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Reading for Anne DeHart and HEN Collective
November 1, 2016
Hollow Earth Network
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Anne: This is Anne DeHart and I have Michael Ellegion standing by. I have asked for updates for all of us as we’re in this transitional period.
Today is Tuesday, November 1, 2016. And we're asking for clarification of our current status with our beloved family upstairs and I won't announce who I'm expecting. I'm just going to turn it over to Michael. And with that Michael it's all yours.
Michael: it's interesting you know things sometimes pop up in my life and lately it's been kind of some of the stuff that I personally am experiencing in my own way it seems to be one of the themes. It seems they always give me kind of a precursor, a cosmic hors d’oeuvre in previews of coming attractions and I'm having kind of an interesting experience so I think they're going to talk about this.
A few years ago I met my twin flame and because of circumstances I couldn't connect with her. You know this is what's going on all over the planet right now, I’ve been told. In fact I had a vision a few weeks ago that was very significant. I saw myself with my twin flame inside this big mothership in a room so big we could hardly see the other wall. It was interesting because of some things I had experienced in my life, some insights I had gleaned in a relationship I recently had. You know sometimes relationships last for a while and it's the difference between 3 dimensional and 5th dimensional relationships in how you handle them and when the relationship follows its natural course and comes to an end and you still stay friends with that person. You don't have all these hurt feelings because there's no karma involved. It's smooth. It can be a transitional relationship from another relationship that prepares you to be with your ultimate other half/ your twin flame. And there's not many twin flame couples on the Earth at this time. In the past it didn't happen that often either throughout history.
But there seems to be a lot of significance being placed on the twin flame/ divine couple aspect right now and it seems like in my own life sometimes when there seems to be some focus on some theme on the planet, I seem to be drawn into that myself. You know where's all the action going on? When I use that phrase it's kind of the spiritual aspect of things. Like the financial thing that we’re going through. You know it's looking at it from a spiritual perspective not the materialistic, financial aspect. So it brought this vision on because of things I experienced in my own life and being around one person and channeling this person’s other half through me. It was coming through me all the time and I didn’t want it because it intensified it in a way, but because of that experience over several years the higher forces gained some insights about relationships.
One of those beings I've been channeling for years is Voltra who comes through me and gives a lot of insights. And as he says you can go to hundreds of thousands of different Earth psychotherapists and psychologists and never really clear out all the stuff because there's such a lot of complex things especially in relationships. So we all want to find that ultimate person.
And I said like in my own life I met this person. It was incredible but of course I couldn’t do anything because I was in another relationship and I'm always faithful to the person I'm with. But it's interesting because I don't know I was just talking and in my mind I was seeing this movie from many, many years ago. I just remembered it suddenly. And the theme was kind of like what I'm going through in a way: these two higher beings decide to go down to Earth in duality to see if their love is strong enough that they'll recognize each other. As so often happens one of the divine twin flames will recognize the other, but the other won't recognize him because they're in another relationship and it’s just not the proper time; there's all these obstacles. And that was the thing about the movie, there were all these obstacles and barriers that were going to be in the way and they were only given a couple of chances to see if they could overcome that to come together. And in the movie you know they meet at a party but she's with somebody else and he can't be with her and he feels all these incredible feelings, powerful feelings but he can’t say anything.
And so one more opportunity comes along and they’re passing each other in a busy crosswalk of a street. She’s in the walkway crossing and they pass each other. He doesn't see her because she's in a crowd of people but he feels her energy. As he reaches the sidewalk it’s like one of those moments: that’s going to be it. And of course he feels and he turns around and she turns around and they see each other and suddenly they have a chance.
But I’m just saying, that's how it is often in situations with relationships that sometimes we meet that person and we can’t be with them and also circumstance itself timing and everything.
But anyway getting to this vision I had in this mothership, it was very powerful. It was unbelievable. I knew that my other half was there or her Higher Self was there and all these couples were there. They had brought forth the significance because this relationship I just had and the channelings of this person's other half was really powerful and some new data occurred. Because in the old timeline the twin flames would never be together until the evacuation. The old timeline, a worldwide evacuation, the emergency evacuation had occurred and only a third of humanity survived. And even in this new timeline that we've come in where now it's going to be 90-95% of humanity making it through, and now it’s going to be a more open first contact scenario. It was still kind of that twin flames wouldn't really be together until we were lifted off the planet but something shifted in the last few months because of some data received because of what I experienced in my relationship and a few others on the planet experiencing similar things. The other half / twin flame of the person was coming through the soulmate aspect so it was as if they were with their twin flame energetically.
And so in this vision it was very powerfully shown suddenly there were thousands of couples, hundreds of thousands of couples that were now getting ready to be reunited. And it never happened before o Earth at these number of couples. This was a major important thing. It was very profound in its effect on me. It was interesting because many, many years ago in the first relationship I had that lasted 25 years but at that time early on in the relationship the Higher Self of my other half, Lady Celeste, came in and told me – it was kind of cryptic at the time. I didn't understand what she was talking about. (Sometimes they do that purposely to protect the person and also they don't relate to linear time at all.) And so she said something about -- and this was at the beginning of the first relationship-- that ultimately, later on in life, she said something about an aspect of her was incarnating or just about to incarnate or something like that. And I almost forgot about that until just recently when looking back and recognizing, finally acknowledging to myself that I had met my twin flame. But I couldn't allow myself to give in to the feelings because if I gave in to those it would been embarrassing and it wasn’t the proper time and then recently I'm finally allowed those feelings to come up. Because I was in a relationship and I didn't allow myself to really experience those feelings and then it was overwhelming because all of this other stuff came up too and now it was time to start to prepare to connect.
But it was interesting because she had said this thing about later on in my life and for me it was like three different relationships I was going to have and now I'm getting ready for this third one. So I bring this up because of the significance that things sometimes happen in our life that at the time doesn't make sense or we’re trying to understand what does that mean; it's kind of cryptic and then suddenly everything falls into place.
