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NOVEMBER 24 2015

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek


Inner peace is the true liberation of being, where only through this means of being outer peace then becomes possible.

It is not so important what is happening outside of you; the truth of your being is never dependent on outer conditions, but more on your inner openness and balance.

Global contact with who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light is upon humanity in this Now.

You will continue seeing more of our scout ships appearing in their numbers within your skies during this magnanimous event unfolding toward world peace for all on this planet. As this happens, we ask that you inform your loved ones of what is about to take place and what is taking place in this Now within your world. Urge them and others that there is absolutely no need to fear, for we are your loving brothers and sisters from neighboring worlds near this cluster of stars known as the Milky Way Galaxy.

We have our mother ships positioned within your solar system which will not enter your atmosphere, as we do not want to cause fear in which these range from 500 to 800 miles long and 500 miles wide in diameter. These are occupied with inhabitants from all over the multiverse; mostly from within this universe, who are humanoid in nature, some with physical features similar to humans and some different in their physical genetic makeup, all preparing to meet humanity for first contact in this Now.

Let go of fear, and embrace your love.
Holding onto fear is never helpful when raising your frequency, intending to expand your growth in consciousness, as fear is the energy that contracts... which doesn't allow you to grow... keeping you in bondage and stuck in the limitations of mind. This creates a vicious repetitive cycle of distorted patterns in which separation strengthens itself and therefore manifests more fear within the mind.

It is always unconditional love that allows for an expansion of your growth in consciousness to blossom in a graceful way, with ease; therefore allowing your frequency to expand within higher states of awareness in divine speed through your ability to cultivate and maintain this pure essence within where you are always experiencing your love as source.


The inner Earth is a subteranean system of crystal cities aligned to one major city capital which is Agartha of Shamballah, in which other cities include Shangri-la, Telos, Mikos, Catharia, Petiti, and Mt. Shasta.

As I am connected to the Inner Earth priesthood, I often attend ascended masters meetings with Adama, Zorra, El Morya, and other ascended masters from the Earth council hierarchy in the discussion of current affairs and progress on the surface. I am also here to see to the balance of this world; to make sure that humanity doesn't go extinct. All for ascension.

Those of the Hollow Earth await to meet surface humanity in this Now with thousands of fleets from the silver fleet and eagle command to assist all terrestrials preparing for Ascension.

The population of the Inner Earth crystal cities will come to the surface to assist humanity to release themselves from the illusory clutches of duality along with all the bondage placed upon humanity by the cabal.

It will then be that surface humanity will be taken for a journey and tour to see the subterranean world after First Contact.


You are now being internally upgraded within a higher state of consciousness through light codes intended to expand and accelerate your DNA's reactivation within a Christed frequency, where the energies in this Now are intensified to bring you into a restored and harmonized expression as Source.

Your dormant DNA is being rewired back to its 12 strand original Christed blueprint in which all that is not of a Christed frequency is being brought to the surface for clearing. All distortions of fear are being released in this Now to bring about a clear path for you in order to evolve fully into Unity consciousness within a fully activated crystalline light body expression.

Those who still exist in a dense frequency will not make it through the Galactic center of the photon belt as the body in its dense vibration will not be able to handle the intensity of the light radiating from these amplified frequencies.  One must at least vibrate at 33hz in order to make it through this shift of transformative energies.

All 144,000 crew members of ascended masters are under the guidance of 24 guardians of the Elohim who originate from the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun which is a hollow planet of plasmic light and not just a burning ball of fire in the sky... seen as just a sun, as perceived on Earth.

The Central Galactic Sun, Alcyone, is a collective of higher consciousness occupied by highly evolved etheric beings known as The Shining Ones who are the true Creators of this entire solar system, existing as 12th dimensional beings of light who can choose to manifest as whatever they choose at any given now moment, whether it is a star, planet, extraterrestrial and sometimes as a human in a dense form, in order to monitor progress and evolution in the physical realm of matter, but... without being affected by the matrix illusion or whatever is happening within the hologram. They are not born, like humans; these beings just materialize in whatever form they choose... often even as animals.

Know that the Mothership, known as Nibiru, which is about three times the size of planet Earth, crosses the skies and travels at 1,008,600,272 feet per second at the speed of light to reach this solar system, aligning with the Earth in order to release energies from a stargate portal. This portal exists within a crystal dome, allowing it to absorb and break down light from the sun in order to release this energy to humanity, dismantling all matrix traps placed by the dark cabal to keep the illusion of separation going.  Nibiru is, because these traps were the same traps that the Annunaki helped create in order to enslave humanity for thousands of millenia, which the cabal has since used to keep humanity trapped in bondage and confusion.

The Annunaki has since returned back to the Light. They wish to assist Earth during her time of transition from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension through providing assistance in dismantling all that they helped create and  which their minions are still carrying out. They wish to restore peace and balance back to Earth humanity under the guidance of the Galactic Spiritual Hierarchy and the Company of Heaven. This is part of why they have returned to this realm in this Now.

You will notice more ships appearing in your skies as this momentous and long anticipated event unfolds on your world. This is most definitely, beyond any doubt from the mind, leading to global disclosure of our Galactic presence on the surface in this Now.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek