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Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

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December 17

3:00 pm
Know now that beyond any and all illusions from the mind, you are God with a capital uppercase letter "G" and not a lower case letter "g."
All the power is within you Now.

Go within, embrace the stillness which you are; embrace your unconditionally loving self, and be calm, dissolving the lower ego mind, the voice in your head.  This will allow you to awaken to this awareness and reality of being into a frequency of unity consciousness.

2:30 pm
Know that every soul aspect of consciousness is a representation of the entire whole in which every soul on Earth, even those who serve the dark, are a reflection of who you are as Source. No soul is ever separate from you.  Each soul, or aspect of consciousness, makes the entire whole. We experience the illusion of duality as part of an agreement on the soul level, in order to evolve and grow more into our power as Source Beings inhabiting a body so that we may be able to experience this expansion through the physical illusory experience. We forget who we are, upon incarnating into a holographic body. We then have to awaken to our nature as multidimensional Beings of Light through embracing our innate power which is unconditional love. This is what we are, in essence. 

2:03 pm

I often transition in my etheric Light body into our conscious motherships which are 500 miles long and wide in diameter, in which I then meet with the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Agarthans, Tularians and many other Extraterrestrials who exist in a higher dimensional frequency, who are Ascended Masters in nature.  We then sit around a crystal roundtable which also modulates frequencies of those attending the meeting, often downloading information into our ship's motherboards and processing this information, to diagnose all the distortions on Earth. We then discuss the immediate importance of peace and cleaning up all the high radiation from all the explosions caused through missiles and other chemically derived manufactured biological hazards which affects not only the Earth, but works to numb consciousness and depopulate Earth humans through its inhumane destructiveness.  Then, communicating these downloads of information from the motherboard to other motherships, all the ships come together, surrounding the Earth, forming a grid, transferring high Light quotient  of healing energy, strengthening the grids more and intensifying the Earth's frequency, so that when she ascends, it proceeds in a calm and non-destructive manner of being.

We also discuss initiating a mass clean-up of all those who serve the dark, along with those who are controlled by the dark who are not ready to ascend yet in this lifetime. This includes those with much karma to clear in general. These beings will be teleported to another Earth-like planet which is not Earth, but very similar. They will serve out their karma with greys, reptilians, draconians and all kinds of rogue beings there, to only experience an opportunity to ascend in another 26.000.00 years to follow in linearity. Those of a low frequency continue to be removed from the planet.  More of those who operate from an egoic and dark nature will transition through the death process to be recycled back into the Galactic core of the Great Grand Galactic central sun, to make their path easier in reincarnation so that they are able to ascend and find peace during the enclosing of another 26.000.00 year cosmic cycle.

Upon returning from motherships, I then transition back into my human body, where I then assimilate my higher dimensional experiences into my DNA. I encode this into my transmissions with the assistance of the Galactics and Archangels, through which I expand this informatiom out into the world with the utmost of divine unconditional love. This reaches light workers of all natures who also then rise the frequency of the Earth more to rid this planet of all darkness and completely anchor Heaven on Earth in fullness within a 5th dimensional reality where only light exists, beyond any illusory natures of duality.                        

December 16

10:34 pm

Open your heart up to the reality of Heaven on Earth Now and visualize this into being. Heaven's prosperity and abundance is your divine birthright.

If you can see it, then you have it. Have faith in the divine plan; all is Now.

5:49 pm

It should be noted that I do not encourage anyone at all to all of a sudden make the choice of leaving their occupation and start handing in resignation letters in the confidence that this redistribution of funds will happen in a blink of an instant, as this might impact your lifestyle if you are not cautious in your decision making. These transmissions impress that the currency reset is a sealed deal and is enacted in this Now where every nation and its president, including congress,  is aware of this.  There are individuals who must play a part in providing their signatures for a final approval to get fund's disbursed throughout major banking systems. It is then that one can take the step and approach any one of these banks to claim these funds. By no means am I responsible for how you choose to read these words; yet I do encourage you to have faith in their truth.

4:21 pm

Know that all the passengers who were aboard the Malaysian flight mh370 which the cabal attempted to blow up, where the engine on the right exploded with one wing falling into the ocean; your controlled governments claim that the plane also blew up and sank into the ocean. In this process of an attempt to cover up their lies and destructive acts, the Agarthans will emerge from Hollow Earth to share with the rest of humanity what exactly happend on that day, in detail, and for what reason's.  We of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light caught the plane safely and landed it without anyone being hurt in the process; then transporting these individuals to a safe retreat within the Inner Earth of your Hollow Earth, as they were not safe on the surface  where the cabal would have definitely attemted several assasination attempts to the scientists who were aboard the plane who carried with them very important information and documentation that posed a threat to the cabal establishment and structure to enslave humanity.

