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Channel Panel 19-Feb-2014 Notes

Channel Panel Call 19-Feb-2014

Anne and Kathryn came on together, and Anne did the intro.

Welcome, this is Anne Dehart in Southern AZ, for our Wednesday night get-together for all our friends at Hollow Earth. Dr. Kathryn May is a clinical psychologist in the New York area; when younger, she realized she had extra gifts that nobody understood, but now she uses them to help usher in the Golden Age. Her website is; her book of the same name has been described as “a manual of ascension”.

Kathryn: I was told we’d hear from Mother God and St Germain. People have been saying they miss Mother God. The other night I was lying awake and had a chat with Sananda about the next workshop. Each week, let’s go to a different retreat to visit an Ascended Master. My first thought was that Sanat Kumara has a retreat called Shambhala. We’ll go to learn the special healing techniques of that master, and also do some teaching/learning for ascension. Sananda will work on the schedule, and maybe we’ll go to the Crystal City over Sedona, or The Crystal Caves in Wyoming where St Germain hangs out. This will be 1pm EST, 10am PST on Sunday.

I think it will be interesting tonight. I think we’ll have some news. It will be good to hear from Mother God. Father God has been on the stage recently, and it’s time to hear from Mother God.

MG: Greetings, beloved Lady Nada, this is I. I’ve been waiting in the wings because of important current events, and Father God like to handle those. I felt it was timely for me to take a little break, and let others talk about those things. I’m touched that people asked. I am here with all of you , and delighted to talk you all. I don’t have anything planned, I just wanted to show up and talk. Thank you, Anne, for your hard work, and we appreciate you. You make everything easy for those who work around you, and you’ve all created such a warm, friendly feeling here, like a family. I’m glad that you have created a way for people to talk with each other, because it can get lonely. Lightworkers often find themselves isolated, and in places where they are very much alone in their forward-thinking and deep spirituality and faith. You need a club to belong to! You are not establishing churches or temples; those ways are fading. We do not support or encourage any religions, but we are here for you to teach the True Way. We don’t ask anyone to worship us, or to worship Sananda. He is horrified by the thought that he is held up as an icon to be prayed to. We love hearing your prayers, but we don’t like hearing people beseeching us to forgive or intercede for them not to be punished. We don’t do that; we stand by.

We take our responsibilities very seriously. When we agreed to be Ones to guide and help the evolution of Earth and the ascension process. You come between lifetimes to be with us, and there we meet in councils. Each one of you has attended those meetings and talked at length with your guides and masters, and with us. It is always decided what your responsibilities, and what ours will be. There are always people watching out for your: your Twin Flame, your guides, and others who know what your plan is. Even when you get into terrible scrapes, and our hearts go out to you, we do not rescue… even though it is hard to resist doing that. WE don’t interfere, and if we did you would have every right to be angry with us for monkeying with your life. We do not do that. So here you are over the last years and months as you’ve waited for something you have longed for over lifetimes – the ascension of planet Earth, all of you going into the light. What a glorious vision that is!

We know that you are impatient, but there is nothing we can do without you. Every intervention that we have decided upon was agreed to ahead of time, in our councils with YOU. Recently we have been talking with your higher selves, but all of you have agreed to what is happening now, between lives, when all your attention was on what we were planning here. You all agreed to stick it out. We know it wasn’t easy. Sometimes when you plan a challenge for yourself, it is more exciting in the planning than in the actual experience: “cutting off more than you can chew”, right? This ascension project is not more than you can handle, not at all. AS the days and months have dragged on, you have become ever more patient.

The lifting of your vibration to higher dimensions allows you to see further, widening your point of view. You know what is going on all over the globe, not just in your corner. You begin to appreciate how wonderful this planet it, and what wonderful projects we have come together to accomplish. There are so many working on it, so many invested and dedicated to making this happen, no matter way.

