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The Guardian of the Creation of the New Song
and Ashira
channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

The One Who Serves
channeled by James McConnell

Glendale, Arizona
March 8 2015

On Monday, March 9, 2015 11:28 AM, James and JoAnna McConnell wrote:

Greeting everyone,

Well, we had another wonderful group yesterday and expectations seem to be high for some major changes coming rather quickly. I don't know about you but they can not come soon enough for me.

Following our discussion about our current financial program and the new one coming and how it impacts us both now and after, we heard from another of the Guardians. This time Sue channeled The Guardian of the Creation of the New Song who is tasked with altering the frequencies to match the higher ones. This was then followed up by OWS and Ashira with messages and question/answer session. Stay tuned, as things seem to be headed toward the crescendo.

Next Sunday, again depending on how events transpire this week, we may be hearing from Saint Germain. We will just have to wait and see. If you are planning to attend, and have not yet RSVP'd, please use this as your reminder to do so and while you are at it, go ahead and RSVP ahead for one or more Sundays if you know you will be a regular attendee. I am currently putting together our core PFC group which will be those who will be invited to attend our next "Advance" in May which will be limited to those who have been in training by the Ascended Masters as this next one will be even more intense than our previous ones.

As always, enjoy and Be in joy and Believe and you will see!

Love and light,

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 8, 2015

The Guardian of the Creation of the New Song

Thank Divine Mother for guiding you in this meditation, this trip today. It was my intention to share with you over the past couple of weeks, however, it was not possible with Susan’s situation. She was taken care of in a very honorable way in preparing herself for this day in the future. We hoped to be able to bring song through this one, however, this is not the time yet for us to be able to do that. And so we invited you to stay in your state and your place of meditation because we want to give you time today to hear music from the spheres.

Those of you who do not see things easily, we were hoping to bring this to you today. And so we are going to take you back into that quiet time, in that quiet place. We are going to take you back into a location in your own Being where you can be open to the resonant sounds of the universe. The spheres of music that are sung by angels in this particular orientation, in this particular place, this particular time; there are those of you who have visited 5th dimensions and have heard songs.

It is my position and my responsibility to go and to travel and to be in all places over periods of time. And should there be a sense of conflict or something that goes awry within creation of any location, any of the places where the Guardians are called to be present, it is my job to send a song of resonancy, harmony and healing into that place. We do not do this for that which you would call local strife or chaos in your world. This is a call to a larger, more vast, calling. It is the reason that we as the Guardians have been called here to this planet at this time. And so it is my purpose to set a new song for your world, to set a new tune, a new resonance. This affects your Being as well as those energies that you have been told of. Those energies that come from the
Guardians are very different from those which you have experienced. You have been told of downloads of information which come into this brain in the filter into your body. You have been told of the energies of resonances that vibrate and continue to shift the world at this time.

And as I said, this is my time to bring you a new song, to bring you a new level of experience of joy, of happiness, of satisfaction. Do you not feel those things when you sing songs that are pleasurable to you? Do you not sing those songs which bring you up when you feel down? You know those are resonances that will meet the needs of your body at this time. But the new resonances will seem strange to you, they will seem a little off-kilter because you are not yet tuned up to the point of being able to appreciate them. And while Susan has been doing the work over the past two weeks of tuning up to receive the songs, she is not yet ready to be able to share them with you. We look forward to that. In the meantime, we will take time to bring this music to you in your Knowingness within yourself, in your Being, in your seeing and your hearing and your smelling and your feeling and your speaking...truly, from other dimensions. And you are bringing this particular body into the new state to be able to enjoy all of those experiences.

So know now that there are thousands in this room with you, in this space. Know that in your heart. Know that there are those who are surrounding you who are celestial choirs, again of this dimension, the next dimension and of this particular part of creation. For your song of creation is different from that of other worlds and other universes and other places. Yours is very particular and is our pleasure today to bring this to you. So we ask you to sit in a state of alert awareness. Listen for those songs, those notes that come into your Being. This is an experience as much as that which is been about seeing and then having the experience of believing, as opposed to believing and then having the experience of seeing. Believe these songs are projecting to you, through you, right now hear them.

(Pause for experience).

Know that even if you do not feel that you are hearing these on your physical level, in your mind, take it on fact that they are affecting you. They are raising your vibration and as these songs are sung by the heavens you hear them and you’ll join in to that new tune, that new creation. You are a new creation upon this planet and we are here to joyfully join with you. Listen for the songs in your dreams. Listen for the songs in your sleep. Listen for the songs in your meditations. Listen for the songs as you go about your days. Know that I, the Guardian of this aspect of your unfolding, am given the gift of sharing with you today.

