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So you wish to know what transpired yesterday on the celestial and earthly realms. We begin by saying that the light quotient shifted throughout the hundreds and hundred of members of the United Nations and all of the support staff as well. This was with permission and was a deeply held desire from the individual’s subconscious. It was as if a gift of light was granted to many who were seeking, but not knowing where to find the spark of remembering that they knew they had, but could not find. You recently revisited the movie Peter Pan. That is a good analogy, for it could be said that fairy dust was sprinkled over the planet, which came from the powerful intentions of many star seeds and the hundreds and hundreds and hundred of members of the councils within the Andromeda Council of Light. All were joined by the masters, angels, all of creation.

As the gamma and X-rays were cascading from the core of the sun, from the colossal solar flare that occurred last weekend, and the expansive energies of winter solstice and a new moon bursting forth, the light on the planet was explosive. We wish to share with you that this event was felt by all of humanity, as well as every living entity on the planet. The measurement tool in this case will be the United Nations, for that has been the focus of intention.  The new news that we shared with you at 11:11 am. your local time is that the scale has tipped. The light that is radiating from the global representation of the United Nations has tipped the scale, but not just tipped it, what we see is light streaming forth.

We, all of the councils of the supreme council, wish to extend our profound appreciation to all of the star seeds who participated yesterday, and who held such a magnanimous intention for the good of all of creation by means of the expression of the United Nations. The energy that spiraled around the planet and beyond was dazzling to behold and has had a powerful impact on the consciousness of all of creation, not just the United Nations. Again we state that the United Nations is the chosen measurement tool.  We leave you now bowing to the masters around the planet, who participated and showed their love with such generosity, the Andromeda Council of Light.



With Great Appreciation,