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November 27 2015

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

NOVEMBER 26 2015

6:55 am

It is important to know that these transmissions are a freewill choice of your creation, where reading them is a choice of your own making and not a forced obligation.

These transmissions are not about the past, in which the lower ego mind will say, "I've been waiting for this to happen since this time and that time," - "I've  been waiting for the Galactic Federation of Light since 2012, 2011, 2010 and the 80's and they didn't show up.  I'm sorry, but even though I've been seeing spaceships since then, I still don't believe it."

The lower ego mind is always complaining and bringing up more problems instead of solutions, saying, "Hurry up and land your spaceships, we have been waiting for too long, there's too many people dying down here." This is what the lower ego mind is always expressing, instead of being calm and creating peace and sending out healing and love; it is always focused on the negative aspects.

Ascension is never about waiting for anything or anyone outside of you, and blaming others when things don't go according to your expectations. This is just not the case, and will not be helpful or productive to one's conscious evolution and expansion.  We are aware of everything that is happening on the surface and understand the effects of these actions, not only on Gaia, but on all life that exists within Gaia, where reminders of such occurances are unnecessary.  It is important to be aware that the reason your world still exists as it does is because many of you still allow it to.  We merely follow cosmic law of non intervention and do not just act because we're driven to, or want to, as it is in actual fact your responsibility to restore and heal your planet.

We will only land our ships when the frequency of Gaia permits such an event and when the required m├áss of humanity sincerely invites, with open heart's;   until then, no dates will be provided of any landings.

NOVEMBER 25 2015

11:19 AM

Know that every single one of these transmission's I transcript for ascension are very serious and should be taken as such, as there are no jokes here on my mission for ascension. These are to prepare you for what you are about to witness in what is about to unfold through global contact with the many extraterrestrial groups and councils that are on standby in this Now for global contact. As I prepare you, it is important to know that you will need this guidance so that you don't go into fear and shock as the many announcements to be released will really be shocking indeed.

10:54 AM

It is never productive to focus your energy on all the drama that is happening outside of you, no matter what it may be.

Everything unfolding within the outer hologram is happening as a means to bring in the necessary energetic changes in order to lift Gaia and humanity from the lower frequencies of duality into a pure non-dualistic reality of unconditional love.

All the dramatic events happening outside of you can be seen as a way to allow others to awaken and come into their inner truth and the truth to this holographic reality.

The most important focus in this Now is cultivating a frequency of unconditional love through embracing inner peace and practicing inner stillness in order to sync and align the mind, emotional, mental bodies within a balanced presence of unity and harmonized cohesiveness in your full activation, within unity consciousness and a light body expression.

9:54 am

As a trusted Commander within our Light Federation, I have always, from a young age, had visitations from Et's guiding my path into ascended mastery.  I  had always felt an urge within me of being something greater, but not really knowing what it was, as I was just a young boy growing up in an unaware family who didn't know any better about life or the nature of the reality we lived in, let alone aware of themselves. Feeling that being human was limited, as I felt more non-human than human, I didn't quite fit in at school and within society. This  was not easy for me, as I couldn't understand how humans behaved: seeing pain everywhere, separation of cultures and people, ego expressions of impulsive behaviors where people drink, pass out, and laugh about it the next day... people enjoying killing for entertainment, hate of others, and fear being the motivation behind most of everything. I had witnessed much trauma in my life from violence and conflict, from those around me, to include my own family.

As a non-human entity, growing up within a human family, I always knew that I was not alone. My first encounter with ET's happened during my early childhood days, from the age of 6, in which I always had dreams I couldnt share with anyone. I had an understanding and awarenss that nobody would understand,  so I kept it to myself. These dreams were often of me being on motherships with tall beings who I spoke with telepathically, in which they often took me on tours within gigantic rooms which vibrate at different frequencies.  Many of these rooms are translucent, with a different theme to every room, in which the floor is like water with crystal pyramid vibrators that allows for each of these rooms to shift to a mood that vibrates to your frequency.

We then went to where galactic meetings are held in which a huge screen displayed different worlds that existed multidimensionally -  that co-exist together, to include the Earth, which are levels of Heaven in a sense. These worlds represented the divine hierarchy of the Creator, in which I was shown why I incarnated on Earth:  the reason being, to bring Earth back home among these Heavens.  I was shown, on the huge mothership crsytal screens, as I grew up, and these visitations continued my mission. It then became clearer and clearer to me, that I am now your ascension guide in this time of awakening, as a non-human entity in this human form.

4:04 AM

Through embracing love as all there is, this creates a ripple effect of divine energy that reaches out to others around you and around the world to experience and awaken to this Truth within themselves, as well as Creator.  This also heals the Earth, aligning the animal, elemental and etheric kingdoms in perfect divine harmony and expression. This allows all beings on Earth to consciously be open to all these dimensions of experience within the Earth hologram as the Christ expression.

