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October 4 2015

Second Trip through the Portal


Higher consciousnessI ascended again yesterday. It happened at exactly the same stretch of road I was walking a few days earlier when the first experience of Ascension happened.

And, like the first time, I was enroute to a meeting when it occurred.

Again it wasn’t like a voyage to a sublime plane of existence. It was an ever-deepening expansion of consciousness. We’ve seen movies of people who shrink. Well, this was an experience of expanding, expanding, expanding.

This experience was deeper than the first. Given that I was having lunch with a lightworker, I could do things like allow her to look into my eyes while I let myself sink as deeply as possible into my experience. And, when I did, I went down, down, down, down.

I was so drunk on the energies by the time lunch was over, I could hardly stand and didn’t know how I was going to get home. I’d planned to go to the supermarket, bank, etc., and had to abandon those ideas. I could not manage anything else but head back to my apartment, only to find that Nicole also was immersed in a similar experience.

Neither of us could call for hours because our experiences continued and required us both to be off alone for the duration.

I remained in almost a stupor of bliss for another hour or two, and then felt myself strong enough to rejoin society, so to speak.

Bliss was the overwhelming characteristic of this experience. But being in that space also promoted tolerance, compassion, flexibility, and other divine qualities.

At one point, I heard myself say: OK, you’re ascended. Now what? The “now what” of Ascension is to carry on but do it better, cleaner, more expansively.

We didn’t agree before we were born to ascend and then leave the job. We agreed to ascend and really get to work.

And what is that work in regard to Ascension?

It’d be what it’s always been: to help to ascend those who have not yet ascended.

Isn’t that what every sage and saint has ever done? Don’t the ascended always turn around and help the unascended?

In our case it’d be helping the members of our soul group and anyone else we can reach. To my way of thinking, souls groups ascend and form the fabric of the whole. That’s how the whole ascends.

Beyond Ascension is building Nova Earth. Our Ascension equips us to do that job by giving us the needed strength, vision, and compassion – what I call “the juice.”

The day after this second experience, I’m left feeling substantial and stable.  A conversation of deep truth-telling will probably bring me back to the space of bliss fairly easily.


My Ascension Story: A Glimpse Of Nova Earth


Heaven 12Hello. I’m new here on the team at Golden Age of Gaia. I’ve been posting various channeled messages for about a month now.

I didn’t anticipate ever contributing anything myself, but I had an incredible experience three days ago, and I’ve been asked to share it with you.

I’d been asking for tangible evidence of the shift, of where we’re headed. We’ve been hearing that we’ve been flying in and out of the ascension portal for a while now, but I had no memory of having done so myself.

So, on Thursday morning, I set the intention to have an unmistakable experience. I asked my guides to provide me with a glimpse, perhaps the equivalent of a near-death experience, as long as it was safe.

As the day progressed, I noticed several opposing things happen. I started noticing that colors were more vivid and bright. But, also, the usual worries and stresses of daily life started corralling and building into a corner of my thoughts. Both built throughout the day.

In the afternoon, I was sitting on my back deck with a friend. I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was. The flowers, the blue sky, the color of the deck, the birds were all so alive. My eyes were watching this, but through a bit of an arched brow of worry, as the worries and stresses also made themselves known.

Then, everything went into hyper mode. I heard the (usual) ringing in my ears get super loud as if there was a frequency shift. My vision became amplified. The colors of everything around me became super bright. A mosquito tried to land on my face and I said, ‘not now, mosquito. I can’t take any more input.’ It was overwhelming me.

The worry that was in my thoughts seemed to go into my stomach and turned into a sick feeling. I felt that I might vomit, so I asked my friend to excuse me for a few minutes so I could go to the bathroom. But trying to navigate with this overwhelming amplification of color was more than I could handle.

I got into the house and felt my knees start to buckle. I’ve never fainted before, but felt like I was going down, and that I’d better alert my friend that I was in crisis. So I turned around, opened the door, made eye contact with him, and said, “I think I’m in trouble.”  The next thing I knew, I felt my body fall away from my awareness and my consciousness went inward. Not outward…I wasn’t outside my body looking at it. I was inside my heart.

I found myself in the most peaceful, joyful, loving, colorful place I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to describe, but the metaphor I’ll use is one of a huge park with rolling hills, bushes, trees and blue sky. I felt total joy and bliss. I got the sense that friends and community were all around. Fun and delight seemed to be waiting for me in every direction, behind every tree, bush or hill.

People were flying kites, having picnics, playing, laughing and giggling. I could have joined anyone in their activity, and their friendship, acceptance and love was a given. I felt ensconced in love…constant and unending. I saw bright colors that I can’t describe. There were no worry, no problems, nothing negative.

As I started to look around I noticed a faint, familiar voice among the others, beckoning me to come play. I focused on this one voice, then recognized it, then moved towards it. It was saying, “Paul, come back!” over and over.  It was my friend. I was trying to yell back, “Hey, come see what I found!”

But his insistence won and I felt myself going towards his voice. It felt like I was leaving my heart and going into my five senses again. I regained control of my body, looked through my eyes, and found myself comfortably laying on the floor.

My friend’s account was that when he saw me come out of the kitchen and say, “I think I’m in trouble,” he immediately rushed to me. He saw my eyes roll back as he caught me and slowly eased me to the ground. He said I seemed to only weigh 20 pounds. I was so light, perhaps due to his adrenaline rush or help from my guides, or both.  But I was gone.

He yelled at me to “come back, come back,” and was starting to panic when I ‘woke up.’  I said, “I’m ok, I got it,” meaning, “thanks for watching my body for a few seconds, but I have control of it now.”

The whole thing lasted maybe 20 seconds in his time, but to me it was much longer. Time wasn’t measurable.

It felt like I went into my heart, and went through a portal, got a taste of what was there, then came back. And, I can still remember it! It didn’t fade like a dream.

I was a bit sad to be away from where I just was, but also the pain in my stomach was gone, along with the worry. I knewthat I decided to come back into the 3D plane. And, I knew that that place I was just at was still there, available and waiting for me to go back to anytime.

In the wake of the experience, worry drifted away. I now have a deep knowing that there is nothing to worry about. This is not to say that problems don’t need addressing; they do. But they are much easier now. They’re just tasks.

The colors aren’t hyper anymore, but they are back to the vivid newness I experienced. I realize that worry had clouded my perception. It made things dull because I couldn’t focus on the ‘now.’ I couldn’t enjoy the moment. But without worry, I can focus on the moment, enjoy it, and let it come alive.

PaulI hope to experience it again! Thank you for letting me share.

Paul Backes

P.S. Thanks to Brian Ramsell for helping me put this into words.

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