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The End of This Year (2015) Will Bring
A Totally Different World to Live Upon

Rama Khan, Ashira, Aramda, One Who Serves

Rama Khan and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
Aramda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

January 11 2015
Glendale, AZ


I am Rama Khan. And as introduced, I am in the service of Lord Archangel Michael. In service to bring truth. In service to bring love. But also in service to bring strength for that is what is required upon the planet at the moment.

And you would wonder why these actions and activities continue to take place. And yes, the dogs are going to herald my arrival. We let them sing our praise, which is in all humility, please know. (The two Huskies in the house “sing” their welcome for several minutes). As you listen to these dogs, do you notice that their cry is different than what you normally hear in this group? This is a different energy I bring.

I am one of those who are “boots on the ground” from this other side which is working with you so closely. It is difficult for those of you in the human form to continue to strive to walk both sides of the road; to be of spiritual hope and planning. To live in these environments in this moment, in this room, and yet to move into the world and to put up protective barriers that the world may not affect you.

Each week we know that this group has received great news, great guidance, great information and great downloads to assist you in your growth and evolution. I was sent today to share with you some of the insight about what is happening. So, these activities that you would call “false flags”--  but we know from our perspective that these are like children throwing tantrums. What they are trying to accomplish is that they are trying to keep the fear and confusion levels at high status, at high awareness for all. Because they continue to gather their power even though it has waned considerably, they continue to “suck” the power from the fear and confusion on the planet. The more fear and confusion they can continue to keep “stirred” up the more they continue to benefit from it.
It would be like an animal in its last dying breaths, trying very, very hard and with great difficulty to get back on its feet and expending energy to do that. Let us say, imagine (this is not exactly the way it works) that there is a great machine that sucks in fear and anger and confusion; those emotions you would call negative emotions. It sucks those in and it maintains those in a great tank and then those who have been in power... note, I say “have been...” take sips from this machine to strengthen their bodies and their will. And while at one time this was successful for them, it was part of the energies that kept them strong. With the tide that is sweeping across the planet; that is no longer the truth. Still they attempt to keep people in fear and confusion and anger, in separateness, through the media that spews out these stories.

As the time for awakening has been here, more and more the people on the planet DO NOT believe these any longer. And while you may think from your observation that the mass people, the mass public around the planet, still seem to be blind to this... we will tell you that is not the truth. Through so many different tools, even if people do not understand the scope as you have had it presented to you and as you dig for the truth; they do understand that something is VERY different, something is VERY wrong with the status quo.

What we continue to do is to support the activities of those who are working in the Light Forces, working for the good. What we would ask of you is that whenever you are in a moment of confusion about a story, a truth, a question posed to you, anything that you see on the screen of the world activities:   withdraw. Take your energy inside that spot within your own being where heaven exists. Go the peaceful part of you. Arguing with others is not beneficial, for everyone is awakening in their own time.

Another part of the work I am involved with is to assist. Assist those from Hollow Earth, Inner Earth, places that you know of and places you do not know of and the sanctuaries upon this planet. Every time an activity is discussed by those we are overcoming, they think they have secrecy and privacy and that is not the truth. Because with all of their knowledge, all of their skills, all of their “advanced” understanding, they do not take into consideration the strength of those who are serving Lord Archangel Michael. For WE have ears and eyes in all places. And we have been given more and more permission to be involved in this process.

Taking forth today, then we ask that you do not move into fear or confusion, for that feeds this machine that they continue to suck from. The more that those upon the planet can stay out of argumentative responses, hateful responses, fearful responses and stay centered and Be instead in love, the less power they will know.

Know that this Divine Plan that is at work is well underway and that all of those things you recognized in your discussion today are signs of advancement, are going to be tripling and quadrupling and have exponential growth over the days, weeks and months to come. For indeed, at the end of THIS year this world will be a totally different place to live upon and you will have that grace and peace that you, yourselves are leading the forces with.

Be at peace my brothers and sisters. Be at peace those who hear these words and read these words. Be at peace for THAT is your strongest weapon! It will suck the energy from those who are still striving for their last breaths upon the fear of this planet. That is your greatest weapon: peace and love.

I will leave you with this today. It has been my pleasure to join this group and be invited to speak today. And know that we, the Light Forces on all sides of this planet and all sides of the dimensions bless you and thank you for the work that you do. That work is in being in your heart, being in your creative visualizations and having the KNOWLEDGE... not the faith but the knowledge... that is passing now.

