to do just this. You all chose to be here in this moment for this divine purpose, and your part in it is absolutely essential.

Dismiss all negative self-judgment and discount any negative judgments that others attempt to impose upon you. Be loving in every moment, in other words, be yourselves! That is why you are here. And as you live honestly as yourselves the whole world changes as the unreal just falls away and Love pervades everything.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

May 13 2016

 To you it seems that things just happen to you, but every situation you encounter was set up in advance for the lesson you wished to learn. The fact that you do not recognize this does not change it, but it does make it difficult for you to learn your lessons because in order to learn, you need to recognize that
a lesson is being offered.

May 13 2016
John Smallman

All are One. You know that, all our readers and listeners know that, and yet doubt arises! As humans, embodied, it certainly appears that each individual human is completely separated from all others because bodies cannot merge into each other. But you are not your bodies. You have chosen to experience the intense sense of limitation and aloneness that bodies provide in order to learn that separation is unreal, impossible. You search for love outside yourselves because you feel so alone and separated. Your natural state is at One with God, Source, Love, and when you cannot experience that, you become fearful and seek love from anyone who will accept you. Many relationships collapse because each party to it is looking to the other for what can only be found within themselves. When you find Love within yourselves, and there is no one who is without Love within themselves, then you can share and extend It, whereupon It returns to you because, all being One, It has never left you.

When you know yourselves as Love you can then enter into a truly loving relationship with another; but until you know yourselves in that way, you are only offering an empty vessel to any other with whom you attempt to establish a relationship. And that other, most likely, has only an empty vessel to offer to you in return. Love is all-encompassing! But you can refuse to be aware of this truth, and in that refusal, find yourselves as empty vessels desperately needing to be filled by the love that you hope someone else will offer you; thus dissolving your sense of separation. But the sense of separation is there from the beginning because you are each withholding, out of fear, what you so desperately want to receive from that other. Initially you refuse to believe or acknowledge this, but as time passes, the lack of love willingly shared in every moment, causes the relationship to founder and crumble, with each blaming the other for the failure, as your worst fears are proved valid.

As I and many others have told you again and again, there is only Love! You think you know better because your trust has, at some stage – maybe many stages – been betrayed and you are determined never again to suffer the pain it brought you. But trust can only appear to be betrayed. Love is eternally present, honest, open, extending, sharing, compassionate, forgiving, and healing. It never betrays because to do so would be completely contrary to Its nature. In fear you offer only your bodies to one another – keeping yourselves hidden behind the “masks of acceptability” you have constructed to put on display – but bodies are unreal and cannot be relied upon, ever! You, you with a capital or upper case Y, are Love, and You are not your bodies, You are infinitely more than bodies. Bodies are limiting vehicles or vessels that you have chosen to inhabit, temporarily, in order to experience the unreal state of separation from God, from Source where you have your endless and eternal existence constantly and without interruption, because what God creates is by its very nature eternal.

Bodies are of the illusion, and within the illusion are essential aspects of the game you are playing there. But, nevertheless, they are unreal, and to use their judgment to guide you always leads to disappointment and suffering. They can and do suffer pain and enjoy pleasure, but both pain and pleasure occur as a result of choices you make as you direct them along your human life paths. They do not cause anything, they just respond to your will, and you are frequently unaware of what you will for them. To you it seems that things just happen to you, but every situation you encounter was set up in advance for the lesson you wished to learn. The fact that you do not recognize this does not change it, but it does make it difficult for you to learn your lessons because in order to learn,  you need to recognize that a lesson is being offered.

So we return to the subject we keep on addressing, namely, going within. There are no answers outside you! The games in which you are involved as humans appear to be situations occurring outside of you in which you become involved, sometimes by choice and sometimes by chance. But it is your beliefs and attitudes that bring to you the situations in which you find yourselves involved. If you cling to judgment - the need to be right and see others as wrong - you will attract to yourselves situations that appear to demand your righteous judgment. But you do not have to judge! To judge or to not judge is a choice you make in every moment. Your true nature is Love, and Love never judges. When you operate from your true nature you will see nothing to judge, and without judgment there can be no conflict.

Going within daily is essential, because when you go within to your holy inner sanctuary and open your hearts, Love fills them. And then the felt need to judge falls away. There are none among you who have not, at times, responded lovingly instead of judgmentally in a difficult situation; maybe unthinkingly, and the result has been resolution instead of conflict. Sometimes that has surprised you; but the less you judge, the fewer times you will find yourselves engaged in conflict.

However, your egos want conflict, they live for conflict, because separation is conflict! You may claim that you seek peace, and perhaps you do, but only on your terms! Which means that you have chosen to let your ego direct your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors; whereupon other egos happily respond and conflict ensues. You each – each ego – eventually retires, hurt and offended, blaming each other for the suffering that you are undergoing, as it seems that the other was the undeserving winner.

Suffering is a direct result of egoic choices, and it seems that the illusion, the state of existence humans experience, demands conflict. And, in a way, it does, because to be human is to have chosen to experience separation. And many humans see human existence as real and the spiritual realms as unreal, mythical realms that the weak choose to believe in because they are not strong enough to cope with reality.

Your egos have done a very good job of turning things upside down by making the unreal real, and by rejecting Reality. Within the worldly illusion, where humanity appears to dwell, anything that is not physical, that does not have form, is judged as non-existent, illusory, unreal. Then you attempt to resolve issues with egoic reason and logic, judging what disagrees with your belief systems, your cultural and religious persuasions, as wrong and in need of correction, by force if necessary. Judgment can never lead to peace, because judgment is non-acceptance of another, whose views and opinions are not really so different from your own, because they, like you, have an egoic need to make others wrong and prove themselves right. But all are One! And this human way of dealing with issues is, without doubt, utterly insane. There is no right and wrong, there is just difference.

To awaken, as humanity is doing, is to recognize that the differences between families, tribes, nations, cultures, and political or religious beliefs are not reasons to make others wrong, but, instead, are opportunities to honor the differences between the various members of God’s Holy Family. God’s beloved children were created perfect, because God is infinite perfection, and therefore they remain perfect because what God creates is eternally unchanging.

Acceptance is an essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process, but it has to be unconditional, and because so many of you struggle with your own self-acceptance, it is very difficult for you to even think of accepting others unconditionally. You are forever noting to yourselves the aspects of others that you find most unacceptable, and those aspects are the ones that you deny most ferociously in yourselves. You are all mirrors to one another, and what you see and is reflected back most strongly by another is what you most admire or what you most despise in yourselves. When you fall in love, the other is reflecting back to you your most admirable traits, and when you strongly dislike someone, they are frequently reflecting back what you judge to be your most unacceptable traits which you have buried far beneath your level of conscious awareness.

Many are now finding that all this buried “stuff” is arising, seemingly unbidden, into their conscious awareness – what psychology refers to as the shadow side of a person. For those who have constructed for themselves a very strong and effective mask to present to themselves, and to the world, it can be very shocking to have such unacceptable thoughts and desires arising, thoughts and desires that they judge as totally unacceptable.

