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Assent Gained through Fear or Force 
Melts to Nothingness

Channel:  Ashtar/Athena
May 18 2013

This is Lord Ashtar Serving the Radiant One the (Christ) on His Mission of Love.

Greetings Beloved Family,

Let me open this today with words of wisdom:
"Assent gained through fear or force melts to nothingness
when assailed by cold logic or intense loyalty to higher concepts."
Beloved ones, how can we display cold logic and intense loyalty to higher concepts?
These two things together will set us free from the dark Ones having power over us or manipulating us through fear and force. One example of cold logic is looking to see that the World Trade Center buildings fell at demolition speeds and several eye witnesses hearing bombs explode. We also must acknowledge, in this case, that mainstream media pulled the eye witness accounts and did not allow us to see what they filmed on the scene that morning. That is cold logic and absolute. 
What does it mean to have an intense loyalty to higher concepts? We do this by continuing on the Path. We do this by remembering who we are.
A wise man said:
"How are you to maintain a positive attitude during these difficult times?
First of all, it is very important to remember that you are not miserable.
You are Sat-Chit-Ananda; Sat is Truth, the destroyer of illusion and falsehood, 
Chit is pure consciousness, Ananda is pure bliss and happiness.
You are whole and complete, but you have forgotten who you are.
Remember that Truth, and try to bring awareness of your true identity; that will ensure that not everything is lost and miserable.
You are actually powerful and very inspired individuals."
Beloved ones, as we focus on cold logic and we gain knowledge of the truth, it helps us. We also must keep a happy attitude and not allow the news of the day to disrupt our State of Consciousness of pure bliss and happiness, as we remember we are powerful members of the Ground Crew and we swore a duty to return Earth to Love.

Dear ones, lets keep our heart/minds on TRUTH and LOVE!
Love and Blessings, your Galactic Brother
Lord Ashtar