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One year ago approximately, a new acquaintance

associated with the United Nations asked for me to be

present at the UN to speak, to meditate... it was unclear

why exactly. She asked again yesterday. This is what


This ceremony will shift reality on the planet in ways that are incomprehensible to the human mind in this moment of the evolution of consciousness.

11/21/14 (Unknowingly, this is written exactly one month before winter solstice!)

Nina: A friend, associated with the United Nations in New York, and I plan to do ceremony for the future of the United Nations. Please share with us if there are any adjustments we might make for the best possible outcome. This will happen on Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 1:11 p.m. EST and 11:11 a.m. Mountain Time, from our individual locations.

Our intention will be: “With love and for the highest good of all, we place our pure, conscious intention, with the invitation to other beings of light and masters to do likewise, that the United Nations be blessed with positive energies and light, and that it will go on to fulfill its original, divine intent of providing peace and security to all.”


Dear one, what you are orchestrating in the celestial realms is the United Galactic Nations joining the United Nations. We explained how this is to transpire, during lucid dream state last evening, and you received all the information with clarity. We will repeat and elaborate now. You are correct that the day is to be winter solstice, but the time needs adjusting. We wish the intention to be placed in the universal field sequentially. That would mean that each participant will state the intention at 11:11 a.m. in their local time, across the planet. Since there is no time/no space, it is the number frequency that is the power and fuel for the thoughts and words generated. Eleven is the symbol for illumination, and that is what will be occurring on that majestic day.

We called to mind this morning the concept of “walk-ins,” and we did it for a very specific reason, for that will be the manner in which the United Galactic Nations will join the United Nations. This has been occurring and will continue to occur with permission, so that there will be no disruption and no push back. Now it is VERY important for us to discuss free will at this juncture, for we are at no time to interfere with the Universal Law of Free Will.  What will be occurring is the entrainment of light. That is all that will transpire.

As you know there can be no dark in the presence of light. It is such a simple process, but has to be requested. Humanity is to request the light to be present, and so it shall be. You are wise to not have asked for a specific outcome. That is an old energy way of shifting consciousness on the planet. One merely needs light to be present and to hold a magnanimous intention, and then the  particles of creation realign in magical ways.

This ceremony will shift reality on the planet in ways that are incomprehensible to the human mind in this moment of the evolution of consciousness. Again there will not be a news headline the next day declaring peace throughout the world. What will occur is the slight movement of the rudder of the United Nations. As you know, that slight adjustment, over time and space, has a powerful impact on outcome. The outcome is not to be predicted, for free will, will ALWAYS be in play. But, the free will, will be chosen from light.

We thank you for the invitation to join with you for this endeavor and wish you and all who read this message, to know that we are present and will be present, but require the invitation to join in the shift towards a new way of being on Earth. That invitation has been extended, and so it shall be, the Andromeda Council of Light


With Great Appreciation,

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