Relax, you are not alone, everyone has a shadow side. Just acknowledge those horrific ideas and desires and allow them to flow through you without engaging with them. Part of your fear about them is because you think that if they are there, you might act on them. Acting on them only occurs when they are totally repressed by someone who has been terribly abused. They are generally just emotional defensive responses provided by your egos as a result of perceived unfair treatment or attacks. They are truly quite a normal aspect of being human, but, as children, you found that to express such ideas was totally forbidden and resulted in you being shamed or silenced. Consequently, needing a safe environment in order to survive, you buried them.

As you move through the awakening process, all this hidden “stuff” has to be acknowledged and released. As you do this, it becomes apparent that this “stuff” is not you. You are each a holy and unchanging child of God, One with Him eternally, since the moment of your creation, and this “stuff” is just unreal dream-stuff passing through and dissolving, unless you choose to hold on to it. Just let it go and also any thoughts, worries, or anxieties that are attached to it. This clears your mind, making space for your true nature, Love, to blossom, as it most surely will.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

May 2 2016

You who are reading or listening to this message
are not doing so by chance.

May 2, 2016
by John Smallman

Human consciousness is an ongoing spiritual evolutionary process that you collectively chose to undergo, and to which there are no limits. Limits are boundaries that you built around the illusory environment that you inhabit as human beings but which you are free, individually, to dismantle or move beyond. More and more of you are realizing this and choosing to move through them to an awareness of the limitless possibilities that creation offers you in every moment. Those who do come to an awareness that in Truth you are completely free! As more of you open to this wondrous Truth and acknowledge it you enlarge the gaps in the field of limitations from small individual pathways to an immense and interconnected highway that all of humanity can and will use to depart the illusion

Passing out of the limiting environment in which you have spent eons seemingly controlled and restricted by unseen forces of enormous power, you awaken into an infinite field of unimaginably unlimited possibilities. This is what humanity is in the process of doing right now.

The worldwide chaos and confusion that is presently arising, is identified by humanity as an endless and enormous theater of operations in which global warming, tectonic plate shifts, extreme weather systems, interminable wars, unconscionable corporate and political corruption and greed are seemingly leading to an inevitable global catastrophe that will destroy the environment and most if not all of the life forms present on Earth including, of course, humanity. The problems humanity is facing appear almost insoluble.

This is not the case. What is happening is the removal of the blinders that hid from you the awareness of the interconnectedness of everything. As you start to see the interconnectedness of absolutely everything you cannot help also seeing the insanity of the way in which you have been attempting to live your lives separated from one another. Modern psychology has shown you that most people live ego-driven, that is fear-driven, lives in which each one appears to be the center of his own tiny universe, a universe on which the universes of others impinge causing pain and suffering for all. And much of that suffering is in fact the result of denied feelings that give rise to powerful emotions that are then projected onto others from whom they are reflected back whence they came, onto oneself.

Awakening is an opening to the awareness that all those seeming individual universes that humans appear to inhabit is in fact one fully integrated part of the infinite field of divine Love which is All That Is. A sensed or known awareness that there is no separation, that all are indeed One. God is the infinite field in which all of creation has its eternal existence in perfect harmonious cooperation where each and everyone lovingly honors and respects every other. There are no divisions, disagreements or conflicts because all recognize one another as one and the same, even though individuated and expressing themselves in an entirely personal and unique fashion. The differences are embraced with intense joy because they add magnificently to the ongoing creative intent, God’s Divine Will.

As you have been told so often, there is only God. Within the illusion you are limited by words and language and so you have many words for God. I use the word God here because it is familiar and comfortable for the channel who grew up in a religious and cultural environment that used, and still uses that word. You have to remember that words are but pointers with no intrinsic meaning, they are convenient indicators but unreal. I will continue to use that word purely for convenience, along with Source, Love, Divine Will, and the pronouns Him and Her, interchangeably.

To continue, there is only God. That is NOT a limit. It means that all that exists exists within God, and God is infinite – without limits, without boundaries, without end, without time, without space, all of which are limits! As some of your sages and mystics have suggested – God Is. No other attempt at definition is necessary, or indeed meaningful.

God can only be experienced. To experience God, infinite Bliss, all that is not in perfect alignment with Her has to be discarded, abandoned, dissolved, released. Humanity is presently in the process of doing that, and it can be very messy! All attachments to unloving intentions, thoughts, words, or actions have to be let go. All judgments of self or others have to be let go. Your hearts are the physical manifestations of your Oneness with the Divine, the physical aspects representing the center of your eternal being, and into them you have loaded, over the eons, fear, hatred, anger, resentment, shame, judgment, bitterness, and worthlessness, among others, as aspects of yourselves that you have then disowned and projected onto others because they are far too painful to take within yourselves.

But, they are within yourselves because all are One. However, the self in which they reside is the ego. The ego is an apparently split off or separate part of your Self. Your Self is eternally One with God, and with all sentient beings, and can never be separated from Her. To separate would be to cease to exist, and that is impossible because what God creates is eternal. Your egos are the small selves that you imagined into being to enable you to play the game that is the illusion.

Modern psychology uses the term “the inner child” to refer to the part or aspect of a human that hides behind the mask that a person presents to the world. It hides because during its childhood it was severely hurt and it does not wish to be hurt again. However, it continues to be hurt because it feels vulnerable and insecure having never grown to maturity, to real adulthood. Its scholastic, academic, and physical talents and skills allow it to present a mask of confidence to the world, but behind that mask a small and frightened child still resides.

Psychotherapy in many forms is used to help that inner child gain confidence and self-acceptance by enabling it to see that all its negative self-judgments are utterly invalid. The effectiveness of the efforts of competent and compassionate psychotherapists depends on the suffering the child has had to endure.

However, every human is offered, through life lessons of many kinds, the opportunities necessary to heal the inner child, and each of you has at least one spiritual guide who accompanies you at all times to assist you with this demanding process.

Over the eons there have been many lives, many experiences, much pain and suffering that has not been healed, and so in this period of humanity’s evolution, which is always ongoing and always spiritual, many have volunteered to incarnate solely in order to assist humanity in the release of this enormous residue of buried, denied, or unacknowledged suffering. It is most certainly far too painful for just one human to deal with. Enormous sharing of suffering is occurring, allowing it to be released in amounts that individuals can deal with when they are supported both in the physical realms by loving friends and wise and compassionate therapists, as well as by those of us in the spiritual realms who are also nudging you toward self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

Very many of you have buried or denied pain, pain you feel at some level you either deserve, or that, being mature adults, you should be strong enough to rise above. But on this painful and horrifying battleground, which is intensely real and physical for some, from which you are picking yourselves up, you need enormous amounts of help. You cannot arise from it alone. Attempting to do so is to remain in the unreal state of separation from which there seems to be no means of escape. Often intense shame deters people from seeking help; shame disguised as anger, which is then projected outwards causing further damage. It is from states like this that the decision to take one’s own life is frequently made. But when that happens it does not resolve the issues from which the person is fleeing.