Thank you.


I am not going to have a message today but it seemed to have worked quite well last week when One Who Serves and I shared the answering of questions.

And so I will be here to share in that today if it is appropriate.


Greetings to you! I am here only briefly to prepare for another who is coming. Be back here shortly with you.


This is Aramda. I have been with this group several times previously. Always know that my heart is with those here in this group. Even though many of you at your conscious level do not know who I am, for I am not one that is on your Internet or coming from the various sources that you read and here. But I am here very much with my beloved that I speak through here, James. We have a long history and long connection together as I do with several of you here. And the time will come when I will make myself more known when those who are ready to hear from me.

Know, just as Adama spoke last week with this group about the emergence of those coming from the Inner Earth, those of us from above will be coming down. We are going to show ourselves more and more as has already been happening but we are going to show ourselves to the grassroots movement that has already been spoken of. We are going to come into your homes in a sense and be with you more and more. And you will look at the sky as you are doing your daily activities and you will notice something that is in the air, something that is in the clouds that was not there before that you were not able to perceive before.

Before you have been told that there are going to be these “glimpses” that will allow you to peer beyond the veil. But I can tell you now that the veil is dropping very, very rapidly. And it is not going to be only a glimpse. Soon you are going to have much more than this. There is going to be a sense of being with us in a very real sense. As you look up into the sky you may notice something. You may not see it but you will sense our very presence there more and more up to this present time.

And there is going to be those of you in this very group and those that read these words who will be having direct experiences with us, in terms of seeing and communicating more directly with us in a telepathic communication. Even though those of you may not do what is called “channeling” we are going to be telepathically communicating more and more with the people here upon the planet. You are going to experience disclosure in this sense coming before the actual announcement of disclosure.

That is my message as Aramda. I am going to be with this group more and more and be sharing with you in the times ahead. And believe me when I say the times are coming!

Love and peace and all that is good for you and for all of those you mentor to and are with. May you all be at peace and share the love.


Greetings to you. Back with you. Do not necessarily have message here at this time. We will invite questions if there are any. That is for myself and the collective I serve with, as well as Ashira who is standing by.

I seek clarification for three dreams I had. The first dream I was in a prison after being arrested by security. The jail was in a stairwell. There was a level for the males. A level for the females. A level for an individual and the top level was for what I saw as happy people in a gym.

Ashira:  I can be here. Greetings. From what we see of this dream the dream has various aspects of you and what you are experiencing in your life. There is an aspect of you that seems to be concerned about whether you are blending your masculine and feminine parts of you as you are growing in your creativity. You are in a prison situation because you have had some concerns about bursting out of your parameters of where you have been and what you have experienced and moving into these new experiences in this life. So stepping out is a little fearful for you and the opportunity to step out allows you to integrate your masculine rational side with your creative feminine side that is growing more and more. And really reach a unity with all of those aspects.

The upper level was happy people, so uppermost in your mind is to be at the happiness level; but it is going to take the integration of your past, present and future and the different aspects of what it is to be a male in this society and embracing your femininity as well. Does that make sense?

Question (2nd dream): I was in my high school and I was roaming the hallways looking for bicycle parts. I came across the most advanced bicycle parts. They were offered to me to incorporate into my bike. They were very rare and special.

OWS: Whenever there is a vehicle involved in movement there is always movement of consciousness that is occurring. A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle and is a balanced situation. You need to balance on a bicycle as opposed to being in an automobile, a car. You see?

This dream is about balance. It is about finding the parts of yourself, the bicycle parts, the part of consciousness, to bring these parts together into a whole unit. You see? Now, were you moving on it? It is in the process here of a major movement of consciousness. But in that movement that is coming, there is that sense of needing to balance between the old way and the new. Because of the new parts here, the “souped up" model here that you are going to be utilizing...  the higher level parts of your consciousness to bring balance here. Does that make sense to you?

Question (3rd dream): Back in my school, but I was grown up. I was running late for airplane training. I was trying to get to the airport for the training. It was a rare opportunity for this training.

OWS: We could start here and we believe Ashira will add to this too. You are going to be on a plane and that is in the air and that is fourth chakra in terms of Earth, water, fire and air. Being the fourth chakra, air, be on this plane. It is a vehicle of movement therefore it is a movement of consciousness. But where is the movement of consciousness going? It is going into your heart center here and working at that higher level of your heart center. Would you have something to add, Ashira?

