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A note from Anne:

We are truly honored to have the benefit of these extraordinary Galactic messages.  As I mentioned earlier, Garrith lives in an area of South Africa that is quite impoverished. Work is not available. And yet these vital messages are flowing through him.  Garrith wrote me an email (see Dec 6) in which he expressed his gratitude to those who have helped him with his data expense.  And I see we are now able to receive longer and more detailed messages.

If you'd like to help, and make sure we are not restricted to short messages, or a break in messages, here is Garrith's PayPal contact:

Your payment will be acknowledged by another name,
but I have tested and confirmed that it goes to Garrith.

Dec 9 2015  1:47 PM

It is important to know that there has been an increased wave of incoming energies radiating from the Galactic core through the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun system.  Earth has reached a level in Light quotient that has allowed many ascended masters from distant star systems to travel to Earth through teleportation via stargate portals and major grid vortice points, such as the plethora of megalithic ancient pyramid structures located throughout the globe. These are, in fact, more than mere structures; their true purpose is the functionality of generating energy and moving this energy out into the grids of the Earth in maintaining a high level of balance within every aspect of life,  energetically. With this technology activated at this time, it has allowed many mentors to transition into Gaia to assist with the Ascension and Graduation of humanity into higher consciousness.

Upon global disclosure of our presence and contact with each individual with a risen frequency will a mentor be assigned to assist each of those who have been focused on ascension, where this mentor will then be with you untill you fully awaken into your christed nature as source, in which you will then be an ascended master or masterress with your new light body allowing you access to a multidimensional network of realities which you experience in singularity, as being activated mean you are no longer 3rd dimensional but a multidimensional being.

With this leap in conscious evolution, this will then mean that a new race of humanity has been given birth to, a conscious humanity, a new species of divine hue-manity meaning God Race, under one unified field of consciousness, serving only unconditional love, living in peace for life eternal, where this will mark the new Golden Age of Light in fullness.

Dec 9 at 12:27pm ยท

This time is a time of letting go; letting go of anger, letting go of attatchments to people, places and situations. It is a time of letting go of trying to control everything, letting go of identifying yourself with the hologram, letting go of the past and the future, letting go of expectations, letting go of false perceptions about reality, and more importantly letting go of fear and endless judgements. This all creates much inner turmoil with yourself, and not with someone else outside of you, as this reality is a holographic expression of your own creation as source.

Letting go of resistance and allowing Love to move within every aspect of your life will bring much inner peace and balance from all distortions of fear in your life. What you resist, you create more of, which will persist more and more, such as the case in protesting against the cabal. You cannot win through this method. This is like fighting for peace, which is not possible, as more lives will be lost than saved.

Creating peace comes with fully embracing this essence of unconditional love within yourself, through an open heart, and being peace in every moment which is very much expansively healing to the human consciousness, as this invokes the power within every soul and counters the darkness. This is what the cabal do not want you to know, and would rather have you fighting and protesting, as this is the energy they thrive from. If they are not given this energy, you can see that all power is lost, as they will no longer have control over you.

Love is all there is, where everything else is merely but illusions posing as something real, which is not.

3:06 AM

This Archive of advanced spiritual guidance exists from who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. It continues to be important to know that being able to receive this information is a blessing that is not to be taken for granted. Much time and effort is placed in producing such accuracy and simplicity within this guidance for all who are drawn and resonate to it, to better assimilate it into their daily spiritual routine. These transmissions alone are very powerful and vibrate to the frequency of higher awareness within the still space inside the eternal here space.

While reading through these transmissions, you will notice that the mind then tries to
analyze what is being said through the filters of logic. It then shuts down these Light encoded filaments of divine information. Then, in that instant and moment, shifts you into a calm state of balance and inner peace. You become more expansively aware within and stronger in frequency.

As the creator of your own reality, you will notice, as you should be aware, that there are no mistakes in the universe. You are drawn to these transmissions because you had made a conscious choice before incarnating that, as a divine aspect of the same self, as reflections of Oneness, I would then be a perfect instrument of unconditional love to guide you into your awakening. This is how we ended up together, through this form of expression in the Now of this moment. In truth, my energy reaches out throughout the entire planet and can be sensed and felt by many Light workers who recognize this frequency, knowing who I am as Commander Vrillon of the Galactic Command.