You who are reading or listening to this message are not doing so by chance, coincidence, or accident, but because you made the most compassionate and loving choice to be on Earth at this moment to assist in humanity’s awakening process, a process that includes and involves every sentient being who has ever experienced life on earth! You are here to help the multitudes who still remain utterly unaware that they are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

As you have been so often told each one of you, being in truth One with Source, are beings of enormous power, infinite power, because that is how you were created. That power is with you in every moment and for all eternity. Your physical forms are temporary vehicles composed from your energy fields of Love, and your earthly task is to hold the intent to be loving in every moment and in every situation. That intent is extremely powerful and it is an irreplaceable and essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process.

You cannot awake alone! Why? Because all are One! You could perhaps imagine yourselves as forming the channel that is guiding the separated energy fields of humanity back to Oneness with Source. Separation has never occurred, and could never occur, but because of the power you were given when God so lovingly created you you were able to establish a very real seeming physical environment in which to play your games, and eventually become frighteningly lost.

Know that you are most highly honored here in the spiritual realms, to which you will shortly return, for making the most wondrous and compassionate choice to incarnate at this moment in Earth’s history to assist in this mighty heavenly project whose success is divinely assured.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

April 25 2016

Truly, humanity’s awakening is imminent.

April 25, 2016
by John Smallman

The Oneness that is God, and that is all of His beloved creation, includes all life; there are no exclusions, because there is only God from Whom nothing can be separated. Separation is a vast illusion that the Son of God imagined, and so it appeared. And it remains an ongoing dream or nightmare from which humanity is in the process of awakening. The Love that is your true nature has always been present within you – a spark of the Divine, a brilliant Light within each one of you – but which is temporarily hidden from your view, your awareness, by the cloak of darkness you drew down in order to establish a state of separation from Reality; a state from which separation is utterly impossible, even for an instant!

You are, each living entity, One in Love with the Creator for all eternity, and when you acknowledge that truth, instead of hiding from it, you will experience it. However, the vast majority of humans, even the most holy among you, harbor a deep inner sense of unworthiness; a sense that “I am not good enough. God would not be interested in me. I am too insignificant, too boring, too incompetent, too lacking in spirituality. In fact just too bad for God to love me.” And all those thoughts or ideas, or feelings, or emotions are utterly invalid!

God is! God is ­all-encompassing Love. There is only Love, and every single living entity is One with that because what God creates is eternal, there are no alternatives, there is no other place, there just is Love. In your illusory state of separation, you constructed a belief that you were separate from God, that you were guilty sinners, utterly unworthy of His abiding Love for you, and you erected the imaginary cloak, veil, or curtain, that seemingly separated you from Him because you were convinced that you had offended Him. This appeared to leave you no choice other than to believe that you were unacceptable to your Creator and that your only hope of salvation – return to His loving Presence – lay in attempting to appease Him for the unutterable sins you had committed, that had, as you saw it, deeply offended Him.

God is Love! Love cannot be offended! There is nothing you can do to offend your Father. He patiently awaits your choice and your decision to return Home, to be at peace once more in His Presence.

What you are finally realizing, as you move toward your inevitable awakening, is that Love, God, our ever-loving Source does not judge, condemn, or blame, because there is nothing to judge, condemn, or blame! You are all perfect as you were created, and that state of divine perfection can never be altered. You have just hidden God from yourselves by turning away from Him as you have played your unloving games of conflict and betrayal. They are only games! They are UNREAL!

God’s Love for you is infinite, unchanging, and eternal. He is waiting with infinite patience for this realization to dawn on you, as He knows that it will. God is infinite and eternal Love from Whom you have chosen to hide because of the intense sense of guilt you feel for attempting the impossible – separation from Him. Relax! Let go of judgment – the constant self-judgment that you project on to others in useless attempts to disguise your overpowering sense of guilt – and allow the Love that surrounds and envelops you to enter into your hearts and heal the intensely painful rupture that you have built between yourselves and God’s complete acceptance of you.

There is nothing to fear! God’s Love for His children is an unbreakable connection, a relationship between Him and each one of you that binds you eternally to your Source where you exist in complete freedom, safety, and peace. What you experience on Earth, as humans – conflict, betrayal, confusion, distrust, pain, and suffering – are solely mirages, unreal situations that seem real. Seeing them as major issues and problems, your minds, your intellects, your reasoning abilities, frantically attempt to find solutions to what in truth is irresolvable – the illusory state you have built which presents you with an interminable selection of irresolvable issues that through righteousness, judgment, and doubt, cause you immense pain, suffering, and fear.

You are One with God, always, where there is only unconditional Love and complete acceptance because, as you have been told again and again, you are perfect! Whatever God creates can only be perfect, therefore to doubt your perfection is to doubt God. That is insane, and yet the vast majority of you doubt your own perfection and the perfection of others, when you are all in truth God’s perfect creations. The unreality of the world of pain and suffering in which you are having a human experience is breaking through into your collective awareness. The collective consciousness that humanity shares, that all life shares, is no longer able to deny that God is, and no longer able to deny that all are One with Him.

Of course, many humans have chosen to remain unaware because they believe that by continuing to play the games with which your illusion presents them, they can defeat all opposition and carry off all the prizes. However, so many have seemingly won all the prizes and ended up defeated, unloved, despised, and rejected, that even they are allowing Love into their hearts.

Love is the answer to every issue, problem, conflict, disagreement, and judgment. And, finally, humanity is realizing this. Humanity is waking up. To wake up means to realize that the apparent differences between you are the creative energies that can and will unite you. All across the world people are recognizing this. Truly, humanity’s awakening is imminent.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

April 19 2016

When “stuff” comes up . . . rejoice!

April 19, 2016
by John Smallman

As the moment of humanity’s awakening approaches, many are experiencing unexpected emotions of great intensity arising into their awareness – the remembering and re-experiencing of long forgotten or deeply buried trauma – “stuff’ that they thought was over and done with, that they thought was healed. Childhood wounds and suffering are often very deeply buried to enable the child to survive and grow, but in later life they surface to be healed, and re-experiencing them can be very painful and surprisingly intense.

If they are not addressed as they arise the suffering intensifies. To address and release them is part of humanity’s awakening process because you will awaken into Love, Reality, Source, where anything that is not in alignment with that wondrous state, your natural state, has to be left behind, discarded or dissolved before you awaken, because the unreal cannot enter into Reality.

When you go within, to your holy sanctuary of divine Love – and no one is without one – tell God of your suffering and ask for help to let it go by surrendering it to Her. She is male and female in perfect harmonious equilibrium and will embrace and soothe your troubled hearts, allowing those ancient and painful traumas to just dissolve into the nothingness from which they seemed to arise. Remember, there is only Now. Nothing remains from the past, which is unreal, and nothing hangs over you as the future approaches because that too is unreal. You are, and always are, the beloved and untroubled children of God residing now in His Presence in utter peace and joy. What you, as humans, experience apart from Love, is unreal and cannot last.

