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You Are Each A Piece Of This
Symphony of Light and Love

Ashtar and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell
Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given to our weekly group meeting in Glendale, AZ on Feb. 8, 2015)


It is a wonderful pleasure to be here with you at this time, to participate with you in these endeavors. Please understand that all you are doing is in service, not to us but in service to yourselves. We are only here to assist you in any way that we can. We are to be of service to you. And as we are in service to you, you are then also in service to us and to yourselves. And to the God Source that runs through all of us.

We want you to understand that here, this day; you have accomplished something that has been in the works for decades now. This is all part of the Great Plan and there are many levels of this plan that are being worked out. There are levels at the three dimensional level in your physical understanding. There are levels at the etheric, at the astral. All are being worked to bring about the perfect plan, Prime Creator’s Perfect Plan. And even though there are those times when there certainly seems to be a set-back, it certainly seems as though nothing is happening, know that all of these parts of the plan are working together.

It has been said many times that there is an orchestra in play here. And you are all parts of that orchestra. Just as in an orchestra, all of the pieces are necessary to bring about the symphony. And you are each a piece to bring this symphony together. This is the symphony of light. This is the symphony of love. And we are all here to take part in this endeavor.

What is about to occur here has never happened before in the history of this universe. You have been given many indications in the past that some of those things may or may not happen. But please understand that they are already in the happening process.

All of you, all of those here in this group as well as all of those who read and resonate to these words, are a part of this process and have a part in this plan. And know that there is no small part and no large part. It is all one. So do not think that anyone has a larger part to play than you do. Or that anyone has a smaller part to play than you do. For you all have that part and you all are playing your instruments to the optimum that you can possibly do. And we, those of us who watch over you, those of us who mentor you are thrilled with the progress that has occurred here.

For at one point the Great Plan called for this process that is happening now to happen centuries into the future. But because of Man’s consciousness, because of your consciousness, you have speeded up the entire program.

We are so pleased to be here and to be a part of this with you. And we are longing for the days when we can appear in your skies, above your heads, and everyone look up and see the great ships that have come. But also know that the great ships once came before. And many of you that saw the great ships then will again see the great ships now. And all will look up in wonder and awe and realize that you are one part of the great orchestra of the entire universe.

I am Ashtar. And it was my pleasure to be with you this day, to be a part of this expression of working with you today. And all of my peace and love and light be with each of you now. Peace and love.


Greetings to you. This is One Who Serves here to be here with you now and answer questions along with Ashira. Before I do this, before we do this, we would have a short message for you. And this is for you to understand that all is happening. All is in the process of happening and we know that this is said over and over and over but we wish for you to fully understand that you are in the throes of this passion now! It is in this moment, right now, as we speak.

And what has been spoken of as the end of hostilities upon the planet, peace on the planet, indeed, that is right around the corner. It is coming. And it is not that there will be the cessation of all hostilities on the planet in one moment but it is the moment that brings it all together. It is going to be the moment that ushers in the world peace.

You will know it! On your Valentine’s Day, as we find it, you will experience a great influx of love coming over. Is this “The Event?” Not necessarily. But it is a pre-cursor of it. You will have this experience. We will say to you now to await this, to be expectant of this, create it in your mind that this is so, it is real. It is coming and it is going to be here!

Now would you have questions here for One Who Serves and Ashira?  We assume you are ready, Ashira?  --  I am.

Question: The Guardian of the New Dispensation came to me and asked me to meditate and “help” with the “fallen.”  Also, in another meditation, I was contacted by The Overlords.  Can you help me understand who the “fallen” are and who the “overlords” are?

OWS:  Yes, we will start here and Ashira will add to this.

We will speak of the “overlords” here. Understand that the “overlords” are not over lording anything. They are not over you or anyone else. They only thought they were at times. Are they completely on the dark side? No, they are not. They are there to assist in some ways to keep the flow of energy going. But it is not the flow of energy that is needed here now. In the past it was.

The whole idea of reincarnation and all of this, the working of the karma was a part of their expression... a part of what they “lorded” over.  But those times are over. That frequency has been reached so that those considered the overlords are going to move on. They are not going to be a part of this expression very much longer.

Question: If they ask me to work with them, I should tell them no?

OWS: That would be an affirmative. Yes.
Would you have something to add to this, Ashira?
Ashira:  Not on the overlords but would you like me to take the first part of the question? 
OWS: Please, yes.

