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Eric T Julien


As many of you know, each of us has a Cosmic Identity.  Anne is Lady Nada.  Kathryn is Lady Portia.  The time has come to reveal My Cosmic Identity. Some of you know me from Anne’s Newsletter as Eric. I AM Prime Creator incarnate in Human form.  I have come to be of service.  I incarnated with Limited Consciousness so that I could experience the Ascension process as you do. Also, I am a member of the Ground Crew supporting Sananda’s efforts to awaken all on Planet Earth.

I have watched your progress with Joy and Excitement.  You could say I’ve had a front row seat.  I know the process has not been easy.  However, you are so close to the finish line. That is why I have chosen this time to reveal my identity.  I want you to know that I am here with you every step of the way, as I am always with you.

Ascension requires that you raise your vibration.  Many of you have asked how to do this.  You have been given the Ten Commandments of Ascension to assist you.  Each of you has the Courage, Strength, and Love to accomplish this.  I believe in you and I ask you to believe in yourself.   You see what you believe.

Love yourself and all others.  Forgive yourself and all others.  This is paramount to releasing yourself from the bonds of fear left behind by the Dark.  You have a choice as you have Free Will.   Love is stronger than fear.  There is no defense against Love.

Now, I want to talk about something that is on the minds of many.  I am excited to see so much enthusiasm for a peaceful solution to the events in Syria.  It truly is heart-warming.  I want to assure you that President Obama is attempting to establish Peace.  He was asked to take what is called “contrary action” in order to stimulate each of you to seek Peace.  He is and continues to be a Lightworker.

I see each of you as perfect beings of Light, and I send you endless Love.