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OCT 13 2016 MUSHABADo not allow yourself to be manipulated through your emotions. There will continue to be a lot of inaccurate and negative intelligence information until the RV/GCR actually happens. This will be short lived for your time to go exchange your currency is close enough that you can actually touch it!
OCT 9 2016 ANCIENT AWAKENINGSFrom our point of view we see it from the larger point of view, from the big picture. We know all of this is going to happen, it is already happening. We can see what is going on behind the scenes. We have that little bit of understanding that you may not have.

When I left home to find myself - and yes, to find Jesus,to findmy Mother/Fater - I was really looking for myself. And I thought to myself,"If I can just remove myself far enoughfrom all this extemporaneousnoise, then I'll be able to really hear ny spirit and the universe."

OCT 2 2016 ANCIENT AWAKENINGS - GUARDIANS! - SANANDA! - GAIA!We are here now, as The Guardians. We have returned; we have come back to be with you in these times.  We are here to tell you now, fully, with no hesitation whatsoever, that the Green Light has been given within this Universe, within this Galaxy, within this Solar System, and on this Planet.
SEPT 29 2016 MUSHABA FORCEHumanity is on the verge of seeing great change that will literally blow their minds. It will be such a shock for so many people when they find out the truth of what has been taking place in their country, with their governments, food industry, medical industry and educational industry.

SEPT 28 2016 WE ARE FROM THE FUTUREWhat humanity is about to become is quite inconceivable to you right now, But we are here to help make this transition a little easier.  [YOU ARE NOT ALONE]
SEPT 23 2016 MIKE QUINSEY Everything that occurs is of importance in some way, even if it is not apparent to you. A lesson learnt through actual experience is bound to have an impact upon you, and almost certainly will not be forgotten. So when you have a necessary experience, try to understand the reasons behind it. That way, you will only have to go through the lesson once.
SEPT 21 2016 LADY NADA - VASTNESS OF LOVEYou are vast in your expression of Love now. It is you because it has always been you. You have just paved a way and allowed it to become front and center. See yourself now as a walking Glow of Love Energy, extending out as far as your mind can imagine, then allow your soul to show you it can go further, without limit, without end... vast expressions of Love which has no limit.
SEPT 18 2016 ANCIENT AWAKENINGSSo, be of good cheer people. Everything is happening exactly as it needs to happen. Maybe not on your timetable but it is on Divine Timetable. As you continue to allow the process to work out, including the announcements you have been waiting for, the dominoes to fall, all of these things. They are coming.
SEPT 18 2016 LOVE MESSAGE FROM MUSHABAIt is at a point now to where things are about to burst wide open. The RV is on schedule to happen. The New Republic is Primed and Ready to step in at a moment's notice. The announcements of NESARA and GESARA are scheduled as well.
SEPT 11 2016 ANCIENT AWAKENINGSIt is coming. It is happening. You are going to hear very shortly now, as major happenings begin. We know that you have heard this before, but at some point, it all must begin. It all must begin in earnest as the dominoes must truly begin to fall. And all the various sources on your Internet, where you have learned to use your discernment skills, will one day soon, not be necessary anymore.
SEPT 7 2016 MUSHABA FORCEThe life changing events are beginning as we speak and you will and are about to see the physical signs of this in your lives at almost any moment. The long awaited time of prosperity is here, and the release of these long held funds is in the final moments of its release from bondage.
SEPT 5 2016 MICHAEL QUINSEYThe future is bright and welcoming and ample reward for all those brave and great souls who volunteered to pit themselves against the trials and tribulations that the lower vibrations presented. Celebrations are in order and the excitement is already rising. So go about your last days and tasks with confidence and joy in your hearts knowing that your journey is nearly over.
AUG 31 2016 ANCIENT AWAKENINGSI am St. Germain. I am here now in this particular place and time to bring you more information of the NESARA program and then the yet to be, GESARA, which is global. For NESARA is not just meant for this country. It is meant for the entire planet. Nothing will escape this program
AUG 30 2016 MICHAEL QUINSEYThe message for everyone is to keep your focus upon the journey ahead and do not falter or be distracted by what is going on around you.
The vast majority of people will be confused by what is happening, but as events such as the announcement of the new Republic of the United States is made, the direction of Humanity will become a little clearer.
AUG 29 2016 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - MICHAEL LOVEThis has an enormous potential to uplift the consciousness of humanity in a very quick way. We must renew, re-code and rewrite a lot of old programs that were written and installed in the human body and mind on a sustained basis for eons.
AUG 24 2016 GUARDIANS HAVE ARRIVEDA long, long, long time ago far beyond what your consciousness point can understand, we were. We existed. We traveled from system to system to bring new understanding, new consciousness wherever there would be a consciousness leap. We were there.  Here we are now, back with you again. We were here with this planet long ago. We have returned.
AUGUST 22 2016 MUSHABA - WAKE UP CALLIn the last phase of Earth's and Humanity's Ascension, everything under the sun has to be exposed, come to the surface, for each individual to choose what they accept, believe, and embrace as their truths.
AUG 19 2016 MIKE QUINSEYThe Cities of Light get closer to manifestation as each day passes, and this in itself will be a world changing event. It is said that after the initial ones have materialised there will be more until the Earth is linked in all major countries. It is just one of the many exciting and eagerly awaited changes.
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