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Channel:  The Voice from the Temple
June 13 2013
As you embrace the streaming consciousness of your own God Presence, you absorb into your outer vehicles the Fabric of that Body Consciousness of the I AM.

This goes on, day in, day out, for centuries, lifetimes, so that you might glean from that very Consciousness the Divine Direction that only you can translate.  For after all, it is your God Presence, it is your Divine Path, and it is the Body Consciousness of your Mighty I AM Presence, fashioned by the Decree of the Great I AM that caused you to come into Incarnation to build up these four lower bodies that you have come to know far more than the Highest Vehicle of your Mighty I AM Presence, your Electronic Body.

These outer vehicles that carry with them the familiarity of your human creation must be transformed.  This occurs by the Invocation of the Light, by the striving of incarnation, by the continual round of receiving your karmas daily so that you might learn from the past, so that you might embrace your future - one that is Guided by the Hand of God; one that is filled with the Purpose of God.

Think of your outer vehicles as you would a child, one who holds fast  with a listening ear to Divine Direction.  Surely, the Mighty I AM Presence is always streaming forth God Good, God Perfection in all its Qualities, God Purpose and Christ Virtue. 
But what is heard?  What is perceived?  What is established as a way of life by the vehicles? 

If only you could practice listening as does a child, intent upon learning and absorbing from all about them, what they are to grasp so that they might walk, so that they might talk, and in later years, so that the mind may cognize facts, details, history. Training these, your very own vehicles of expression, is a constant pursuit like unto the relationship of child and parent.  Guarding, looking on, guiding them in the direction of their highest purpose so that they might know the Inner Voice of God, they might see Divine Perfection and draw it forth. Then, when the Presence of God desires to establish the momentum of Divine Intercession, that Life Stream, having become aware of its Presence, acting and signaling its Holy Purpose along the Crystal Cord, the Heart Flame, then, immediately responds and activates the outer vehicles to engage in Divine Accord with the Mighty I AM Presence!

I am quite sure there are those who may consider that these are fundamental Teachings, that all who put their attention on the Ascended and Cosmic Beings who dictate from this Altar should already know, and have had revealed to their outer consciousness the Divine Direction that their Heart would then automatically ratify.  But, blessed hearts, every activity in which you engage must have its initial impetus pulsating that Divine Direction that you must consciously discern, painting the details within your mind's eye of all that you are to compose as a fabric of life.

Many times the Ascended Masters, and yes, your own God Presence, must stand by the wayside, waiting until the outer incarnation becomes fatigued or bored with life as it is known and goes searching, to be filled, once more, with the Inspiration of the Charge of Light of their Mighty I AM Presence that would fill the outer consciousness and spur the student on to higher grounds, a greater import in their life of Divine Qualities and the establishing of the Virtues of the Christ.

Blessed hearts, it is my Office, as Maha Chohan, to oversee the impetus of Momentum that the Brotherhood of Light desires to activate in the Earth. Working as I do, closely with each Chohan of the Seven Rays and of the five Pranic Breaths, there are always these considerations: What is the next step for mankind?  What are they capable of receiving? Is the whole of the body of those that I can count on willing to hold the balance for the Light that must be released? And is there a sufficiency of a childlike listening ear, awaiting the impulse of every Thread of Contact sent forth from the Mighty I AM Presence that would stream into their outer consciousness and reinforce the establishing of an Ascended Master's Way of Life.

Oh yes, it is easy to be merely receptive and allow our Light and  Energy to pass through you, not mustering any striving thrust of energy yourself.  But, that in and of itself does not bring forth the fruit of creation that your Presence desires to bring to the fore so there is the full integration of your vehicles of consciousness with that streaming Body Consciousness of the I AM, learning how to let that Higher Mind be the Guiding Principle, allowing for the Three-fold Flame of the Heart to encompass the physical, emotional, the mental, the receptive memory body, so that all is once and for all cleared of the debris of negative karma that you have sown in your many lifetimes.  And then you find yourself in a state of resurrecting your life to conform to the Perfection of the Presence of God.

Now, I do realize there are many in embodiment who have adopted the attitude that it is not possible to gain Perfection; but you, as students of the Light, Torch Bearers of the Temple, have adopted a way of life for yourselves that is receptive to the configuration of these outer vehicles into that Divine Estate that your Presence has hoped for, has held the Faith for, that you would one day, become.

It most certainly is a process, for there is much to learn. Even the slightest thought of imperfection that you might have is still a thought that requires Violet  Flame on the instant so that it does not go beyond that fleeting moment, but is consumed by the Fires of God.  Likewise, the energies within the emotional body of time become ignited at the slightest prodding by negative insinuation!  So will you allow that emotional body to rise to the bait? Or, will you hold fast, and insist that the Light of the Presence reinforce that emotional body, all the while you are tending to what is the need of the hour, allowing the Peace and the Harmony that is required for the flow of the Light of the Mighty I AM Presence to address that negative circumstance? 

It goes without saying, if the mind and the emotions are constantly desirious of the vibration that allows for the Presence to take charge of an activity, a thought, an expression through those vehicles, then it only stands to reason that the physical body, likewise, would be responsive to the Light of God.  Every cell of your physical body, reinforced by the sub-planes of that body, would march in lock-step with the vibration of Consciousness required to be the Blueprint of Perfection of the Identity of the Mighty I AM.  For after all, it is the Mighty I AM Presence that streams forth the Body Consciousness of its own Self and therefore, each of the sub-planes of the physical, starting with the highest, will sladisaly desire to fill in all that is void and absent; that vibration that allows for the overshadowing of the Holy Christ Presence, and ultimately, the Mighty I AM.

This action of establishing the Presence of God in your own force field goes on, consciously, every day.  There is not one day that you do not receive the Blessing of the Mighty I AM Presence, the fueling of the Charge of body consciousness that allows you to knit together the Heart Flame with each of the four lower bodies operating and creating on each plane of consciousness, allowing for the fullness of the chalice of your being to be filled to overflowing with all that is the potential of the Divine Estate that you have facilitated and striven mightily to achieve by your communion with your Presence for Holy Purpose.

Blessed hearts, let each moment of every day be a state of Listening  Grace, in a childlike wonder of all that has been prepared for you, holding fast to the Teaching and Instruction that  you receive from this Author and putting it into wise use, so that you might reach that final day of this incarnation, having achieved all that your Presence has desired, having fulfilled the Divine Plan of this lifetime, resurrecting the latent energies within your being into those Divine Energies and Vibrations that are prepared for your Presence to play upon, to fill out, to thrust into time and space for Holy Purpose under the God Control of the Flame of God!

I, the Maha Chohan, charge you this day with the remembrance of the Responsibility that you have to behold the Presence of God in your midst and to bow in surrender to your Presence so that you might rise and be The Christ!

Be sealed into the Divine Estate of your Mighty I AM Presence as you make room in your life for the Light of God.  As you make your way to this Author for the Coming Conclave, prepare your chalice so that you might be ready for all that will be released for your benefit.

God speed you to the Victory of the Ascension and the Oneness of the I AM!

The Maha Chohan