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Channel:  Ashtar/Athena
April 10 2013   11:46 AM

This is Lord Ashtar who serves The Most Radiant One (the Christ) on His Mission of Love.
Greetings Beloved Family,

In every part of all creation are periods that fall into lessons. There is a time to plow and sow, and a time to plant, and a time to reap. This is the way all life is organized throughout the Plan of  Life. This is the Plan of our Creator. There was a growth period; a learning period for all experiences to manifest.
Dear Ones, you chose to be chosen and volunteered. This is your last incarnation,   to help and enlighten all creatures large and small, every living seed, to encourage and to blossom into a beautiful sight for all Nature and Hue-man to admire and find glory, just from the mere beauty to your whole being.
Dear Ones, yes you're precious ... you are precious seeds from other star systems, and are the beautiful little caterpillars wrapping yourselves in your cocoons. Your cocoons... not knowing what you are really to become.  But having Faith, you  do so because it is to be from your Spark of the Divine Flame of all Flames, and the Divine Spark within every one sentient being.
Come into yourselves, your real Self, now knowing who you really are, and are to emerge into... this beautiful butterfly with beautiful wings to fly.  Fly joyously!  And are you willing to allow your consciousness to expand and rise without attachment or fear?  Are you ready to go on to your Higher Existence, to be the real "You," to experience into the Divineness of your God Selves and be One with All?
Sweet Ones, have joy, peace and harmony and unconditional love for all your brothers and sisters, for that is your goal and only Reality: the beauty of the New Earth and Her ultimate glory.

Your Season of Harvest is upon you, and last but not least, BE LOVE.
I love you beyond words.  

Your beloved Galactic brother, Ashtar.