So this vision on the mothership was significant for many people and they told me that almost all of the people I would be connecting with in some way from now on through my sessions, personal transformational channeled readings would be connected with this reality in some way. There was a few divine twin flame power couples but not very many or the twin flame of them would merge through a soulmate situation in such a way it would be as if you really were with your other half energetically. Even if you weren't physically, it would still be that energy, very powerful.
Anne: You know, Michael, that was just what I was getting ready to ask you. Since you have seen this vision and very significant impacting thousands of couples, thousands of twins and power couples if they had a session with you would they get further insight? Do you feel that could offer further insight into their making this connection?
Michael: Well yes. And when I say yes there is this kind of caveat …
Anne: I know you can't guarantee anything, sure.
Michael: One thing I can say -- I made the statement earlier where the experiences I seem to have in my life … because they're always guiding me to be kind of on the cutting-edge or what's ever happening on the planet seems so significant for planetary transformation/planetary changes -- and so the twin flame aspect is kind of a new thing since even though I knew it was there. And then suddenly when my own personal, what happened in my life in the relationship area is opening up in this way in a very profound and Anne, the thing the significance of my experience where my twin flame didn't realize – just like in this movie I saw, she didn’t recognize and that was to protect her until the time was right by having kind of a shield around her heart.
Anne: Yeah, that makes sense. Many may have already made that connection and it triggered something very overwhelming but it wasn't appropriate for a 3-D connection at the time down here.
Michael: Anne, the thing about my sessions that I’ve been doing since 1979, it's not just the conscious information that they're bringing through, it's the higher light encodements. Now what I received in regard to this session, and it's kind of being clarified right at this moment, I kind of got it and now it's more clear is that the higher light encodements relative to the fact that the people will be connecting through my sessions who are destined to be a part of this twin flame couple experience, either because there’s a few actual twin flames or again the higher energy of their Higher Self and the twin flame merging through the soulmate aspect that they’re connecting with. It's as if they were with the other half that the higher light encodements are designed to help the people, the light workers, the ground crew members that I connect with to help them connect with their other half. Now up until recently the higher forces had to be very careful just like when Lady Celeste told me an aspect of her was in Earth embodiment but later on in life and it was kind of cryptic because they didn't want to let the imbalanced forces at that time, which were in more and greater in number than now, the majority, the bigger ones are removed even though there are still a few minions running around so we have to use a lot of discernment. But, the vast majority of forces that would have blocked the twin flame couples that's one of the reasons why only one of the couple is in embodiment usually. Now that's being cleared that's why these thousands of couples can now come together and not have things blocking them. It's also the energy of the planet is shifting and it's causing massive numbers of relationships all over the planet to be broken up if it's a karmic thing or if it's not the twin flame aspect that they’re destined to connect with on the Earth level. And it's affecting the planet, it's affecting the political, the financial, every level of the planet, what we’re going through.
Anne: But it's also raising the vibrations because this connection is really going to raise the vibration of the planet as well. Isn't that true?
Michael: Yes well one of the themes that’s been coming through the sessions for quite a while, and there's millions of forms of this, is surrogacy. And I realize that my life and what I'm about to experience, what I'm going through, and what a lot of other couples are going through, it’s like we have these what we call templates, kind of like a love template surrogate experience for ourself that’s profound. And of course when we realize something our other half doesn't know it, we haven't even spoken to them, but there is this underlying aspect because their Higher Self comes to you, comes to me, and says, hey, reach out, communicate because it’s now time. Even though there is a hesitation on the conscious part of the person for whatever is going on in their life and finally the link up occurs, that's a template which is helping many people who feel like it’s impossible to meet this person, there was a relationship or whatever. Things are dissolving on the one hand and opening up new doors.
Anne: We might also say that if people are compelled or all of a sudden they feel like it's time to end this relationship, they should pay attention. Is that right?
Michael: Absolutely. Again the difference of how relationships break up if it's a fifth dimensional type there's not any big drama. The relationship kind of comes to a natural close when the couple looks at one another says you know I think we need some space or whatever. Because of a relationship I just finished, even though we will always be friends, she and I had made an agreement in the very beginning that when we get close to meeting or being with our other half we’re going to dissolve the relationship. That was what we agreed to and well that's what happened. There was no big drama, we’re still friends, we talk every few days, but it opened up. And now suddenly because I was not in a relationship, because I’m a one-woman man it’s not in my DNA /RNA to be unfaithful, to stray, or break somebody's heart. I can't do that, I just can't. I don't know why people would do it. I hear stories people's hearts get broken because they're unfaithful or they’re just emotionally so toxic their heart gets broken. So I couldn't do either of those kinds of things and now that suddenly the relationship was over, suddenly I could give in to these feelings and not repress them. For 4 years almost 5 years I repressed them. That's the most horribly difficult thing and the person would come around me because of the classes I would have … oh my God … so anyway I'm not going to go there… I'm just going to say very intensely I've got to go get a cold shower. [Anne laughing] Anyway, very intense. I have to repress it and be faithful to this person but I can't deny what I'm feeling.
Anne: And it’s there. It’s nothing you created. It’s overcoming you. That's right.
Michael:  It's so overwhelming because you recognize them. I realize there was this shield around her heart because she was in this relationship that became very toxic and her heart was broken so I’m in the process of sending all this wonderful healing energy to her, you know, to help her come out of that aspect so she can finally connect and I can tell her on a conscious level, this is what's going on, this is what I feel. No one has to accept or not agree or disagree just with an open heart… You know that kind of thing and the rest will take its course. And when it's time to be it will be.
