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October 30 2015

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Stop worrying about all the evil in the world and just live. You will notice that evil spelled backwards is ''live.'' You can never change any unpleasantness outside of you through being negative about the same negative thing that is bothering you.

How you shine your light on the darkness is not by cursing, complaining and venting frustration and anger about it; you can never solve any problems in the world by using the same means that created the problem in the first place.

Darkness can be rid of by simply giving your unconditional love to whatever the distorted illusion is and this is how one shines their light on the darkness; not by resisting and protesting in fear, but more in shining your light through maintaining a stealth balance in peace.

Your ability to maintain and uphold peace in every moment of the now is healing to the unconscious separation in which those stuck within the illusion of duality are still currently experiencing.

It is through your inner strength and unconditional love that your energy expands out within the hologram in restoring all distortions into balance where this then gives those still asleep the opportunity to awaken and ascend if they so choose, as life is a choice of free will in which one determines what they choose to experience through their own intent and focus.

As a natural part of evolution you will soon be able to fly without the need for wings, materialize into any form, teleport to any point on the planet, walk through walls, lift objects effortlessly without hands, move in super speed, to include other abilities which the human body is capable of.  These will be active in the current upgrade and restoration of dormant DNA strands as the energies in central sun downloads continue to increase more into your awakening within unity consciousness.

Keep soaring high on your path; you are leaping into higher states of consciousness with each effort placed through your own practice in the raising of your frequency.
Notice many who are trapped in separation will try to convince you, with the lower ego mind, that you are weird or strange in talking about ascension and practicing meditation. They will, in their confusion, try to convince you that your Light work is irrelevant and that you cannot alter the outer conditions of your world through transforming your inner world and living a balanced life. They will then tell you that ascension is not real and that you are just a human being, so therefore you cannot express unconditional love because you are imperfect. This is not only an error in consciousness, but a serious deceptive illusion, as you are eternal and most powerful...  beyond what the mind can comprehend.

It is not necessary to focus on what others are doing or saying; but more in bringing your focus and intent within, in aligning with the balance that exists as your true Self.

Be gentle with yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself.
This is raising your frequency more within unity consciousness.
You are born of love and light.
Know that peace is your natural state of being.

When going through each moment in your daily experience, notice what you are telling yourself in every instant and ask yourself if your choices are those made from ''love and peace'' or those of ''fear and separation.'' --  Are you being kind and compassionate? Or is your ego telling you something else, completely opposite from love??

The whole concept behind rivals and enemies is an illusion. We of the Light do not consider those who serve the darkness our enemies or rivals. These beings are merely in a lower vibration to us. We do not judge their choices; and yet we do not say we support their ways either.

Unconditional love is the only reality that exists. These beings are merely stuck in the confusion and separation from their true nature. Within the illusion of fear they maintain and uphold, in truth they do not know what they are doing, and will eventually be returned and recycled back into the light if they continue with their actions. One can never escape karma.

Unconditional love is the highest frequency in the multiverse. Fully embracing this inner truth comes with an open heart.  Cultivating peace through daily practice of inner stillness brings all distortions of fear and separation from this Oneness into harmony and balance within Unity consciousness.

It is necessary to dissolve the separated, lower ego mind, which is the voice that is always constantly imposing itself as the I AM presence through thought. Much confusion of reality comes through identification with the illusion of fear; fear that you are a separate entity from nature, from the universe, from God, from your soul, and from  the collective consciousness... that you are a body, having a spiritual experience. This is very untrue and disempowering, as in truth, you are Unconditional Love Itself, as the foundation of all that exists.

Everything that exists is essentially of unconditional love; even those who choose darkness as a way of being and as an expression. These aspects of unconditional love play a part in the Divine Plan as catalysts for growth through means of evolution where it is always important to keep an open heart, not to judge or display resentment or hate towards their actions, but rather to be of peace, have compassion and love for them, as it is this act of selflessness that defines the true power that resides within you as pure unconditional love... which you naturally are, as Source.

A new beginning, a new way of life.
This is the 5th dimension; there is absolutely no turning back.

It is through our intentions, as to how we manifest Unity consciousness.

As the incoming energies increase and manifest fully, it is important to focus our intentions more within, as we align ourselves with the Divine Plan of our highest awakening:  who we are, as source.

This means seeing Unity and Oneness in all things; being of peace and embracing Love in all moments and in all our actions.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek