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Channel: Ashtar/Athena
June 14, 2013

It is time for you to put away the childish dreams of the human consciousness once and for all and to dream the dreams of your Mighty I AM Presence! Therefore, clear the way for the depositing into yo...ur mind those high Ideals that your Presence would have you fulfill; not the conjuring of what would seem to be self-aggrandizement or self-promoting in any way, but what is the Will of your Presence, what allows you to stand in the fullness of Purity to behold the Nature of God and have your God Presence as well as those Ascended and Cosmic Beings, the Angelic Kingdom, the Elohim look back at you and know that they look through the eyes of an Initiate who knows the difference between the Reality and the Purity of God and what is not. And that initiate has chosen to be among what heretofore has been known as the Elect. But you understand it is the Many Sons, Many Daughters with the Individualization of God burning upon the Altar of their Heart who have forged the Holy Communion in the Presence of God and drawn it forth as a Radiance that cannot be denied.
That is the Path to the Ascension, blessed hearts! It matters not if you have yet to understand the importance of the Ascension, for we hear what some of you have uttered, those grumblings, “Well, I do not wish to make my Ascension. I wish to stay and help.” Or, “I am not ready or worthy.” Foolish mortals indeed, that have not beheld the Face of God and know not the Reality of the Divine Will of their own God Presence.

I say to you, if that be the prerequisite that you have established for yourself in this life, it is time for you to reconsider. For you cannot make the striving on the Path, the acceleration of the vibration of your vehicles of consciousness, the Purity upheld within all of your activities, your thoughts, your words, your creations when there is the falling back into the status quo of the human consciousness so prevalent in the land.

This Path is not exclusive, but there are those that are lazy of consciousness that would not strive with every erg of their energy to draw forth even one flicker of a match to light their way. I do not speak, however, to the company in my midst this day, for you who are here do know the difference. You have made the sacrifices in your life. You have established new patterns of activity that have allowed you to begin to know that the Presence of God moves within you. And when you have received those Blessings, you have been filled with gratitude and joy and have given thanks to your God Presence.

O blessed hearts far and wide across the Earth, let this Mother Light that I release today — with the help of the Angelic Kingdom as the Purity of the White Ray Angels — go forth, so that no one can say they did not have the opportunity. They cannot profess to have been passed over, for all are given opportunity with this Blessing. And with this coming time and the focus on the your Ascension and new opportunity, more of the Sons and Daughters of God are receptive and willing to changing those things in their life that must be put into the cauldron of the Violet Fire to be no more. This is the time. This is the cycle. Do not procrastinate. It will do you a world of good, and in the long run, you will look back at this time and this cycle and determine that you made the wise decision to accelerate the Life within you and to rededicate your life to the Path of the Ascension, to the Ascended and Cosmic Beings that would assist you, to the Golden Age held in the dream of Saint Germain and now the entirety of the Brotherhood of Light, and this Mission that the Entire Spirit of the Brotherhood of Light has upheld to release the Light at this Altar of The Temple that would pierce the darkness and draw forth to every Son and Daughter of God a new day in the Sun in the Light of the Mother.

I, the Goddess of Purity, trust that you will take up this cycle and mark, each day, the acceleration that you are making in the White Light of the Mother that will carry you into the Blessings to come throughout this time. As the Secret Love Star pours forth its Radiance, at the center of that Secret Love Star is the Dazzling White Light. Let that be the example of your own Heart Flame burning brightly as an outpost of the Secret Love Star and the Light of your own Mighty I AM Presence.

Be sealed in this Light.
Be protected by this Light.
Be guided by this Light.
Become this Light.
And go forth as the Christ Light, the LIGHT that will light the world!

Love and Blessings to All,
Goddess of Purity