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Glendale, AZ
November 9, 2014

Listen For The Whispers
Coming To YOU

Ashira  - Dr. Susan's Higher Self
Channel: Dr. Susan Sammarco

Greetings, I am Ashira. It is our pleasure to be with you again today and to bring you a greater experience of the multidimensional worlds that you are existing in. And the more that you experience these through the guided creative meditations, the more you will understand how to get there yourselves.

As you continue to develop these senses and these experiences, the more you make them real for yourselves, you will find that you are more capable of helping others when the moment (of the “Event”) comes. Can you imagine those who you know who are not awake suddenly open their vision and their hearing to a world that they will experience in a totally different way? And while they may not have the fullness of the experience that you will have, can you imagine the shock to their system when they experience even the beginnings of the openings of the fifth dimensional world?

These are the reasons we have chosen to work with groups such as yours, especially with this group. Over the past year and a half, of all of us who, in service to you, come to you with loving kindness. We are so proud of your persistence. That you have stuck with it. You have continued to share and support one another in the growth you are undergoing.

And as the time comes closer and closer, and yes, we know we have let go of the word “time,” let us use the term "frequency" and say, as the frequency grows higher and higher, you are experiencing the growth. Each and every one of you in the group is expanding for you have shared your experiences of sounds, of sights, and we so want you to be experiencing those who are whispering to you and sharing with you. We know that some in this group wish they had experiences that others in the group are having. It is not that you are lacking in any way. It is that you are continually waiting for the logic of this to kick in and to accept that the words we whisper in your ears are indeed, not your thoughts but guidance, urgings, sharing, loving messages that we are giving you. While you converse with us in your dream states, it is our delightful pleasure to share with you in your waking hours as well.

So we invite you to practice this. We know that in your world it is a sign of lunacy to be talking to one’s self but we would encourage you, in your cars, in your gardens, in your private times start to speak aloud and interact with those voices that are coming to you. You will test those voices and know that they are from outside, for as you use these opportunities to share, you will have more understanding. As you use it more, you will receive more, and as you receive more, you will hear more.

So we invite you to have those conversations with those of us still in unseen dimensions in order that you might have more direct guidance, conversation and assistance in your moment to moment lives. Does that make sense to you, friends?

This is not a special gift given to some. This is where all are going. You are at a particular point in your growth that it is time for you to have this exact experience that others in this room are having. We are urging you. We are supporting you. And we ARE speaking with you.

Today we believe there are questions on the minds of some that we might assist with. As the questions come to an end, we will share the space with James and messages there.

Would there be questions?

Question: I had a most wonderful experience with the guided meditation today. Thank you! I met someone who has been coming to me as a “red dot.” Can you tell me more about him? He met me and took me to another world.

He will disclose himself to you at the time that is appropriate. I know that sounds like a dodge but that is not intentional. Allow his energy to come into your presence when he visits you. It is time, it is time to hear him, to be with him, to go with him and to allow him to teach you those things he has to teach you and part of your mind needs a name. There are times the name is not necessary. Even though we know you like to call upon specifics, sometimes just having the energy rise within your system when you notice his presence, you can call him from the energy that you sense. It is part of the development that you have individually as a being at this time. We encourage you to enjoy that and to report back how that is going in coming weeks.

Question: The being. Is it a permanent guide or just for this time?

This is one who has started to come to you as you have been moving upward in your frequency. And this one will continue to be speaking in your ear for all of those who came, to all of those in the room today are ones who are there to raise your frequency in this very particular way, to expand your senses beyond the three senses.

They will be taking you, especially those of you who invite them, into your meditations and into more conscious interaction. So, when you have the time and can incorporate this one in your meditations, allow for the visits to move into visualizations and to experiencing other worlds, other places, because the purpose of this one is to continue to help you raise your frequency and expand your awareness beyond your three dimensional world.

This was very intentional today. This is time for this group to crank it up a notch, let us say, and to be very specific about those who had been invited to be of assistance to each of you today in a partnership that has been pre-arranged.

Question: What would you say the main reason is for the hold-up for the re-valuation and the changeover in the financial system? I understand that the Grandfather has signed off on the TRN and the gold backing. Is that true?

