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March 17 2013
Given on behalf of children everywhere
and the worthy foundation: 

The Foundation for the 
Child Victims of the Family Court

Hello, my dear Ones,

It is I, Ashtar, speaking to you from my ship, the New Jerusalem. We are all abuzz here, since our dear brother, whose name we will not yet reveal, has gone to serve in a very important capacity as the new Pope. Already he has begun to set the tone, refusing to be elevated above others, reaching out with humility and warmth to the crowds, as only he can do. We are honored to serve as protectors and companions to him as he performs the traditional duties while he begins to revolutionize the way Catholicism is practiced.

Our hearts are filled with Love and admiration for the brilliant Light he now brings to a previously dead tradition. We look forward with indescribable anticipation to watching him play out the glorious drama which is planned for the world’s enlightenment and astonishment. There will be twists and turns in the plot; suspense and danger are a guarantee, for the final meeting of history, religion and human enlightenment are about to unfold. Hold on, dear readers. The best is yet to come.

As you may be sensing, this is not just of interest to Catholics, or even lapsed Catholics. The storyline of the drama goes back thousands of years, encompassing the suffering of billions of souls who have struggled under oppression, in the name of various forms of religious practices even before recorded history.

But speaking of recorded history - most of you are aware of the great storehouse of documents, books, ancient writings and artifacts which are stored in the Vatican libraries and secret archives. Our dear Brother is now literally sitting on top of them! You may be assured that the revelations he has in store for us (which will be carefully orchestrated to avoid casting blame on anyone who serves as “whistleblower”) will blow the roof off the Vatican, and with it, the arrogance, misogyny and celibacy of which the Church has been so proud for many centuries.

It is a merciful thing we are doing, Beloved Ones, to release the billions of people whose lives have been affected not just by the religious practice itself, but by the legal system which has sprung from it. As our dear friend Catherine from Ireland has recently pointed out, British law has dictated, (with U.S. law as its offspring) that women be categorized as chattel, along with the livestock and children, and as such, be expected to obey their husbands under all circumstances. This language remains to this day in the laws of Ireland.

As Catherine experienced, this means that in family cases, the children will always be awarded to the father, even if he has been accused and shown to be guilty of raping his daughter and beating his son. A resounding echo of this attitude remains in the U.S. court system, as in the incident in which O.J. Simpson was granted custody of his children with the comment from the judge that “just because he may be a murderer does not mean he can’t be a good father.”

We ask you now, Dear Ones, to awaken to the merciless abuses of women and children in your court systems. International law is more lax on the issue of sex trafficking than it is on shipping spinach. Family court systems serve as the resource for trafficking of babies for adoption and youth for sex play by wealthy sex-cult members who pay enormous sums of money for using young people for their sadistic, secret pleasures.

Why are we bringing this to your attention now? Because the welfare of women and children has not gained the interest or concern of the media or the public in the way criminality in the world of finance or politics has. The attitude toward men who are found to be involved with prostitution is telling: They are condemned, not because their acts demean and take advantage of women, but because the men are seen as sullied by the association to “low” or “unclean” women. When the highest paying jobs for women are in prostitution rather than executive management, there is something wrong with the system.

As we have told you in previous messages, all the systems of your world will be changed in the clearing process to prepare for building new foundations for the New Golden Age. Here, right under your noses, systematically ignored, is the most glaring example of all: pets and wild animals in captivity are more carefully protected than human children.

Do not believe the propaganda about Child Protective Services performing a blessed service for the children of cruel and abusive drug-addicted mothers. Even if that were the case, the children are neither protected nor even considered when rulings assign “ownership” over the children. Enormous amounts of money are involved in the foster care and adoption industry. Lawyers, expert witnesses, social workers and police benefit from ongoing involvement with families who are torn asunder, harrassed, and impoverished by endless court involvement which has little to do with the safety or wellbeing of the children, but much to do with profit for the prosecutors of “legal” cases.

It is a hearbreaking struggle for anyone who has had the misfortune of falling into the hands of the “Protective” services. The trapdoor to hell may be set in as innocent a place as the emergency room which treats a child for a minor fall or scrape. The kind and conscientious parents may find themselves in a nightmare of hearings, investigations and character assassination while trying to regain custody of their own beloved child, who may be exposed to sexual and physical abuse at the hands of strangers who are assigned to “protect” him.

I will not say more, except to encourage those of you who are sickened by these realities to find a way to do your part to open the closed doors of these clandestine abuses by attending court proceedings, asking questions, talking to your local newspapers. They may have been very reluctant in the past to take on the perpetrators who have often used threats, lawsuits and even murder to silence investigators. This has changed. Our Lightworkers will be protected, and no longer need to fear death as a result of their “snooping around.”

So, those of you who may have some detective skills or just a wish to stop the horrors, ask to be of service and you will be led to the door which will allow you passage to the hell which is your local Family Courthouse, and your presence alone will help to mitigate the criminal activity taking place there. Ask around, and you will hear the horror stories of innocent families. Follow the leads that are presented to you, and you will find ways to help, in the last bastion of “legal” criminality - the Dark underbelly of your society which hides beneath the lofty symbols of Truth and Justice.

We call you to arms, dear Lightworkers, for one more assault on injustice - the injustice against the purest and most innocent among you, the children. Throw open the Dark hallways and bring sunlight where there has been none. We celebrate your attention to our words and admire your willingness to serve. We are with you in your good work, always.

In peace, forgiveness and Love, I am Ashtar. Salut!

Given on behalf of children everywhere, and the worthy foundation (Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts)