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Transcribed by Peg Thompson
September 20, 2014 ~ Saturday

Hello Little Mother,

It is with great joy that I come to you tonight!

I want to talk to you about this thing called loneliness; something that many of the Spiritual Community are experiencing at this point in time. I’m not referring to “being alone” although there are many that at this time in their lives truly do live alone, away from family and friends; rather I am referring to this very magical time, where people are growing spiritually by leaps and bounds, finding themselves filled with love and joy as their vibrations continue to rise; who find themselves “alone” with no one to share all of the feelings and emotions, or the questions and answers.

Even though this Spiritual Community is growing every day, in this vast world of yours, it isn’t always easy to find another “like minded” person (or people) to share your experiences and feelings about all that is happening. Some hesitate to step forward, out of their comfort zone, to speak about spirituality and all that it has come to mean to them. When in reality all they want to do is shout it to the rafters, to spread the light and the love that is growing each and every day.

You want to speak about the “little” miracles that are around us all, about a healing, or a manifestation, about the gifts that are surfacing as your vibrations rise. You want to speak about your triumphs and you need to speak about the days when you wonder why feeling the light isn’t quite as easy as it was just a bit ago, and on some days you might even fall into the old rut of “not good enough” or “not working hard enough” and you find yourself calling out to the heavens asking for someone, anyone to talk to! Not being able to speak openly and honestly about the wonders and doubts of this roller coaster ride called “life” does indeed make for feeling lonely, even in a room full of people.

So what is the answer? Does it involve just sitting back and wondering when all of this is going to end? Does it mean that your “trying” just isn’t good enough? Does it mean that when you speak to us that we do not hear?

I would give a resounding no to the last two questions for sure! As to the sitting back, that is okay if you are able to find a viable answer that will take you out of your rut and start moving you forward again. Part of this ascension process involves you understanding that **you** have always been “good enough!” You have within each and every cell in your body the memories of how to do everything! You can make manifest! You can hear our voices as we gently respond to your questions! You can truly see the Elementals as they weave their magic in nature. You can feel us as we stand quietly at your side. And you can do anything that you have ever dreamed of doing! And, my friends, that includes maybe not being around like minded people, and still knowing that you are not alone.

Learning to be at peace with yourself at all times, to stay centered, to stay in love and light is something to hold on to tight. This is precious, because with this peace comes the gift of never being “alone” because we are indeed all one!

However, with this said, I would like to offer a challenge to each of you. It is time to move forward with absolute trust of your own discernment, your own inner voice, and “test the waters as it were” with reaching out to another that you “feel” might be a like-minded person who is also looking for a friend to share with.

I do understand that there are some who are thinking that “I’ve already tried that one, and boy did I get burned!” But rather than thinking of the experience as a failure, think instead that perhaps you succeeded in lighting the spark in that other person. There is never failure in trying, only in allowing the experience to stop you from ever trying again.

I think you will be delighted with the results! If for no other reason than you are truly raising your vibration with each experience. You will be moving forward on the path of teacher; something all of you will be doing with the coming Ascension! And sooner or later you WILL find that other person you’ve been hoping for, and another, and another.

I say to you, there is no one that can move you from the place of loneliness to one of friendship, but you.

And so it is…

This is Sananda, sending love and light to you all!