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October 1 2012 - 2
Hi Folks,

This is Anne. Those of you on my newsletter mailing list are aware of the newsletter I finally wrote very early this morning. I have also posted it on my NEWSLETTERS page. That was yesterday; or, actually very early this morning. That newsletter was only sent after I had not heard from Greg for days and others had already hacked into his website with obvious disinformation. By then, I had received information of my own, confirmed yesterday by a very reliable source. And yes, that information was that Greg was no longer on the Earth Plane.  Later, I understood that he had ascended. This is quite a statement, which I checked several times, always getting the same answer. And my information has always been reliable.  

Of course, it was not easy to come forward and make this statement, but it did check out. And at that point, I made a decision to stay away from Greg's site, as it was being used and abused by obvious hackers.  

However, today the strategy changed, and the following "message from Greg" appeared, which some people seem to feel may have merit.  I do not have a crystal ball; however, in my opinion, the style and grammar does not appear to be Greg's.  Personally, I do not see how Greg could be surprised at what "he" had just posted during the past two days.
 ": ,,, not one single light filled person wavered in their beliefs after reading the last couple of messages I posted."   And for that reason, I do not believe this to be our Greg.

Greg's site was the one in which I had the most confidence.  I valued our connection with the Galactic Federation o f Light and Ashtar Command.  I will most certainly miss this connection.  However, I cannot see, at this point, picking up "business as usual" when it is obvious that we have not had business as usual over the past week. The channel has obviously become flawed in some way.

What I would recommend, to help all of us better understand how these things can happen, is to listen to the two September 13th recordings from my interviews with Zoser and Voltra.  They are posted on the ASHTAR page.  When things started going awry, to get some clarity on this, I scheduled a session with Michael Ellegion.  I trust this channel and his 32 years of channeling the masters.  And in these two recorded messages, we get clarity on how buried traumas of the past can come alive to influence messages from our channels.  This is a great opportunity for our members to benefit by a full, paid-for session with Michael Ellegion.  And it is excellent education for us, that we may be better discerning as we move ahead.

Folks ... I believe we are being hit with the last whiplash of a dying cabal. They have hit our direct connection with the Galactic Federation of  Light and the Ashtar Command.  I want to serve you with the best information available; however, until I have confidence in the source of these messages, I will not post them.  And this has no reflection on our channel, Greg.  I have appreciated and admired Greg's steadfastness and Service; he has served us well.  And I would be very grateful to find him back in full clarity, if that were at all possible.

I follow with what some are considering a "positive" email from Greg.  Does it make sense to you?  I question why "he" acknowledges that it was he who posted these!  If he consciously posted these, he would know as well as we that they were disinformation.

Are we getting training in discernment?  We are moving ahead into deep waters ... waters in which we have never traveled before.  

Remember what we have been taught:  LOVE is the answer and is our protection. Let us take our refuge in LOVE and when confused, always return to LOVE.  We find lots of LOVE on TODAY'S INSPIRATION.  Use it often.

I do love you al.  Thank you all for your many loving messages of support.  


Still Shining!
Update to the Mysterious Events of the Past Few Days 10/1/12

Hello everyone, I just received a 'telepathic' message this morning and was told that my 'phone lines', and I am presenting metaphor here as I do not use an actual phone to channel messages', was hacked and I had received the last couple of messages from, well, I'll let you guess who was sending me these last couple of negative messages. It was not the GFL or the Ashtar Command, to give you a hint in the right direction. I am a little uncertain about all of this at this time, and I will write a longer and more detailed explanation later on today for you, for it is early here and I just wanted to get this message out to those who have been following the messages shared through me and have sent me their love and support over the last few days. Keep the faith everyone, just like all of you did when no one, and I mean not one single light filled person wavered in their beliefs after reading the last couple of messages I posted. Good for you everyone! We have been learning to hold fast to our convictions and you all did. Great job! You should all be very proud of yourselves. I also wish to thank everyone for your kind words and all the love and light you have sent my way over the past few days. I love you all too. Keep shining that light!