From our vantage point, this is true. And it seems to be a hold-up, does it not, because you are viewing the various intel sources that are coming, and there are so many that are very excited at this time and expect that it should have already occurred? Would that be fair? (Yes)

A lot of that excitement is about things based in the 3 D world and these gifts are for all of humanity. The RV, the chaotic response around the RV is, in large part for those who have invested money in a plan that becomes rather selfish at times, to be honest with you. While those of you in this room that are holding monies will be blessing the world, that is not the case with all of those who are holding money.

There are also so many different pieces of the puzzle that were necessary to get in place and to remove those of the old system so that the new system could be put in place. It is much more vast and diverse than those who are waiting for an Iraqi government to be seated.

That is the challenge. You in this room strive to see things from a fifth dimensional perspective from this perspective that is all good for all people and you are bringing light to the world. There are still pieces of the machinery that are very 3D based that have to be taken out of place before this unfolds.

Could this happen tomorrow? Yes. It could. But there are still aspects of all of this that means that people are being brought under control, the arrests that people are waiting for and other things that still need to take place so that all of this unfolds in a way that is going to be a blessing for all on the planet. Not just for those who are holding a currency that they are ready to exchange. Is that an answer that is good for you? (Yes)

Question: I wanted to ask a question about the Agarthan Collective that contacted me. Can you tell me a little more about that?

You are experiencing these conversations and these are the kinds of conversations that today’s visualization exercise was meant to help everyone in this room begin to have similar conversations, not necessarily with the same group but with others who are ready to move forward and speak more broadly and more clearly to each in this group.

You have been working with and developing your senses for a while now. You have a deep connection with those in Inner Earth and you know that, from your past lives. This group is part of a group that you have known in the past, the group that you wondered if you made the right decision or not when they went into Hollow Earth and you stayed on the surface.

Remember that? So these are souls that you feel very much in alignment with, you resonate with their energy. They are reaching out to you as a group, that would sit like this, in Inner Earth, and reach to you mentally so that you might experience this through their telepathic communications which you are hearing. You will also be receiving visions that they are sending you so that you will understand more clearly and have more directives upon which you will feel free to act upon.

These are old friends, speak to them in such a way. They are happy to contact you. It’s like a long distance phone call, is it not? Think of it that way.

Question: We hear that there are some Agarthans, Ascended Masters and others on the surface. We are told to be more aware of these beings. If we are more aware we can be more open to them, right?

We walk among you! There are so many that are conscious beings, know fully who they are and where they are from, from your Star Brothers and Sisters upon this planet, those who are Inner Earth brothers and sisters, Ascended Masters, Archangels and more, all take forms at times. Part of this is no more than to bring their energy onto this planet, to share their love through smiles, through actions and activities, to be present in meetings and give voice and to be walking amongst all of you upon the planet and in different countries.

For their light energies are so bright and so wide spread and move from their being miles beyond wherever they are. And this is part of the light sharing but this is also part of the light sharing that YOU are and each one in this room are. This is the reason we have talked about this so much. That wherever you are, you are Light Bearers, you are Lightworkers, you are Light Holders. You share your light and you are walking with all of those that you consider ascended masters. And you are doing the work just as well! And you are giving the voice, the smile and the light to all those upon the planet.

Yes. There are many, many walking and working among you. Just knowing they are there and if you come into contact with one of those beings and you sense that deeply, you will respond accordingly, perhaps with your enhanced abilities as of today to hear more clearly. Perhaps you can exchange messages telepathically with those with whom you cross paths. Does that answer the question you knew not how to ask?

Question: I feel guilty because sometimes I was aware but I was too busy to take notice and I missed the opportunity.

That’s in the past. Guilt is in the past. Now, you are in your present and you can respond differently should you choose. Right? Let go of guilt. It serves you not. You are a beautiful, magnificent light being and everywhere you go, you spread that light. We bless you.

We know that our brother, Ashtar, came and was very excited last week about the changes. And brother, Sananda, shared that as well. And we continue to support that. That everything is changing rapidly now. And there are so many changes that are behind the scenes that you still need to walk with faith and know that as they are occurring life is evolving exactly as it is supposed to upon this planet at this time. Everything is unfolding perfectly. And as our brothers with “One Who Serves” say, “Go with the flow.” For it will take you exactly where you need to be.

We bless you. We thank you. Namaste.

One Who Serves

Channel:  James McConnell

Greetings to you. Needed to have just a little bit more pep to come in this time so that we could be here with you. Be here with you, we certainly will be at the upcoming Advance here. As we understand it almost all in this room are going to be there. And this is going to be wonderful as to the energy that is going to be generated. We are looking forward to doing some different things with you (hint, hint). We are going to have a good time! And many different things are going to be attempted here and they are going to be given to the James and to Susan over the weeks ahead.