So it's very profound when you meet your other half. There's no way to describe it. There's all these incredible feelings that come and so you just have to flow with it. And for me, for having repressed it for all those years, and now it’s like you want to yell at the world what you feel but there's certain times you can't. You have to keep respecting a person's privacy and those things. But I felt that my experience, my journey is symbolic in a bigger planetary sense and this vision I had was definitely showing this sense of what many couples are now going through and its effect on all Earth levels of society, the planet. And even this one person I was talking to said the twin flame aspect coming together is also the energy of twin flames is what holds the planets and the systems together. And as everything's breaking up so are the old relationships all over the planet. That's just it.
So as you said Anne, people need to pay attention to what are you feeling. Are you feeling like the relationship is coming to a close? Is that it? And can you still be friends with that person because you don't want any karma with them. You want to finish up the natural course of the relationship. And now in some cases, relationships will continue to endure in a much more powerful and wonderful way if the twin flame aspect can merge down and if their soulmate’s aspect is there. There is a karmic relationship where people get kind of caught up into the drama of it and when all of a sudden it happens they’re shocked, they’re freaked out and everything, because they're not looking at the situation.
I'm going to let our friends upstairs do their bit here. I wasn't meaning to get so much into that. It just happened and I shared a little. I wanted to summarize a little bit of what was going on so hopefully other people who are trying to figure out what's going on in their life and maybe they're experiencing something similar and they don't know who to turn to and talk to, you know, allow yourself to explore those feelings. And you know for me it's like you have to make sure that you’re respecting the person you’re with and still fulfill your purpose. And that was a little hard sometimes in the past to do but I think our friends upstairs will help clarify that. And what implications that as far as anything else that’s going on in the planet too. Because the center of the love aspect, the relationship aspect is being highlighted.
And Ashtar has said this before and he'll probably might even say it today when he refers to the financial thing and he likes to use human expressions because he finds them colorful, descriptive, and trippy. He tells me that. He says, and you know, he goes in the financial area with the new system coming in, the RV and everything about to happen, he said yes it's ‘time to get the bad taste out of your mouth’ and experience unlimited abundance. And he says in the relationship area of the karmic emotional stuff, it's time to get the bad taste out of your mouth in the sense of now being finding that beautiful soul, the love of your life, the goddess of your dreams, the guy of your dreams whatever, that really is … either it's truly your other half or the energy of your other half coming through the soulmate. And the mothership in that vision, these couples were making that agreement. The soulmate aspect/ Higher Self allowing the twin flame to merge in so that the twin flame energy would be there in a very pronounced profound, profoundly powerful way. And it never happened on Earth before except in a few instances. Now thousands of couples are getting ready to experience it or are about to or are in the process of doing it. So let the pieces fall where they may. It's going to be very interesting.
I'm going to get myself ready here and do my little attunement process unless there is something else Anne you wanted to make a comment on or ask about.
Anne: I appreciate that Michael. Thank you. That will mean a lot to a lot of people.
Michael: We want to tune into Anne's energy and all of humanity right now. We want to tune in at this time to the white light of protection, purity, and integrity.  [Michael goes thru his attunement process]

Prime Creator: I Am that I Am. I Am the Prime Creator at this time coming forth through this channel on to bless all on planet Earth, through all the heavens, through all the realms of light and through all the universes. And it is the time now of great change and as those who I have manifested that I have brought forth and all of the beings of light, all the children of God, all of the energies of Divine Creation, Prime Creation that I bring forth now today. And as what this channel has shared regarding changes in the level of Earth and all levels. As I always want to express how much I love you, how much I love all of you. As others who have come through this channel have often said, ‘all souls on Earth are precious to us’, it’s just some of you are a little more directly energetically connected or available it seems at times because of attunement processes being more able to energetically on a conscious level embrace. And it is this desire within all souls to be fulfilled in all areas of one’s life.
But it is true as this channel is kind of expressing about the sense of prioritizing areas that bring fulfillment; bring joy; bring beauty; bring upliftment. And as was said, there are many, many forms of surrogacy; many forms even of mentorship; many forms of allowing experiences to unfold. And sometimes those who pay attention don't have to pay later, as an expression that was once coined, that is when you're paying attention or you desire, even if you think in your life or you feel that there is so much chaos that has been going on that you feel that it’s hard to concentrate, it’s hard to meditate, it’s hard to tune in and to receive. But I would remind you, all of my beloved ones on Earth throughout the realms, that when you have a desire in your heart especially in matters of love and the relationship area because it is my profound desire that all divine power couples on Earth as it is everywhere will be reunited with your other half.
I don't know how this will influence the conditions of the planet. When one is in a state of euphoric bliss and ecstasy of being with one's other half and be able to share that love, be able to express that, to have it shine from your heart chakra and all levels of your being, to be able to profoundly ground that energy and that very sacred relationship in the personal aspect of your life feeling so much joy and love for that person and to feel like you want to shout to the heavens to proclaim what you are feeling, that it is a profound experience.
It hasn't happened that many times on Earth because Earth has been a karmic training school. As it’s been said before that in my creation it was set up, and the way that evolution has always occurred there's always a few planets set aside out of vast reaches of universal realms a few that would allow the term laggards -- this is not a critical term or a cosmic term -- but recognizing some souls are slower learners, some are faster some are slower, those are just terms that are used.
And because of the unique nature as some would have said that I created a cookie-cutter mold and I threw away the form each time I created a being. Each of you are unique in a sense, so you all have unique qualities.
But with twin flames and the energy of that as created as truly two were to say a complete flame, the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine. But that came that time eons and eons ago that the twin flames separated to have an experience of what is it like not to be complete; not to have their other half with them in that completeness. This was another unique experience that had never happened in the universe.