We continue to work towards the safest method to world peace for humanity in the Ascension of Gaia where there will not be any destructive impressions upon our meeting with the world in revealing all that is of truth and restoring balance to this world. We now have our best battalion of ascended masters of the Ashtar Command Ground Crew working diligently to get the truth out there to those who will listen. These individuals appear human, but are, in fact, extraterrestrial emissaries who serve the Great Grand Galactic central sun Alcyone, being great guardians of the multiverse, peace keepers, who are also raising the frequencies in order to break the spell of darkness over this planet, lifting the veil of illusions imposed upon human consciousness through manipulation technologies of the mind which keep consciousness traped in limitation and suppresses free will.

The truth will be revealed soon, where all cooperate structures will fall and plummet. Those who resist change, will have no choice but to accept it, as this is what is happening, with or without them. This will proceed in succession of the Earth's ascension. Those who do not choose to ascend will be teleported to another cabal controlled duality matrix plane. This will all happen in an instant, as the Earth must now evolve into her pristine state and crystalline expression, as the paradise for Gods and Goddesess which she is; as, in truth, Gaia is a Goddess consciousness expression, and not just a rock that orbits in space with unaware humans that inhabit her body who think they are the only species that exist in the universe; not being aware that there is a multiverse of highly advanced and spiritual civilizations that exist within the vast and infinite cosmos.
cellation of any and all debt owed to the reserve bank by the people and the government's of the world.  All debt will be declared null and void.
ill soon cease, in effect, as all guns, military war machines, marine vessels ect will be disabled All in this Now.

December 16 2015
6:30 AM Mtn

It is important to know that all currencies have been confirmed for a global reset and will soon be enacted for the public to know and be aware of through education programs that are set in place.  Pivotal announcements will soon be made where funds will be reimbursed and distributed to each nation of the world to restore balance and eradicate poverty within every aspect and structure of society.  These funds will also be used to allow a cancellation of any and all debt owed to the reserve bank by the people and the government's of the world.  All debt will be declared null and void.

All the Gold that was stolen and kept in underground bunkers, kept secret by the u.s.a has been returned to its rightful owners which are the ancient Asian Royal Dragon Families. As we proceed unto signatory matters for funds to be released into every major banking institute through the central bank, this will then be made public knowledge to humanity. For now, those who are aware of such account's will need to keep it under their discretion in terms of claiming any of the funds at local banks.  You will be assisted and issued a sufficient payment from these funds to allow for an easier life without worries or stress of money. Then, those focusing on ascension can solely focus on their spiritual growth in elevation, and healing the Earth further as she shifts more into the higher realms.

The cabal have lost all power over humanity, in which some will be contained, with some given amnesty. These cabal have attempted, by all means, to stop and block these funds from public knowledge, now being enacted to free humanity from a monetary economic system based on debt slavery. They have sprayed chemtrails in the air to poison humanity and depopulate the earth... starting a chemical nuclear biological war, also attempting in many instances to start a civil war against nations and its peoples. They have failed in all these attempts, indeed. We of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light have always been 50 steps ahead. We have planned this under the the Company of Heaven for thousands of years. We were, indeed, well prepared for just about anything they had planned in their own fall and demise.

Know that global contact with who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light will follow right after announcements of abundance and prosperity distributions through the N.E.S.A.R.A program to the global Earth community of surface humanity. We stay positioned with over 2050.000.000 star ships prepared for decloaking in this now moment. The inner Earth inhabitants will commence to reintroduce themselves to the surface world. Many accounts will be shared with humanity on this auspicious Event of the Ages where many goverments are preparing for shut down in this Now. You will notice many high profile officials being arrested; and many of them declaring resignations of seat from their positions of power, including high court judges and those of Congress. All wars in the Middle East, South and North Africa will soon cease, in effect, as all guns, military war machines, marine vessels ect will be disabled All in this Now.           

December 16
12:21 am

Set your Light free, and know that you are, in essence, the Christ.
Go within and keep raising.
Keep expanding, stay committed.
You are awakened; full consciousness is within your grasp to experience in this now moment.

December 15

7:45 pm

It is important to know that these transmissions do not represent one singular race or group of ethnic beings on Earth or off the planet, neither being black, white, yellow, green reptiles, red reptons, pleiadian, sirian, andromedan, arcturian, blue avian, lyran, centaurian, mushaba, akan, ect., as this is just DNA  that makes up the diverse races that exist within the multiverse.  This derives from one singular DNA from which all these races exist. In truth, the soul posses no distinction through any color, by any race. I am not even human; I do not identify myself with any form, as I have experienced life as Pleiadian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Lyran, Mushaban, Centaurian, as I am merely pure consciousness.  I only see in Oneness and never in separation.

