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  Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek
Commander Vrillion

February 14 2016

10 hrs -

Live to love.

11 hrs ·

Know that it is when the mind is empty and silent from the illusory false egoic Self that one can experience unity consciousness.

Cultivating a state of stillness results in endless peace from the chattering lower ego mind. It is in this state of bliss that one experiences the true feeling of Heaven and being free.

11 hrs ·

It is when we begin taking responsibility for our lives as Creators and recognize the importance for inner growth and our evolution as one consciousness, that we discover a vast and endless reality about ourselves and our true nature as multidimensional beings. This includes an understanding and awareness behind our interconnected nature, the world, and creation.

Recognizing this responsibility to ourselves shifts us into an awareness beyond the Illusions that we tell ourselves and others are the truth; the illusions we have collected from the world within the holographic illusion.

In awakening from all these illusions that keep the soul limited from evolving, we focus more on exploring the vast possibilities that exist;  we work on improving our quality of life through cultivating a balanced life. In embracing balance within, we heal our wounds and heal the body, which then vibrates to the frequency of the light that resonates from the soul. As we increase in our vibration and expand in awareness, we experience a full blossoming of inner peace within ourselves.


On behalf of myself, the receiver of funds, and who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, I would like to thank each and every individual in this group who has kindly and generously contributed to our efforts and mission to maintain a continuation of daily posts within this advanced ascension platform of spiritual guidance.  I am also thankful to those who contributed their positive energy through prayers of love and light;  your service is appreciated.

Your financial support will help us continue in our mission and to assist those who are just awakening to the truth in all its expressions. Your heartfelt support makes it possible for these transmissions to exist to an even broader audience in making this planet we all live on a greater, more peaceful and balanced place to live.

Thank you again for your support!
Sincerely, Commander Vrillion,
Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek.