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Our Purpose is Love-To Express it, Live it, Empower with it.

Ashtar Regarding August 4th, 2012:
"Greetings, Beloved Family! We are in awareness of the announcement that we will be de-cloaking at your Olympic Games on the date of August 4th, and we wish to address this in several ways.
"First, as you know, we are not in the practice of giving dates, and we have several reasons for this, not the least of which are your own safety and peace of mind. Remember that the dominoes are falling in a sequential order, and that it is necessary for all who would block your Freedoms to be removed. Also, we ask that you be aware that many dates have been given in the past for events and announcements and that, when nothing has occurred, it has caused a downward energetic spiral for those who have had hope. In other words, it has given the dark hats more disappointment, despair and depression upon which to feed.
"Now, having said this, we announce to you that we are at the Olympics, and have been there since long before the torch arrived. Our ships are so great in numbers as to literally blanket the sky in layers, and our purpose is to monitor, assist in preventing major 'false flag' events, and most of all, to beam loving messages to all present. Yes, even the video recording devices are picking up our high frequencies and thus relaying them, even though we have remained invisible - for the most part! We are in great Joy and thanks for this opportunity to address such a huge audience, and we express our infinite gratitude for the welcome which you have given to us!!!
"We assure you that we shall continue to appear to you in ever-increasing de-cloakings, and that, when the timing, or sequential flow, arrives at the optimal moment, we shall indeed appear to the entirety of Planet Earth. This moment is so close that we invite you to join with us in the Joy of its envisioning, for it is in the state of absolute and infinite Love and Joy that we perceive our long-awaited and much anticipated reunion with you, our Beloved Ashtar Family, who have volunteered to serve in the ground crew!!! 'Stay tuned' - Salut!"
Given through Susan Leland, August 3, 2012.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012. All Rights Reserved.

Picture above sent by an Ashtar Family member.


Sananda's Call is next on our schedule! Also, the first August Message from The Mentors will be sent out this weekend, August 4th-5th. See schedule below.

