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A & A Report from Ashtar Call, 7/24/12

Tara: Greetings everybody.

Rama: As Mother says:

Tara: It's the very best and the worst of times. And yet, we are the ones.

Rama: We are the ones.

Tara: We really are the ones. And despair was never an option, and it certainly isn't now, and Rama's got some great news! Go ahead!

Rama: Yeah, I mean, on a more lighter note I put up this picture at our 2013 Rainbow round table of this Angelic Devic presence that showed up over the theater in Aurora, Colorado, and I mean when I look at it, it looks like some kind of Angel of the Ruby Ray, so hold that thought with what's going on with that whole story, and that is the bigger piece of this hard news, I mean, "Oh my!"

And I would just say what we've been witnessing over the last few days, there are legions, and legions, and legions of Angels and Masters that are showing up now, in all kinds of places all over the Planet, even though it is looking like the worst of times with the energy: Syria, I mean, many are saying it's falling into a full scale civil war, yet what is happening is that the Free-Syrian Army in the opposition are taking down [Syrian President Bashar] Assad's regime, and at the same time there are unseen events that are going unseen, I mean that the mainstream news is not talking about, but every day the ships are over Syria, Lebanon, all these countries. I'm witnessing this. I can testify that I AM there!

And at the same time, the stories are beginning to break about how the dimensions are inter-blending. I mean, today, I will just say, you know, Mike Papantonio was sitting in for Ed Schultz today, and our prayers and blessings go out to Ed. I don't know what's going on, but he's been gone for a week and a half now.
Tara: Yeah, and they won't say what's going on except that there was a medical emergency. Everybody send the highest good, and Light to that situation!

Rama: Yeah, but Mike Papantonio went deep into the rabbit hole today with John Nichols of the "Nation." And they began talking about this story that it was MK Ultra with Mr. James Holmes in Aurora, Colorado, and they even went into the story, the only place I saw this today was on Rumor Mill News, that this guy James Holmes had gone to a remote viewing lecture that Major Ed Dames had been doing on remote viewing, and apparently he was studying Quantum Physics while he was in medical school along with all this bio-medicine as well.

And this brings in what Ed, I mean what, Mike Papantonio and John Nichols brought up, is there's another story out there about Andrew Bassiago, and the Pegasus Project, and how he met Barack Obama in the eighties on Mars. All of this is tying in with this guy James Holmes, and these stories about Quantum Physics changing time lines, going backwards and forwards in time, and this is starting to come out on regular radio. And then they went into later on he had on: Mike Papantonio, Glen Greenwald, Sam Seder....

Tara: And Larry from Larry, Curley and Moe, just to remind you, those three were fifty stories below the White House when Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice, and Bush Sr. pulled off 9/11, and so they're direct witnesses. And so Larry was on there with Glenn Greenwald and Sam Seder....

Rama: And Sam Seder, and they were talking about these multi-trillion dollar major lawsuits that are going up against the banks, and what's going on with the scandals in England, as well as over here, as well as the whole Euro zone, and they were talking about six whistle blowers that are from the various banks, the huge banks.

Tara: And one of was from Kline ...Rama: Smith, Kline, and Barney...

Tara: Another one was from Chase Manhattan, a third one was from Credit Suisse, and INTERPOL has been protecting these whistle blowers so that the Mafia cannot kill them. And then there was one of the six whistle blowers, and he said he wouldn't mention the name yet, it was Neil Keenan, which is now his next suit is 'gonna be for thousands of trillions, upon thousands of trillions of dollars. Do you remember those forty zeros? All of it; so then go ahead Rama.

Rama: Well they brought up the fact that this was tied in with this mystery man that throughout the centuries with the story, the World Trust, which is Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain. Yet they can't quite go there yet, as Mike Papantonio said, "This is not George Noory's AM Coast to Coast, it's the Ed Show."

Tara: And they said two things, well one is that when Barack Obama was visiting with the relatives of the ones who lost their members of their families, he said directly to them, "We have to arrest our criminal banksters and politicians." And all the news is saying just the opposite, that he's not saying that. So this is the very thing to look and see. It's not Barack Obama that's doing this. It's those behind the scenes, that are threatening him, not to say anything on "their" media.

Tara: And yet he said it directly to the members of the families that lost their members, so he had the courage, and the ability to say it there, which means that they're going to be passing the word, believe you me! The other thing is that Eric Holder, even though he's not a saint, he said we have to prosecute our war criminals.

So we've got these two characters coming out with what needs to be done, and that's extremely important right now. OK, and so they were talking about a couple of things. He was saying criminals who did the banking fiasco, in 2008, and then continued to manipulate the world economy through this "LIBOR" London, interbank, I forgot, what that next word is, but interest rate based. And it's really the process that they're doing is at random. They take a vote, and, you know, they decide what will make them the most money having nothing to do with reality. And this is where the thousands upon thousand of trillions of dollars was sucked out of every economy on Earth, and put in the pockets of the characters that committed the crime.

Rama: And tomorrow as we approach the "day out of time" in the Mayan Calendar, Black Magic Mittens is having a fund raising meeting with all of these major gangster banksters, in The City within the Tower of London tomorrow. So, all the messages across the Planet have been saying light up that Tower of London like the sun, so that that energy pours into there, so they can't do anything but bring more Light in.

Tara: And this is The Mother Gaia's Earth Stargate. So we over-Light it, and also we've seen the Spanish, and the Italian bonds levels of lending constantly going up. And what that means is we're seeing the pressure on the stock exchanges both in Europe and other countries. And unfortunately there is a certain banking, there are certain large banking shares, that find themselves in terms of technical analysis, very near what's called the long term support line. As these lines are broken, then all Heavens breaks loose. And this is exactly the danger, the reason why we're saying that the death certificate, as far as the Greek economy, essentially has been issued. It has been sitting in a drawer simply waiting to enact the date, as that date comes. And as Greece goes, so goes the Euro. The Euro is down to a dollar twenty again. We've only got five pennies to go, and it's gone. Because, they brought the Euro on board with a fifteen percent gold backing, so if it gets down to a dollar fifteen, it's gone. And St. Germain's catcher's mitt is here. And, we're very much ready for St. Germain's catcher's mitt.

Rama: Also today they talked about these anomalies that are happening within the corona of the Sun. And you can go to the website SOHO Observatory. If you go and put S-o-h-o Observatory into google you will find it, and there are these very strange Light ships that are just sitting there within the orbit of our corona of the Sun. One looks like a Scorpion, one looks like a Borg ship, yet I was told these are not beings of darkness, they're beings of Light. And I would just say, that you know, everybody is observing this on many levels across the Planet. All our scientists are watching this stuff. They are nervous as cats on a hot tin roof.

Tara: And the threat in Syria to use weapons of mass destruction, sarin gas, napalm, all these things they've got, is absolutely off the list, because Ashtar will be in their face. There will be no such thing happening. And everybody, [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad is a good guy, and he has been helping all along, and it's the West that needs to take care of business now. And tag we're it. We Love you everybody! Sat Nam. Rama: Namaste!

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
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