Dec 9

There are beings who live in the oceans deep within the realms of the inner Earth who have been in hiding for 13.000 years since the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis who once lived and swam freely on the surface oceans before humans fell from grace into fear. They are known as the mer people, or mer-maids and mer-men, who will come back to the surface as soon as Disclosure is announced and ship activities and movement on the surface oceans have been stopped. Many gigantic light ships and aqua vessels 500 meters in diameter, who we are of the Light, will emerge from their current locations under your oceans to reveal themselves. There will be an introduction of beings who have been residing therein, performing their roles and missions for Ascension in assisting Earth and humanity through cleaning the oceans and balancing the magnetics and meridians of the Earth.

This will all happen in an instant after Disclosure announcements.

Dec 8  7:33 am

While meditating within a still space in the heart center, I received communication from Commander Ashtar sharing with me, through his wisdom, that there has been an ongoing activity of cloaked cloud ships within the atmosphere of the Earth. "We have also decloaked many of our ships for humanity to see and be comfortable with, in not seeing us as a threat." He told me that the time for secrecy was over, as Gaia has  asked that a global mass decloaking of ships be initiated in order to proceed with the necessary changes to completely lift her from the lower vibrations. She is now ready to ascend and full disclosure of the Galactics be announced for everyone to see in their part of the world with all ships decloaked. There should no longer be any hiding from who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light.

I then saw these ships decloak in their millions, while observing the excitement this caused to Light workers and the joy exuded through this magnanimous event. Everyone stared at the sky with wonder and ecstasy in then anticipating landings to take place,  while all the ships hovered in the sky for all to see, flying stationary with many of our diverse Galactic crew of Extraterrestrials waving down on the surface to humanity, with all of humanity in calmness of what was unfolding, instead of running and screaming "Alien invasion!" in panic.

Commander Ashtar then confirmed with me, Commander Vrillon of the Galactic Command, that this was what was to follow the procceeding RV and NESARA  announcements to the world at large. This is happening behind the veil of illusion,  beyond any doubt from the mind, as the cabal has lost all power on Earth.

Dec 8 3:52 am

It is important to know that any failure of our mission for Ascension within this dimensional plane during this time of the Now is impossible. It continues to be important to have faith and patience in the Divine Plan set forth for Gaia. Humanity is, at this time of evolution and vibrational expansion in frequency into the 5th dimension and beyond,  within our Christed hyperspace existence of highly spiritually advanced communities.   Hue-manity is being integrated into this now.

Mature souls, who take full responsibility for their creations, will never make excuses as to what is stopping them from raising their frequency which, in turn, raises the frequency of the Earth and awakens those of the human species. These souls will always be focused within the heart and never outside of themselves, despite any political decisions being made or economic implementations and any circumstances before taking action. They are aware that through transforming themselves within,  they are then in turn transforming conditions within the hologram beyond any mental comprehension from the mind. The mind, which only sees in separation, will instead say, "I'll believe that when I see it... what a whole lot of mumbo jumbo," when in truth,  this is just self deception based on the limitations of logical analysis which keeps many stuck in duality.

Dec 8 2:57 am

Know that it is important to discontinue placing your focus on channelled messages from sources which tell you that this or that is going to happen tomorrow, next month or next year within a linear timeline.  In truth, all linear focuses are merely illusions of the mind which are mere distractions that cause you to shift away from the only reality that exists, which is this now moment.

There is no mistake that the highest possibility is that you are being mislead when reading such channels, as these beings know and understand the restless nature of the mind. They create expectations within you to wait for these dates and times where they then come to pass without what was said happening as it was said to happen. This then creates much frustration and anger towards who we are of the real Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. The dark are aware of just how much you want to see radical changes in this instant, which they then use to their advantage to keep many souls disempowered through locking them down within illusory mental paradigms of time,  instead of receiving guidance whose focus is more in the Now moment and guides you to go within, in consulting with the wisdom of your Higher Self for clarity about matters of Truth.

You will notice that these transmissions are never about any mental linear focus. They do not give any dates or timelines about Ascension events or any portal activations.  These merely guide you to live in openness of the heart and to continuously cultivate a still mind from all ego distractions which tell you that there is something more important going on outside of you, than within you. This is a very deceptive illusion, as, in truth, the most important focus to embrace in this now is within you, in which inner stillness continues to be a most pivotal aspect in raising your frequency and awakening fully  within an aware state of being as the Christ. The body is just merely a hologram of the mind, and not who you are in essence.