Could one journey alone in that sense -- never really alone because my presence was always there -- but the sense of being incomplete or being half in that sense was the profound experience. And what this channel started to share, remembering a movie that was created regarding this sense of what could go down to duality. What could one remember, could recognize their other half, the dangers that were there, the risks of not being able to connect, the distractions, all of those things that so much of the time in human society, the more modern, so-called modern world some would call it, in a sense of distractions and material things getting in the way sometimes but yet for those whose hearts are pure, who desire with heart, mind and soul that I want to be with my other half, you allow it to become a priority and you focus upon that. You can even make a little alter a little sacred altar where you create in a sense a sacred space. Allow the sacred divine energy or my energy to come in and to christen and to bless that space as a reference point to be able to ground to be able to manifest, a symbolic sense, a portal that you can energize you can create. It can be wherever you want to put it but you can call it a sacred altar as it represents like a little sacred Temple, it represents an energy of your other half, even if you don't know exactly, initially, what that person might look like.
But it is true as this channel himself experienced the sense of to meet somebody and to feel the energy, to feel the profound connection and yet the challenge of not being able to be together. Will the test of love, and in duality, can you pass through the initiation, the distractions and things that would stop you? Is love strong enough? Is that a priority not to be distracted? As you allow that sense because the divine twin flame energy itself represents the divine energy of love of the universe but it's in the pronounced more personal sense but it's still a very tangible energy, a very tangible force. Using that force to utilize it to enhance all other things in the sense.
So it is in understanding, an importance, a major priority that I am putting focus upon. That’s why this channel was guided to. In his own experience it was all [???] planned that that would occur as everyone in different ways are playing out different roles. No one’s mission is any more important than anyone else's.
You are all loved by me, by Divine Creation, we love all aspects of you on Earth and throughout the universal realms. Some things seem at times as if I take a little highlighter-- God's highlighter-- and putting it over to emphasize because we want to balance out other energies on the planet. So when we highlight something and we have it stand out, it is as profound wondrous experience especially in areas of the heart and of love itself. And what one person that goes through that profound reuniting it suddenly but powerfully spreads energy around the planet and it causes other great profound things to take place. Love is like the nectar of Divine Creation itself that allows the smooth flowing when the heart is truly open and is uniting with another soul. And of course all the songs and all the things that are brought forth, of in a sense, would represent that aspect.
So I could say that for all of you who will have the opportunity of hearing this transmission this communication that I Prime Creator and all of those also who wish to speak and what this channel has shared, all within hearing distance and yet even those who may not consciously hear this will on a subconscious level, will on a super conscious level know what I am sharing today at this time in linear time of Earth time so that it will go profoundly out there and cause a major activation. Kind of like a domino effect of building hundredth monkey effect, some called it in the past, that keeps on building in itself that profound love, that profound creative energy that comes through the divine love between couples and those that are truly connected on deep levels. And there hasn't been that many but now as it was in ancient times in some of the earlier Golden Ages there were many more couples that were together then are in the divine sense of energy coming together.
And many are not aware that in ancient cultures there were many traditions that were actually entwined like the Oracle and the Tantric tradition were both one and the same of the interactions of that. And then they split apart and became part of different cultures and different colonies from earlier civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria and Hybornea. And sometimes there was a disconnection but in the holistic sense of creation that I brought forth that I created the universe and the service to collective principal, is very much in alignment here between couples and the sacredness of that and how it reflects to the outer sense of the world. So in the profound focus in the relationship area the relationship with yourself and that is what is often mentioned too in the aspect of communications that before one can really be with their other half one must be able to profoundly communicate with themselves very clearly. That means a lot of that things would be barriers, that would be walls, that’s where many different beings who were specialists – cosmic psychotherapist as this channel referred to who are specialists within that area -- can help you communicate with yourself better. We know there have been many souls because of their traumas and problems they’ve experienced they have shut down their ability to be clear with themselves sometimes. I might attempt to come through them to the small still voice … which is not going to be small and still any longer. I've adjusted the volume control [chuckling] on the small still voice so now you can't ignore it. Now you will hear it. Now what you do choose to do with that realization you have free will. You are co-creators. You can choose to ignore it or you can choose to embrace it and surrender to it.
And when I say surrender to it, that sometimes some try to interpret, oh I am giving up my free will. No. You are actually given more free will. As in the invoking of “Not my will but Thine be done,” as Archangel Michael says many times. It is not a narrow religious prayer, it is a powerful cosmic mantra. That what you’re saying in your wisdom -- your galactic maturity versus galactic immaturity -- by profoundly embracing the highest priority of Divine Will, free will aligned with Divine Will that you are demonstrating your maturity your responsibility and because of that it is noted that you are demonstrating it. So I allow you in a sense the universe allows you to have actually have more free will because you are showing the responsibility of being able to demonstrate profoundly that you can handle those responsibilities.
It may even be argued now, I am going to mention this, many are very upset impatient about why is the RV, the reevaluation of world currencies, the global currency reset, has not occurred for those who have purchased currencies in those things. Well there is some interaction going on in some levels but those who truly are going to be the major force of transformational change in funding of humanitarian projects there at the planet, they're sitting on their seats.
It has been and it has been pointed out because I love you all so much there are no words to really define that love. I use that to communicate. It's just a sense of what my aspect is with you as having created you that you are that I love each and every one of you powerfully beyond human description. That I have your Higher Self is working in this regard in the sense of helping each and every one of you profoundly while duality still exists a little bit -- because it's rapidly going away and has been pointed out through other channels and communications very soon duality will never exist again in the way it has existed -- and there will never be this opportunity to challenge yourself in duality. No other place in the universe has this kind of profound spiritual boot camp.
Others say the spiritual boot camp ‘separates the men from the boys the women from the girls’. That's an old saying used on Earth but the sense of challenging one, can one reconnoiter, can one steer themselves through all the distractions of duality that could tend to pull you down, get you distracted.
