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June 12, 2014 ~ Thursday

Hello Little Mother,

As you are well aware, the past weeks have created concern and some alarm in many who are working diligently on their spiritual path. I would like to take a little bit of time to try and help to allay some of these concerns.

In this wonderful world we fondly call Gaia, there has been a presence that has persisted for millennia. For the most part, this presence has remained very much in the background, so much so that the majority of Gaia’s population has not even been aware of their presence let alone their agenda. It does not matter right now how long they have been present, or even at this point the why or the who – what matters is the damage that they have inflicted on humanity, especially in terms of each individual's self-esteem and self-love.

It was learned early on that a human being could be controlled and manipulated through the influence of the very thing that made each and every individual special, their ability to give freely of and to receive unconditional love. It seems such a simple thing, yet it is powerful beyond words. Without unconditional love, a person can lose his compassion towards self and all others. This has been used for such a long period of time and with such precision that there was a time when even our dear Gaia feared for the lives of all of her precious children and even for herself. It was at that time that she cried out to Creator for help, and dispensation was granted to allow us a chance to bring unconditional love back into our beloved creation, although it was still decreed that “free will” could not be interfered with.

I suppose you might be thinking that this is much the same as the dog chasing its tail, somewhat fruitless when our hand was “tied” by non-interference, but then unconditional love knows no boundaries and we were indeed joyful that we had the chance to make a difference. There was much brainstorming brought to the table, many ideas that were discussed and then either accepted or rejected. One thing we all agreed on was that bringing the unconditional love of many of us to Gaia was a wonderful beginning, many “signed on” if you will, knowing full well that they too would be coming into this world with the veil of forgetfulness, but also with the great hope that the unconditional love would break through this veil and that they could start the beginning of bringing humanity back to God, back to unconditional love. There are many now incarnated in this lifetime on Gaia, waking up, remembering just a small glimpse of home. They call themselves Light Workers, Star Seeds, Way Showers, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children; just to name a few – these are the ones bringing forth the love and the light!

Since there is no keeping of time here, all of these millions of years have been but the twinkle in God’s eye, but even we understand the importance of **now** and how very important it is to bring humanity back to unconditional love. Because with that, comes ascension.

It was with some reluctance that Little Mother said yes to my beloved Anne when asked if it would be possible to take our private conversations and share them with other members of the spiritual community. Only partly because there has been a lot of discussion across the Spiritual Community as a whole about the validity of channeled messages. The concern for many light workers involves more than just the question of whether a channel is “clear” or not, but also many are coming to believe that they no longer need another individual or channel to receive a message from any master or angel because they can receive these messages themselves. As each individual grows to trust their own internal voice and to trust themselves, to love themselves unconditionally, they too will be able to speak with any of us with ease!

But we, are also aware that there are many still taking their first tentative step towards spiritual enlightenment and do not fully comprehend all that they are capable of, because of this, we will speak to any of those individuals that care to listen until such time as it is no longer needed.

To that end, I would like to remind you all that you NEVER are truly alone, and each and every prayer or cry for help is heard and is responded to. The difficulty might come when the universe responds with something other than was asked for or expected. Part of our growth comes with the understanding that regardless of what storm might be swirling around our head, the answer that we seek and the peace that we long for, truly comes from within.

I understand that when you keep hearing statements like “look within” or “use your discernment” some of you are going “huh????” What is this within? What is heart-mind? What is discernment? Something so easy to talk about; not always so easy in the translation.

For now I would like to speak of discernment, it is a term I’ve been using and emphasizing with my mother for some time now. Sooooooo… Have you ever been asked to “do” something that you knew, just “knew” was something that was not right for you? Your “red flag” goes up or your “gut” makes your tummy feel kinda queasy, you feel like you are being “backed into a corner” because it just flat isn’t RIGHT for you? That dear ones is a gift given to all mankind called “instinct” or now-a-days called “discernment.” We all have it; we all have felt it at one time or another and we’ve all ignored it more than once.

If you take no other words away from this communication tonight, I would hope that it will be these. Any information any person would impart to you; be he important or unimportant, respected, famous, or perhaps only your next door neighbor (and that would include myself as well) is to be tested by your own inner **knowing** or discernment, before you take it to heart as a truth for you. If there is any hint of discord, or the smallest question in your mind, step back and look at why your own inner voice would question what is being said. Once you have mastered this gift of discernment you will leave this place of ego or the fear of the unknown because you will have learned to love and trust yourself unconditionally and from that place of unconditional love, no negativity, no ego can enter again.

I give you love and blessings!