People are beginning to come forward and speak. There are many who can channel, many of you who can hear our voice, recognizing when you hear me speak. You hear my voice and you under-stand. “Ah, I am not alone; that is Mother God. She looks in on me, and I feel her presence.” I do enjoy going through the world extending my loving embrace to each and every one of you. This is something you will learn more about in higher dimensions, how to bi-locate. We can be with everyone, send our loving comfort to everyone at once. WE know who you are, every one of you. We know where you’ve been; we know your accomplishments and struggles. It sounds impossible but we have lots of help. We have the Akashic Records of all those on Earth, and all their past lives. We only need to turn our attention to a person and we have everything: their particular talents, likes and dislikes, and their relationships. All that is available to us in the blink of an eye. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to know the people you love so well. You will be able to do this when you complete your ascension: you can look forward to wider horizons, deeper understanding and a different perspective on soul development.

Many of you have questions that you send to various people, and many of them are instructing us to do this or that. You cannot understand because you are on the ground. We have seen all of these things, and many more playing out on the timelines, or what would result if we did certain things at certain times. We can see the effects and outcomes easily. We have more sophisticated projects than you can imagine. All of these plans have been designed by using our technology, such as holodecks in StarTrek. That is a beginning of what we have. We can project an event and follow it for centuries or eons, to see the ripple effects. So you see, whenever we make any kind of intervention, we have already looked at what will happen and everyone could see the event played out in what you would call the future. This is how we see the present, past and future all at once. We have access to understanding you cannot even grasp. That is the challenge of living behind the veil: you have responsibilities, duties and adventures that you could not see through if you could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s what it’s like to live on Earth, but now where we are. We see forever. So there is no need to ask or remind St Germain of what you think he should do. If a change is required, he will consult with us, with the other Light Beings. All possibilities are considered, so if you have thought of it, St Germain has as well. Do not worry. Your questions come from a place of fear, and you needn’t fear. You are primary in our thoughts. Sometimes people say “Oh, those ones in higher dimensions, they don’t understand time because they are where there is no time.” We created time, so of course we understand it. We thought about if carefully before we created a planet with time and space limited in certain ways…

Do not fear; your questions come from a place of doubt. You live behind the veil, and you cannot imagine that there are beings here that do nothing but care for you every minute of every day. It is our delight to know you, love you, care for you, appreciate your needs, desires and unique talents. It is our pleasure to be of service to you, just as you have offered to be of service to us and those around you.

The time is coming. I am preparing my wardrobe for a wonderful party! Here in the higher dimensions we can create anything we like, and we are creating a wonderful environment that is a tribute to our creativity as well. We are the creators, yet you question whether we might think of something that you might call creative.

I tell you these things to help you expand your thinking. Our love for you is pure and unending, as Father God has said. We want only to see you grow, enjoy and expanding as it is your destiny to do – and the destiny of all the universes – to expand, elevate and grow. All, eventually, will take part in this Ascension, wherever they might be. All souls take part in this wonderful process that is growing. It is no accident we created humanity to have children that grow and get bigger and evolve into remarkably different creatures that they were to begin with. You are the reflection of Prime Creator and of us. We wish for you all glorious and growing things. We wish you to expand in your capacity for love and your sharing that love so that every day becomes more thrilling, satisfying and fulfilling. We are all headed in that direction, are we not?

We do have some clean up work on the planet, and all of you will be in charge of doing that – not every single person, but many have agreed to do this as part of your life plan, that you will ascend and then come back to help with the process. You may not imagine that your next door neighbor who likes to shoot things will ever ascend, or the mean and selfish family down the block who mistreat their pets. How will they ever learn to ascend? Well, they will, and you will help.