By the time you are there you are going to be experiencing much change within you, we are hoping for this, for we are “gearing you up.” We are preparing you to have certain experiences while you are there and leading up to when you are there. More of this to come here. But there are several things planned and we will see how it goes. It is based on frequency and vibration so if you are in the vibration that is necessary there can be magik. That is all we will say on that now.

We would answer questions if there are any. Or we will adjourn for today. Sounds like a courtroom, does it not? (giggles)

Question: I have a question about Rod Class. Will he prove his case?

Yes. Would you like more clarification? It is not something that you must understand. It is merely something that is occurring and just go with it. But as our sister, Ashira, has said, there are many things happening behind the scenes. Many expressions that are going on that are changing many different things in the world scene, you might say. As these things happen and have their moment in time and frequency then you will begin to see the outpouring of all that has happened behind the scenes here. This is one particular situation that you are speaking of in this one.

Question: Was that my son I contacted at the end of the tunnel I went out to in my meditation?

In some respects, certainly, it was. And the calling for this one, the yearning for this one encourages this type of thing. It will be happening more and more because as you have been hearing more and more, the veil is thinning so there are many opportunities you might say, to experience beyond the knowing physical that you have had all your lives. You can be ready now for the metaphysical, those of the unseen level. Such as seeing in your peripheral vision. Such as the light coming down into the top of your head and the explosion of that light and such. All of these things are going to be happening more and more and each one of you will experience the Ascension process in your own way. You will not have the exact experience as your neighbor or the next one to you has had. You will have your own experience. And it will be the exact experience that you will be needing at that particular time, you see? Does this answer your question?

Question: I have been asking to remember my dreams. The dreams I remember most often are ones that I don’t meet up with the expectations of others. What can you tell me about these dreams?

Is this not a pattern in your entire life, here? The feeling of not being enough of? Being lesser than? That is what is continuing in your dream state and in a sense is helping to speed up the process. So that you can deal with it at that level and be finished. It is a pattern that has come in with you over many lifetimes and it continues on until the pattern is broken.

Question: I wanted to thank you for being with me yesterday. I was doing some clearing. I was ranting and raving and talking with you. I heard, “We are not separated.” Am I just clearing old stuff?

We are with you many times. Yes, you are clearing. There is not much more to read into this you might say than what is there. Allow for the process. For each one of you in this room. And anyone else who might read these words. Just allow the process to occur. All of you are going through this Ascension process here. There is not one here that is not. Each of you are going through at your own speed, your own level, your own frequency and as you move closer and closer to the Event, and it is an “Event” that is happening within yourself rather than an external “Event” as many are expecting. It is an internal event. This is what you must understand. Many of you have had glimpses you might say of this internal event in you. When the full “Event’ happens it will be an internal experience and it will externalize from the internal. You see?

Question: The spiritual law, as above, so below?

Yes, certainly.

Question: Is it true that when you are seeing with your Third Eye and think you are seeing outside yourself, you are actually looking at reality within yourself and then it manifests outwardly?

That is correct. Very well said.

Question: I had an experience earlier that I was speaking to my “I AM.” I told her that I cherished her, loved her and adored her and I felt like I was coming home. It is internal and I know this will show up externally.

It is as coming home. You are each one, coming home. Know this. This is what you have been working for and waiting for many lifetimes! You are all ready

Question: At the beginning of the meditation I was in a forest of tall, tall trees and I started crying. I felt so free and one with all. I was happy as one could be. I heard that I need to bring this to other people.

Yes. Thank yourself for that experience. It is not those of us who are mentoring to you who are creating those experiences for you. We are just the ones who are paving the way. But you, yourselves, you are the Way, the Truth and the Life. You must come to understand that more and more. The more that you come to understand it the more you will be it. And then the more you are it, the more you will understand it more and so on and so on. This is shown by the symbol of infinity.

One Who Serves:
Anything further here? We are going to release channel. We are going to say this here and let yourselves discuss this. We have not done this before and when you are at the Advance we are going to work together with Ashira and the others who would be here in terms of a panel for questions. Not just one or the other but it can be all of us that can be there and depending on the particular question we will have that one come and give the answer, you see? Would this be exciting for you?

Have your questions ready when you go there and we will attempt to answer any of your questions in any way they can be answered here. OK?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell

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