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Ashtar: "Let's Celebrate with Love!"

Ashtar on the Road Teleconference, June 26, 2012

"Well Good Evening Everyone! We are so excited to be here with you, and we will tell you right now, everything is moving smoothly. The dominoes are falling - you heard reports and examples given.* Those who are really in charge of bringing about the much needed changes on Planet Earth are doing it.

"Be rest assured that it’s all happening; it’s all happening with Love - there is no ego programming involved - it is Love for everyone and a few academy awards, if you will, to those who have played their roles so well, regardless of whether they’re wearing a hat of white or the hat of black, or the many, many in-between shades of gray. It is not to engage in the dramas and the traumas that we in the Ashtar command, and you in the ground crew, are here. But it is rather to look upon it all with Compassion and Gratitude.

"Yes, Gratitude! Because it is so clearly defining what there is of Love and what there is that is not, and that, Beloved Ones, is to be discerned. It is not to withhold Love from any of the players on the stage, but rather to embrace all with Love and Compassion. There are many, many, many wearing all shades of hats who are suffering, or who have been suffering. Consider the possibility that each and every one of you might have worn a rather dark hat at some time or another in one of your many lives, or perhaps, more than one.

"It is not to feel guilty. Guilt is a program which is ego-based and it is designed to keep you feeling unworthy, because those who have had the control want you to feel guilty, so that you will not create all that you deserve to have and be. You are all D ivine, Beloved Ones! I, Ashtar, am no more Divine that you, or let’s say, you are as Divine as I. There is no difference!!!

"Now, there are programs running that you might call financial or political in nature. And it is all wondrous indeed to go out and 'Occupy' somewhere, because that is you raising your voice as the part of the One We All Are that says it’s time for the changes. It is not okay to carry signs that say kill someone, or punish someone. Well, you can do it, if you choose, but what we’re saying is, that’s not Love. That’s what you call fear-based retaliation, or revenge. And you know the difference. We’re only wanting to make this clear, not because you don’t know, but because we have the ability to broadcast this Worldwide, and that is exactly what we are doing. You, Beloved Ones, by being here, are assisting and facilitating what we have to share with the World!

"We have learned in the Ashtar command, that Love is the only way, the only power, or energy, that really gets it done for everyone equally, so that everyone can feel their Divinity, feel their Sovereignty, feel the Freedom that they have, and not want to use it or turn it into something that is not Love. You see, when Love showers in a being’s energy fields it can make change. Love can transform the darkest, blackest hat in the universe to pure white -- the Christ Consciousness type of Light we’re talking about here!

"So it is simply to broadcast, not recriminations, not revenge, certainly not fear; it’s to say, 'The divine one in me greets the Divinity in all life!' And from that perspective, if you discern that there is an individual or group which is not feeling its Divinity or not broadcasting Love, that is where you can really turn up the juice, do some Ho’oponoponos, send it out, because that is the greatest help you can be. As we have said, if you want to 'Occupy', do so, but greet the whole rest of the group with Love. Shine your lights and you will be contagious, as we like to say, and you will uplift that gathering into something that will be a wondrous surprise to some and a blessing to all!!!

"If you want to take a couple of pans out of your cupboard and go out, like the brave women did,** and go out and bang your pans and say, 'No more, we call for change,' do so. But if you’re going to bang pans, do so lovingly, not like you are attacking any individual or group of individuals. There’s a difference. Go out and sing and start the group to singing. There are some absolutely wondrous songs that you could sing. Just imagine if you could get a group to start singing in the airports. There’s an old one that was often a gathering point for people to uplift, no matter how serious the topic was that they were dealing with, it was called We Shall Overcome - it's a good one to sing. How about The Hallelujah Chorus, those of you who feel like you can do that, you see?

"If you bring high vibration into any gathering or group, what happens is, you become the leaders in the upliftment of the group. If they have what you call the open mic, and if you feel so empowered, get up and talk and say look, we’re all in this together and I know that Love, and loving actions and attitudes and words and expressions, can lift us up into a higher level where we can look with Compassion upon all involved, where we can forgive all involved and we can say, Thank you for showing us the difference between Love, and what is not Love,' or however you would say it.

"You, Beloved Ones, have magnificence of expression, and all we’re saying is, if you choose to share it with even one other being, let alone with a whole crowd, this is most wondrous indeed. Express who you are, which is Love, and let others feel your loving vibrations, and you will move, well, not so much mountains, but you will take down a concrete building or two. At least you’ll change the energy in it, and maybe someday there will be a beautiful garden where that building where so many decisions were made and meetings were held of the dark hat variety!

"It’s over anyway! They’re done. They finally have gotten the message that they have to get off of the stage. We have been talking about that for many years. We have been giving them messages - our Beloved Bother Saint Germain has been quite busy walking through walls and showing up at these meetings, and he shows up at meetings of a political nature. Can you imagine being the general of an army and having Saint Germain walk in and say, 'Stand down buddy, it’s over,' or some such thing? But Saint Germain will say, 'You are so loved for all that you have done and you have great things yet to do! Just allow yourself to open your Heart and let the Love/Light come in, and more and more you will become who you came here to be in expression. You will reunite with yourself, with Who You Really Are, and then, the greatest of your deeds shall begin!'