You will be surprised at the help you get – there will be so many masters and mentors showing up on this planet. It’s going to be a glorious event! The grumbling, doubting skeptics will look around in astonishment saying, “I would never have imagined…” and of course that is true. Those who are listening will not be dumbfounded when you see spaceships, because you have seen them before and you’re looking forward to your dear friends who are coming to help out here. Others will be floored by what they see, but once they pick themselves up, they will realize that what their friends said was true, and there really are spaceships, and there really is a God, who is pretty friendly. They will be able to relax and enjoy the ride, too. Look around. The people who have been apparent problems in your live will begin to awaken. Suddenly they will have new opinions and tastes. “I think I’ll try being a vegetarian; I just don’t want to eat my brothers and sisters.”

You have been a big help. You don’t yet register how important your loving vibrations can be, even in a brief encounter. You have no idea how many people you have touched with your high vibrations, and they have learned from it. It is you, beloved ones, who have created this wondrous thing, the Ascension of planet Earth. This is bringing great joy to so many. When you receive your blessings – very soon – you are going to spread love everywhere you go… just as you have always wanted to do, but now you will have more reach and greater resources. This is our plan, and so it shall be. Farewell until we next talk. I will stand by here in case there are questions. I think I have answered some, and I think you will want to talk with St Germain. He is here and eager to talk with you. Fare well!

St Germain: It is I; however, I wish to take a small break and so that Kathryn so that she may sip a little water to relax her throat.
Kathryn: I am here, just getting a drink of water!

St Germain: Hello, Beloved Ones. Hello, Lady Nada. Thank you for your contribution. We could not do what we do without you; you have made this possible. But so many people are now in communication with us, listening, asking questions, educating themselves, taking part in a brand new way. This is not something people could do in a church, or get from their families. This has allowed enormous numbers to share this information we bring weekly and now daily. You have done such an amazing job of making this available to the world! Anyone with a computer can avail themselves of this work that we present to all of you. So we are very grateful for your hard work.

I also thank my twin flame Kathryn for allowing me to monopolize her work. Of course, she is very happy to do this because we are in complete agreement. I could not do it without her and she could not do it without me. That’s why we usually have one of us in the higher dimensions and the other one on the ground. It’s harder for the ones on the ground. Many of the Masters and especially the Lady Masters are here because it is the beginning of the feminine era. On the ground, there are men who think that they will lose power or not be considered as important as before. Of course, that is nonsense; we are very happy to pass the torch, as at the Olympics when they light the torch or pass the baton from one to another. That is what we have done over the centuries and eons, passing the torch back and forth as all of you have done with your Twin Flames. It’s cooperation and interconnectedness, with your soul family, or those you have spent eons working with and loving. Then there is your Twin Flame, who is admiring your hard work and is happy that you are progressing, learning and persevering.

When you work very hard in your Earth lifetime, and you find it tedious and depressing, you know that your Twin Flame is standing next to you: sending you love, cheering you on, acknowledging how hard it is for you. It’s not only your Twin Flame, it’s also your guides and helpers, all those who love you. They send their support from on high, and many are beginning to feel that love directly. This is a good thing; it helps you raise your vibration and not to feel alone.

I will give you an update about what’s going on in the world and how things are progressing. Many are watching the progress of the currency revaluation, listening with bated breath to TNT Tony. He comes several times a day with messages, and is constantly on the phone with the movers and shakers who are making this possible. This is a good example of the kind of cooperation Mother God was talking about. We are in constant contact with those on the ground who can hear us directly. Many are becoming more confident, more sure of themselves when they hear their intuition guiding them. They have become fearless about acting on it, without a second thought. They feel a thought coming, and they think “Indeed, I will pursue that, because when an idea pops into my head like that, it’s something I need to follow.” And they do, and that helps everyone come together to create this shift. Larger and larger numbers all across the globe are gathering together.

Do not wonder if there will be a GCR or not: it is done. Every country will participate, and there will be global cooperation. As this occurs, many of the countries who have suffered in poverty and been oppressed by other nations who have taken a lion’s share of their resources, this redistribution will change those conditions and it will happen very quickly.

