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Channel:  Ashtar/Athena
April 7 2013  
1:49 PM Mountain Daylight Time


This is Lord Ashtar who serves The Most Radiant One (the Christ) on His Mission of Love.
My beloved family, this is the time for joy for all to keep their promises; the promises you all agreed to when you signed your contracts before taking on this incarnation on Mother Gaia.
The road was not easy, as you all know, but you wrote your scripts and you acted out your parts ... like St Germain wrote in his Shakespeare plays ... to awaken upon your paths or journeys and help with yours and others' Ascensions.  
Most have not awakened from their deep sleep and have gotten off of their paths.  Go, my dear ones, into your Stillness daily, and ask and you shall receive; knock and it shall be opened unto you. That is the promise Mother/Father God has given to you, Her Children.
Now, to focus on the activities at hand. We are almost at the beginning of the end, for we must open up the last door (or wave) to complete all Light Beings' Ascension with their Planet Earth. 
One of these doors is the premier movie, SIRIUS, that will be shown, or held, in Los Angeles, California. Steven Greer has dedicated most of his life to getting all of the research on UFO's ... extraterrestrials ... to get this information out; to make this Disclosure happen all over your globe.
Another big event is the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure on the 29th of April through, or to, the 3rd of May.  You all can really help, dear ones, if you could spread this good news out to all you know and then it will make a huge splash, bringing Disclosure into manifestation.
We up here on the ships are so excited and are so proud of you and appreciate all of your faithful work to make this happen. It couldn't have taken place without you, dear ones. 
We need you, as well as you need us. We can't thank you enough for your Love, Light and dedication to us, your brothers and sisters, who are longing to join and assist as you set up a whole new society of Oneness.  The new Golden Age.
We are surrounding your beautiful planet and want to salute you, humbly, and bow to you with love, gratitude, harmony and peace.
I love you beyond measure.  Your beloved Galactic brother,