Ashira:  You feel most in resonance with the Guardian of the New Dispensation, but we would remind you that one is just one of a group. And so, when they have come to you, that one has the higher resonance with your frequency so the communication is easier.

They have shared a request with you for a meditation for the “fallen.” The “fallen” are soul fence sitters. They have not made a decision about what is real and what is not real on this planet, in their experience. So, shining the light on their way, is like a search light that allows the directions, that once they are on contact with their true being and their true way, will follow that search light into the light.

They will reject those false belief systems that are of the other side. They are still driven by fear to a large degree. Meditating on the light for them to follow opens their being and their awareness to a greater degree to draw them in. Remember, it is all personal, all soul choice and it is soul contracts. There will be some that choose to stay behind for a period or even longer. Some may find another path for their existence. Does that make sense to you?  -- Yes.

OWS:  Would there be other questions here?

Question: When I was trying to find the dark cell I couldn’t identify where it was. Did I do it right? The one in the center of the brain where we can cancel our contract.

“OWS”: Yes, you are speaking of something entirely different now. We would tell you that all have this contract and have come in with this contract but you have also been working in many respects to alleviate the contract you came in with.

In other words you came in with a blueprint; a certain way of moving through your life, but with all your detours and forks in the road and all of these things but at some point you came to a decision. That decision has taken you to the next level of understanding and expression and into higher frequencies. And in so doing, as you move into the higher frequencies, the idea of the contract that you signed, not literally but that you agreed to, is null and void in many respects here. You see? OK Does this make sense to you?

Question: Last week I woke up after a dream that some dark entities wanted to possess me. Who were they?

“OWS”: Ashira, do you wish to answer this?

“Ashira”: Yes. I will take this.
Actually, we would speak to you in different levels about this experience. In one level it is part of your own self. As a part of a dream that is working with those things that are still unknown to you. Do you remember last week when you discussed your health and you had some belief systems about your health? One part of you called forth perfect health and other parts had beliefs that started with “but”. Do you recall that conversation? Yes, I do.

Yes. And so, in part those are the dark thoughts that are coming up that you are trying to examine and then, push down and push out. You are a Being of Light, you know that and you are claiming perfect health and are doing many things to work toward that. That is one level of this expression.

On another level of this expression you are growing. Light does attract others to you and many times they are looking for the light. The protection discussion today was very important for you to incorporate in your day to day meditations as well as before you go to sleep so that you know at your conscious level that you are fully protected and you do not need to be concerned about this.

Are you ready for the third level? On the third level, in your multi-dimensional selves you are working as a Light Worker. A Spiritual Warrior. In those other selves you are fighting the dark in a real way.
So, all of these things get mixed up in one night dream state, one night state that feels like nightmares. We invite you to review this transcript and see that there are many different things going on but the thing that we recommend, to make you feel more at ease about this is to call in the protection before your nights. Does this make sense to you? Yes. I am at ease already.

Would you have more to add, “OWS”? No, it looked good to us.

Question: I had a good experience this week while listening to “Blossom Goodchild” voice channeling the Galactic Federation. They said close your eyes and I did. Afterwards, I felt all the energy coming in. Was that a being or something else or just the energy?

“OWS”: We will take this because we have worked with you for some time now. We have worked with you in terms of energy. Working with your energetic expression within yourself and for you to acknowledge that you have this ability to be aware of energies beyond what most beings, human beings on this planet, have. But always you have been the one who wanted to have the experiences others have, to see and to have the visual experiences and all of these things but please understand that other places, other planets, other systems, the idea of being aware of energy and experience energy as you can that is greatly wanted. It is only here at this three dimensional level that it is somewhat the other way around.

So, we would say to you, congratulations our dear sister, you are having an expression of exactly what we have been speaking of for a very long time now. The idea that you are feeling it in your higher chakra, in your crown chakra, is the idea that you are experiencing the higher frequencies and vibrations within you. Do you understand this?

Yes. I felt that my vibration was raised during that time. Yes.

“Ashira”: May I add a comment? You listened to this one’s voice channeling, just as those who are here, you receive downloads, you receive downloads of energy. It is not that it is just through this one. Downloads are many times experienced with Sheldan Nidle’s workshops he gives, and those who have been here, you have received downloads. Some Sundays do you not feel more tired than others? It is because of the energy downloads and messages at a higher frequency.