Make daily visits to that holy inner sanctuary where Love resides – permanently – open your hearts, and allow It to embrace you. All that you need do is allow by surrendering to It, and then you will realize that you are One with It, and that indeed there is no separation. Doing that allows all that buried or denied trauma, suffering, or plain emotional confusion with which you are all burdened to arise into your awareness, and then, if you do not engage with it by trying to remember all that happened in that particular instance, or try to understand it, it will dissolve. It will probably not be instantaneous because it is like grief, it has to flow through, and because you are living as humans in time, it takes time and you will feel it, possibly very intensely, so have tissues at hand. (John has been doing a lot of this over the last few months.)

When the flow ceases you will feel relaxed, probably quite tired, and at peace . . . until the next time! But, it will come to an end, and the more willingly you allow it in the more quickly will it pass. Men probably have more of a problem with this than women because they are mostly enculturated to be tough. And being tough means not showing emotions, therefore blocking their emotions (although anger is often seen as tough, and is therefore acceptable!) has become normal, so when sadness or suffering of any kind arises, leading to crying, it is almost automatic to shut it down. So for men, it will probably be necessary to find somewhere safe, somewhere they know that they will not be seen or disturbed, and thus safe from the embarrassment of being seen not only to have intense feelings, but to be sobbing their hearts out! It is NOT unmanly to do so, that is just an unfortunate male stereotype that needs to be discarded.

To release all this buried and painful emotional trauma is an absolutely essential part of your and humanity’s awakening process. However, if you have already done a lot of work on yourselves, what you experience may well be as a result of your wise and loving choice to assist in the collective release of eons of trauma that have resulted from the painful games in which all have been involved since the separation experience was initiated.

When “stuff” comes up . . . rejoice! It means that you have made the decision to release all that is holding you back by opening to Love, your true and eternal nature. It will be unsettling, buried emotions disclosed are always unsettling, but allowing them to flow will bring you to a space in which inner peace will enfold you. That place of inner peace is closed off to you when you deny or bury your feelings, because that intense resistance you are living with, closes off access to the comforting arms of Love. Love feels! You know that because you have all at some time experienced Love offered and have accepted It, even if only briefly, though probably not as you are reading this.

Love is what the search for meaning is all about, and has always been all about, but the games of survival that you have been playing for eons have required you to build defenses against attack and betrayal, and those defenses also lock out Love. Love is always vulnerable, undefended, and amazingly strong and powerful. When you open to Love you no longer need defenses of any kind. Allowing the pain and suffering of past traumas to arise in your awareness and flow out through you washes away those fearful needs, freeing you to engage fully with your Source, from Whom you have never for even a moment been separated.

Go within and discover the treasures that have been stored there over the eons. Every single loving thought, word, or deed you have ever engaged with, no matter how seemingly inconsequential it may have seemed to you, has helped create a store house of treasures that you will discover with delighted astonishment when you awaken into full conscious awareness of who you truly are.

Lay down your masks, the false selfs you present to the world, open your hearts in vulnerability and delight in the freedom you experience. When you do, you will find others, also unmasked, responding to you, and true relationships, holy relationships, will be established where you would previously have thought them impossible. You are all beings of Light, of Love, and when you uncloak yourselves by dropping your masks or false selfs and offer Love to others, instead of cautious observance as you check for the safety of the situation, the responses you call forth will delight and astound you.

You are Love, and so is everyone else, therefore engage only lovingly, and exult in the wonder that results. This is the time for which you have been yearning, so open your hearts and engage fully with the joy that awaits you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Sananda via Ann Dahlberg

 1 January 2016 - 2:47pm 

I am Sananda and I greet you and everybody today. Earth has come to a point where no return to the dark is possible. From now on it will be lighter and lighter on Earth.

Gaia shines in her glory with all kinds of colors and we are all proud of her. She has achieved a feat without parallel in this long history that the Earth has gone through. She has become a legend that will be much talked about. These legends will also concern you, dear earthlings. You are a part of Gaia’s history.

2016 will be a year to remember for everybody, you who have survived and us who have followed you from the other side – An historical year with Light overtones. If you could hear the song of jubilation that is now being sung you would understand how fantastic it is what you and Earth is going through right now.

It is time for humanity to rejoice and it is time to feel the joy rejoice in the depth of your hearts. We are here now and you are with us. Understand that the last steps we will walk together. Stretch out your hands and we will catch them in ours. You are so incredibly dear to us and loved by us, so seek and you will find us in your hearts. Your guides stand with open arms and wait for you now. The healing and curing can start for all that right now walks on our Earth.

The Earth’s name is Gaia and she is incredibly loved and honored in the whole of the Universe. Feel honored that you have been allowed to be part of her journey. She is the most loved “Mother” that you ever have had, you star seeds that are out there and here with us.

Dear Earthlings, take good care of the year 2016 and know that we are here for you. The only thing you need to do is to stretch out your hand and we will catch it and help you the last bit to your real self, the multidimensional self that you are.

We are forever linked together as One with our Father. Nothing can ever separate us. We all belong together forever.

The eternity is ours.

I thank Our God, our Father in the Heavens for his grand wisdom and eternal Love.

I finish with giving my love and trust to you. You are on your way my dear and we with You.


Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan
Channelled by : Ann Dahlberg


April 12 2016

Jesus through John

Guidance from an Elder Brother 

The energetic overlay of planet Earth
is very heavy which makes it difficult for those on Earth
to communicate with those in the spiritual realms.

John Smallman

The energetic overlay of planet Earth is very heavy which makes it difficult for those on Earth to communicate with those in the spiritual realms.

You are always infinitely loved, there is not a moment when you are not enfolded in the divine embrace, the field of Love that is God, our Source. There is nothing anyone can do to break the bonds of Love that connect them to God, Who neither judges, nor blames, nor condemns. Those are all unreal human concepts, whereas Love is the only Reality. So, forgive yourselves, accept yourselves, and embrace yourselves, as God does; and in the knowing that you are eternally and infinitely loved, then love, honor, and respect yourselves. When you do that you will find that you also honor and respect all others. That does not mean that you will magically like them or their behaviors or opinions, it means that you will accept them lovingly, just as they are, and then, magically, your dislikes will fade away.

Why is that, you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple, you are all mirrors to one another. What you like or love in another is a perfect reflection of what you approve of in yourselves, and what you dislike or disapprove of in another is what you dislike or disapprove of in yourselves. But, because you mostly hide from yourselves what you like or approve of because you sense that it is invalid – what you like and approve of may have been discouraged or disapproved of by your parents, carers and teachers – and what you dislike or disapprove of in yourselves you are frequently ashamed of and cannot bear to acknowledge. Everyone has to deal with these issues, and initially, in early childhood, you learn that you need an acceptable mask behind which to hide your real and “unacceptable” self, the self that makes errors and is judged and blamed.