3:57 AM
All beings who exist upon this planet will feel the love which radiates from the heart of Creation upon Gaia's final ascension transition within the higher realms of the 5th dimension, in which even those who are heart hardned and entrenched in the darkness of duality and separation will indeed feel this intensified frequency of unconditional love from the heart of Creation, which is the heart of the Creator.

December 29, 2014 at 7:55 am

Ascension timelines will always lead to disappointments in those who invest their manifestation energies waiting for such dates to arrive. The only moment there is is Now. In being anchored within the heart, predictions don't matter.

All that matters is the energetic work that one is always cultivating within the heart through more peace, in releasing fear and separation from the mind in this
Now moment.

NOVEMBER 16 2015

4:53 AM

It is important to know that I am merely here on Earth as a volunteer, in this time of ascension, to assist humanity to ascend into the higher realms of our community of Christed beings. We exist within a vast hyperspace existence of multidimensional networks of advanced and evolved extraterrestrial civilizations all over the multiverse, where only unity exists.

I've had to travel through a vast black hole in order to reach this omniversal universe in my etheric sub-light merkava craft, just to reach the Milky Way Galaxy from the future.  I came and exist... I came as an orb, along with 144.000 other non-human aspects, who came as orbs, where we then went to the etheric levels of the Inner Earth in order to assume bodies to incarnate into. It was not at all easy, existing as a 12th dimensional consciousness, to incarnate into a very dense 3rd dimensional body.  We none-the-less incarnated into these dense bodies just to free the earth from the clutches of darkness which humanity was entrenched in. So that when this time came, we would then come out to serve our mission openly, which I am doing now, in Service to the Light.

We had to assume human bodies, which allowed us to openly interact with humanity and share our energy, to restore balance through healing the Earth.  Had we come in our original expressions, as extraterrestrials, we would have probably been slaughtered for being different on Earth.  Humanity was experiencing an intense period of insanity during this 13.000 years in which we had to incarnate. This was very destructive, not only to us as the ET's, but to the Universe as well. What was happening on Earth could be felt from the vastness of the multiverse. This distorted Earth's morphogenic field, affecting the entire solar system. Then we, as the ET's, had to re-balance this with our unconditional love, as an evolved species of consciousness.

4:09 AM

I love you all unconditionally, in the most radiant Light of the Christ. It is a blessing to walk this gracious path with you and to be in awakening with you on Gaia.  In this now, you and I are creating what has never been witnessed in the known and unknown history of humanity.

This is our moment in time, where we are changing the world, as we are more vastly powerful together, as one.

We are now commended and encouraged by the Archangels, seraphims, cherubs, ascended masters and all our family upon motherships within the stars and within the higher dimensions to continue with the wonderful work that we are doing. Our efforts for peace are completely lifting Gaia from all lower frequencies within the 5th dimensions. We are already successful in this. We are congratulated for our efforts and patience to continue, despite what we see happening outside of us, with all the drama in the holographic world.

The Creator infinitely Loves you all; as you are all the Creator.

3:52 am

Through embracing gratitude for what is, you are always allowing yourself to receive the vast and infinite blessings of life within the Now.

Gratitude is the most powerful aspect of manifestation, as it brings you in harmony with your heart's desires and therefore cannot be used as a means to try to manipulate any outcome or result into being.

You can lie to yourself, but you cannot lie to the universe.  When being grateful,  this has to come from a genuine place from your heart through faith, and not from an expectation of wanting to see results. Gratitude is an affirmation of solidifying what you already know is within you.

NOVEMBER 15 2015

8:25 pm

As I, in this Now moment, exist in this world through this form which you can recognize that my earth parents has named Garrith; your eyes are not seeing the entire truth, as the mind always identifies in perception.  I am not my skin color, nor am I this form in which my consciousness embodies, in order to experience this holographic reality.

In truth, I am merely pure consciousness, without form and without color, without a name, or any personality identity, where i am the radiant Christ essence which is in truth God.

8:15 pm

We are returning to our first nature in this now moment, which is unconditional love, where those choosing fear will continue experiencing blockages that will prevent them from ascending into full consciousness as fear is the energy which keeps one stuck in stagnancy disallowing spiritual growth and creates the illusion of duality which doesn't exist within the higher dimensions where as you cultivate and embrace unconditional love you will realize that fear cannot exist within any higher dimensional frequency, when you raise your frequency or light you infact dissolve fear in order to free yourself from its clutches of bondage and distortions which exist through the lower ego mind which manifest in many forms of separation.

It is important to know that it is the mind which exists in polarities, where unconditional love exists as a singular frequency which encompasses all that is of not love.

Unconditional love has no opposite, and fear is not its opposite as love is all there is and that exists, in which fear is merely an illusion of the mind.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek