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Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

November 21 2015

Know that with the increased amount of cloud ship activity that has been ongoing worldwide within your atmosphere, witnessed by many who have had the opportunity to capture this on photographic images and video footage in order to share these accounts with the rest of the world, it is important to know that these video's were allowed to be captured by who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light; as we are aware that by showing ourselves and decloaking our ships gradually, whereas these videos reach your collective Internet, they are allowing for the initiation of global disclosure and contact with your surface --  in which by doing this, with gradual pace, we are allowing humanity to be more open to what is unfolding without overwhelming everyone all at once, as this would cause a global panic of an invasion, which is not our intent on this world. Ours is of divine importance in the Ascension of the Earth.

We continue to monitor the surface with all that takes place, along with all that is hidden within the deepest corridors of secrecy or gorvernment establishments, in which the dark have lost their grip over this planet, as there is nowhere to hide where we cannot find them. These dark one's are aware that they are at their own demise; they have been given amnesty, and yet some continue to persist in their efforts, with many contained and many off the planet, as they were given a choice to a peaceful retreat, which they accepted, where only a few remain who still linger, holding on to the dissipating power and control over affairs on the surface.

As these minions of the dark are dealt with by our light forces working diligently to bring peace, abundance and prosperity to surface huamnity, we would like to assure you that there will be no explosions of atomic bombs of a nuclear war, or fema camps, or new world order as these plans by the dark has long been dismantled, know that there comes a time when we decloak our millions of ships when all weapons to include guns will no longer function being that they will be dismantled and disabled, we now exist stationary within your atmosphere with our ship's positioned and many of our other craft that is unalike to anything invented on earth staioned for our mass decloaking and global contact in this now.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

November 9 2015

Know that these transmissions are not about prophecies or future predictions as to what will follow to commence in linearity, but are more about assisting you to ground yourself in the now moment, beyond focus's on ascension timelines and dates, as to what will unfold in the future;  as this now moment is all that exists.

These transmissions are created to prepare you in order to be calm and balanced as we of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light commence forth with our final plans to meet surface humanity for global contact in this now. Whereas this species has lived through various programs of fear and manipulation by the cabal, you can then see how many of your fellow humans will find what is happening difficult to comprehend without falling into fear and panic.  We are also aware that your cabal controlled mainstream media has created many ''Alien invasion'' movies to obscure your minds from accepting our presence when this time of ascension and disclosure approaches.

We do not just do things; everything we do is done in what you might understand as steps. There are steps which need to be initiated in order to allow for a peaceful and calm transition in the disclosure of our Galactic presence. Many considerations are taken into account, as there is much to be dealt with in order to completely rid this world of all darkness and fear. This world you live in is infested with rogue beings who have been in power for thousands of years who are both of a terrestrial kind and extraterrestrial, where it is important to know that they have lost their power and yet will not go down without a fight.  They still persist to maintain their hold over you and this planet, so it is with this awareness that you might understand why we haven't yet appeared in our millions of ships throughout the globe. These beings must be contained, along with all their operations dismantled, before this can fully happen. And yet we say to you that this day is near and close, as you will notice through the many ships appearing in your skies in their abundance daily.

October 29th

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Know that all 200 passengers aboard Flight MH370 were taken to the inner Earth upon their safe capturing and landing within our mothership, where in due time they will come out to tell their story which indeed will be the center of attention throughout your entire surface world.

Global contact with who we are of your neighboring brothers and sisters from higher realms within the vast cosmos is an imminent event of pivotal proportions that cannot be avoided or dismissed like some fictious phenomenon that we keep repeating over and over like parrots.

You will notice that disclosure, as it were, is already being announced and broadcasted  through the various media outlets and platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, ect.  It has been utilized by light workers to bring awareness to humanity about what is currently happening to this world and all the changes taking place within the Earth plane and the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

We continue to appear in your skies regularly, as much as possible, with many varieties and variations of our ships, composed of different sizes and shapes, appearing where many video's of such encounters can be found on your Youtube media outlet. There are no other Extraterrestrial ships airborn in your skies other than who we are, the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. All other extraterrestrial and cabal craft have been ceased to take flight and therefore have either been banned and told to leave the Earth or have been grounded to take flight, more especially where major populations are
concerned; this has been decreed by Heaven to allow the arrival of ascended masters from all over the multiverse and the peaceful descent of ships coming into the atmosphere in this now in preparation for mass decloaking of millions of our ships.

Your completion into full consciousness will be initiated through our healing light chambers in the full transformation of your DNA and cells from carbon into crystalline. This transformation and shift in form into a light expression had always been intended to be accelerated through Light Technology where this is a necessary step in completing your ascension into a light body expression. It is important to take into awareness that your DNA was manipulated through technological means; you didn't fall from your state of grace naturally through de-evolution. An advanced species does not exist in high evolution, only to de-evolve to being primitive again. This happened through technological frequency alterations of DNA very gradually. Everything else happened naturally, as humanity fell into a state of separatism and survivalism. It was then that consciousness fell into forgetfulness where fear dominated every heart, which lead to duality thinking.

Evolution of a species is often a process intervened to through spiritual technological use in which there are beings who specialize in and co-ordinate this process, who are masters of Light and at genetics; who weave energies together to bring change in much faster.  You would have had to go through eons before evolving, as natural evolution takes millenia before successfuly reaching the highest state of consciousness and evolved embodiment in form.   These beings work to bring in a new expanded Light in how evolution works, when one is still in form, where you need assistance with this as you cannot do it by yourself. This will not be the first time we have co-ordinated this step on earth where, as we have our ships positioned throughout your skies, we also have crystal cities of light in which these light chambers are each accustomed to the users' vibrational frequency.

Know that I don't exist as one sole individual in this incarnation; but as a collective of higher consciousness in which I represent royal realms of bliss within the stars and hyper dimensional realities as an Extraterrestrial.

My role for ascension is just as a conduit of light to heal this world from distortions and separation caused through duality 13.000 years ago, during the Fall from Grace in Atlantis.
I AM an ascended master and Commander among whom we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light coordinating fleets of ships and weaving energy throughout the Earth with my twin flame, in the grounding and anchoring of unconditional love within Gaia and the entire Milky Way Galaxy.  All this for ascension.

Know that i exist as an extraterrestrial incarnated ascended master in this young form at this time, where I embody the wisdom of ages within me, in then intuitively articulating myself through creativity to bring about this abundance of knowing to humanity through these transmissions.  I write for ascension, at the age of 24.  I continue to keep it vibrantly and purely for peace in the establishment of complete balance and divine order on this plane beyond any separated notion.