The GCR is happening as we speak. It is rolling across the planet as more and more countries let it be known that their currency has revalued. You’ve been told that this will occur in the US when there is an announcement of 800 numbers. But this is not the sum total of what is happening. It will be the final step in the entire reconfiguration of the financial systems on the planet. It has been complex, difficult, and intricate. Those of us enjoy a challenge have rather enjoyed the intricacy required to keep one step ahead of the dark ones. It looks to you on the ground as if the dark ones have been in charge for eons, but they have never really been in charge. They had the positions of power, but light will always overcome darkness. Mother/Father God were always aware of the challenges here, and it was by agreement that it was allowed to play out. I remind you all that it was YOUR agreement, as well as theirs. There is a hardly a more interesting place than planet earth because of this intrigue and the enormous challenge presented by the dark ones. It allowed everyone involved to test their mettle.

Here we are at the end of this struggle and everything is as it should be. I know I predicted many times that it would be next week, or tomorrow. Sometimes, I hoped that it would be tomorrow but suspected that something might get in the way. But your response, beloved ones, whenever I envisioned this wonderful shift completing itself, you joined with me in great hope, you raised your vibrations, and you made it possible for us to accomplish it. Sometimes I might have been a bit optimistic, but I never had the opportunity to predict with 100% accuracy because of free will.

There’s always someone who can throw a wrench in the works, for not-entirely-unexpected sources. We know their characters and see them creating difficulties for those around them, so it’s not a shock to us, but there is always an interplay of needs and requirements, and egos to be fed, so you can imagine just how unpredictable this has been. If you only look at the details, moment by moment, it seems horribly unpredictable. If you look at the wider picture, you see everything flowing perfectly. It’s like looking at a stream flowing over rocks. It’s so interesting how even though the water is flowing in a channel, and across the same rocks, it is constantly making new patterns. The rocks have not moved nor the banks shifted, but you see constant movement. We know that the river will flow and that the leaves carried along will eventually get to the ocean or lake. You know that a predictable quantity of water will arrive. And that is how we look at it. I see you each going to the banks calmly and with great pleasure.

I see you making out lists of people you are going to bless, and all the wonderful projects, and the excitement when you work together to complete the dream of an Earth without poverty, hunger or despair. You will be the first to take part in this magnificent process, and I will there to cheer you on! All the angels in heaven will be playing their instruments like the greatest brass band you have ever heard! Their song will echo from the mountain tops, and you will hear them. Open your hearts and minds, and enjoy this glorious moment. I have enjoyed every step of the way, and I will enjoy seeing you reap your rewards, gather your blessings, and sharing it all. What a thrill this is for us. It is a divine process, and everyone who has taken part in this glorious time will never regret it.

I feel such warmth and love for all of you who have so patiently joined with us, kept it moving, even when you experienced disappointments… you get coming back and trying again. You carried on with faith. You understood what we were trying to each and present to you, even though we could not give you all the information we would have liked to give you because it would have destroyed the program. It is not only a prosperity program, it was the largest sting operation in history. What a challenge this has been! What a glorious project!

I now send you my greatest blessings for the most wonderful weekend you have ever experienced. Let it be a festival of light, a festival of dancing and song, just as they will be doing in Rio in the coming weeks. Let there be Mardi Gras everywhere! I send you my love. I am at your service. I am your St Germain.

Kathryn: I am seeing pictures of Mardi Gras, with everyone on the earth in costumes, with dancing and music and fireworks! This is so welcome; it’s just what we needed to hear. You know when you make a great thanksgiving dinner, it takes days to prepare. Well, it’s taken eons for us to prepare this dinner, and everyone took part. When we look back, it will seem to have gone by in a flash! And we were there! I feel the expectation in the air; it’s hard for me to even catch my breath. We’re going to have to learn a whole new way of being, doing, thinking… letting ourselves be HAPPY, without waiting for the other shoe to drop. We are really home free – HALLELUJAH!

[At 93 minutes, when the questions started, I had to stop taking notes because I had something else to do. I think the above is the core message, though. Blessings to you all, Kyre]