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December 28, 2014

Dr. Susan Sammarco – Lord Buddha
James McConnell- St. Germaine and One Who Serves
Lord Buddha

Did you like your trip?  Those of you who made this for the second time; it should've been even more real and more exciting this time. Indeed, it's an opportunity for you to travel home to an aspect of your soul life on this planet. An important aspect, as it grows in the importance of what is happening with you and your experience as a soul and for all of those upon the planet who you have come to serve.

James asked what is going to happen in 2015.  We see your homes no longer being your homes. There are many levels of that comment about homes.  Not being at home in your body in the same way, any longer. Home is not being comfortable in the homes in which you live, for you have a larger calling. Home is not being comfortable on the planet, for as the year continues, you become aware of your connection to the larger community throughout the universes, the multiverses  and the multi-dimensions.  So "home" will no longer be comfortable and you will see how that plays out in each of your lives.

With the changes that are coming, it will seem more and more that those around you in your world are not on the same page as you, because you are at the beginning of the line of those who read the words. But on the conveyor belt of life, you see more and more people gently move forward, as they can, more deeply. And indeed, those who are awakened now become more and more comfortable sharing those things which they have come to know and see.

The students are ready to call upon the teachers; and all of you who are teachers, who have strived to teach, will not feel the same level of frustration as in the past, as the student will be ready.  Still the knowledge will be served in bite-sized servings; but it is time to be able to feed one grain of rice at a time to the student who is ready.  Do not expect them to eat a bowl.  Allow them to take one grain of rice at a time, as a bite of truth.  Allow for that to be chewed and swallowed and the students saying that they are ready again for another piece.

You will see this group take another large boost in population as you work more effectively through those means of communication that are being made available. You will see more and more students coming.  And as you bring them into the fold, they become the teachers again. They come with curiosity and they come of love and they come with a deep sense of service.

All of you in this room, even those who were not on the advance, all of you are here at this point in time and  particularly today because it was meant for you. The trip to Tibet will be something that you can be pulled back into, in your dreams or your meditations, very easily, for there are those with open arms who are awaiting you.  “Take me away,” you can tell them, and you can move again into that consciousness and into that location.

The world is prepared now for the changes. Things had to break and fracture and be darkest before the light. The battle, the Armageddon that the Christians had been prepared for has been taking place. Not in the way that that those in this room look at things, but it has been a battle between the Dark and the Light. And even those who read the Book of Revelations out of the Christian Bible can find more and more symbolism that makes sense at this point in time: in the End Times.  Not the "End Times," such as "the end of time," but the end times before the arrival of the New Awakening; the arrival of the Christ Consciousness. The arrival of the new light upon the Earth.

This is the time, my friends, and you have been called. You have received new instructions this day. We look forward to hearing what you wish to share with us.

Can we ask questions about our trip to Tibet?

If you would like to share, please do so at this time. You may share now, if you would like to share something with my further explanation, or wait until all of channeling is completed. It is up to you.

They took me to a little room where there was a little table and chairs and they presented to me a gold cup and the cup was rounded at the top. I couldn’t drink out of it. It was gold and they told me it was a prosperity cup, and that I was being blessed with prosperity for as long as I had it. I was trying to understand what does the cup mean?

The cup was rounded because this was a symbolic cup. It is not in the drinking of beverage, let us say water, for instance, that would fill your body with the necessities that the physical body needs from water, but the higher-level spirit filled. This particular cup is the type that represents, as they said, prosperity; so it is to be used to remind yourself of your power of prosperity and to actually give prosperity into the world, Joanna; to give to others that which you have manifested so abundantly for yourself and so successfully that you will be doing that even more greatly.  You have the gifts of abundance that flows into the physical world in that way... as money, as good deeds, as good gifts. So it is a totally different symbolic meaning for this particular cup; not to take within your own being of spirit in water, but to be given to the world.

 Does that make sense to you? 
Yes, yes, yes.

Peace and blessings, Lord Buddha. Please accept my humble obeisance. I imagined a Light Being helped me, guided me, in interpreting my future role.

