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Guest Post by

Hope for the World

Ok, my darlings, gather around, for I have a secret to share in these dwindling moments before the world is magically transformed in the twinkling of an eye.

For sure, this has been an arduous ride for all of us, right? We are ALL beat up from days/week/months/years of plowing this desolate field of uncertainty, fighting this "Great Earth War" -- and who hasn't noticed that in the past few days it's gotten worse??? There is death and pain and arguing and distraction EVERYWHERE!

We are ALL exhausted!

Which is why I have saved this little secret which I wish to share with you fortonight. You need it. You deserve it.

Now, first a word about myself and who I am. I am Hope for the World. I'm that little niggle in your heart that reminds you that you are indomitable. You are resilient. You, my darling, have been to hell in a hand basket -- yet you are a Magnificent Being who would not be here at this time of the unfolding of the Plan if you weren't.

Trust me on that one.

As Hope for the World, I have been with the Creator Source Father-Mother-God from In The Beginning. You could say I'm kinda like their "go to" girl. They say jump and I say how high.

So I know a lot about them. I have seen them in action throughout countless aeons; I have observed a great deal about how they go about being who they are and doing what they do. I really wish I could tell you all about them, but simply put, they are indescribable. There aren't enough superlatives in all of existence to describe those two. So, I must leave that part up to each of you to envision on your own.

But there is one little thing I can verbalize about the Divine Mother-Father-Fusion that you absolutely DO. NOT. SEE. COMING.

I promise. This will be a shocker.


Here goes.

Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father are ... funny.

I mean, really funny. In fact, they're downright hilarious. They are constantly laughing and teasing each other. It's never a dull moment with them! Most comically to me, they regularly strive to outwit each other (which is quite fascinating considering their profound individual intelligence - lol!).

And here's my favorite part. They absolutely adore each other. The can't get enough of each other. They're like two teenagers. Though neither would ever admit it, each is secretly convinced that they are the lesser of the duo while the other is the greater. (I kid you not.) They are the epitome of love birds.

They are eternal twin flames. 

So, please take this to heart as we enter the final phase of this Universal game changer. Know that the Cosmos rings with the love and song and laughter of our Divine Parents. They want that for you, too. Their message to you on this beautiful Full Moon night is this:

Dancing in the Moonlight

(And they would love for you to join them!)