That early conditioning is deeply ingrained, and not easily released or discarded. You need help. Every human is accompanied on the earthly journey by at least one guide or mentor from the spiritual realms, nevertheless, the energetic overlay of planet Earth is very heavy which makes it difficult for those on Earth to communicate with those in the spiritual realms. On top of that, when you enter the earthly realm, your memory of the spiritual realms fades rather quickly so that you can adjust to the human condition and live on Earth as a human. In fact you forget the spiritual realms as you get caught up in the distractions of the illusion.

The constant sense of peace, joy, harmony, acceptance, and Love that is Reality, where you have your eternal existence, is lost on Earth, and if you could remember it clearly, then to live an earthly life would be practically impossible. Every human chose to be human for the lessons that they intended to learn, and to assist others they met and interacted with along their paths. Love, Reality, God, Source is Relationship. As separated beings, as humans, relationships have to be established because they are not automatically formed.

Separation has not occurred because separation is impossible, but because you chose to experience separation by entering the illusion and playing the games that unreal state demands, it seems that you are separated one from another. In that unreal state relationships have to be developed. Infants that are not touched or cherished frequently die at an age early because the relationships essential for life are not provided. And the vast majority of humans are damaged as a result of dysfunctional relationships early in life. It is not just a matter of being neglected, it is because the limitations that the illusion sets as part of the human environment, the appearance of individuality, of separate bodies, that the ability to communicate freely demands the use of language. In Reality you know. In the illusion language is meant to lead to knowing, but often fails in its task – there are differences due to race, culture, and belief systems, differences that can be readily understood, known, and accepted when you know one another as One, but which get utterly lost in the confusion of language.

The Bible tells the story of The Tower of Babel, a story of humanity at that time, that spoke one language, trying to build a tower to reach up to God, and that God saw what they were doing and prevented them from completing it by by dividing them into tribes speaking different languages so that they could no longer understand one another and were therefore unable to complete the tower. Language is a barrier to knowledge. Knowledge is of Reality. Comprehension, understanding, and learning are of the illusion, of the state of limitation, concepts and ideas conceived of by human reason which is severely limiting.

Knowledge is of the Heart, not the human heart, but the center of your true Self, the center of the energy field of pure Love that is One with God and from which you can never be separated. You access it by going within, to your holy inner temple or sanctuary in quiet contemplation, and by allowing intuition, the Holy Spirit, your higher Self to commune with you there. Even if it seems that you are unable to access your guides, are unable to hear them, nearly all of you have known someone or have known someone who knows someone who can access the spiritual realms and commune with me or other holy Ones who are formless, and who can then receive guidance and messages that assist them on their life paths. You truly do know that the spiritual realms are Real, and not the wishful imaginings of those with damaged minds.

If you feel that you need spiritual guidance, and you are unable to still your mind sufficiently to make contact personally with your spiritual guides or mentors, that may be because you chose a life path that precludes that inner knowing or because your doubts and skepticism prevent you from hearing. If this is your experience then it might well be helpful to seek out a medium, a mystic, or a channel, who has access to see if they can help you. As long as your intention is pure, completely honest, and loving, and not an egoic desire for sensational information to, for instance, win the lottery or to gain an advantage over another, then seeking guidance in that way can be beneficial and comforting.

However, the ongoing task for the vast majority of Light workers, Light bearers, and awakening humans in general, is to spend time daily in peace and undisturbed quietness, intending to be loving in every moment, in every situation, regardless of what arises. By simply doing this each one of you has an enormously powerful effect in moving the human collective forward toward its inevitable and truly imminent awakening. By doing just that you are bringing joy to the world, and that is what awakening is all about.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Through John

April 8 2016

Guidance from and Elder Brother

Do not castigate yourselves for
errors or missed opportunities.

John Smallman

We are all One, there is no separation. So many in the spiritual realms have told you this over and over again, and still you are filled with doubts and skepticism, despite all the evidentiary proof to the contrary. So we just have to keep on telling you this until it finally resonates with you and your doubts and skepticism fall away, as they surely will. You are loved and cherished beyond your ability to imagine or conceive of, and we want you to know that, so we will continue to bring it to your attention as we wait patiently for you to wake up. Our patience, unlike yours, is endless, there being, in truth, no such thing as time. What is is.

To awaken is your destiny and you cannot avoid it, however you can choose to delay that moment indefinitely. Engaging fully with the illusion by allowing yourselves to be seriously concerned with worldly problems that do not affect you directly is a choice to delay that inevitable awakening. It seems that there is enormous suffering and poverty throughout the world that humanity needs to address and put to rights, and there is, but it needs to be addressed spiritually.

You are all spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. It is a little like going to the movies or to the theatre, you enter into an imaginary place and story for a short period to be aroused, stimulated, and excited. Taking part in political, religious, business, sporting, intellectual, or conflict zone events also arouse, stimulate, and excite you in a similar fashion, although that seems far more real to you. In fact there is very little difference! The illusion is illusory, a dream or a nightmare, depending on the part you choose to play in it, and you make that choice in every moment!

All of you have engaged in personal conflicts of various types – physical fights or sporting activities that you intend to win at all costs, intellectual battles to prove yourselves right and others wrong, political, religious, and philosophical arguments and disagreements; the list of activities in which you are required to take sides is practically endless – and when you win you experience a momentary sense of glory or of a job well done, and when you lose you experience disappointment, maybe extreme disappointment, anger, or depression. And when you look back on these events, ten or twenty years later, the importance they had for you at the time has faded or totally dissolved. You might even think to yourselves “What on Earth was I thinking, what was all that about?”

However, if you positively establish and maintain yourselves on a path of love, treating all others with respect and compassion, refusing to judge anyone – of course, in certain situations some discernment or discrimination will be called for – and basically intending to operate from your true nature, your eternal and spiritual nature, intending to be loving in every situation, then, when you look back on your lives, you will be aware of a sense of satisfaction, of peace, and of personal growth that has resulted in you gaining some wisdom along with an increasing ability to accept whatever arises. Living in the moment, as opposed to focusing your attention on the glories or pains of the past or hoped for pleasures and joys or worries and anxieties that lie ahead, is a far more uplifting and satisfying practice.

Remember, before you incarnated as a human you laid out a life path that would constantly present you with the lessons that you had chosen to learn. That path is always there for you, however, due to the intense attraction of the distractions with which the illusion presents you – options to judge, to engage in conflict, or to just follow your moment to moment egoic drives – you frequently take diversions from your path. Sometimes these diversions seem to bring you temporary pleasure and satisfaction, while at others they lead you into what appear to be dead ends or even personal catastrophes. But always what arises is a nudge or opportunity to return to your path.

Obviously the path you chose will not always be a path of sweetness and light, but, if you recognize and learn the lessons presented to you, it will provide you with a sense of its appropriateness, a sense that where you are is where you are meant to be, and that will be immensely satisfying. Generally speaking if you are consistently experiencing pain and suffering you are being guided to change direction. Even if it is not possible for you to change the outer environment or situation in which you find yourselves, you most certainly can change your perception of it. In other words you can call on your spiritual guides for help in understanding the lessons being presented to you, and for assistance in accepting with good grace whatever arises.