That is also transferred many times through the transcriptions that are sent out not only from this group but from other channels around the world. People will resonate to their ability of experience and expression at this time. With the level of frequency that is transmitted through the channelings.

The voice channelings are one of the ways that helps the broadest groups of people who need the sound frequency. They do not necessarily relate the same way visually to that which is read. This is how downloads occur. It is not necessarily going to happen with every channel for every person. That is why there are so many of you who are performing these services around the world because you have nine billion people to speak to. So there are those who will resonate with some and not others. That is part of the discernment process. Congratulations, Sweet One. This is a great step!

Question: Every time I visit India, I am exhausted. I meditate to keep myself up. Only my brother has some resonance with me. I don’t understand the work I am trying to do there.

​"Ashira": ​We would share with you that probably every person in this circle could raise their hands to share similar experiences with family members. You are born through your family to gain the experience​ you require to move forward in this lifetime. To have things that strengthen you and things that challenge you. It is as putting metal into the fire to build the sword. And you are the sword at this stage of your life at this point in time.
It is the love that you have in your heart and the compassion that you have that makes you want to bring them along on this journey. You are so fortunate that you and your wife found one another so that you have someone that can be walking on your path with you and unfolding with you.

We would share that the best path is love and not expecting them to hear your message or understand you in any way, shape or form because their clocks, their alarms have not yet gone off. But when their alarms go off and they see the world in a very different way, they will come to you for explanations and to have your support as they start their spiritual journeys.

So, you are as the “Hermit” card in the Tarot deck. You are the one who is leading others up the path. He is climbing the craggy, rocky steps and shining the light behind him for others to follow.
Does that help you?

Question: My daughter who is pregnant with twins, is having some possible problems with her ex. And her living space is on the third floor and it is getting harder for her as she gets more pregnant. Can you give me any idea of how to help?

​\​“Ashira”: What do you think, “OWS”? Is this your’s or mine?

“OWS”: You can go with this one.

“Ashira”: Yes, it seems that the questions that are more personal or family related are more “comfortable” for me to answer. Those that are more technical and detailed are much better for the group of “One Who Serves”. Does that sound about right?

“OWS”: Yes.

“Ashira”: So, know that everything is in Divine Order. You know how the world is unfolding at this point in time. We cannot tell you yes, no or good or bad or anything else. We suggest that you continue to hold them in love and light and their life will unfold the way it is to unfold. In terms of a dangerous situation; many times that is more about manipulation and polarity. Send that other one love and peace and know all of this is going to unfold in the way it is to unfold. Your part is to continue to send the group love, including the “ex” and also to support your daughter in love and understanding. Be there is non-judgment to share her path.

Question: How to interpret the orbs we see on pictures. We took at a lot of pictures when my father was here. We saw big orbs, small orbs, translucent and some shiny almost like a star. What are they?

“OWS”: Yes. Many times we have given here aspects and ways from many different sources that you are going to have glimpses of the higher vibrations, the higher frequencies. Certainly when you have this expression, you call orbs that appear in photographs, these are expressions of these higher vibrations. Even though you do not see them with your physical eyes, some will and some have, but for the most part you will not experience them with your physical eyes but when the photograph is taken, it is there. Because in many respects the picture is beyond the veil, not held back by your physical eyes that are experiencing or not experiencing what is really there. Does this help you understand?

Question: When we are aware that this is happening, should we be communicating with those on the other side of the veil?

“OWS”: Oh my goodness, leave the shoulds out of picture. When you are experiencing this don’t try to make it more or less of what it is. Experience it for what it is, you see?

“OWS”: We have one here that is clamoring to get his two cents in. We have him on a tether here. Just kidding!

Another “OWS”: Greetings to you! Good to be here with you again! We have missed this time frame with you. We expressed with you in so many ways at your Advance but we have come only one time as we find it since then. But we always love these times to express with you and you to express with us.

Please understand that it is very important that as the days go by here and you move closer to your Valentine’s Day, as has been spoken of, as the beginning of the end of hostilities on the planet, please allow for that expression to move through you. Literally, go with the flow that day and experience it! Know that it is there as it moves through you send it out to another, send it out to one next to you. Or to one across the country or world for there is no time and space here. You see?

