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December 2 2015

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Special Note from Anne:

I am getting so many good reports on our transmissions through Garrith.  Today Jane and Billie told me that Zorra says the latest messages from Archangel Michael and Garrith are right on target.

I have also just learned, through Jose, who corresponds with Garrith, that money is very short in South Africa - he is running on very short data allowance and has, at times, had to stop posting his transmissions.

I do not think it was by accident that we linked up with Garrith and these direct messages from the Federation.

I just sent Garrith some money via PayPal and Jose says he was very excited and hurriedly bought some data.

If you'd like to help, and make sure we are not restricted to short messages, or a break in messages, here is Garrith's PayPal contact:

Your payment will be acknowledged by another name,
but I have tested and confirmed that it goes to Garrith.

December 2 2015

Through our intentions is how we manifest Unity Consciousness.

As the incoming energies increase and manifest fully, it is important to focus our intentions more within, in aligning ourselves with the Divine Plan of our highest awakening, within who we are as Source.

This means seeing Unity and Oneness in all things; being of peace and embracing love in all moments and in all our actions.

Amongst all the changes taking place within the political, financial, social, spiritual, solar and planetary level, humanity will experience profound internal change due to the ascending frequencies.

Be love and just shine your light.

There is no other time but Now.

Continuing to wait is an illusion which continues to prevail in many.

Go forward and embrace growth.

It is always important to return to the Now when the mind shifts into illusory paradigms of past and future.

This Now moment is the only reality that exists beyond all separated illusions.

This time of Ascension is a time of divine reunions with our twin flames in the Spiritual realms and also in the flesh.  In this Now, we are also meeting our Galactic angelic family and friends from our places of origin within the stars...  all in preparation for global contact toward an ascended realm of pure unconditional love within the 5th dimension.

It is important to be in awareness of souls who are still operating from a separate expression, who are controlled by the lower ego mind and cabal programmes, who will suggest to you that these transmissions are inaccurate and are from an ingenuine source. These individuals will forever always be complaining with the mind almost about everything, as you will hear it yourself from the endless chattering mind streams of thought coming from these same individuals, often asking endless questions which might seem valid to pay attention to, but are in truth not.

The mind will say, "Where is your Galactic Federation? Tell them to land, seeing is believing,"  --  "They have been saying that they will land for so and so long; which command do you serve?" -  "Which council do you represent?"- "So and so many people are dying; what are you as the GFL doing about it?" 

The lower ego mind creates unnecessary skepticism and judgement, without allowing these individuals to go within and confide counsel and guidance through the heart space. The mind only sees in separation, often asking, "What about Project Blue Beam?  What about the New World Order?  What about the Reptilians?" --  The ego mind is always in panic and fear, instead of being in a calm space. It then says, "You sound like a transhumanist!  I dont trust you! What is your agenda? Who is telling you all of this?" --  Which, overall, is just merely the voice of ego always looking for reasons and explanations, as it expresses purely from the pain body.

You will notice that these transmissions are not about telling you what to do, nor do they request a following.  I am sure personally not a teacher, but only here as an Extraterrestrial volunteer to raise awareness about Ascension and Disclosure. The most important practice I give guidance about through these transmissions is inner stillness and living from an open heart to raise your frequency and awaken to your highest potential as Source. This continues to cut through all facades of illusion and expands into unconditional love, which is the foundation of all that exists. And how one can experience this awareness within themselves; never about fear, as these transmissions cut through all veils of illusion and false perceptions from the mind.