And again I want to emphasize what I said for those of you who have in the past what you would say struggling to try to get more clarity. You’ve tried to meditate and you’ve had trouble, your intellectual left brain seems to be over active. But a time comes [???] things happen right and left brain to the new energies hitting the planet are profoundly allowing you to balance your right and left brain. It will become easier to quiet your mind to not be so active the brain rather because universal mind and thinking through the heart is one of those aspects so that you can begin to hear to see to understand what has been there for quite some time. There was the time factor. As was pointed out, this channel knows this, that some of the highest beings in the universe -- though all beings have been high, low. High, low is a relative term -- and all had been existing in different states of experience to understand what it's like; surrogate, surrogacy, role-playing get perspective and contrast as some beings have said. By taking those different levels and going different places the desire to grow to learn to experience is always ongoing.
So there is that aspect of can I challenge myself in duality, can I still stay the course and not get off course. And others such as Ashtar have said the only way that anyone who has been profoundly aligned with Divine Creation who comes on the journey who comes on the mission who takes Earth embodiment takes the plunge down here in duality that truly when you desire to do the right thing but you may feel like -- and this channel has connected with some who thought somehow their mission was messed up and they were concerned and troubled. And he knew right off, no the mere fact that you're connecting with me, he felt, was in itself an indication you’re searching out for truth. With me or would be somebody you'd connect with that you would find that insight and confirmation that you’re still on course. But as Ashtar has made a statement about the only way those who are truly sincere and dedicated could possibly mess up they would have to literally, with the intent and motive say, “I am going to miss my mission up!” [chuckling]  And who in their right mind would actually do that?!
So it’s not like, ‘oh I accidently messed it up. Oh now I’m a fallen angel, fallen being. There’s no hope for me now,’ kind of thing. I love you all so much that there were, shall we say, strategies put in place that would always give one, even if I thought I’d got off course, to be able to come back when there is the desire to embrace Divine Will; to embrace the highest and best that you are capable of doing and then some; that you would profoundly always be on track even when it seems you got distracted that your very sense of who you are energetically would draw you back.
So it is with twin flames that even though there may be times of since the coming down to duality and it was pointed out when they recognize each other or the possibility that they wouldn’t recognize each other, know the power of twin flames is too powerful, is too much magnetic an attraction, is too strong. There’s no possible way that you’d really miss each other.
Now that’s not to say that one of them, the one that hasn’t initially recognized might consciously because of certain things they’re involved in might resist it for a little while, but love has a way of profoundly overcoming objections on the conscious level, ‘oh I just don't feel this,’ or whatever they’re saying intellectually. But if they let their heart open up, they let themselves tune in and feel, there's no way they can possibly deny that power of love because that's their other half. So for those who say I met my other half but this person just is not interested. And if you really are clear that it is your other half -- because it is a profound knowing when you meet that person. It’s not some maybe or maybe not kind of aspect. So it's a sense of it's very clear but still there could be these walls, these apparent barriers and that is a challenge to demonstrate, to prove that love is always stronger than all the distractions and material things and all the so-called reasons why it can't work out or couldn't possibly be.
There is this one profound reason why it is and will be is because love itself between those two cannot possibly be broken ultimately. There may be moments of again things that might come up, as it is especially in the past, which is why divine couples were rarely allowed to be together or even when they attempted it the imbalanced forces attempted to block that divine union. And but now since the vast majority have been cleared out -- yes, it is true one must still use much discernment in these final moments of duality after millions of years it's been said, but ultimately and rapidly assume there's always a quality that has been greater and greater than ever that allows you to be able to perceive and discern. But having to struggle so much, but again there will be those who would say ‘well I struggle so to really get clear,’ in the past.
But again it’s the love of your heart. And sometimes and it is that profound, uniting with one's other half that also allows the gifts of the spirit to be actually amplified in many, many ways that wouldn't have happened before because now there's a total double energy of one's other half and of themselves as they journey and travel the wonderful path. And it‘s true that it is something that's profound to experience that journey on Earth in the most difficult planet in the entire universe as it has been described for relationships and those things. And that's one of the things about Earth in itself. That was the challenge to demonstrate that love could overcome the most difficult obstacles and you could still be connected and be reunited.
So love will win out in the end. As is also one of the profound dynamics as it is in the higher world that when divine couples are always mostly together, twin flames, and even while you're sleeping as it has been pointed out, many have had glimpses of it , that you are always with your other half aboard the lightships. It’s just when you come back down to Earth the conscious self, caught up in all these things that have been caught up into. But profoundly what this channel's vision brought forth and was confirming and is a confirmation that will play out over the planet, that all of those who have been separated, who yearn to be with their other half, and especially that yearning becomes a major priority in the sense, then that is a promise that you will in fact at some point in the coming time as the months shall pass, that is to say when exactly – and if this channel kind of thought about it -- maybe it's like the RV. It's hard to predict. [chuckling] It's one of those things that the old ‘no one knows the exact hour or time of the day.
And that phraseology it's like cosmicly classified top secret. And if we use that phrase, that is I protect all of the situations until they are allowed to unfold in a natural wonderful way that no matter what the walls and the blockages, because you will never know sometimes-- because I do like to surprise you with wonderful things, little epiphanies, miraculous miracle happenings, (I have plenty of those I'm going to be throwing out to all of you) that will get rid of the funkiness, get rid of all the darkness and depression and broken hearts, all of the sufferings and pain that so many have experienced in their desire, their yearning to be.
And as this channel says there is this intergalactic energetic thing that was set up by fellow galactic beings of light to bring couples together. You can sign up today [chuckling] energetically through your heart, your desire. Okay, I want to be a part of that. And compared to the Earth even though that has worked for many too, but to see the energy that's being focused upon this because if you look at the rays that's going out from the love and the romance and the relationship area as central centerpiece of that which should be most important. And yes, those that are open to this message who are already beginning to sense and feel in a very, very honest, fair, balanced way regarding their significant other that's in their life right now, and yet respecting and wanting not to bring pain or suffering if another doesn’t understand, but when you surrender to Divine Will and say you're in a situation that you're trying to figure out how can this possibly work out looking at all the things in your life that you would define would be a barrier or so-called something that wouldn't allow.