Ashira: I was going to say that this is beautiful what you have presented today because all of these dreams are tied into a common theme of consciousness:  expansion of consciousness, balancing aspects, balancing past and present. So this is a perfect package sealed up for you and tied up nice and neat today for your greater understanding. Would you agree?

OWS:  Wonderful. Are there other questions here? We find as we look around
the room here that those who normally ask the questions are not here so this is opportunity for those of the quiet or shy type to have their question. (no one speaks out right away) One more opportunity! Then we go.

Question: As you were answering my son’s last dream, I felt a very strong energy on my heart area that oppressed me a little and then felt liberating. I got the message I was finally done overseeing him. Am I right?

Ashira: Yes, I will take this. You and your son have such a special bond. That “placental” attachment is very strong with you. And yet you have released this wonderful human being in so many ways and yes, the gift you have is the realization that he is receiving what he needs and he is seeking it on his own.
It is as if you have been asking him to look at things in a certain way and he has not been able to see that with the path that he has been on. Your heart has let you know that he has been released, he has seen things in the way you hoped he would see things and truly he is receiving his answers and his responses that will take him where he needs to go perfectly. And the two of you came into this life with a specific purpose and this is a time of celebration for you, my dear! You are not going to lose the closeness, but you can release the aspect of hoping that he was going to find that which he would need to move ahead in his greatest opportunities. Does that make sense to you?

Comment: It makes perfect sense. By releasing this I feel that I have done my work in this world.

Ashira: You will have more work, we promise! We bless you.

OWS: Anything further here in questions?

Question: I am drawn to the Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family. I resonate with his messages. Would it be beneficial to go to the seminar the end of this month to hear him?

OWS: Certainly that is a question for you to answer in yourself. Know that whenever there is a seeking, there is a movement out of the various comfort zones, then it provides an opportunity for growth. The growth that comes from such as this can only be very positive. So, there is no reason why we can see you would not want to go.

You may not necessarily find your purpose, as you say here, because there is no one purpose to find. You will be in various situations to discover opportunities. In times to come you will be in various situations that will lead you, if you are open to it. The more open you are and the more willing you are to go with the flow, as has been said many times, then you will be part of the various orchestrations that are going on and then be a part of the solution to all of the various problems that you face here, you see?

Does this make sense to you? Anything further here?

Question: I was sitting at the kitchen table one day and I saw flashing lights that looked like a spaceship to me and then I saw a light and within the light I saw a man standing there. I saw his white outfit. What was that?

OWS: Yes, look within yourself here. In terms of how you experience this vision and it is so prominent and so profound that you would remember it here. And that it has stayed with you and just that it has stayed with you and now you ask this question there must be a reality to it within you, you see?

So, as you experienced this at that time, it is showing you something that is deep within your memory process going way back, many lifetimes previously, in terms of your connections and where you have come from and where you are going to return to when the time comes -  if you choose. So you are having a very real vision of something that has occurred previously in what you have called a past life. But it is a connection to your other-worldly brothers and sisters. Anything you wish to add to this, Ashira?

Ashira: We would say thank you for sharing. We know this has been part of you for a long time and what better place, what safer place for this to come out, Dear One, than in this group. Thank you for sharing that.

OWS: Any further questions here? Then, Ashira, do you wish to say anything at the end here before we “wrap” it up?

Ashira: It is always our pleasure to be with you. There are times we visit you and speak in your ear and send you our love and our compassion to help you in your daily lives. Call upon all of those who are here to serve you. Call upon me and I will be there for you. We are friends. Call upon your friends. For there are times that life gets tedious. We want to be here with you on this path. For we have all chosen to be here together. I send you all of my love, all of my peace. Namaste.

One Who Serves:
We will close with this. Look at how this group is growing in terms of going into your visions and allowing your visions and these glimpses to come forward even if it is in your dream state. And more and more you must come to understand that your dream state is more real than you have been taught to believe. And as has been said many times, “Believe it and you will see it.”

So all of this is coming to a head here and you are moving in many different directions in terms of consciousness as has been shared in the dreams here and your visions and those things which are coming to you in many respects. So be open to all of this, all that comes forward, and whenever you feel a calling within you, an urging within you to move in a certain direction, allow for that movement to occur. You will find that as you allow for the movement and that direction to come from your higher self, for that is where it is coming from, not from us, but directly from within yourself. As you allow for that process to direct you, it will continue putting you in a place where you can be a part of this great orchestration of the Creator’s Plan.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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