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 FEBRUARY 6, 2014

Ashtar3 with hand starBe Ready Members of the Ground Crew ~ A Message from Lord Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 6, 2014.

Greetings! This is Lord Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 6, 2014. Welcome Members of the Ground Crew. Thank you for your ongoing support of Earth Ascension. Remember, for Ships Crew we want nothing more than to land and live on Earth among you. That is just what is happening now.

If I told you what I really need, would you say ‘Yes’? I will say, I need you to come Higher! I will lead you, will you come? Open up your heart and say ‘Yes’. Remember your Galactic origins. No one has to tell you: You ARE a Starseed! You ARE the Ground Crew! YOU DID COME HERE FOR AN IMPORTANT MISSION. There is MORE that I require of you, Ground Crew: I am calling you Higher! Come on up a little Higher, Higher! There is so much more!

You are the Earth Ambassadors from Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, Alpha Centauri, Aldebaran, Neptune, Venus, Luna, Sol, Alcyone, El An Ra, Saturn, Ceres, Vesta, Vega, Lyra, On, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Andromeda, Arcturus, Cygnus, Ashtar, Vulcan and Stars and Planets and Suns beyond these that you no longer remember the names. You may only be aware of your role on Earth now. Be assured when you lie down your body at night you go to your night work. You do this by traveling in your Etheric Body. This is also called the Merkahbah Body. It has been imaged as Orbs in pictures. You are now and have always been capable of traveling this way. You do so every night without exception. You are living in a Multidimensional World.

A Mother Sekhmet Sphinx from the Sunken City of Mu, The Mother Land : Off Yonaguni, Japan

21957japan_BThe Sunken Land of Mu Pyramid off Japan’s Coast


When we came to Earth at Lemuria a long time ago, the Land of Mu, The Mother Land, we were on Pristine Earth. Heaven on Earth. Since the first moment in duality consciousness we agreed we would come back at this preordained time and END TIME AT ZERO POINT on Earth. It is time to end time. There is no more time on Earth. We have reentered Oneness Consciousness. There is much work to do. The Twin Flame Reunions with Landings are the next order of business. With these two things in place we have the work force necessary to return Earth to her Pristine beginnings. The Animal Kingdoms, Mineral Kingdoms, Magical Kingdoms and Plant Kingdoms will return to Earth as they were. Every form of Diversity will return to the Sacred Forests on Earth. I know deep, deep down you remember this.

We have so much more to do together now. We will do it on Earth living together. I will make Galactic Federation Headquarters on Earth at Sante Fe, New Mexico. The Light Cities will be scattered floating just above Earth, in many of the Major Cities. These Healing Centers will be made accessible toEvery single Soul on Earth. Sickness will be wiped away in short time.

As you build your new lives in-vision your lives with alternative transportation. We have very large Crafts filled with the technology THOUSANDS of years ahead of what you know. All restoration will come forth in very short order. The Galactic Federation will reintroduce anti gravity vehicles and give them freely to all who desire them. It costs nothing to build them. When you imagine your New Earth, imagine happy gatherings of friends, family and all those Lightworkers who you have been friends with and never met. Your travel will never be restricted again. You can get into your Shuttle Craft and have a ‘pot luck dinner’ across the World and be back home that night. You may live one place and work far, far away. There are so many miracles unfolding! We will replant the flowers, herbs, bushes and trees. We will live in harmony with the Animals, Fish and Birds. We will know the Magical Beings of Legend. There will be no limitations placed on creating Heaven on Earth.

Be prepared to drop the old ways in February. The two New Moons in March bring forth the necessary Energy for Change. Go into the New Moon Energies setting intentions for what you would like to See as the Change. April brings Balance and Abundance. No Dates. No Nukes. No Flukes.

Focus in February on integrating changes in your practices, diet, how you express your needs, radical forgiveness of Self and anything holding you to the old. As you enter March New Moon meditations use these as your Guidelines to set New Intentions for New Earth. Edit them to make them your own. Be Ready!


To see deeply into what it is that most powerfully draws attention away from the Self. . . what forms of fixation and distraction draw me away from the Love that I AM. . . from the HEART of Beingness. . . . For this to reveal itself fully and without ambiguity, O Lord. . . Show it to me. . .

So that I may abide in Wholeness, Love, Truth, Beingness, Light, Grace, God

To be simple and humble. . . to rededicate my life to Thee, O Lord. . . for YOUR Work, for Your Pleasure. . . . REPLACE ME WITH YOU, O LORD. . .