Remember within the aspect of what I as Divine Prime Creator is able to create, that there is no impossibilities, there’s only challenges. And sometimes the very act of it making it difficult there seems to be this physiological sense of if it’s so difficult and when it finally happens it seems to signify more meaning and more significance that you are willing to rise to the occasion and do what was necessary without having to compromise in your ideals and your principles and the code of ethics that give balance and meaning. And these code of ethics can be a part of religion but it's not the dogma of that. It's the spiritual of all the beliefs that emphasize acting with ethics; acting with fairness and balance; following the golden rule; being fair to yourself and everyone else; and that sense of being honest and sincere and having integrity. And the guardians do have that. And living that pure life -- and when I say living that pure life I'm referring to embracing the sacred divine principles that give meaning and purpose to life. And when you are doing that and your heart is hurting and you have profoundly desiring to be fulfilled and loved, I will answer that call. It's a question of when exactly that's the most opportune time.
In instances-- and I say this to this channel also because of what he is feeling-- that when that moment comes, when I bring together, when one can finally share with that other person because they have not a conscious inkling because of their distractions in their life and that was done purposely to protect them from other situations, when that moment comes there will be no obstacles that would allow the heart to not connect and communicate in that deep, deep sacred level.
Let this be known to all who have met someone who’d say, ‘well there’s no hope for that. That's a dream that faded away’. No! Dreams do not fade away if there is substance to it. Nothing is impossible.
So I want to emphasize as we know there are others standing on the line here as we would say in a sense who wish also to give their insights to things for divine couples that are presently, though one of the half is on Earth and also for others too that are looking forward to upcoming experiences because some will of course meet their other half once they leave the planet, because maybe they have more things to work out. But more and more the energy is building momentum regarding the sense of thousands, yes hundreds of thousands possibly, of divine couples who can in fact -- similar to the new financial system, as this channel remembers when he tuned in being that the linear time of 2014 was in fact kind of a major [???] ment that suddenly, all of the sudden as far as human psychology and human aspects were before, when does that would win the lottery or large amounts of abundance would come into their life they didn't know how to handle it. Their life was back to the way it was or sometimes even worse. They couldn't handle that energy. And so it is with relationships too. Can one be mature enough? Can they release all of the stuff that would create some similar patterns in a new relationship? And that's why twin flames up to now were not often allowed to be together because there was too much stuff going on: emotional, psychological stuff.
Well there is a vast shift happening and what this channel knows and as Voltra has come through many times regarding the Jupiter One where one can ask to be taken aboard and sit in the accelerator chair aboard the Jupiter One and experience profoundly releasing those things. Especially broken hearts can be easily mended. One doesn't have to keep suffering.
And suddenly if you ask and you’re sincere: I want to release my broken heart. I want to heal it. I want to feel joy and peace. And I want to trust again in love and be drawn to the right person not just go dating lots and lots of people but find that one person. As this channel knows too, and even if one doesn't intend to use the [surface??? service???] as something, sometimes in the metaphysical law of how you manifest things you do something at least that gives some focus of it in the general direction. It may not be the exact thing you want to do but when you put out the energy to the universe and you sign up for some dating service let’s say, it's not because you expect to find your other half necessarily through that service but what you're doing, as in God helps those that helps themselves principle, you put the energy out to the universe, you are creating an energetic motion. You're making a statement. You are doing something that at least adds to the collective momentum field to help generate the energy that will help me flip the switch, so to speak, to say, ‘okay this beautiful soul and this one are now ready to be together. They worked certain things out, they've asked for higher beings to help clear them of all this stuff they've been dealing with’.
And it is true, many Earth psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists are only able to deal with some aspects, because there are some seemingly complex and very unusual situations that souls and couples have experienced so that takes a little more sophisticated, more advanced technology. But fellow beings are available to call upon them with sincere hearts and help to clear your life of many of the things and some of the belief systems and ideas and different information that's floating out around there. You can see through most of it to what is true to you and what you don't have to pay attention to so much because it doesn't have the same focus in your life.
But there's still a lot of things that will becoming available now. Lots of sources. Lots of help. And my presence at this time as I flood the planet, flood the universal aspects around this planet is to set things into a new dynamics. And this energy has come forth now that I set forth new energy that Elohim beings yes have not experienced until recently.
This is the energy that is helping to transform physiological psychological human conditions of emotional patterning of things that have created problems continually in relationships that keep creating karmic patterns. That's coming to a close. When I brought the cosmic law of grace unto the planet recently in full force. Other things are building up to allow the ultimate outcome of fulfilment of love, of true joy, true purpose and fulfillment that has very few have ever experienced.
Now it is time for mass numbers of humanity to also get into the act so to speak and really be fulfilled. First your relationship with yourself: become into integrity, you are honest with yourself, you acknowledge to yourself, and you are able to forgive and move on. You are able to find that sense of self-worth that was often destroyed or trashed in the past returns to you. You regain a sense of your purpose and your reason.
So for something bigger than yourself to share with your significant other doesn't matter where they are in the universe or where they are on planet Earth because distance means nothing to the aspect of manifesting Divine Will. There's no limitation when Divine Will comes forth that I activate and bring forth to all that it doesn't matter where you are, you will receive my blessings and more blessings will flow because of that.
Know you are worthy. Know that I love you, I care about you beyond human description.
I created you so you could experience unique self sense of self-realization in your own way to be a part of the divine collective flow of universal manifestations. And you’re demonstrating it. And you're maturing and you're coming around as a new planetary civilization faster than any planet has ever gone through in the past. It's astounding many beings of what you are experiencing. So love itself as a major focus in the individual and collectively for the relationships divine couples coming together be open. Yes I am in for an intergalactic, as we can say that energy that goes beyond the karmic levels and limitation of all the Earthly drama this energy allows you to release all of that and to come into true balance first so that you can handle, you can be mature enough, you can be aware enough that you can truly draw your other half to you.