Sekhmet's Crystal Exercise -
Calling Forth Truth!
Ashtar on the Road Teleconference
July 24, 2012
"Well, Good Evening, Everyone! I just love that song!* It really is uplifting. It's dancing off the ground, so to speak. It's flying. And it's Truth-all of it! So, here we are and we have an extremely important Exercise tonight, and we shall indeed be traveling to my ship, to the Crystal Room. And so it is that we shall be having a hug. Let's celebrate and let's start it right now!
"Alrighty. Big hugs. Everybody feel the hugs. I've got my claws in, so I'm not going to hurt anybody. I'm just a great big lion cat! And I love being me and I love all of you beyond words - just like Ashtar said. And so we're going to go ahead now and make our circle. Now remember, I can multi-locate my paws, so I'm just going to do that around the circle so that everybody can hold one of my paws, and hold a hand of the wonderful Family member standing next to you, because we're all together in this you know.
"It does not matter where you're located geographically. We are coming together in Oneness. And those who come and tune in later are already represented here in this circle. So let us be in Joy ! And let us be in Oneness together and feel the Lovebeams circulating out of our Hearts to each other, to this entire circle. Now notice if you will, that there stands behind you, yes, your Guides, your Angels, all the Beings of Light who are part of your company, our company, because now we're all joined together as One.
"And notice that all of the Ascended Masters and Angels, and yes, Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms' representatives from all of Planet Earth, including the ones that are higher-dimensional like the Faeries, and the Unicorns - we're all here, all here together. Now just breathe in the Love of this group. That's right, breathe it in, and if some of you are smelling flowers or hearing music, that often happens when we get together.
"Just open to receive Love and all that goes with it. And as we do that, we literally rise up together. We are powered by Love! Now if you want to picture yourself with a little Love-rocket on your back, that's OK. However it works for you to see us all in our circle moving up, up, up and away from Planet Earth, but not too far, we can still see Planet Earth, of course.
"Now if you'll look up, you'll see my ship above us. Now we're a mighty big group, but my ship is a mothership and it has expansion capabilities - think about that one. And so into the underside of the ship, the side we see, the bottom if you will, you'll see the door opening to the landing deck. Now nobody has to scrunch up - we can all move right through this door together as One - a beautiful circle of Love! Notice how we have moved as a Light Oneness, a Oneness of Light, brilliant beautiful Light. Now we come to the landing deck and the door closes underneath us because we've given ourselves a little bit of room off the ground, and now we just gently float.
"Notice the Crystals - everything is crystalline. And let us go immediately into the elevator because there is one whom I call my sister, and she is waiting for us in the Crystal Room. So let us move together into the elevator - the crystal elevator. My ship has many levels and we're going right up to the very top, to the Crystal Room. This is the room of creation. And so we move easily and effortlessly! You might still be smelling a particularly sweet scent. You might still be hearing the music, or you may just be basking and glowing in the Light of Love We Are!!!
"Ah, here we are, and the doors open and we move easily into the room. We are still standing in our circle. Now look, we have encircled, encircled an altar in the middle, and standing at the altar is Beloved Ma'at - the keeper and discerner, and judge if you will, of Truth! Truth is light, lighter than a feather. And here stands Ma'at, to assist us in calling forth all Truth to be made known throughout Humankind, so that all Humans may stop speculating and stop worrying, and stop being afraid of the unknown and come together in celebration of Knowing. Because that is such an important, important step upon the Path of Ascension!!!
"Beloved Ma'at, we thank you for coming. We know that you are very busy these days, as we all are. And here we are now to be One with each other, with Ma'at, Keeper of Truth. And so, in our circle Ma'at stands at the altar of Truth and you can see that there is a book upon that altar and it glows - it shines - and look - she has her hand upon it. Otherwise it would be so light it would float right off of this altar! No need for scales here. The feather stays on the altar, on the crystal altar, of its own accord, but the Book of Truth is so light that it must be held in place. And this is what Truth does, Beloved Ones, it frees all!!! It takes the burdens off. These burdens are so heavy they have literally weighed you down. These burdens of lies, deceits, deceptions, programs, and so on and so on.
"But here is Truth, so light it literally lightens up the World! Feel it! Feel the energy of Truth. Now stay with us, don't float off, just allow it to come in, and welcome it. It's lighten-ing, it's refreshing, it's empowering and it's cleansing! That's right - it cleanses. So welcome it into your beings, Beloved Ones, each and every one of you, and let us circulate the grand Freedom, the feelings of it, the lightness, the cleansing, the clearing of the atmosphere. And now, just send it to the Crystals, to all of the Crystals here in this great Crystal Room. Yes, program them with messages of Truth accompanied by Love.
"And now, they shine it back, at us in our circle and the entire room, even though it may have seemed as though it could not get any lighter or brighter, the entire room is now lit - with this Truth - with its Light, and yes, with its Lightness! Oh, how wondrous it is!!! No need for any more dragging-down burdens of dogma programs. Now this is not only for us, Beloved Ones, but it is for all of Planet Earth! And it may be that there will be resistance as we shine this forth, so once again, let's breathe it in and let's get our Courage all lit up. Feel your Divinities, Beloved Ones! Feel the Divine One We All Are! Raise yourselves up even into higher vibrations.
"We are truly higher dimensional now. We are no long participants in the lies, programs, and the dogmas of 3D Planet Earth. We are literally in Higher Dimensions where none of these can exist. There is only Truth and its Light! Now take a moment to shine your Truth into your very beings, throughout the entirety of your energy fields, and allow it to come in, just as you allow the Truth that the Crystals are broadcasting to you, the Truth that all of us are sharing, to come in to each of your beautiful Hearts. Feel your connections with the totality of Who You Are - with your own Divinity - and know - that your Divinity is your only Truth!!!
"All illusions that you may have had about being less than Divine cannot exist here. And so it is that this Exercise will not only be a shining forth of Truth, coming into the Light where all can see it, and know it, and hear it, and feel it and live it, but it will be an upliftment for Planet Earth upon its own Ascension Path - each and every individual who opens to receive the Light, the Light of Truth, the Light of Love, the Light of Compassion, and yes, the Light of Forgiveness and Gratitude. This is indeed a most empowering moment for Planet Earth!
"So now that we are all powered up, by allowing our Divinity to shine forth throughout our very beings, our Love, and our commitment to serving - and our Joy - let us shine, let us shine this down. Look down and you can see Planet Earth, and it is turning such that you will see it all, and thus we have an opportunity to light everywhere upon the planet with the shining forth of Truth. No longer must Truth be hidden. No longer must Truth be kept secret. No longer must it be covered over with layers and layers of lies. It is bursting forth now upon the entire Planet like so many radiant beams! And indeed, it is supported by all of us here in this Communion, and beyond by the Universe, by the Great Central Sun, by Mother/Father God, because it is in this moment in Earth time that it is indeed time for the Truth to be revealed everywhere in every way possible!
"And now, we invite all of the Planet to lift up, lift up into higher dimensional beingness and join with us in this grand Exercise of en-Joy-ment - bringing the Joy in, the Freedom that comes from the Truth being evident everywhere. Yes, our invitations are being accepted! Hold them up, Beloved Ones, so that all of those who aren't responding can join all of those who are casting off the chains of doubt and fear, and all of those who say, 'I welcome the Light of Truth into my Being and into this World!' See how the entire Planet is shining brighter! See how the lies and the dogmas are literally being transmuted. It is as though the transmutation of Ascension, which is moving into higher levels of Dimensionality, in your transmuted bodies into light bodies - more light bodies, anyway - is happening on Planet Earth!!!
"The lies, the deceits, the dogmas - and the mistaken adherence to them - mistaken because it is not true, it is falsely created, or however you choose to look at it. Fear dissolves in the Light of Truth! And this, Beloved Ones, is what we are accomplishing!!! Those that are in fear are as though they are shackled to the third dimensional boxes, the prisoners they are. Those who are willing to rise up into Higher Dimensionality cannot bring those fears, and once they release them they are transmuted by the great light into Higher Dimensional energies, just as your bodies are being transmuted into Higher Dimensional bodies - your physical bodies. THUS IS THE WONDERMENT OF TRUTH SHARED WITH ALL!!!
And thus has the further upliftment - Ascension Preparation - been given a huge exponential lift by this Exercise of Oneness, by this Communion to which we have brought our loving Divine Selves!
"And it is so that we have shining before us the Truth. And now here is Ma'at, and she takes her hand away from the Book of Truth and it floats, and as it opens, you can see the Light of Truth shining forth - confirmation - while the feather lies upon the altar, that we have indeed accomplished this mission, this mission done in Love, co-created together in Higher Dimensional reality, this mission of calling forth all Truth, upon Planet Earth and beyond.
"And so we all stand in honoring of you, Beloved Family, that you have come and that you have participated so beautifully, so divinely! Blessings to all. And so it is. Namaste!"**
* Let Us Remember To Dance by Lei'ohu Ryder from her album Mary's Songs
** Sekhmet's Exercise was followed by The Blessing by Lei'ohu Ryder from her album The Call Within-Honor All Life
Transcription by Fran Pearre
Given through Susan Leland, July 24, 2012. © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.