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Pine, Arizona - Advance
August 21 - 23, 2015


Welcome Message - One Who Serves
August 21 2015

Sananda, One Who Serves, Ashira
August 22, 2015

The Human Experiment - Higher Selves
August 23, 2015
Greetings Everyone,

What an amazing weekend we all had in beautiful Pine, AZ. The weather was perfect and the cabin was meant for our group, with it's more remote location with forest views looking out from the back deck. The back yard proved to also be perfect as we conducted two evening meditation sessions outside.

As always, the orchestration provided by our Ascended Master friends was amazing and each guided meditation and subsequent channeled messages was meant to lead into the next one and did. With Sue's guided meditations and messages from Ashtar, Lady Nada,  Lord Lanto and Ashira, we were prepared for each evening's activities which ran the gamut from accessing our "Light Mental Bodies" on Friday night and our "Light Merkahba" bodies on Saturday night to re-connecting once again with our Higher Selves.  On Saturday night, following the evening guided meditation, we were treated to a UFO show directly above us. It did not last long but was just enough to let us know they were there and aware of us.

Sunday morning, Barb treated us to a wonderful presentation on "Heart Math" to better understand the heart-mind connection and how to operate more often from our heart rather than from our head as we have been programmed much of our lives. As most of us had participated in one or more Advance(s) previousely, there were 3 new to this - Bob, Lauren and Amy and all fit in beautifully with us as if they had always been with us. Bob was especially helpful with doing all the "male role" things from arranging chairs, to preparing and lighting the outside fire in the pit to even raking leaves in the back yard to help beautify the grounds.

Finally, Sunday night we were all guided by Sananda and Jeshua to pass over the "Rainbow Bridge" to connect once again to our HIgher Selves. As a demonstration of what is possible when you are connected, my Higher Self came through me and while connecting to all the other Higher Selves in the room, proceeded to answer questions as a collective Higher Self. This happened prior to the evening meditation as a way to prepare us for what was to come.

We were told that this would very likely be the last Advance we would have or at least the last one with this type of format and that even the format for our Sunday groups would also be subject to change as we move along. Many times the Masters indicated  time frames ahead as days and weeks not months so we will just have to be patient and see how all this works out and just go with the flow. However, with many sources, both terrestrial and extra terrestrial  pointing to the Sept. time frame this sure is looking like this is the new December 2012 with a major planetary consciousness shift.

I would like to apologize to all those that attended our sessions over the phone over the weekend as the conditions for call clarity were certainly not optimum when using a cell phone. On Sundays now, we have no such clarity problems as we are able to use our new Polycom which delivers clear sound on both sides.

If you are planning to attend our next Sunday PFC group and have not yet RSVP'd, please use this as your reminder and do so now while you are thinking about it. As things continue to progress and the frequencies continue to rise, I see us fast running out of seating space.

We are planning to have a potluck movie night this Saturday (Aug. 29th) at 6:00. We will be showing the new, amazing movie "The Last Avatar" which is exactly the kind of movie we lightworkers have been waiting for since the Matrix and Avatar. The messages in this movie are a wake up call to all who are ready for it. To find out more, simply google "The Last Avatar" movie to get a more complete description. We all watched it over the weekend and are ready to do so again but this time on hi def wall size screen with surround sound giving us more of the theater experience  If you already watched it, it is worth watching again to get more of the secreted messages. Please email me back and let me know if you will be joining us.

We do not yet have the transcriptions for the "Advance" channelings but thanks to Barb for her fast uploading, the audio files are available to listen to. simply go to our website ( click on the archives tab and there they all are. Just click and enjoy. She even uploaded part of the Higher Self channeling from Sunday afternoon. When the transcriptions are ready, I will be sure to email them to you all.

Enjoy and Be in joy and Believe and you will see.
Love and light,