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By Michael Ellegion
January 16 2015

I must share a very powerful and beautiful Vision that I experienced last night (Thurs., Jan. 15, 2015), while my partner, Laura and I were meditating with another couple, close friends of ours. I feel this vision was intended, from God and the Higher Light Forces, to confirm that the GCR/RV is indeed about to occur and to share this with everyone.

The “Science of Manifestation” is when enough people are aware of something wonderful and Empowering for the planet and they focus upon it, personally and collectively. This helps “add to the collective planetary quantum consciousness momentum field” that surrounds Earth, and helps in the ultimate Manifestation.

I have known that the GCR/RV was going to occur at some point in the near future and have been very cautious about speculating how close it was or what exact date or time frame that it would occur. Only God knows that. We have all heard so many dates and times come and go. The GCR/RV is definitely planned behind the scenes by the Higher Light Forces and what Cobra refers to as the “Planetary Liberation Team” by the "Good Guys" in the military who are working on behalf of Earth’s humanity.

I have known since the early ‘70’s, right after I watched “The Sting” (movie with Paul Newman and Robert Redford), that the Ashtar Command were involved in what Ashtar termed a “Cosmic Sting Operation” against the cabal/illuminati. This was to play out over a number of years and decades until eventually this will result in our star family being able to help the people of Earth rid themselves of the negative forces who have been controlling humanity. Humanity will be freed up from “economic servitude” and have an honest and positive “world-wide economic system” that replaces the present fiat federal reserve system. In addition there has been a powerful Shift in planetary consciousness and enough of the mass population are ready to steward their prosperity and abundance. This allows the Guardians of Earth’s humanity that are in charge of the distribution of funds and represents trillions of tons of gold and other precious metals that will back the new currencies to be released.

In my vision last night, I saw multiple images of recent meetings among the Chinese Dragon Elders. I was hovering above them as they were making final decisions for releasing the funds that represent the vast wealth stored in hundreds of secret underground caverns and storage facilities.

I had a strong sense that what I was viewing had occurred in the last few days, or was occurring at that moment I was experiencing in my vision.

What I saw was, most of these underground caves or caverns that contain our treasure were “energetically and vibrationally” connected to certain crystals and other unique alchemical elements that are linked to the “planetary crystal grid system.” This system registers and triggers a type of “Harmonic Frequency Alarm.” I clearly heard this in my vision. It suddenly sounded for the first time since it was set up ages ago; the vibratory level of Earth’s human consciousness. The funds representing these vast underground caverns could not be released to the planet until the consciousness level had risen and reached such a level that clearly demonstrated humanity’s awakened preparedness. It had to raise high enough, along with a majority of the cabal now being removed and/or neutralized, so that the vast sums of wealth, or rather currencies representing these funds, could finally be released to the world. Until this specific level had been achieved it was impossible for these funds to be released and available. It is at long last, after eons of time, that the Dragon Family Elders can finally allow the funds to become available.

Last night, I viewed, heard and experienced the “Harmonic Frequency combination lock” that has been activated throughout the crystal grid system. In my vision I saw beautiful, iridescent and brilliant Rainbow colors, Energy lines and patterns suddenly forming from above the Earth to deep down into the ground (“As Above, So Below”) where the caverns of wealth are stored. I heard beautiful harmonic “Celestial Music of the Spheres” sounds shoot out all over the place, being manifested for me to see, as a powerful Confirmation of this rare and history-making moment. Earth’s humanity had indeed reached the overall vibrational consciousness moment that was required by Divine Creation, so that the funds could be released and transferred to all of those needing financial help and humanitarian and environmental project funding.

The specific color patterns and frequency tones that I viewed and experienced underground as these particular crystals were being activated for the first time in history, looked similar to a picture Cobra shared in his recent email. It contained a remarkable photo taken in New Mexico showing rare rainbow patterns and forms manifesting in the sky over the planet. See the attached email from Cobra. What I was seeing and experiencing, was an underground phenomena, as well as happening right above the planet. I also viewed important Council meetings going on, of the Elders discussing and deciding to now release the funds to the world.

I was overwhelmed by the significance of what I was experiencing and viewing, of the importance of sharing this with everyone I know.

People on a mass level have Awakened and see through the false flag lies and are now Empowering themselves to take more responsibility and are coming together in a planetary scale of solidarity. People have been inspired to create organizations and movements like the National Liberty Alliance and the Common Law Grand Juries that are now in all 50 states. Shortly the Common Law Grand Juries will replace the corrupt admiralty courts. The Common Law Grand Jury Box trumps the ballot box! Our combined efforts and mass Awakening has not only allowed this Activation, but has given collective Cosmic Mandated Higher Authority by our “Cosmic Extended Families” to Intervene more and more behind the scenes. We have set the stage not only for the imminent GCR/RV, but also Disclosure, followed by open First Contact with our Star Families.

As always, “keep Your Eyes On the Skies” as we await these out of this world upcoming Events. Many Blessings to you all, and the end of economic slavery, as we Prepare to Celebrate this Imminent Unlimited Prosperity Abundance!




Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 20:13:53 -0800
Subject: Cobra Update 1-12-15… “The Return of Light”

Cobra Update 1-12-15… “The Return of Light”

Posted on 2015/01/13 by[Kp update: thanks to Roberto, here is a link to an article about the ice halos viewed from Red River, NM, if you wish to read more about this phenomenon.]
I accompany this Cobra update with a remark from Yellow Rose for Texas about the rainbows and colors appearing.

[Cobra] “[The appearance of Comet Lovejoy] symbolically means that love and joy are transforming the duality consciousness and darkness which originated from the constellation of Orion. All darkness will be absorbed into the One.
“[YRFT] gave me an update for everyone. I asked her about the rainbows in the clouds that everyone has been seeing and posting pictures of on the internet. I actually got a photo of the rainbow clouds myself last week. She said “The rainbows are about getting ready for the big show.”
The Return of Light
Regardless of all chaos, false flags and infighting between various Ligtwarriors and Lightworkers, it is time to put things into perspective. We are entering the breakthrough phase and the Light is returning to planet Earth.
There are many signs in the skies that herald the return of Light.
Comet Lovejoy is now passing near Orion, clearly visible in the evening sky:
This symbolically means that love and joy are transforming the duality consciousness and darkness which originated from the constellation of Orion. All darkness will be absorbed into the One.

Few days ago, an amazing phenomenon was visible in New Mexico:
This beautiful photo shows Parry arcs, a Sun pillar, a parhelion, a halo and additional four types of different arcs, all of them rare atmospheric optic phenomena on their own, all appearing at the same moment.
Also this weekend in Germany and Switzerland, beautiful iridescent clouds were visible:
You can see more of them here:
The Breakthrough is near!