Whatever the situations in which you find yourselves embroiled, if you make the choice and the intent to be loving, accepting, and forgiving – of yourselves as well as of others – you will find that your perception does change, enabling you to deal far more positively with what is arising. Truly, to make the most of your experiences as a human on Earth, all you need do is to accept, without judgment, whatever arises, and accept that there is a lesson for you here that you have chosen to receive.

As I keep reiterating, Love is always the answer whatever the issue. If you are unable to feel loving that is a very strong signal that you need to withdraw, to go within and settle into your innermost holy sanctuary – everyone of you has a holy innermost sanctuary – and then ask us, your loving guides and mentors in the spiritual realms, for assistance in finding the peace that resides within you. As that sense of peace begins to pervade your consciousness you can release your hold on whatever is upsetting you such as, judgment, resentment, anger, or blame, all of which prevent you from dealing with the situation that is disturbing you.

Obviously, if it has brought you suffering, the suffering may take time to dissipate, much like grief, which can only be accepted and lived through. You have the saying “This too will pass.” And surely it will. If you can intend to be patient, which is difficult in a world where everything appears to have needed to have been done yesterday, and allow yourselves a few moments, moments in which you take a few very deep breaths, you will experience an easing of the stress that you are undergoing. Then a knowing that you can cope will arise, and options that you had not seen or ignored will present themselves to you.

Be kind, loving, and forgiving to yourselves daily. Do not castigate yourselves for errors or missed opportunities, instead remind yourselves that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, where you have chosen to be, and that your guides are with you in every moment waiting to flood your hearts with Love when you choose to invite them in. The only reason you feel unloved is because in your fearful unacceptance of the fact that you are a divine being, a beloved child of God, you close your hearts as a defense against suffering and pain. Open your hearts! Love envelops you in every moment waiting for the opportunity to embrace and enfold you when you choose to allow it to do so, instead of focusing on how unfairly you believe that you have been treated. Focusing there is self-defeating when you could instead be enjoying an uplifting and inspiring divine hug!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

March 31 2016

Becoming Master Receivers

Sananda asked Peg to first write her recent experience so that we can better understand Sananda's message that follows. - Also, a meaningful synopsis by The Nameless Ones through Lori Blackwell. - All of which is a revealing new teaching also embraced, as Lori tells us, by Peter Olson.

Offered through PEG THOMPSON (Aurial)

Thursday ~ March 31, 2016

Hello! I have been asked to speak to you a little bit about my personal experiences these last couple of months. I am guessing that this part is to allow you to better understand the words of our Beloved Sananda!

It has been almost four years since that Wednesday night when I was at a retreat in Canada and we were participating in a Blog Talk Radio program in which Zorra declared that being Gods and Goddesses, we all have the ability to not only heal others but our self as well. That night I decreed that after over 20 years of being diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia  and all the other diseases that seem to come hand in hand with Lupus, that I was tired of it all and declared myself healed! And healed I was! The doctors would not call it healed, but only remission, however the blood work declared that the diseases were no longer in my body.

For all of this time I have been disease free, I have been able to live life to the fullest, be in nature with my beloved horses and follow my path of intuitive empath and healer. That is until February of this year when I got very sick and gave in and returned to my 3d doctor only to be told that my Lupus had returned and I was in what they call a "flare."  I remember refusing to believe that it had come back, though truth be told the fear was there, and I allowed the doctor to put me on steroids to control the pain and other symptoms that come with the Lupus.

Then all was quiet until early March when I had the symptoms of a heart attack. All of the symptoms were there, but the blood work said no. They kept me there for two days trying to decide what was going on. When I was released from the hospital, they listed each and every disease that I’d ever been diagnosed with, though the doctor thought it might have been esophageal spasms, because, with that, the symptoms can mimic a heart attack. I was sent home on a Friday morning only to end back in the ER on the next Thursday night having had a really bad fall. They told me nothing was broken, though I had a massive bruise on the underside of my upper right arm (that arm took the brunt of the fall) and another on my poor boheinie making sure I wouldn’t be riding my horse any time soon.

I had a scheduled appointment with my primary care doctor the next day, who sent me back to the hospital for more x-rays to make sure I’d not broken anything and to see why I was having such pain in my neck and back. He then had me return to my Rheumatologist and the orthopedic surgeon that had done the bone fusion on my neck some five years ago. It was discovered that this time, my fibromyalgia had awakened with a vengeance, and even though I was very disappointed, it at least explained some of the other symptoms I’d been experiencing (even the symptoms of the heart attack). The neck doctor cannot figure out why there is so much pain in my neck, put me back into physical therapy, and told me to come back in a month.

It is the belief of many healers that the kind of pain and the location of said pain are an indication to you that you are not following your life’s path. It is believed that when this happens, we are not listening to our Higher Self, and so the Higher Self resorts to even more severe symptoms in trying to get our attention. I believe this, as well, and I was making myself crazy trying to figure out what it was that they were trying to tell me! What was it that I was doing wrong?

So here I was, in lots of pain, chronic fatigue, and short term memory shot to… well you know! I was very frustrated, wondering what in the world I had done to bring all of this back and even worse for me, not being able to help others with my healing abilities because I was not in a good place.

One of my good friends from the Canada trip was having a birthday today and so four of us celebrated yesterday by having a Skype call to catch up, learn about each other’s new gifts, and just enjoy. Two of my friends know how to speak in the Language of Light, and so we asked if we could pull a Taro card for each of us and then have them channel in this language. Just before it was my turn, I asked them if they could help me and told them about what had been going on these last weeks and, bless their hearts, of course they all agreed. The card that was pulled for me was “Love” -  what a beautiful way to begin! It was Lori that did the channel and it was wonderful to see and to hear her speak this beautiful language, and when she was done, she explained to me what she had been told.

The first thing they said is that I have not done anything wrong! And then she began to giggle, because as she told me, they were laughing as well… They were laughing because “Mother Mary,” who gives so very much love to the world and beyond, had somehow forgotten how to receive the love that has been given to her. They said I’d put up a barrier in my heart, a shield of sorts,  that would not allow the love in, and that I could not continue to grow until I learned how to “receive.” They had been trying and trying to tell me this for quite some time, and I either could not or would not hear what they were trying to tell me. And so they resorted to the very thing that would get my attention, and make me stop and listen. They were gentle at first, just a little pain and the Lupus flare, but were forced to amp it up to the Fibro flare, the fall, the “almost” heart attack and the pain and confusion. I was forced to stop, not just slow down, but stop and figure out what in the world was going on.