Dear Brother Moses, peace and blessings. The meaning of this book, I would share with you, as all symbols are personal symbols and they will become more and more known to you. Let me share that the meaning of this book is that it is a Book of Life for you, showing you, and will show you the many different paths you have taken and the wisdom and intelligence that you bring forward with them now.

As you read this book, as you open it and scan the pages in your dreams and in your meditations, you will have more and more of your multi-dimensional past, present and future lives jump off of the pages and into your heart, into your mind, and into your understanding.  With this, then, you are even more capable of walking into your masterhood; walking on your path, because you are not limited in any way. Any of those in this room: you are not limited in any way. In your meditations, see yourself turning the pages, see yourself allowing those images and those messages to flow into you.  We will look forward in weeks to come for you to share some of those experiences that you have had in the past...  in many different ways!

Does this give you clarity, Brother? Blessings to you.

Jeremy, you have not spoken and we know this is a difficult challenge, that of being with this strange group in this way. We wish to say thank you for the travels that you have been on. We know that you have been studying Buddhist stories and parables and insights. Yes, you had many of these with you throughout your life, but this is also a path that you have walked before.  Does it feel comfortable to you, Brother?

Do you have anything you would like to have answered today? We are glad you have come to the group today!

Again, this is an especially wonderful year. A year that will be filled with wonders! Be always expectant of great good. Know that those times of challenges in the way that humans have lived for hundreds and thousands of years is passing. Know that the new evolution of consciousness, the new rising of the new human, will not have the sadness that has been plaguing the planet for such a long time.

I continue to work with this group to be with you and to love you. Today we will close this session as I a send a vision forth: Imagine that there is a new sun rising in this room. See the sun glowing as it has deep gold, red, oranges and new colors. You will see, for this is a, a new dimension of the sun, a new vibration, a new frequency of the sun. And it fills each of you with the love and light of all who are with you, and all upon the planet, as it unites you as One with All.

I will speak with you again. Blessings. Namaste.

One Who Serves

Greetings.  This is One Who Serves here. Be back here briefly with you again. Preparing the way for another.

This is St. Germain.

It is time that I would be with you again with this group for as you know now there are many changes that are coming to this planet; to each individual on this planet. Although the changes that are coming and have been prophesied for so long may not come as you expect them, at all times. But come they will, for there is nothing that can hold them back any longer.  it has been a long process, has it not? And you, each one here, and all those who resonate to these words have been waiting and preparing for this for a very long time. And you are each one now coming into your own. Coming into the level of expression that is your understanding, the understanding that you have: that you have been in the process of making all of this happen.

You, each one, those of you the Lightworkers, have been those that have been bringing this about.  You have come to this planet, to this evolution, for a reason. Many of you have been told you volunteered; and yes indeed, most of you have.  But what have you volunteered for? Many of you wonder, "Why did I volunteer?"

But yet as you look back on those times when the forming of this country was in the beginning process, and even I, myself, found myself there at that time to bring about these new changes to this country. Indeed to bring about these changes to the world; for even though it is the United States that worked with these changes predominantly, the entire world has benefited from much of this.

But much of this has been turned, just as those words of Yeshua have been turned, those words of the Constitution and the Declaration (of Independence) turned by those who would take these words and use them for their own means. But always understand there is always a means to an end and the end is in sight.  Even those words that were uttered so long ago in your 1776, even those words that were put down on paper; they are now just now beginning to come into fruition and understanding.  For what are people doing throughout this country?  They are beginning to look once again at the word, the “Republic.”  Not democracy. Democracy is the old way. It is the way of manipulation. You are not a Democracy.  You are a Republic. You were always meant to be such.  You are moving back toward that once again.

So, along with those various changes that have been mentioned, and many are speaking of as arrests, as a revaluation, as is in NESARA;  all of these things are true and are going to be. But along with this is the coming together, once again, of "The Republic for which it stands."  What is it that you stand for? You stand for freedom. You stand for love and for Oneness.  And is it not time for that Oneness to begin to seep out into the general population?  This idea of Oneness is foreign to many across the planet; but you would be amazed at how many there are with a better understanding of this term; this understanding, this deeper understanding.  For deep within each individual on the planet there is an awareness that we are all One, have always been One and have never not been One.