"I’ll tell you, I Ashtar, have been in accompaniment, and we do have ways of connecting even though I am on the bridge of my ship, we can contact, and I have seen over the years, that at first Saint Germain’s appearances were startling, to say the least, and were often times met with anger - 'Who do you think you are walking through the walls of my impregnable fortress?' But lately, it’s been – 'Ah haa, thank you so much for coming and please tell me more of what I can do.' Not always, though. You heard about the Rover?*** Well, it’s over, Rover! And so it is.

"There are potentials for all of those who are still with us in their energy fields in some manner, because there are some that Sekhmet has already paid the ultimate visit to, and we are not here to go into that, just suffice it to say, that if there is anyone in the Universe who is a complete expression of Love, who must be -because that is the primary qualification for that which she occasionally does on her missions - it is Mother Sekhmet. There are a few that she has visited for the purpose of removing them completely, but there are many, many who are, in their energy fields, still present - their souls are still in existence.

"And so it is that they all have the potential. Let us propose a bit of an Exercise, and we shall invite you to send in your comments, if you will, if you would share them with the Family. Here is an Exercise: We would invite each of you after this broadcast is finished, or perhaps tomorrow, to invite yourselves, each and every one of you, to pick the name of someone, it makes no difference what country they belong to, it makes no difference if they are male, female, what color their skin is, whether they are religious or not makes no difference, just pick one individual that you see now, that you discern, as wearing a pretty dark hat -- make that person the focus of your loving intentions, and see what kind of messages you get from them.

"If they are famous or are someone you might know, you might even be able to see or experience a first hand report of something that one does or says that indicates that they are having a bit of a change. Now, this is a personal, one-on-one Exercise. Never fear, we’re going to cover the whole World when Mother Sekhmet takes over the podium here, but this is just something for those of you who might enjoy having a little bit of an extra special assignment to engage in. And if you have any telepathic messaging that comes to you, any information that comes to you from your own Heart, from your own knowing, your own Higher Self, your Guidance Team, from the individual him/herself, or perhaps a little news bulletin, and if you would like to share it, send it in! We will ask Fabulous Fran to publish it, to share with the Family.

"You see? You’ve all stepped up, you’ve all volunteered to be in the human bodies and in the identities that you have in this lifetime. And we’re going to get it out right now, most of you, when you came in, didn’t have any sense of who you really were ­-- some of you did, but most of you did not. And you had some pretty tough experiences along the way, just to get it out of the way, just to develop and evolve your own Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude; just to return you to being able to view all with Love, the Highest Dimensional Love, and to help you to evolve on your own paths to Ascension, because you all came here to be Leaders in that!!!

"That does not mean that you have to get out and speak to the world. It only means that you allow yourselves to express from your beautiful Hearts with the Courage, as Mother Sekhmet says, and she’s very fond of that word, you know -- it’s French and rather romantic - 'couer', meaning, Heart. Yes, feel it? Just feel the Love vibes when you say that, when you say it to yourselves and you say, 'I love you my beautiful Heart, and I AM a wondrous Light unto the World, and I have the Courage to stand tall in my Light because I am with the One We All Are, and I welcome the Light, the golden white Light of the Christ, the High Dimensional Love/Light to come into my Heart and, indeed, to permeate my entire being!' And so on, you see?

"You all are doing that, some more than others consciously, but you all are doing it unconsciously. Where do you think you all come during your sleep times, if not into Higher Dimensional experiences? Sometimes to my ship, the New Jerusalem, sometimes to my other ships, sometimes to your own ships, sometimes to your planets from whence you originated. You are multidimensional beings already, it is only to shift a bit to get your physicalities up to par, shall we say, ready to take off, and to live in the Higher Dimensions where there is only Love and Joy!

"We’re here to celebrate and to be in this Joy! It’s not about being so heavily into your missions that you get bogged down, it’s not to worry about whether the changes are happening fast or slow enough, you’re already Members working with the Galactics in the Ashtar Command, with the beloved Masters of Ascension realized, with the Angels, with your Guides. Your credentials are quite visible for all to see. So know Who You Are in your identities beyond 3D and enjoy that identity in as much of your time, as you measure it, as you can possibly do, and always reach for one hundred percent with Joy, with celebration!!!

"It’s already done anyway, just connect with it and live it, and let’s celebrate your Higher Dimensional Selves, which give you the discernment to observe with Compassion and Gratitude and Forgiveness, and to be in love with every living being in Mother Gaia’s kingdoms. And put yourselves right in the front as Leaders in the Light of Love! Thank you so much, Beloved Ones, for being here, to be in this Family of Love. To do your missions with such Love, is not always easy, we know, but full of Love, full of Light. And so let’s celebrate!!!


Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, June 26, 2012. www.AshtarontheRoad © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012.All Rights Reserved.
© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2012. All rights reserved.