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Esu Sananda present in Radiance. I come in service to the Father and unto The Creation. Let there be no mistake about WHO I AM. Darkness is no part of my being. Indeed, the adversary cannot stand in the presence of Light and Truth.

All are open to receive the messages of Truth I bring. Yet, those steeped in fear and anger and greed and ill-intent choose to listen to another drummer, for their path is twisted and distorted by choices which serve only to mislead and entangle.

I come to you this day, on the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, for the voice of truth shall be heard throughout the land. It is not for “the chosen” or “the elect” that I speak, for ALL are God’s children. And yet through the choices that man makes, it is a truth that few shall be chosen, though many are called.

I do not come to you as some New-Age guru! God forbid! I come to you as LIGHT ITSELF, God Energy Manifest. Your planet is still so steeped in darkness that even now it is difficult to penetrate the thick cloud that hangs over your atmosphere, keeping God’s children oppressed in superstition and ignorance!

I come that people know the true from the false. I do not come to act as a balm to your rattled nerves. I come to tear back the sheets, to uncover the darkness, and speak truth, so that those of Godly intent may know that which has happened to them to keep them in bondage.

The Kingdom of God is within you! It is not in a church, in a building, in a doctrine of any kind. It is in the innocence of the child, and in the kindness of a gentle word and a soft touch. Oh, beloved, why have you of Earth distorted and misunderstood my teaching? You must love another as self. Don’t you see? It is so easy, and yet so difficult, it seems.

Your preachers and evangelists have misled you. I come to expose them, for those deeds of misleading many souls shall have dire consequences indeed! Harsh? No, just. I have come to SEPARATE the wheat from the chaff, and this I shall do, for I know well those who have served my cause with honor and those who have only served self!

Beloved, those who teach you to shun the Light are wrong! Embrace the Light, for contained therein is all knowledge, all love, all matter of Creation. Do not listen to those adversarial speakers who teach of embracing the darkness and the void, for they are deceivers and liars. Ask of God for protection and truth, and it shall be given! The call DOES compel the answer, and the intent determines your experience. Choose life, choose love, choose to walk the path of goodness and joy. It is right before you. What have you to fear?

There is no death for those who live according to the Laws of Creation. Therefore, do your part to make this a better world. Reach forth your hand and embrace whatever problems you feel you may have, and solve them. This experience of life in this dimension is a gift of service. Do not waste it on worry and anger. Rather, ask yourself: “What can I do to make this a better place?” And then DO IT! There are NO LIMITS to what self may accomplish or become within the goodness of Lighted intent. Stop limiting and start creating, for the service you create shall be multiplied a hundred fold.

To those who say that Lucifer is the Bright Morning Star, the Brightest Light, therefore shun The Light (Creator Source), I say: By their fruits you shall know them.

Examine the message. What does it advocate? How does your heart feel when you read the message? Are you thrown into a state of conflict and turmoil and frustration and confusion? THESE are the earmarks of the adversary, the Master Deceiver himself!

If, on the other hand, the message is solidifying, calming, and brings answers to your unspoken questions, then call for God’s protection, take it within, and decide for self that which is true and that which is false. Have your false, so-called “experts” not deceived you long enough? Why do you fear the responsibility of determining for self that which is of God?

God IS all Knowledge, all Light, all Compassion, all Love. Why do you not know this? God allows you to determine your own path through the choices you make. Are you pleased with your choices? No? Then make new ones! Step forth, for fear will only hold you back and confine you. In love and joy, ALL THINGS are possible. KNOW IT!

Ask yourself: Does this one have a “vested interest” in keeping me bound to them? Does the false church leader have a reason to continue to keep his hands in your pockets? Does that one preach TRUTH? Or does that one bring fear? Why, oh why do you not examine the causes of your bondage? The locks of the cell of bondage are a creation by self. Only self may unlock the door, through knowledge, which IS GOD. KNOW, and you shall become free from the shackles that bind you.

Take my hand and let us walk this journey in joy and service.

To those who would distort and twist my message of truth I say: stand back, for none shall stop me! And to the adversary I say directly: your days are numbered!

Go in peace and service.

In Light and Service to The Creation, I am Sananda – Esu of old.

Angelo Mazzocchi -