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November 23 2015

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Know that we have approximately 1.000.000 scoutships deployed from their space stations and command centers which range from about 50 miles wide, mostly bell shaped and disc shaped in form. There are others, with unique shapes and forms, and technological capabilities which vary in their highly diverse advanced make.

You might, by now, be aware that our Light craft exist within much higher frequency than that of your 3rd dimensional density. There are those who are open to seeing our craft through the Third Eye, and we, on many occasions, decloak ourselves just so that more people can see us. We have now stationed 1.000.000 of our craft, which are navigated by special Galactic forces, who have been given the order of seeing to it that there will no longer be any explosions permitted to take place on the surface. Each cabal nation government's entire airspace is now under the control of the Galactics; there will be no employment of military jets or planes upon our global disclosure.

We now sit in our ships smiling down upon you, observing the magnificent work we see you doing as the earth looks brighter from our motherships; a new hue-manity is awakening and we see that you are leaping into the final stages of this transition in which we are to meet and greet you in a joyous celebration of your awakening within higher dimensions of expression in consciousness.

Hue-manity is being assisted by over 250.000 Galactic races in this Now moment... who are now for global contact.

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Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek