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Message from The Mentors
August 5 2012

"Greetings, Beloved Ones! As we observe the falling of the dominoes, as it were, it is the culmination of eons of preparation for these events to be occurring. And yet, it has only been in your most recent of times* when you, Beloved Ones, were among those who gave the 'go ahead' signal for this great Ascension evolvement process to officially begin. So, although you have been waiting ever since the veil of forgetting was lowered over the return to this magnificent era on Planet Earth, the years have been relatively short in this, the final phase.

"Now, as you are all noticing, there are final clearings taking place which, because of the imminence of your Ascensions, must be done with relative quickness, and thus it is that they might seem extremely difficult, even harsh, to you. We assure you that this has benefit, not just in the accomplishment of what needs to be done, but also so that in the drastic shortening of the time for accomplishment, you are not unduly detained in whatever low vibrations may come forth in the process.

"For it is indeed true that you are still human, and it is only natural that you express from that perspective when you are 'on overwhelm' as the energies swirl around you. So, by all means express what you feel that you need to, and get on with it! You are all most adept at connecting with your own Divinities and with the One We All Are! In fact you are empowered to do this more than ever in this lifetime on 3D Planet Earth!

"There is no one who can heal you better than your own Divine Selves, Beloved Ones! So, connect with your own inner God/Goddess and let the healing begin! Even as you raise your own vibrations, we connect with you in Oneness, and as we together invoke the powers of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, we literally soar together up, up, and into the even Higher Dimensional realities. 

"From this perspective, you are free from whatever low vibrational energies are attached to the situation you are working through. You can observe them without them 'sticking' to you; thus you can easily transmute and release them as loving energies to the Universe!!! We have no intention of diminishing the importance of taking this step, for these are the last, and predominately the hardest, of all of your clearings to do. You have been building up to them, and they must be done. Be assured that the clearings which you have accomplished up until this moment have strengthened and empowered you for these, the last of your personal missions - perhaps more than you realize!

"We remind you to understand and know that your own individual clearings and resolvings are making an incalculable contribution to the Worldwide cleansings and clearings!!! For, as you proceed to lighten your own beings, you are radiating and paying forward your Freedoms from all that has been weighing you down, as it were. So, we lovingly advise you to continue to observe yourselves from the perspective of Divine Compassion, and to take the necessary steps along your paths to free yourselves from whatever you see as needing to be done.

"We are with you in these endeavors, and we honor your Courage and Dedication to your missions. Give yourselves the many gifts of Love - they are indeed your birthrights, and join with us in celebration of the Divinities You Are!!! Namaste!"

The Mentors

*The Mentors are referring to the 1987 Harmonic Convergence

Given through Susan Leland, August 5, 2012. ©Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2012.