It's first it’s the balancing of your own life. And this doesn't have to be it take a long time. The new energies coming on the planet allow what would have taken lifetimes or even years it can be done in a matter of months or weeks or days even. For if you have a desire to balance yourself out and come into integrity and even those again who say they have trouble tuning in, that the desire to do it will guarantee you the clarity. It will guarantee you the fine tuning of the who you are and the gifts of the spirit will start to emerge.
And then when you meet your other half and that profound feeling of love and overwhelming joy that will enhance those abilities even more. It will spread out even more. It will just keep building upon itself. So I bless all of you. I am now going to allow others to speak through this channel. I want to say again how much I love all of you. I want all of you to be fulfilled in love fulfilled into divine aspects for not only yourself and let your experience in the relationship be a template that others can be inspired as well. And it keeps building upon itself, keeps building upon itself growing in intensity. And so Earth having been one of the most difficult, darker areas, becomes one of the most beautiful planets in the universe. One of the most paradoxical planets to ever experience having all the challenge coming from the darkness into the light. Returning to the ultimate divine blueprint that was always there. And that we say cosmic genome that is being activated right now.
So I bless you all. I’m the Prime Creator. I will step out of the way and let others come forth. Blessings to all of you with divine powerful universal love and personal blessings and personal fulfillment. Blessings, as above so below. And so it is.
Let Divine Will be done.

Sananda: I Am that I Am. I Am Lord Sananda.
I come forth now, my beloved, and I know there were some questions that perhaps you wanted to ask but there was also the aspect of letting kind of the flow occur here. Divine Prime Creator wanted to just express some things and now I come forth, too, and bringing the energy down through me to my beloved and to all to who are experiencing this and hearing this. We, in a sense, have much more to share from the things that Prime Creator has touched on already but for you my beloved if there are some questions that I might help to clarify here as before we go more forward more here if you would like to give time to.
Anne: Oh thank you, thank you dear Sananda. You were right there with me. I kept saying I would like to ask my question. And as you know and as all of our HEN collective knows, we have just passed through a very traumatic period in our 5 1/2 years of gathering this beautiful, beautiful loving family together. We've had to make a major change … or I have had to make a major change. Where we now step out on our own and we no longer hold the hand of the one we have looked to for guidance. I just want, is there, I know you can't tell us what to do but I would like to know if the choices that I've recently made are in alignment with Divine Will.
Sananda: Well absolutely. What Prime Creator has shared, and this is the thing that all souls really need to … you know, keep in mind as one of the areas that helps to clarify, even when you're caught up in confusion and conflict and controversy and different people’s opinions, at every level everything that the human condition has been dealing with; negative energies, negative forces, influences, everything one can imagine and then some; and one's heart desire -- as it is in love, as it is in any area of life -- you have to make the best decision that your heart, that your desire to do would allow you. Now that may not always be the most, considering the conditions on Earth, the most perfect condition, I'm just saying this in different situations. Some conditions would seem more perfect or more ideal but it has been the limitation to that. That will change though.
So you have, yes as you have said embarked upon -- because you recognize it from a sense of embracing sacred principles and being a sense of guardian to what is put out there and what everyone has a chance to connect with -- and wanting the highest and best and having to reconsider, having to reevaluate your position right now, your heart has directed you with strong determination, to keep things in line with what has always guided you all along to do the best you can from the highest aspects of your heart.
And even when sometimes when some things were in fact not that clear, it’s like the analogy of the, as it was said before one can be walking along and as far as they can see there is fog up to their knees. And they can't see anything except the fog but they keep walking and all of a sudden they get this strong feeling they can't ignore. If they try to ignore it only becomes stronger. It’s like there's no way Divine Creation is going allow you to accidentally slip into some problem you can't handle. Remember God never gives you more than you can handle. So suddenly you realize I can't ignore it anymore I've got to stop. That's what the feeling is. The moment you stop the fog clears and you see yourself standing on the precipice of a cliff. Had you taken one more step you would've fallen over that cliff.
Well that kind of situation, and there are many out there, you could say that most souls, all souls actually, even if they didn't realize it at the time or they only felt it as a passing feeling and they kind of ignored it because they were distracted, but it was so profound that they stop immediately and take appropriate action. Okay? But they're all in the sense of what humanity is learning right now is to listen more and more into that inner self that small still voice that was said will become louder now. It becomes easier to hear it. That it dims out all of the other distracting, clamoring sounds and distractions. Those start to go away and everything in your life starts to perceive at a more orderly let's say divine manner because you're surrendering your giving into Divine Will. You are a co-creator you are aligning with Divine Will more and more. It becomes easier to listen to those things.
And so it is often beings who start out sometimes aligned with the light but then they get taken over or they get off course forgetting sometimes what they’re supposed to do. And other forces grab hold of that situation and the ego takes over in that sense. And again we don't want to put judgment in a negative way but just as Archangel Michael once described through a channeling of the difference between discernment and judgment, and many light workers sometimes were confused about that, because someone has to sometimes say it like it is. Not in a judgment negative way, harsh way, but in a compassionate, firm, tough love, kind of I can't do this anymore the way I was doing it. I've got to change my stride. If I go one more step down, or one more paddle down the river, so to speak, I'm about to go over these turbulent falls and I won't come back in that sense. So I'd better take appropriate action. Again it might not be the perfect thing per se’ because of what's available on Earth but your very desire of heart, my beloved, will guarantee you getting past those falls. You will come into smoother, better water. You'll be flowing really fast. You won't have any boulders or rocks in the way to hit and the river is going fast but now you're feeling more empowered and safe. The river is bigger, you can go faster, there is passage and you’re riding the waves so to speak.
