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Ashtar's Personal Messages to Athena

March 13 2015
8:45 AM Pacific
Green Valley, Arizona

Note from Anne:
Although personal, I was permitted to share these messages with the Collective,  as we will all soon be directly communicating with our own Beloved Twins.

This will give you an idea of your own Twin's desire to be with you and how touching that relationship is. Listen to the waltzes to which you waltzed together when on the ship. It will help you remember.

Ashtar came to Athena as she was quieting sitting outside, early in the morning.. which caused him to sing...

ASHTAR... singing...
Oh What a Beautiful Morning!  Oh what a beautiful day! Oh what a beautiful morning... everything's coming your way!"

Yes Sweet One, my Other Half, you have been calling and I have been hearing... so, what's up?

Sweetie, you have been on  my mind every second / moment wondering what is happening with you all on the ships?  I feel that something big (event) is about to happen.  Can, or would you please tell me?

Well my Sweet Pea, you are correct.  There is a big surprise about to happen in the NOW!  It's always the "NOW."  Your timeline is "soon" (ha ha).  This is the reason I did impress on you to visit your soul sisters (Anne and Nancy Tate) because you must be together to experience it all on your own.  Because you are unique, you will each have a different perception through your own unique selves.  

Note from Anne:  The "big surprise" was Nancy's revelation, the third day of Athena's visit with Nancy Tate in Patagonia, that Nancy had been Athena's mother in a dramatic scenario in Egypt 5,000 BC.  When Nancy brought Athena back to my house... as Nancy told me the story, Athena was being told by Ashtar, "This was your "big surprise." Congratulations!!  This is your mother!" ... as Athena's arm gestured directly toward Nancy.

This I will say: "Your beautiful world has reached her blossoming level of blooms and is cleansing on every part of her corners - oceans - seas - animals - in every depth of all waters of your world. All of your skies are much cleaner and much clearer.  Gaia is rejoicing and pleased.  Congratulate her, Honey, for her moment is NOW for her complete Ascension. Her grids are balanced and portals are opened.  No more dark ones can enter her.  They have... some have come to the Light... but those who are left cannot withstand the higher vibration / frequencies that have risen.  You all are raising higher and higher in the higher realms.  Bless you all, my brothers and sisters and sweet souls.

My Dear, you are so loved by all on the ships here.  You have been sending love, peace and harmony to us and all life.  We have heard you and thank you from all of our hearts and souls. You may not think that means much for who you are, and considering as far as you have come, and being already an Ascended Master and bringing yourself out of 3D again.  And having Ascended spiritually, you are on your way physically to walk on our ship, The New Jerusalem.  Yes, My Darling, being with me... and am I longing to hold you and keep us forever together - never to be separated ever again.  Bless our Creator for all his/her unconditional love for all his children and for our birth and split to make us male and female and be able to join our Father/Mother for real and forever.  We both are blessed, My Darling.

It is an exciting moment for, also, His children to once more remember who they really are and their veil being lifted forever.

We, observe from up here the children are waking and are are rejoicing once more; enjoying their freedom once more. And this is causing the cabal to run - run - run as fast as rabbits, trying to find a hiding place.

Darling pray for them - forgive them - and please tell everyone you meet to do the same.  We could use them all, so they will be free to work with the Light also.

My Sweet One, Pallas Athena, know you are loved with all  my heart and soul, always.

Please have that beautiful day I sang to you, My Darling, and let your friend, Anne, know to have the same.

Kiss-kiss until the next moment; but know I am just a breath away.
My love always,

Thank you my sweetheart.  I shall be looking forward to hearing from you once more, as soon as possible. 
Your Twin Flame,
Pallas Athena

Oh!  Honey!  Give my love to Anne and thank her, with my gratitude, for taking such good care of you!
Personal Messages
Green Valley, Arizona
MARCH 17 2015 
8:15 AM Pacific

ASHTAR: (singing)

"Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! Oh what a beautiful morning... EVERYTHING IS ON IT'S WAY!"
Greetings Darling Athena!  It is always a beautiful morning and day on your world, is it not?

We all know "you all's" time for the Great Event!  The Event is upon you and of course, upon Gaia.

Now, let me say this:  How many of you "..are - are - are ready!!??"  The dominoes are falling, one by one... fast, since the first one fell (which was
September 22nd). 

Like I said in your last message, the cabal are running like rabbits to their hole,  trying to hide.  But, Beloved Ones, they cannot hide!  We have them cornered at every portal on your planet.

Your government has been all cleaned out and now there are Light Workers at the helm (top positions).

Banks have all your funds and are ready to distribute.

The Russians - I shall call them "rushings" - are biting at the bit to announce that you are not alone.  And Obama has been tuned in for some time now... quizzed and briefed as to what is to occur when the green light is pushed.

We here on the ships are waiting for Obama to call all the nineteen leaders from nineteen countries to be at the White House to help him make his long-awaited Announcement.

Oh Sweet Pea, all of History, as you know it, is to come to a close and a new paradigm is about to begin.

Are... all of you... READY? Because, my dear, everything is on the way!  Hold onto your hats... we are going for a ride!
Your loving Twin Flame,

Personal Messages

Green Valley, Arizona
March 20 2015 - Friday
9:30 AM Pacific

Good Morning, Sweet Pea.  You are so beautiful and quiet at this moment and you are in the NOW, are you not? 

Sweet One, this NOW moment there are so many things happening all over your planet - the funds are being distributed that are all needed.  Most of all, more are starting to awaken from their deep sleep.

Mostly, Mother Gaia has released her negative energy that she has stored for so many eons.  She is so full of joy!  Bless her soul!

Of course, we all up here can watch over all upon the surface and observe what is happening.  The wild animals are waking up and are starting not to kill one another and eat one another for food.  They are coming the end of their evolution - yes, My Dear.  The lion is lying down with the lamb. Yea!  We are in the Golden Age - the final wrapup scene, so to speak. They are awaking to Love, as is all Creation.

Remember, my Dear, this is happening with all of us.

Now you have started your journey Home!  It's been a LONG RIDE, hasn't it Dear?  And a rough road for all Creator's children, wouldn't you say?

We do hear you all crying out to us in frustration and hope.  Something will come (us) to release all suffering.  This is being accomplished as I speak. Babies are no longer hungry, and their dear mothers.

It shall not be long now until every brother and sister will join their Twin Flames and everything will be balanced - male and female - much more.  They are the meek who will inherit the Earth that was predicted by Jesus in your holy book, the Bible - the Beatitudes.  Remember you - we - are all One and everyone shall be honored and/or blessed because of all of your faithfulness and courage to see you through. 

Be patient knowing you are now at the end of your journey to receive your reward.

You all are precious in the sight of your Creator.  He/She loves you beyond measure.

My dear Athena, you have my heart and love and I am with you in every moment, protecting you from all harm.  Notice, this is your last incarnation and you shall walk on my ship when you are ready.

I feel so much excitement knowing the moment is HERE. 

Eternal Love,
Your beloved Ashtar