All power is always within you and is guiding you in accordance with your own will.  When you are more focused on what is happening outside of you, in waiting and saying all the time with the mind, "Why is this all taking so long to happen?" you can see just how easy it is to fall into being manipulated, tricked and misguided by the cabal. When cultivating a non-linear focus within, then this cannot be possible, as you will have no expectations towards what is out there, but only calmness, peace and clarity within, in fullness, which eliminates any feelings of being disappointed or betrayed. This is also an illusion where this reality is a holographic expression of your own creation as source.

December 7 2015

Beloved Anne,

It is important for you to know that as I am just awakening, gradually,  into my Christed self, I am not a channeler. None of my transmissions are channeled;  they are purely the guidance of my Higher Self which I then put into words. Because of my ability to do so, in assisting others to also get in touch with that aspect within themselves, all the transmissions I transcript derive from an inner knowing, not from what someone told me. This is why I take full responsibility for what I write  You will notice that I have always been accurate on many levels. I do not wish people to get the wrong idea about me, that I channel the Galactics. I do not consider myself a channeler. Should the Galactics need a message delivered, they just give me a picture. Not so much words, hardly, but only a picture in which I put into words myself in the best way I can articulate what is transmitted into my consciousness. I go on auto writing mode, but not in trance. I just needed to share this with you, as I do not wish to be labelled a channeler; but merely a Galactic emissary. Thank you for everything you do, beloved Anne, you are so sweet, so kind and humbling to the heart. Thank you for being such a healing presence to humanity and to all of us, as Light workers here on Gaia. My endless love to you, Angelic being.

... the transmission you have just mentioned now, there are those in which I solely share about my own experience as a Galactic. There are 144.000 starseed soul ray aspects who, individually in their own unique expression, exist from other star systems and worlds.  Within the higher dimensional multiverse planes, there are about 2.000.000 Light workers volunteering from other dimensional planes within the 250.000 civilizations assisting Earth and humanity with her ascension: Andromedans, Sirians, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Procyonans.  Within the 144.000 which lead the Ascension as Light bearers and Light holders, there are those who will leave the planet when landings happen. They will return. And there are those who will stay behind and leave at a later stage of the Earth's Ascension. The transmission was merely based on my own personal experience and what my Higher Self was sharing with me then. Yet even as this happens, the Earth will none-the-less be filled with space ships in the sky. The Galactics will never leave after Disclosure; Earth will be a new Galactic civilization of Light. Various educational faculties of study will be taught to humans by the Galactics. A decade is truly short. The Earth will thrive in abundance and peace until its final transition. 144.000 was the synchronized geometric activation number necessary to lift the Earth from the lower vibrations and to awaken humanity in lifting the veil of illusions over consciousness and liberating Earth from duality.  We are now doing just that, being Wayshowers and doing the necessary Light work to fulfill this. Yet, humanity will need to carry this out, themselves, upon Disclosure and what follows from there, as we would have opened pathways for this to be possible. We will have done our job. Really, we don't all want to be known, yet there are those who will represent the entire 144.000 collective in the public eye as soon as this revelation about us is shared with humanity.   Some of us just truly wish to return home. Some will spend a little more time here.

Dec 6 9:23 am

We will all have a huge Ascension Reunion Party celebration soon on one of our motherships' crystal cities, Athena. Those resonating at a high frequency are all invited. All 144.000 crew members will be present along with other extraterrestrials from all over the multiverse who will be celebrating this long and unprecedented event of ages.  The party will continue into the higher realms with humanity's Ascension Graduation as Galactic Hue~man`s. This will indeed be a celebration of celebrations where we will celebrate till all is liberated.

A time approaches where we will all meet. It is a time of unity; serendipity without accidents, as the word implies. More discoveries with the intention to be discovered and experienced in fullness, joy and love for life and all that exists, and reunion between distant relatives, as we are all family.

You will all be pleased and overjoyed with the work you are doing to raise the vibrations of the Earth and leading humanity, as guardians of Light, out of the darkness of separation. The Light is ever increasing more, where this is most amazing to observe from space. You are all beacons, being filled with luminous radiant light.

Your efforts are successful. Keep going.

December 6 2015

Garrith's gratitude to those who helped him financially - enabling his acquisition of more data and longer posts:

The reason I did was just to thank you for your support and going out of your way just to help out, as I understand that you, too, have your own matters of importance to focus on. I would just like to thank you beloved divine. I love you and I would just like to ask you to extend my gratitude out to those of the H.E.N for their gracious love and support as I appreciate this with my heart and beingness. Thank you divine one.

Dec 5  10:57 AM

In traveling light years from Sirius A, just to be here for ascension, I had to go through a supermassive black hole in a sub-light spacecraft with my non-human crew of ET's where we then had to journey into physical human bodies just to fulfill this mission for Ascension.