Bless you.

One Who Serves

Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again and certainly this is One Who Serves. And we are going to share with you briefly and then will take questions. We’re going to share with you our take, you might say, on the question that was asked earlier in terms of your particular situation that you are finding yourselves in now, in regards to your financial condition. In those things which are troubling some in terms of what to do about these type of situations. And of course, we were eavesdropping on this conversation and we gave the James a nudge that we wish to share briefly about this, to assist, if we can, in helping you understand what it is that you can do, not what it is you must do, but what it is you can do.

And that is to consider the situation from a higher viewpoint. Now we would say for you to look at this as to your “programming” that you have become accustomed to (your idea of needing to survive and to hold onto that which you have) and have understood all of your life, and for many lifetimes for most of you and also, to look at it from the higher vantage and higher vibrations. So to look specifically at your financial savings that you have in various aspects is to hold onto that, is to look at it from your 3-dimensional programming understanding. And we would say to you not to abandon that entirely because you still live in that area. You are still there, you must still have a means of... not "survival," we will not say that, but, a means of subsistence. And if you are to continue to have this subsistence, then you need to have the financial wherewithal to do that.

Now to make this a little more easy to understand; we are not saying to let go of all of that which you have in terms of your savings; but we are saying not to hold onto it, not to depend on it. So you can have certain monies in your accounts, your bank accounts, and these types of things and you have heard many times in the past to “save for a rainy day.” But that is a very strange saying because... what is it to save for in a future time when you don’t know what that future time is going to bring?  So why would you save and save and save and save and not live? You see? Many have done that, many have saved their entire lives, saved it for their grandchildren, and all of this, but have not lived themselves. And they deny themselves the pleasures that these particular monies would bring to them at those times. So in order to understand, though as the times are changing here and as the transition is going through, you must begin to transition with it. As the earth is transitioning, you need to transition with it. And that means to let go of all of those things that you have held onto, all of those familiar aspects that have been the programming that you have become accustomed to.

So take your various monies that you have and have some of it, yes, in a certain area and have some of it in another area. Spread it out. Do not have it all in one location because it is very possible that one or two or maybe three of these locations will be gone. It is very possible for this, in terms of your stock market and all of this, that all of this is going to go the way of the “dodo bird” --  is that your saying? (Laughter) Or the dinosaur? It is not going to be in your future, so why have it be there? So we’re not saying to run to the banks and take all of your money out and put it in your pillowcase - we are not saying that - but in some aspects, yes, we are saying that. Because you do not need to hold onto it and save for a rainy day because the sun is going to be shining, the new dawn is approaching. And as this new dawn approaches, as the Guardians have said, it is going to be an amazing experience. And your ideas of “holding onto these monies” and “where is the money going to come from” and all of these things, is going to be nonexistent. You will not have to even be concerned about this anymore, you see?

We hope this helped. Do you have question on this or anything else now that our dear sister Ashira is back with us now? We can answer your questions. Was this sufficient on this question? (Yes, yes).

Question: I have a question about the IRS. They say that that is supposed to have gone away, it’s shut down, but they are wanting me to pay money, so how will I handle this if we know it’s not going to be existing anymore?

(One Who Serves): Yes James calls this the “infernal revenue service” (Laughter) and we all know that you look at it in that aspect. And certainly it is an aspect of the dark forces or the cabal as you’ve come to know them. And because it is an aspect of this, it is not going to last, it is not going to be there. There is going to be an announcement that comes and it is going to say “the IRS is no more” and when it is gone you will not pay any more monies to it. But until that time, because you are still in your 3-dimensional aspect here, still deeply within the illusion at times, it is important for you to maintain within that illusion, you see? So what was the saying here “Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s; but give unto God that which is God’s”? Something of this nature? And this is what we would say here now, in this moment, it is important for you to keep on keeping on. But have the expectation and knowing that all is going to shift. And all these concerns that you have about the financial condition and the IRS and all of these things are all going to be post the event, you see?

Yes thank you.

Would there be any other questions here?

Question: I have a question concerning sacred geometry and as were all going to be going through the Ascension, how are we going to be using or receiving more of this information because obviously it’s containing a lot of important information in terms of understanding Source and the power of Oneness. Can you just expand a little bit more on this?