I have been told that once I learn my lesson, the pain will be gone and that I will become whole once again! A lot easier to say than to be done, to be sure. How many of us would give the shirt off our back to help another, but are mortified to receive when in need? It is so very much easier to give, than to receive… The lesson and the trying to figure out how to be “good enough” to receive unconditional love have been in my mind ever since the end of the call. I did figure out that when my beloved tells me to take three loads of horse “apples” back to where they make wonderful compost, instead of just one, which was my norm before I got sick, was given in love and that to not do as he had requested was just another way of rejecting the love that he so freely gives – and so it is baby steps, learning to believe that it is just as important to receive, as it is to give, learning that I do not need to shield my heart from possible hurt because that deprives me of the pure joy of loving to the fullest extent possible, learning that to not allow someone to give me love is to take away their joy of giving. So easy to say, **not** so easy to do… I sure do hope that I break through this block soon! I had enjoyed living without the pain, and it sometimes clouds the mind, lessens the intuition and the joy of being able to heal another. It also keeps me from being all that I can be, and that, I want in the worst way – just think, to be all that YOU could be! How could we want anything more?

And so I give this story to you with all of my love! Believe me, it wasn’t easy to put such a personal part of who I am into writing and giving it to so many. But I do understand that it is a good lesson, and I suspect a lesson that many need to learn, so perhaps my pain will help others to move forward without their guides having to hit them over the head to get their attention. I am told that my healing will be a universal healing; they do that sometimes, to expedite things, and we are, after all, getting so very close!

Yours in love and light,


Hello Little Mother!

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I know it wasn’t easy, and I give my thanks and my unconditional love…

The end times are undeniably here, my beloveds! And as humanity moves closer to the Golden Age that has been foretold for so long, the last of the clearing is something that needs to be done in order for you to understand and enjoy this wondrous new life that you are so very close to. As you can see from my mother’s story, no one is exempt from removing the last dredges of your time of being influenced by the dark, the lies that they have told, the mind control that they have excelled in for millennia
. It is not only this lifetime that holds a history of this influence... almost all of your lifetimes were touched in one way or another and the memories have been passed down through your cellular memory with each birth into this 3d world.

Mankind is struggling, and very confused. There are many false prophets, as foretold by many Masters, and even the most grounded spiritual person can be fooled... not because their discernment isn’t spot on, but because even they have the memories of being told not to trust their own inside voice, but to seek out others for information. Most cannot seem to understand that they do not need to look anywhere but within for their answers. Each and every one of you already knows what it is that you seek! You need only to unlearn the lies you have been told . You **are** good enough! You have impeccable intuition! You can love and be loved. It is your right! It is who you are!

The energies of this Second Wave have been strong, indeed! And some of you who breezed through the First Wave have been really affected by the second. The Ascension symptoms seem to be more fierce, leaving one wondering what in the world had hit them, "Was it a train?"  I am here to tell you to be kind to yourself!  If your body is asking for rest, it is for a good reason; give it the rest that it needs! Perhaps you find yourself craving something as simple as good clean water; give your body what it is asking for! There is always a reason for the “request.” If your Higher Self is speaking to you, try your best to listen; it is ever so much easier to listen the first time, than to have to have your Higher Self resort to stronger means of getting your attention! If you are feeling alone, remember that we truly are as One; no man stands alone! If you feel as though you are not trying hard enough, or are not good enough, I would remind you that you have been made in God’s perfect image. The negative thinking has been ingrained by those that fear mankind’s greatest gift, that we are all One, and as such, we are never alone and we can do anything that we put our mind to; yes, even accepting that you can receive unconditional love.

The last of the “stuff” coming up to be cleared will likely be the hardest; it is that which you have had the most deeply buried! Instead of being afraid, rejoice! Because when the last of this is gone, so too the chains that have held you shackled for all of this time. You will be totally free! No more hunger, no more fear, no more worries about money, no more looking over your shoulder, wondering if indeed there is someone out there that wants to do you harm. Instead, unconditional love, Creator’s beautiful light, and no more worries about “going home” because you will already be there!

Remember to love yourself unconditionally! Remember to enjoy all of the wonders in this world, for there are more than can even be imagined! Try to remember how to receive, and to do so with pride and with joy. It will be one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Remember to be gentle with yourself, listen to your body, listen to your Higher Self. Remember that you do not need to look elsewhere for information or understanding, it is always there with you, if you only look inward to your Higher Self.

I look forward to meeting you soon, in person! It is ever so close, and we, up here, are overjoyed to know this to be true!

I am Sananda

Note from Anne:  When Peg shared this above message with her phone group, Lori Blackwell had also been asking for her special need, and "the Message" continued for Lori:


This 38-minute recording, through Lori, illustrates the message Sananda wishes us to understand.


March 22 2016

The LoveLight in You

Has Never Died!

Channel:  Susan Leland
Ashtar on The Road

"Greetings, Beloved Ones!  I am Sananda and I am here with you to rejoice - to rejoice during this most sacred time to come yet, to your Planet Earth!  For it is a time, as you have heard in this Gathering already, a time which you can consider a resurrection of dreams and hopes and freedoms and healings, and all manner of joyful occurrences which many in the World thought were dead.  But when I say 'resurrection' -  and I say this knowing that you know the Truth of my life story when I came in the body of Yeshua - nevertheless, I use the term 'resurrection' because a resurrection is defined as "coming back from the dead," even if that state has only been perceived, but has not really been true!

"All of these gifts of the Lifestyle of Higher Dimensionality were never dead. It was simply subjected to a continuing bombardment by those who did not want Humanity, and indeed all of Planet Earth, to know any difference.  But you know now. And you know that the Light of Love has never been extinguished!
"I, and my Kumara family, can attest to that.  We have been here holding the Light when it seemed as though it must surely be put out.  We continue here now, joined by millions - millions and billions of Light Ones from all over the Galaxy and the Universe beyond!  And joined by you, Beloved Ones, turning up those Lights within yourselves, being in Oneness in the Light of Love, knowing that You Are Divine, as Divine as any king or queen - in fact, more so, because they recognized their divinity, but it came from false sources.  They insisted that their subjects, their people, recognize their divinity - but again, it was false programs to justify their rule over others!

"What is true, Beloved Ones, is your own Divine natures - all of you, ALL OF YOU!  Even though you are inhabiting human bodies in this moment, you are all of God, Mother/Father Creator, and you are all in your own right Divine Gods and Goddesses. You were made from the Light of Love only, at the very beginning.  And now you are turning up these Lights within yourselves, bringing in more and more LoveLight to join within you.  And in so doing, you share that Love!!!

"And so it is that even places which have been dark - so dark that Love and its Light seem to be dead - now you are showing the World that this is not the case - and it never has been!  It was falsehood. The Lights may have been dimmed, but they never died.  And that is why we have 'resurrection' occurring everywhere.  And that is why now, that which looks like resurrection of something that died, is now showing that it never did!!!  And that is another way of knowing the Truth of the story of Easter!