To have the courage and strength and inspiration to give my whole heart to the One, to You, O Lord. . . Everything I am, and everything I have belongs to Thee O Lord. . . Take me Home. . . do Your Work in me, my Beloved . . Show me the Way Home. . .

Call on Me. I, Ashtar am here to Guide you, Members of My Ground Crew. I will join my Twin Flame, Athena, already incarnate on Earth and we will all be together Now. Salut! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 6, 2014. © All Rights Reserved.

Thank you Everybody for your questions.


There are times when more is needed and we are there now. Our oven range is old and the heating element went out. It must be replaced now. Also, we had another car repair and I am pressed beyond my limit at the moment. The temperatures here have been 30-40 degrees below zero for weeks and the heating bill is much higher than normal.




Questions for Ashtar:

Ashtar’s Answers are in bold

In a recent satsang, my guru said anyone who incarnates on this planet

has debts to repay.  How do we understand what these are and how can webest handle them in preparation for Ascension?

Earth is one of the smallest Planets in this Solar System. She has a unique quality not found anywhere else: Humanity is able to incarnate on Earth for the purpose of learning and is able to accumulate and burn off karma. There is a Karmic Board in place with co-titular heads Lord Maitreya and Archangel Michael. All of the Members of the Ground Crew now on Earth may consider themselves fortunate indeed for being here at this time. Many wanted to come, few were chosen. Each one of you was required to be an Ascended Master 3 times over in order to qualify to be at Earth now. That is a fact. You are already an Ascended Master who agreed to incarnate without your memory and walk this Earth Body back to Ascension again. To give the impression that you are sinners with lots of karma to pay back is not helpful and not an enlightened point of view. At this final lifetime before we end duality on Earth there are many who have incarnated for the last time in order to clear their recent karma which goes back 10,000 years. This may seem a long time, but it is a blink in time in this billions of years cycle. Each individual must burn off all their karma before their Ascension can be complete. Longing, desire and devotion to the Self with daily attention and energy focused on dissolving the ego and helping others is the Path to Ascension. There is no need to understand all of the karmic debts as events. 

What is the single most important thing we can do to Ascend?

Dissolving ego mind is the most important task on the Path to Ascension.

I try to keep a good heart, yet there are certain issues that bring up  oldemotional

Reactions . These are like reflexes that have to do with trust and betrayal.

I’d like to say I transcend them, but there are moments when they still rule.  How is the inner work done

To transmute these old energies?

Each one of you has accepted programming which is inevitable living on Earth. This programming, such as not ‘being good enough’ is a part of the collective consciousness on Earth. These create filters through which the ego mind processes all information. I am not loved byanyone, everyone has betrayed me and I cannot trust anybody are also filters. The way ego mind uses these programs is to take any comment or criticism form any source and run it through the filter to see how the new input fits in. By dissolving ego it helps One remember their eternal connection to Source energy and their perfection. Free of the filters a person is free to connect to their Beingness which is the only part of YOU which is REAL. All the rest is part of the Illusion of your personality self.

You may go into meditation and go back in time and remove the filters. You may also dissolve ego mind. There are endless practices whichmay be done to dissolve ego mind and that is the Path back to Ascension. Some of the practices which help clear things quickly are mantra, meditation, contemplation, adoration and reading the ancient texts for further knowledge. The Bhagavad Gita is an Ascension Manuel by Lord Krishna and a very good place to start.

With much love, Linda

From Anonymous: if those who don’t ascend remain on this earth, will all the good stuff like technologies and free energy etc that I have read about happen? Or is all that only for those who ascend onto the 5D earth? Also wondering if the cloning centers/and satan worshipping will stop

The Free Energy and technologies come with the Event, Announcements, Arrests and Full Galactic Disclosure. They are a part of the solution for Earth’s Ascension. Nothing will stop this from happening, nothing. As each One who is incarnate on Earth now, they have this lifetime to Ascend the physical body on Earth and become physically immortal. If this is not obtained before this life ends then that person will not return to Earth. They will do a Soul review with their Guides and decide on the next lifetime in a place where duality and karma may carry on. They will start all over and have yet another chance to Ascend.