This reality continues to be an energetic holographic material plane used as a catalyst for the soul's growth into higher stages of consciousness. Through this,  the soul embodies multi-various forms, expanding into the essence of the Oneness it is and evolving within higher density multidimensional realms of beingness.

Unconditional love is the foundation of all that exists, which makes up the fabric of creation itself.

7:04 pm

As reflections of one heart consciousness, we of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of your Galactic Family and Guardians of the multiverse are never something that is outside of you.  We only exist within a Christed expression. We, in essence, exist within you, where there is never any separation within this divine and sacred space.

All is One.

6:47 pm

The journey is within, not without.
The heart is the doorway.

Don't confuse your path with your destination.  Just because it is stormy now, doesn't mean that you aren't headed for sunshine.

1:45 am

Know that anyone who wishes to explore space will have the opportunity to in the near future, upon a time where humanity has embraced who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. Teleportation devices that allows instantaneous travel from one destination to the other will also be among the available methods of transportation.

As we progess into this ascension process, cars will soon be a mode of the past. Any pollutant that uses fossil fuels, including airplanes, will be recycled and exchanged for electronically navigated aircraft. Humanity will also be gifted with free energy space shuttles, allowing cleaner air to breath.  Large city sky scrapers 150 miles long that hover in the sky will be part of a new mode of living,  to expand land space on the surface, preventing more chopping down of trees and an increase of endangered species.

A time will proceed when money will be a means of trade of the past. Humanity will have evolved to a state of unity, cooperation, and correlation in cocreating as one race, through a level of awareness in consciousness. It is then that humanity will begin visiting other civilizations within our vast hyper space network of Light Beings in fullness.

12:49 am

It is important to know that these transmissions are from who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. I receive messages from all kinds of cabal-controlled souls calling me a phoney, cult, antichrist, and others sending foolish threats telling me to stop with these transmissions. I already deal with 4th dimensional lower frequency cabal entities attacking me from all dimensional spectrums, the government sending lower frequency gamma to my location, and you still think I will stop?  No I will not stop and I am, in fact, not sorry for this. I will continue revealing the truth, you cannot stop what is coming to you, I will cast you all into the Light and restore peace back into your dark souls.

You cannot get to me or near me, cannot track this device I am using, cannot disable this account or alter any material on this ascension platform. You cannot hide any of my posts, they have reached thousands of souls and thousands will expand to a million. I have now hundreds of ships surrounding my parameter and if you think that you can harm me, think again, I will continue with my Light work as your time nears, while your demise draws closer.  I will be the one to apprehend you and gladly restore you to purity within the Light of Source... to whatever corner of the universe to which you flee;  you cannot escape.

May the Light of Source free you from the bondage you live in, and may you finally awaken to the truth of your heart. I stay protected in the white Light of the divine and embody the Violet Flame in high light quotients. Surrounding me are legions of angels from heaven. My existence continues to be purely of service to humanity and Mother Gaia. Those of you attempting to stop me will experience endless reincarnation cycles in the lowest dimensions of duality before you are returned to the Light; By that time I will be a solar logai creating more experiences in dimensional frequency.

December 14

11:45 pm

Know that it takes a serious focus, dedication and consistency to ascend higher in conscious awareness and raising your frequency to vibrate to the activation of the Light Body.

It continues to be important to cultivate inner stillness in order to climb more into a higher frequency, where, through doing this, you then calibrate your DNA to match the frequency of Light to that of which your consciousness vibrates. This Light then exudes through the holographic body as a glow which forms an aura where, in fact, when you vibrate to this higher frequency, your cells then start behaving differently; they take on the characteristics of Light.  Atoms in your cells shift from that of a dense frequency into Crystalline Light Matter, where the light of your consciousness shines or is reflected through the body.  In truth, the Light Body is merely an evolved version of the dense carbon matter body or hologram.

When you're activated into the Light Body, you glow in radiance. This radiance then keeps the body vibrant. You then shine in youthfulness, never aging, or growing wrinkles, as you are in that moment expressing a higher vibrational state of consciousness which comes with a harmonization of your eternal expression/consciousness actualized in form. The body can then be used as the tool/vehicle to experience the hologram it is and be let go at any time of the soul's journey, with the soul's will, without the body dying. The soul can then explore other cosmic dimensions of experience on its divine path in growth and expansion.