Many have been caught up in the illusion that they are separate. This is the furthest thing from the truth and as you know, the truth shall set you free. And the truth is coming, my friends. The truth is going to come like a cascade, like an avalanche coming down from the mountains.  This avalanche is going to overrun everything in its path. But it is an Avalanche of Truth and a Tsunami of Love. Nothing that is in its path will be able to withstand this.

This is the year you are moving into. And although it may not happen all at once, it will be a process that will continue to gain momentum;  just as a rock or a stone rolling down the hillside rolls faster and faster and faster. This is what is going to happen. First it will be starting off slow, and then gain momentum, and the dominoes will begin to fall one after another.  And you will find as you seek the truth, the truth will be there. And toward the end of this year, even before that, many of the truths that have been hidden so well by those that seek to control; many are going to see that these truths have been in plain sight all the time.

You will find that this is a new beginning, preparing for your missions, as you spoke of in your discussion earlier. You are all here for a reason and that reason is going to be.  For that time has past; but do know that in this year, your 2015,  all that you have planned for, all that you have waited for, will begin to come into fruition. Much of it will be culminated in this year, as well. It will seem at times as a whirlwind spinning around you; but you within that whirlwind; you will be in the eye of the hurricane. Know that at any time you can bring the Violet Flame within you and burn out any of the old programming that still remains. Use it is a tool, as it was meant to clean out the old, burn out the old, bring in the new.

I am St. Germain.  I am that I am. We are all in this together and together we will bring it all forth.  Peace and love be with each of you.

One Who Serves

Greetings to you.  Also so enjoyable to be with you.

We come up with a message here. It is important to know things; that as these times continue on, you are in the right place at the right time in the right moment...  and in you, all have the experience of all being the ones who will bring this about. As you have heard many times and we keep repeating it: that you are the ones that you have been waiting for.

Yes we are here; we are helping. The Agarthan’s are here,  helping. The Galactics are helping. All the angels are here. Everyone is here; but you are the ones that must make it all happen.  You are the boots on the ground.  How do you make it happen?

You make it happen with your visualization skills that you are learning and working with. Your imagination. You make it happen by believing it and it will be.  How many of you look toward the Sedona area and see the City of Light? Not one, probably, because you don’t believe it. We are telling you to look to that area and see the City of Light there. Not with your physical eyes but with your Third Eye, your imagination.  And then when you have materialized it within your imagination, then open your physical eyes with your Third Eye still operating and see the glimpse of it there, just a feathery look, as you look within the wisp of the smoke.  You will see the outline of it.

This goes for all. For looking at the sky into the clouds and seeing those cloud ships. They are there! Open your eyes with your Third Eye first. We have given this many times in many different ways. And we ask you now to be those teachers; but also to go forward and show how it is to happen.

You have been given much; those who are in this group. You have been given much; those who would read these words. You have been shown a great deal,  but now it is time to take all of this training that you have received... not just over this lifetime, but for many lifetimes. You have been training for this, working for this.  Now it is time to bring it all forth.  To manifest this New Golden Age upon the Earth.

That is our message. Are there any questions before we release channel?
No questions?

Then we will move on and leave you with this parting understanding.  In these continuing times ahead, especially in this first month here in your January, know and prepare for much to happen behind the scenes, yes. But also, that will come forth in various truths. We have not given anything in terms of date or any specific happening, but begin to know that you are going to see the truths open up more than they have up until now, And it will become more and more and more prevalent as the year continues, one after another. And as the saying goes in the movie that James has seen, “You want to know the truth; but can you handle it? The truth?”

We think, as we asked the question, we already know the answer. We know that you know that you can handle the truth. And you are wanting the truth. So if you are wanting the truth, then bring it about and make it happen. Create it.  And you do this predominantly by letting go of the old programming, the old ways. Do not get caught up in the various fear mongering that is still continuing to happen. For those that get caught up in that will be kept in that.  Know that and believe that!  Do not let yourself get caught up into it, for it will catch you as a trap and hold you there.


Peace be with you.
Be the One.