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June 10 2014

Hi Anne,

I have been being told for some time that there would come a time when my channeling would become more than private words between myself and those that come and speak with me. I do not want to do live channeling like Kathryn did, there is way to much chance that I could fall into that ego state and I would be horrified to think I could ever cause harm to ANYONE by giving words that might not be totally clear.

My son is sitting on my shoulder, giving me gentle nudges to get off the fence and say yes to you (smiles...) - he and I will work together to pass on any messages that he feels will be of benefit to those that long to hear from him. I am not near as prolific as Kathryn, but I am confident that he will let me know when *his* time is right to channel a message.

It seems as though I have been looking for something all of my life, I just wasn’t sure what that something was, and as a child I did a pretty good job of falling into the “not good enough” thinking that stayed with me for most of my life. It wasn’t until I passed my 50th birthday and found my life partner that I finally found out what my path is and who I truly am. The last 14 years have been spent catching up on all of the things I’d missed as a child and adult, and finally discovering that I really am “good enough” – good enough to accept that I have many God given gifts that I’d suspected all along but was afraid to acknowledge.

I’ve been told that part of my path is to create a pictorial history of this Ascension of ours, and so early on I discovered that much of my art work was created with “someone” sitting on my shoulder as each new picture was created. That is when I learned about different vibrations of the masters and angels, and eventually was able to put a name to that presence that I was feeling. I did not channel actual words (at least to my knowledge) until about 5 or 6 years ago, and then it was sporadic and kept very much between me and who was giving these messages. It’s only been within this last year, since I was healed from my lupus and fibromyalgia that I’ve been consistently channeling, and I guess being groomed for the time that these messages would no longer be personal.

Another part of my gifts is one I hold most sacred, and that is the gift of healing. There is great joy in being able to offer another person, or one of God’s creatures, the gift of love and light that comes with healing. Whether it is a physical ailment or something more etheric or spiritual, as a healer I am blessed to sense the power of the universe as it flows into another filling them with God’s great healing light.

My 3d name is Peg Thompson, my spiritual name is Aurial, or Auri to those that know me personally, and to some, I am known for the lifetime I spent as Mary, mother to our beloved Jesus. Though that lifetime was very special, I am still very much Auri or just plain Peg…

Ok Ms. Anne, it is late and I have to get up pretty early tomorrow to work with the horses - hope this is ok.

Much love to you!