Know that where I come from within the cosmos, there are no Wars, greed and archaic concepts of nationality. Through evolving and shifting within the Galactic core many millenia ago, we have transcended duality long since time immemorial to humans, with sentient beings now united under a common heritage.

Dec 4  5:20 PM

Ascension is all about dedication, focus and consistency. It is through your commitment that Awakening within Unity Consciousness assimilates itself beyond any logical comprehension from the lower ego mind, in which this divine process is also beyond mental analysis as this just places limitation on the experience. Just allowing and embracing unconditional is all that's necessary to evolve within a higher state of awareness.

Dec 4   5:16 PM

With being health conscious through regularly maintaining a consistent physical excercising program to your daily spiritual routine comes the end of the aging and death process. This happens through slowing down growth cells within the body which then vibrate to a frequency of zero point. Atoms and molecules within the body shift property from dense to crystalline wave atomic particles enabling the activation of your Light body which is, by divine nature, vibrantly immortal.

December 4 at 4:43pm
It is important to know that these transmissions will stop just as soon as disclosure is met and landings start taking place, as they will have served their intended purpose. I will then have to go into our conscious motherships in order to go into Light Chambers in the healing and complete restoration of my DNA and full activation within Unity consciousness.  I will then return to Sirius for training of advanced spiritual faculties as a multidimensional being. I will be gone for one Earth decade, then returning with Commander Ashtar along with 144.000 light masters within the command. We will then return in our glorified Light bodies as demonstrations of the highest Love of the Christ expression to humanity, upon our return into the New Earth.

December 4 at 4:14pm 

Know that I exist as a royal expression of the Light within this dimension. I represent who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. I look, in appearance, human; born into a normal human family and life. In truth, I am not human. I am an Extraterrestrial incarnation from the higher dimensions of Light as part of 144.000 volunteer ascended masters who are here at this time to lift Gaia from the lower frequencies of duality into the 5th dimension and usher in the 7th Golden Age of the Light.

My civilization exists within a parallel plane in the star constellation of Canis Majors within the Sirius star system. I have now been on Earth for the past 13.000 in linearity.

I came here as part of Gaia's Clarion Call to the higher dimensions, upon the destructive technological fall of a civilization known as Atlantis. Scientists and factions of the cabal had waged a war against the Lemurions who were very spiritually oriented and advanced in technology. The Atlanteans were also very evolved, but lived in oppressive hierarchial structures in which the leaders of this civilization were more technologically driven. They were more interested in power and competition through being the best and most advanced among everyone else. In allowing themselves to be influenced by the cabal and working with these cabal without any council from the Atlanean people this then put not only Atlantis at great risk, but also other neighboring civilizations. This eventually led to a self destructive demise, which has continued and prevailed till today as seen among today's humanity.

This is where we, as star seed guardians, then decided to volunteer in order to assist Gaia through restoring balance in the schism created within the harmonic flow of Gaia's grid meridians and distabalized poles which caused intense and turbulent weather such as great floods and volcanic eruptions, storms, intense heat and so on. This affected and impacted human consciousness in a major way and caused devolution of this species.

It is important to know that all of this is being restored back into the Light in this Now where there will soon and finally be peace and balance within all levels of the human consciousness experience. This is evident through the increased Light frequencies radiating through the Central Galactic sun system, transforming all who will accept this Light in this Now. As these energies increase more in our transition into the photonic belt of the Galactic core, everyone will feel this unconditional Love and make a conscious choice to evolve as this gradual transition unfolds more into its completion stages.

Dec 4  10:08 am

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

I AM the way the Truth and the Light.

I AM the giver of life.

I AM God.

Dec 4 9:45 am

There's no devil or hell; this is all just an illusion you have made up in your mind.

Unconditional love is all there is to embrace in every moment.

Anything lesser in frequency that causes you to feel fear must obviously, by definition,  be an illusion.

Dec 3  11:44 AM

Peace always comes through always grounding yourself within an open heart, without judgement, blame, complaints, persecution of others, fear, impatience, anger, frustration, and any form of separation from the mind. It is always important to consistently embrace appreciation, forgiveness, kindness, joy, empathy, compassion, understanding, humility, optimism, Oneness and unconditional love in fullness.

Through cultivating inner stillness, you are grounding all aspects of peace as one naturally harmonized expression. The more you embrace self-love, this then becomes like walking. You become peace, where all you experience and express within, is your unconditionally loving Self who you are as Source.