(One Who Serves): Yes, yes. To understand this idea that you are speaking of, it is not a new idea, it is not a new concept but it is new to your particular situation that you are in now. In other words, you have come in with this and it is in your background understanding deeply embedded within you, all about the sacred geometry and all of this. You have brought it here to the earth from the systems that you have all come from so it is nothing new here. But it will become new to those who are in either the awakening process or have not even begun to awaken yet. So it will be coming out in many different aspects, it will be revealed to many and it will be as a child coming to a new toy and understanding how to operate that toy as it learns how to do it rather quickly, we would say. You see?

Yes thank you

Anything you would like to add on this Ashira?

(Ashira): We would say that the understanding that you have at your present state of mind is limited. And what you will find is when the awakening occurs for all, then someone such as yourself will find new and spectacular ways to utilize information about sacred geometry. And you will already be open and aware and be able to download more of the information as it’s going to apply to you and to the new adventure on the planet. Does that help?

Yes thank you, thank you thank you.

(One Who Serves): Other questions here?

Question: I have a question. Should we actually be setting food and water back, and if so, for how long?

(One Who Serves): Well as you have heard it many times, there are certainly no “shoulds” here but there is an aspect of preparation. And what is your group that you are in? It is “Prepare for Change” is it not? Certainly change is coming and to be prepared for it can certainly not hurt here. So we are not going to say to go out and “stock up” and have water and food and everything of this nature but we are going to say to go out and shop and do these things. So it is up to the individual is the understanding here but it would certainly behoove you to have preparation made in case there is a stoppage in the various supplies that you are used to just simply going out to the store to buy, you see?

Does this answer your question?


There was a question coming from our friends from the other parts of the country here.

Question: Yes, well you were very specific about uses of the money - since we are not going to need money so what’s the point of worrying so much about it? I think you answered my question but are credit unions going to be saved?

(One Who Serves): Question of “saved” is an interesting way of looking at this. They are going to be in existence for a while here, in terms of through the “transition” as we find it. But they are not going to be the avenue of expression in your financial condition that will continue on. So for a time period, though, there is a shift that is going to be necessary and you will have to stay in somewhat familiar ground. So for all of the banks to suddenly close, it would create a mass hysteria on the planet; so certainly that cannot be allowed and will not happen. But the large banks, those ones that have been largely the culprits, you might say, within the cabal will shut down. They will be closing and will be no longer in operation if the process is to continue heading in the direction it is now. Your credit unions and those type of things are the better aspect of use at this time now. Anything further on this? Was this sufficient of an answer for you?

Yes - thank you very much.

Question: I do have a question related to dreams and waking up in a profuse sweat. Can you shed a little bit of light on what might be transpiring in the background that not being privy to know about in my sleep?

(One Who Serves): Ashira, would you wish to assist here?

(Ashira): Well we have discussed many times with this group, as well as with individuals, that there are multi-lives being lived and multi-universes, and all of these things which you will have much more understanding of once you have awakened to the greater Beings that each of you are. And so those services that each of you is called into, they are different services. This one, Susan, is called more into Council works that she is involved with in other times and places. Diana, we have discussed with you too, that you have your ships and your teams of people that you are working with to continue to cleanse this universe, to cleanse those who are surrounding the planet, those who have surrounded the planet. And it is indeed your work that you are doing. Why do you awaken with such a start? One, it is because of the difference of the vibration that you are involved in. It is not so much a situation of fear as it is a situation of when you come back into this life the energy is different. The activity level, of course, was different to go through something highly active and to come back into the sleeping body. This provides you that jolt and that sweat and that difference in temperature that you feel. Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does because I’m not at all fearful, it just is very jolting.

(Ashira): Right, and so that is the experience that we see you have and we see other people around the group have. I know that you discussed this during the group discussion today and we’re looking at these very single experiences for each of your lives and “who’s where and doing what” in case the question came up with the group. And so yes, indeed, this is your particular experience. And the one known as Nathalie, your husband is experiencing something different. Similar, in terms of another dimension, in the work that he does at night. It may not surprise you that each of you has a work that you are doing in other dimensions of timelines, other places, during your sleep. Some are calm and wonderful and some are more active, but again when you see these “theaters of your life” after you move into the next dimensional experience, you will find it quite entertaining and quite surprising. Does that make sense to the group?

Yes thank you, very much so.

(One Who Serves): Any further questions here? No, then we are done for our part here and we’re going to release this channel and Ashira will close out the session here. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

We will give him a moment to come back into his body as we know that James may have a question.

Question: Yes I do have a question. I just recently had a dream and within the dream I channeled one that called himself “The Collective” and I think it was “The Collective of the One.” In the dream I channeled the whole thing to a group - I don’t know what group it was. But my question is the sense I got after I woke up. Was it something to do with the Guardians, number one; and number two, that I was supposed to actually physically channel that. Now that I’m not sure about, though. So that’s my question: "Am I actually supposed to channel this particular Collective or not?"