"Remember – that which may appear to be dead and gone forever is not.  Even when a being, human or otherwise, leaves one's body, their Light is still eternally shining.  It is like a bright, gleaming Light of Love shining radiantly in a place that is beyond where the body has lived, and yet has connections during the lifetime of that body.  And it is a place where the Light that inhabited that very body returns along the Path to join - to join with what you call your Higher Dimensional Self, or Higher Self. Yes, you have a direct link there, a Path which can be energized! You have further a direct Path all the way out to the Creator of us all.  Again, it can be energized!

"You are never out of Light. You are never out of Love. You have only to look in your own Hearts and then, if you wish, connect beyond!  And it is to use this LoveLight within yourselves to heal whatever bit of darkness might be there or what might flow in, in the chaos that is taking place in the outside World - or so it seems!

"But be assured that that which seems to be chaos is really the opposite, for it is bringing life into balance for all!  It may be traumatic, torturous even, but ultimately all beings who are awakened to the Truth of Who They Really Are, will come together in that Great Light.  And all remnants and programs of the past oppressions will be gone.  Only Light, only Love shall remain.  And with the LoveLight, of course, Peace on Earth, Joy to the World, and radiant new Lifestyles in the Age of Light, that which we call the Golden Age!

"So see it!  See it radiant - see the Path radiant before you.  And stay on this Path and join hands and Hearts with all, all the LoveLight everywhere.  And invite those who are not aware of it to shine forth, to find it within themselves and welcome more in, that we may be together on the Path, leading ultimately to your Ascensions, if that be your choosing.  It was mine in the lifetime of Yeshua.  But I have come to you now to show you the Path which leads to yourselves, your own sacredness, your own Divine Lifestyles, in the Realms where there is only Light, only Love!

"And this, Beloved Ones, is your Path.  It is your Way, it is your Truth!  So thank you, for your presence here.  And I invite you to welcome my two Beloved Marys from that lifetime – my Mother and my Wife - and let them come around our circle and give you a precious gift - the roses of Kumara, roses of Love.  Take as many as you choose.  Place them in your Hearts and let their softness - and yet their strength - remind you that you are Love!

"Love is all you were made from. Love is all you truly are!!!  Any perception you may have of darkness within your own being is simply an illusion, a lie, a program which your Light, your Love releases forever from your being.  So let it be done!  I see you all as radiant, beautiful beings of LoveLight!  And I thank you for your presence here in this Gathering of Love, in this most auspicious time of remembrance, and return, and rising up out of darkness - for the whole Planet and the Universe beyond!  So be it.  So it is.  Namaste!"
Transcription by Marta.

Your true nature can no longer be hidden from you by
the deceptive veil of the illusion, because that veil is disintegrating,
as more and more of you open your hearts to the Love that God offers you, constantly, in every moment of your existence.

Forgetfulness is a powerful limitation that a body takes upon itself
upon incarnating, but as the veil dissolves, so does forgetfulness.
Awareness of your true nature is dawning on
more and more of you each day.

August 23, 2015
by John Smallman

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Audio Blog for Sunday 23rd.

Many are feeling that the illusion is strengthening its hold on humanity as the mainstream news media continues to report – apparently with great satisfaction – on wars, conflicts, economic fears, corruption and dishonesty in high places, and myriad other unhappy events and occurrences. These reports do certainly refer to numerous ongoing global events, but they are truly only a very small proportion of planetary activities. The current flows of the Tsunami of Love, which has been enveloping the planet since late in 2012, are much more far reaching in their uplifting and inspiring effects than any of the supposedly “bad news” events on which the news media attempts to focus your full attention.

As children of God, each one of you is a very powerful energy field of Love. You each have free will and can therefore choose to engage with your field of love or to deny and ignore it as you go about your daily lives as humans within the illusion that you collectively built so many eons ago. The choice you make in this regard – and whether you are aware of it or not, you are making and remaking this choice in every moment – directly affects how you experience life. Increasing numbers of you are now choosing engagement, and the effects of this engagement are visible all across the world.

Your real and eternal nature is Love. You were created in Love, and Reality, the Presence of God – or, if you prefer, Heaven – is Love. Your existence is eternally maintained by God, our loving Father, within the divine field of Love that is all that exists. You cannot depart from it because nowhere else exists. There is only God, the Source, the field of Love that is His creation, and it contains all life without exception.

Within that infinite field, God’s only Son was created and had bestowed upon Him all that is God, which is everything. The only difference between God and His Son is that God is, always, whereas His Son was created by Him to join in the ecstasy of Life everlasting with His heavenly Father in that field of divine Love. However, Love does not control, it is utterly free of any form of manipulation, domination, or restriction on the one loved, otherwise, of course it would not be Love.

God’s Son then chose to exercise free will by constructing an illusory environment in which He could experience independence and separation from God and attempt to prove that he had no need of God.

But, beyond God there is nothing, there is no beyond. And the illusory environment that the Son of God built is illusory, non-existent, a figment, an unreality. Nevertheless, the power of God’s Son is immense, and so the illusory environment that he constructed appears both vast and very real, especially when it is populated by an enormous multitude of aspects or separated parts of Himself contained within extremely limiting containers – human bodies. As humans, then, the illusion appears very real, placing very real limits on human abilities, as compared to the limitless creative potential that was given to God’s Son at the moment of His creation.

And, on Earth, human bodies are needy. They need food, shelter, air and water, and if any of those essentials are removed or become unavailable, those bodies cannot survive. And the realization of that is a terrifying state of affairs, which leads to the belief that they need to fight one another constantly in order to obtain enough of the planet’s inadequate resources to ensure their own survival.

But, as I said in the introduction to my book, “A Course in Miracles,” “Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists; herein lies the peace of God.” Truly there is nothing to fear because you have your eternal existence in infinite joy and safety within the Mind of God. All that seems to threaten you or bring you suffering is unreal and will pass away.

Focus daily on your true nature, Love, and intend to share and extend It unconditionally to all of humanity without exception, and then enjoy the peace and contentment that that intent brings into your life. Where you see others suffering, no matter who they are or where they are, intend for Love to flow from you to them and relieve it. Many of you are already doing this and it is extremely effective; in fact, it is undoing and dissolving the nightmare that seems to envelop so many in preparation for the imminent arrival of a pleasant dream that will lead to your awakening into full consciousness where you will once more know yourselves as you truly are – Divine Beings at One with God.

Your true nature can no longer be hidden from you by the deceptive veil of the illusion, because that veil is disintegrating irreparably as more and more of you open your hearts to the Love that God offers you, constantly, in every moment of your existence. You know, deep within yourselves, that you are divine Beings; it is just that as humans you have forgotten, because forgetfulness is a powerful limitation that a body takes upon itself upon incarnating, but as the veil dissolves, so does forgetfulness. Awareness of your true nature is dawning on more and more of you each day, and that awareness is intensifying the effect of the solvent – LOVE – that is dissolving the illusion.

Know therefore that you are eternally loved by your heavenly Father, and that,  because of His infinite Love for you, He has provided the means and the energy that will dissolve the illusion finally and permanently. All will awaken, because it is the divine Will, and your individual wills are all in alignment with that Will because, in truth, there is only One Will.

Your loving brother, Jesus.