Susie Ganière Question: I suggest that some of us come aboard different star ships and pre-record video that will be released just prior to full public disclosure or in conjunction with announcements. Ordinary people & celebrity-types as hosts/interviewers will be like National Geographic introducing a place and its residents not previously known. The elements of fear will quicklydissolve as curiosities will be satisfied with familiarity and humor. One could also produce video as Robin Leach did in “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” where viewers paused and said “Wow, who knew!” and “I want to do that! I want to go there!” I volunteer to open my life, my heart and my home to bridge our two worlds & bring this type of sharing to Humanities’ air waves. Please comment and share your assessment of this suggestion.

January 29 at 12:24pm · Like · 13

Each and every night you lie down your Physical Body in dreamtime and go within your Etheric Body and travel to the Ships to do your work there. Earth is your day job. You work all night on the Ships. Some of you remember your night work. There are videos which have been pre recorded. This is done. These videos will run complimentary to Announcements. We have done this for you and much, much more.

 Samuel Joseph Bell · 26 mutual friends

Communicate with him to visit me at my residence in Boulder Creek, California up at my meditation spot at 10 am, if it is Gods Will

January 29 at 12:26pm · Like · 2

I, Ashtar, am happy to meet you in meditation anytime. You may ask me questions and based on your receptivity you may hear the answers. In some cases I have come in my Etheric Body visible to members of the Ground Crew. Call on me, I am happy to help you along your Ascension Path.

David Kamnitzer Thank you. Any advice for Lightworkers regarding the $$$ game (it feels really tight down here …especially if we have families)

January 29 at 12:26pm · Like · 7

Indeed. The “$$$ game” is a very powerful Ascension tool. Essentially, when you are able to know you are provided for, no matter what it looks like, and give the “$$$ game” none of your attention, that is how you know you are literally moments away from your own personal Ascension. Not reacting to anything is part of dissolving ego mind. Dropping the SURVIVAL game is how Humanity knows they are indeed Divine.

 Living in poverty as slaves is what is required in order to carry out the Master Plan of dissolving the fiat money, the fake mortgages, the hedgefunders, inside trading, banks as casinos, wall street and all the institutions in place in the Illusionary World. It is not always easy. We are all deeply grateful, warriors of light, for your Service to the Whole in this matter.  Ending duality on Earth requires we do it this way. This is why with Divine Government the Prosperity Packages will be delivered to all. As duality ends everyone will be living in unlimited Abundance.

Tishauna Williams I know the first wave of people ascending is comin soon. I am being patient and learning daily, but what can we do to make a line of communication with our galactic sisters and brothers. I send love and try n clear my mind in meditation.

January 29 at 12:27pm · Like · 2

Those on the Ships from Star Nations have always been involved with Earth. They are there to make contact with you and all members of the Ground Crew. They are always accessible to you. They have been involved from the beginning including the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Antares, Andromedeans, Procyon, Lrya-Vega, Virgo, Orion Constellations with Planets which reach across quite a polarity spectrum; Dracos, Ursa Major (Bear) Ursa Minor, Leo, Sag, Zeti, The Inner Planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter; The Outer Planets, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, Niburu and 100 million/billion galaxies and Great Central Sun; this is a Planetary Ascension that involves all these and many more for which you do not remember or know the names.

When you go into meditation call upon Archangel Michael to be your Guide to explore these Places and interact with those who are there. They have all ascended past duality and welcome your meeting.

Carolyn DeLeo Come quickly as we are ready. There are enough of us who have anchored the light and we are becoming, at times, weary of holding it. No offense, as we are not complainers but we need your help. We are strong in number and spirit We want to be more open about who you are but even our faith and our own evidence is questioned. Please restore us. And is that your crew, Lord Ashtar that has a mighty presence both outside and inside my home? Love you so much. Carolyn.

January 29 at 12:28pm · Like · 9

Yes, we are there in all places for the Ground Crew. You know that by knowing. You are doing your work toward Ascension and we are doingOurs. We are never separate. We have been on Ascended Earth since December 21, 2012 and as you invite this energy into your life you perceive this truth and faith is strong.

Pernille Carlsson IF I SAY, JUST BE AND YOU ARE FREE, WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THIS. PS. Iwould love to visit you too.

January 29 at 12:31pm · Like · 1

Beingness is the only thing Humanity on Earth cannot do with out.Nothing else matters. This is a part of the great Mystery.