So, experience at its ultimate as it comes forward. You will have this expression of love that you will never have felt before. We will akin it to a time when you first met your mate and you had that feeling of being in love. Do you know that? Some of you had it a long time ago (laughter) but you have had this expression. Do you remember? Think back now. What was it like? That feeling of being in love and wanting only to be with that person. It may only be momentary on that day (Valentines Day) experience of bliss, of being in love, in love with the God Source within you and feeling it move through you.

Now think about this for just a moment. If all people on the planet are having this expression at one level or another, do you not think it will create the sense of letting go of hostilities? Will it not create a sense of loving energy coming in for all? At different levels, we know that, but allow for it and send it to others. Send the goodwill. Send it out to all! OK?

We are done for our part. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

“Ashira”: It is hard to think of a message that is going to be as fun and light as that!

I come with a message about love as well and about reality as it has been and reality as it is changing. The message I wish to share with you today begins with taking you on a little bit of a trip. And to think about billions of people upon this planet who have been raised with very singular experiences in their lives. Experiences that come from their parents, from their culture, from their religions. Each and every one of you upon the planet has created your own hologram. The holographic universe that people have been speaking about now for many years is not only that which is formed by the mass consciousness, it is also that which is formed for each and every being.

It is as if you have a goldfish bowl or a glass bowl around you and that you send and project your belief systems across it as a screen. You have a film that is the reality you live your life through. One of the things that have happened is that with the veil coming down, these glass perceptions are fading.

You have had experiences such as this, going back to “OWS” conversations a few moments ago. When you fall in love with someone and you have that initial burst of love and you have that oneness with them through physical expressions, through sexual expressions and they take you into the arms of God, you think. And as you merge with that one, as the relationship builds, if it is a relationship that will be moving you along the path as partners, then that singular becomes more of a unified bowl, a unified consciousness for that future, the manifestation you live as partners in the path of life.

And then, many years down the road or it may not be so many years, let us say this is a couple that started out with the best of intentions and quality love and quality expectations that they are building their life with. Too many times those in those relationships begin to see that they believe that they are not being fulfilled in some way and that relationship begins to deteriorate.

What that does is to rebuild the wall and that bowl that was made from two to one, becomes as one bowl over each separate partners, making two bowls again. First, the bowls are touching until they drift and become separate beings, filling their bowls with their own, individual manifestations again.

As “OWS” discussed, the first part of the bringing down of the separation is like falling in love. From the early times of the relationship where you have that unity with one person, where the veil disappears and you think like them and you speak like them and you build a future together.

The billions of people on the planet flow into and feed into the mass consciousness. And that mass consciousness is manifesting life through the quantum universe into a holographic expression that all humans have been living in for a very, very long time. As the veil drops and the energy coming onto and into the planet has been raising the consciousness and the mass consciousness bowl has been disintegrating.

The bowls that have separated each and every one of you is disintegrating. And so what you get to experience and express is this incoming love. On that date you will feel this even more greatly because it IS the time and the moment will be NOW. And you will remember this conversation today and know that you will feel this oneness with all around the planet in a way you have never felt that before.

And that IS then the new building of consciousness upon the planet. So that new ideas, new technologies, new ways of doing things, can indeed infiltrate all aspects of life upon this planet. THAT is the exciting news! And for you to understand the ways you have approached life up until this point in time for such a very long time so that all of this that is fading away will see the new energies truly take you out of that singular experience to melding with all of those upon the planet. That mass consciousness that has kept you all as prisoners now is releasing and letting got so that each of you can move into your own master hood as you came to this planet to do.

All upon this planet have that opportunity to recognize who and what they are and can build that New Earth. The relationships that you have that are good in your life, that you are enjoying will only prove to get better. And then there may be a time down the road, since your lifetimes will be so much more expanded, that you decide to go with a different partner and a different love. But the love will always continue. It is not something that is done in hurt or harm any longer. It would be a decision at a conscious level that it is time to move into a different state, a different experience. There is no fear. There is no loss. There is only openness, transparency, support and compassion. Is that not a better way to live life?

We bring this to you today as the message for love. We look forward to people’s experiences next week for it will be after the `14th. It will be time to share those experiences.

Thank you for sharing today and for giving us the love and expressions of honor that you do but that is not necessary because you know what? We are you and you are us.
We give you love and blessings abundantly. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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