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Channel:  Ashtar/Athena
June 23 2013 - 4:36 AM Mountain Time

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Greetings, Beloved Ones,

We are up here above you on our ships, observing you, glowing with brightness and we see all of you are busy gathering in groups, greeting one another with so much love.  "Love is blooming out all over... "   (That sounds like one of your songs, doesn't it?) ;-)   It does seem that you have moved to the next level of your Ascension, making way to reaching the plateau of Higher Learning.  

Dear Ones, many of us are observing up here that you are wondering about what it is like having these Etheric bodies and how our life is and how we enjoy our life and how your life will become.  So, Dear Ones, here it is.

The physical delights on the Etheric plane are so wonderful that I am at a loss to find words to describe it in a powerful enough way that you will comprehend how different it is.

"When you 'hear' the full, complete harmony of a Celestial Orchestra or the crystal-clear tones of a heart-stirring melody sung by one whom you regard as 'angelic' with a fragrance of unforgettable sweetness... it wafts to you from you know not where... when a mental vision is reflected from some entrancing beauty spot, perhaps on Venus itself... when there surges through your entire being Ecstasy, which sets your heart aglow with love for every creature, for every growing thing from tiniest blossom to towering monarch of the forests, for every mortal who worships the Great Creator... when you enjoy the full flavor of a 
delectable       contribution to your daily repast, direct from Nature's matchless storehouse of edibles (unspoiled by man's tampering processes)... have you not had a tantalizing fore-taste of the sensory pleasures, which many Earth people imagine they must forego upon leaving their Earth home... which has yielded them all too scanty a portion of genuine pleasure?  

Yet, it is an undeniable fact that we retain an amplified, intensified form suited to our more sensitized capacity for enjoyment, compared to all you have found truly pleasurable in your 'material existence, as you call it.  We hear and are especially susceptible to aromas... though we have none offensive to our sensitive nostrils. We have clarity of vision extending to realms hidden from your eyes, no matter how expert your oculist may be!  Our sense of touch is delicately adjusted to objects cast in a more Etheric mold than those you encounter, and which are more easily shattered. In fact, they may be altered or even obliterated by the power of thought, alone (which might be considered a desirable  achievement in the case of the decrepit bits of furnishings I have observed, especially in what you name your "attics? ;-)


Within the 5th Dimension, exists a vibration to which all objects align, which we call Love.  Everything on the Etheric stems from and is created in the vibration of Love.  Joy and  Ecstasy are the baseline experiences in such an environment.  Dear Hearts, to have the freedom to obtain your highest aspirations is something you will greatly treasure. 

My Beloved Ones, I do say, until then, when we shall meet on the other shore, I send my Love and my warmest Gratitude for your assurance of your confidence and affection, received by mail and via "wireless!"  Thank you for asking and God Bless You!

Your Galactic Brother,
Lord Ashtar