(Ashira): This was an opportunity, indeed, for you to “try on” the energy before you came forth in this physical world with this particular energy. Much as Susan was not capable of, at this time, bringing through music through her voice as we had hoped earlier to do this, the presentation for this particular Guardian is possible for both of you to be of service in ways at this particular level. But you have both come to be of service in grander ways as well. And so this was your opportunity of practicing that energy, trying on that energy, knowing that it was possible for you to do that energy.

This was in another one of your multi-lifestreams, James, not in this lifestream,  so it truly was more of a presentation of this to those to whom you were speaking. This is part of your job as an ambassador and to give voice to those who are of an energy higher even than your 5th dimensional energy and so as you move into and feel that new realm you are preparing now for the roles that you are taking on. We have spoken to you, in the past we know, of your ambassadorship and how you’ll be serving others in other realms and how you’ve been working already in that area. So this is now something that you can believe in because you have begun to feel, to entertain, to experience the Guardians' energy. And the Guardians' energy is as a collective and so that which you were channeling was as the Collective. And so instead of the various streams that have come through you and Susan up to this point in time, in this group, as the Prepare for Change group, you are practicing capturing that Oneness, that Collective in full so that you can bring those messages to this world as this world rises in its new dimensional energy. Does that make sense to you?

Yes, absolutely, thank you very much.


These are the days you have been waiting for, my friends. We know you have the message from St. Germain a few weeks back about the jubilation. And the jubilation is what you’re bringing into manifestation now. And as some people around the world may say to you “The world is coming to an end,” all of you in this room say “hallelujah.” (Laughter) All of you in this room are happy to hear people talking those ways, to hear of the financial system collapsing, to hear of that ending or that ending. These are all signs that, for you, the next step is here. Not down the road, it’s here with the cleansing that Divine Mother brought you earlier today, with the cleansing that you brought to the entire planet.

This is part of what is necessary today - this full acceptance of Light and Joy and Wonderment in this dimension. Because as this dimension falls away, you see that the conveyor belt upon which you are moving forward in this dimension moves all the others behind you as well. It is not, as we have said before, to give you a big head, but as you see those who are traveling on this conveyor belt of life as the future unfolds, you see that there are those who are more in the head of the line who have these awarenesses that you have.

And then you have those who are in the middle section, and in that middle section you will see that this is where the bulk of humanity is. And then there is a small group of humanity in what is that called, the “bell curve?” And so you are the extreme end this way as you travel down and you continue to open and experience. And as you open and experience in the way of those flowers and those petals of the flowers (refers to group meditation prior to channeling) you can feel as that energy is pouring upon you. But you are open, as these flowers are open, and you are receiving all of this energy that is coming in that falls upon many of these who are in this large part of humanity’s base. And maybe they notice there is a change in the perspective of the world. Maybe they notice a small change in their perspectives.

And, yes, there are those who are still sleeping soundly who have no concept of this. But think of these not so much as poor souls or beings that are not ready to accept; think of these as those who maybe did not come into this experience to have the same levels of acceptance. It is not that they are not awake or it’s purposeful; they came in perhaps for this particular experience as the rest of humanity awakens. Perhaps these are those who are from the aboriginal tribes or from other tribes who have not had a lot of contact with humanity, or have not wished to have that contact, because indeed they are beings from other places and other parts of the galaxies far beyond this. It will give you a different perspective of this part of this train.

So as you see yourselves opening, opening, opening and receiving of the Mother’s love and Creator’s love upon your petals you spread those further and further apart and you encompass all of the planet with your love. With a love that comes with unconditional ties; with a love that comes from an understanding that all of you have had this experience... as all of you have had this programming, all of you are who you are because of what has been wrought upon you, not out of choice. And you came by choice to be here, regardless of whether you have been here for a hundred lives, a thousand lives or two lives. You have come at this time to be a part of sharing of this great love, this great understanding. Be at peace my brothers and sisters. Be at peace and know that all is unfolding exactly as has been promised. And in fact, there’s even some parts of this plan that’s come to you further advanced than we expected to see and may surprise you.

But let us also assure you that there have been thousands of years put into the work for this time and this place. There have been hundreds of years that have been put into the financial situation. And as One Who Serves have said in the past “Would we let you down now when it is all ready to open?” Would the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, the Galactics, the Agarthans, all of those who are here to push this Event forward with you… would we all let it happen or drop into chaos or drop into unsustainability? No, we bring this to gift you because we love you. Remember this always.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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