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April 26 2013
6:56 AM Mountain Time

Post Date:  June 19 2013

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Dear Beloved Family,

You all are on the threshold of the most divine adventure of all adventures.  The 12th Hour is upon all children on Earth; all humans must wake up, as I have said before, and know it has been a dream that they were having in this embodiment. The journey has come to its end. You have come a long way, allowing what you must experience to reach the goal that your Creator has planned.

Now, beloved ones, the seed (the birth of your soul) you have grown and grown and now are ready to bloom into the beautiful flower of all flowers.  You are now ready to wrap yourselves into your little cocoons.  The cocoons I'm referring to is your Light Chambers that are waiting and set up especially for your own individual DNA, my dear ones.  My Dear Ones, what a joyous time for your new transformation. 

This could be compared, like the season of Spring, when all Nature is being born again after the long winter.

Yes, dear ones, this is the time to be ready for Springtime and be born again (that is written in the good books) meaning, being born again in the Spirit.

The Ascended Masters had to come up with a quicker way to create a device to change you into fully conscious beings.  And never has  there been this many humans to ascend in a mass Ascension.   Before that, man had to go through quite a long time to prepare for  Ascension.   They followed special diets and food for some time for their bodies to change.   But now, because of your mass Ascension, the Masters came up with a certain device to hurry up the process and all of you will change at the same time. 

This device, dear ones, is a Light Chamber and it is designed and programmed for your individual DNA.  These devices are of a living, intelligent type and can read your mind.  These special devices are perfeactly calibrated to your present energy and light patterns.

They are built to exact specifications and are to complete the remaining operation that is to return you into fully conscious beings.

Like all of our devices, these chambers are living, organic beings of Light.  It takes three stages to complete: 3 days, beginning with a deep sleep; then, it follows, a stage a day.  All of this can be further explained in my next message.

This is the most exciting time in all of your history of rebirth.  We on the ships are congratulating everyone there on planet Earth for your resurreaction-metamorphasis.

Blessing, love, and peace to you all,

Your Galactic brother, Ashtar.