EmpressAzalee RaynEl question: “Should we not be involved in third dimensional matters(i.e. paperwork/documents)to secure our FREEDOM and abilities to sustain ourselves or should we just continue to meditate and wait for our galactic intervention?”

January 29 at 12:58pm · Like · 1

The Freedom Papers are a tool for Enlightenment. It is more the Enlightenment of the Cabal that Humanity is Awake and Aware. Going through this process at this late hour will not have much impact. The Brothers and Sisters who took this Path made the in roads needed to dissolve the Illusion. The only reward they will receive is the good feeling of a job well done.

Carolyn DeLeo The ships come and go and come and go. On my own property even. We say to you, as members of your family, come and stay.

January 29 at 12:58pm · Like · 10

As you are able to raise your awareness you will see we do stay – at Bases under the Sea, inside Mountains, at Sacred Sites, within the StarGates – natural and artificial and we are never not here. As your sensitivity increase you will see we are here and we are cloaked until the right moment. We have never left Earth. Never!

Marta Figueiredo Is it planned for those who are open to it to be visited prior to disclosure?

January 29 at 1:02pm · Like · 5

Visitations happen every single day for those who require it for their work and for those who prepared for it. Seek the answers regarding doing the preparation and you will find it. You may ask for Guidance on how to prepare and request a visitation.

Quimby Sackett Campbell · 6 mutual friends

Thank you so much Beth! How can I be of service? What methods of raising our/my vibration would be most efficient? Is it in the Highest good to receive a message from Lord Ashtar or have images captured on camera in order to show this reality? Is the chartres design labyrinth in my yard a geometry that would better facilitate this and or other co-creating with me or others who can visit here?

January 29 at 1:06pm · Like · 2

As you allow yourself to enter into the purification process, removing your filters, not reacting to others, dissolving ego, reaching out to help others, that process of purification alone will raise your vibration opening the door for activations and attunements taking you forward quickly to your Ascension which is the HIGHEST GOAL A HUMAN CAN ACHIEVE. There is nothing more helpful to the Whole than achieving your own individual Ascension. After that, everything else follows.

The labyrinth is a bridge – a connection between the outer world and the inner world of the magical beings. This will become more clear in time.

Vikaas Rajput Question : What is my real purpose and how should i move further. Who am i in real and what things should i do to overcome my past and release fear for betterment of today n tomorrow and how to gain my strength back.

January 29 at 1:26pm · Like · 4

The names you are you are not aware of now. There is no Service anyone on Earth can do which is HIGHER than becoming Ascended. An Earth filled with Ascended Souls is the Goal. Dissolve your ego and your past will be released and your strength restored. This is true for all.

Ryne K Eichman Are there any tips or words of help that Commander Ashtar can give to Ryne K Eichman? …Or the question stated previously, ” Should we become less involved in 3rd dimensional matters?”…Well I feel that as long as we are from living of source, we are doing as we should. I want to send Ashtar My Love and am blessed to be here and Now with each of you. Thank you, Liz. Abundant Love

January 29 at 1:33pm · Like · 3

[I am not asking Ashtar for individual comments in this setting]

All Starseeds must focus on only two things: the immediate (3D) and the Ultimate. You must fulfill your human requirements, such as eating, keeping the rain out. In doing these things each opportunity is aninteraction which provides an opportunity to not react, to dissolve ego mind and to become closer to the Ultimate. We are doing this every every action, thought and deed.

Vikaas Rajput Question : what does flower of life book mean to me and what does symbol of star ( 2 reverse traingle) with a circle represents a thing of me?

January 29 at 1:38pm · Like · 1

[I am not asking Ashtar for individual comments in this setting]

Two intersecting tetrahedrons are the merkahbah body or the Etheric Body and a travel vessel for Humans and Planets. The Flower of Life is the Divine Blueprint. Archangel Metatron is a wonderful Guide and expert on the Divine Blueprint and DNA. He is also known as the King of the Archangels. Call on Him to know more.

Danka Kubickova I do not know English, but I read your questions and answers, ask questions, ask Ashtar.

Oh Beth when it will be justice on earth

January 29 at 1:55pm · Like · 4

Justice unfolds in each moment in Divine right timing.

Tone Calmer 1: Will the disclosure also make people have more respect for animals? 2: What can I do to rise my vibration, and get stronger? Thank you for the uppertunity to ask<3

January 29 at 2:48pm · Edited · Like · 2