So at the end times, as it’s been said, of course we are indeed in a new timeline. That there’s still aspects of the past being taken care of, karma being balanced out, things being clarified, certain different agendas and different belief systems are all playing out at this time. And it is also true and it has been discussed before as fellow beings of light have said this, that even at our level and the higher realms of light we have very passionate agree-to-disagree conversations. We just don't get our feathers ruffled. As on Earth then comes fisticuffs and wars break out. That's old patterning.
And what Prime Creator was saying related to the new energies, s/he touched on it briefly, about that human nature itself really is changing so that the problems that imbalanced forces in the past being there were more of them but now they’re quickly being cleared out of the way, things are being revealed, planetary wounds are coming to light to be healed, that now it will actually become more difficult to be drawn in the area of darkness because the very nature of human conditions itself is transforming alchemically into the Divine Nature so that will become the unthinkable to even allow oneself to be tempted or be taken over. The very essence of what you are transforming into brings you into a state of integrity. Your very nature becomes as it is. You merge with your Higher Self so as a result you begin to function [???]
Right now with all of the divine couples in the process of being brought together, that now as the Higher Self of the twin flame that’s on the ship on the higher realms, merges down into the physical body. Now there is some challenges there that soulmate aspect or in a sense that is now allowing the housing of that energy, allowing because it’s a sacred agreement as it was done in ancient civilizations as was said the Tantra, the Oracle traditions, those when they were merged there was a sacred aspect of one, a soul coming down merging through the other. They shared that. It was a profound experience, everyone benefited from it, the feeling of love and connection. Everyone in that situation around them benefited from it. But then of course later when the imbalanced forces entered the picture they twisted that, they manipulated, they split things asunder. People began to twist and manipulate and repress things. Get things feeling things out of alignment and context.
And that would say, now it’s all coming back under really clear focus. So for you, my beloved, and it is true that for many on the planet are having to make very important and major decisions. Of course there's always that feeling of did I make the right decision. Of course because you are loving, caring being you’re naturally considering, and in your desire to do the right thing there's always that sense of sitting back and taking stock and looking at it and saying, hmm, could I have done it better. Let's take a look at it in hindsight. And we all do that. Even on the highest realms we’re always considering could we do it a different way and of course as Ashtar has said, the molding clay cosmic Play-Doh of being able to mold it and change your mind and having lots of time to do that.
But because your heart is pure you cannot possibly do the wrong thing. It may not be the ideal thing if there's only certain choices that are right at that moment available, but if it gets you to the next better choice it's like stepping over raging river on the rocks. You're able to jump over on the rocks and not fall into the river. You are able to fly over the pitfalls because your heart, the purity of your heart, the love of your heart, the love of Divine Creation itself, and the love I have for you and the love that all connect with always allow you and guarantee you that ability.
The considering of Divine Will. The opening up to Prime Creator: am I doing the right thing? Is this best? You have tried you have put your energy in intent. Your motive, your dedication itself guarantees the best possible choice of what you could have chosen. And then as time goes on other choices come up and keeps building upon itself.
So I want to give you the cosmic Kosher stamp of approval for having made that choice and the dedication for yourself and what you were dealing with. As we say, you had to make the call, the decision, and you did the appropriate thing to the best of your ability. I want to really acknowledge you, my beloved, for having done that and stepping up to the plate and saying I have to make this difficult decision but this is what needs to be done at this time. I know the Divine Creation Prime Creator will always overshadow this through that desire and to make sure everything I think, say and do will always allow the highest and best for you and everyone else and it will always allow the win-win aspect.
Again, for forces that have come out of alignment or there is alignment with other energies, we can say that we never give up on forces. We never give up on those. We may have to put things aside temporarily so things are clarified where things are communicated a little easier, the cards are put on the table and we say, ‘okay, is this what your intent was to mess it up in that kind of way? You know, was it something that in the sense of the ego itself can sometimes get in the way, forgetting the bigger broader picture because of having been stuck in duality so long sometimes those will get off course in that way. 
But increasingly more, that area I just spoke about, that will come become increasingly impossible for beings to get off course. This is referring to the 90-95% of humanity that in the new timeline is going to make it through versus the old timeline where only a third of humanity, now the 90-95%. And it's been said that is not a rigid number. That is an approximate number. But as others have said we want to maximize every possible way, as many souls as possible to maximize that 90 to 95% quotient, and who knows exactly what that number will be but it is approximately that amount based on a certain energetic readings as far as to how the timeline is playing out. We want to provide the greatest opportunity to as many souls  all souls … all souls on Earth. No soul will be left out of that and no souls fall in the cracks. It's just some souls have made decisions ignoring some of their inner voice and allowing the human ego aspect to get in the way and other forces, a few minions that are still existing, to grab hold of that.
But remember too, regarding judgment or discernment, one cannot always judge of course what another is planning or trying to do. And it appears that's just how they appear to align with the dark side with maybe on a sense of surrogacy that soul before duality totally goes away for whatever reason has chosen to allow themself to be pulled into that situation so that in the perception as others have pointed out through this channel as an aspect of surrogacy -- as Ashtar would say, contrast and prospective -- that they would never have the chance to know what that's like until then that they have a certain perspective and maybe some point in the future they could help some other soul not fall into that pitfall. Sometimes high beings will infiltrate the dark side, lay out there for a while, and they could say and then come back to the light once they acknowledge, once their mission is over. So that is also an aspect of dynamics playing out too.
But at this time, my beloved, if there's no other questions I know Ashtar and St. Germain are biting at the bit here.
Anne: Oh I'm so happy. Thank you. Thank you dear Sananda. I’m so grateful.
Sananda: My beloved, it’s always lovely to connect with you in this way. There are many wonderful things in store for us. All the filling of your heart and that aspect. So we just want to say… there's no way again when I say I love you [somewhat exasperated] the profound sense of that meaning … it kind of loses … the feeling of love itself goes beyond words. But I can just say I love you beyond description at every level.
And of course there is the aspect of loving humanity in the broader sense too, but it is true with divine couples / twin flames there is no ignoring that powerful energy that is there. And very soon all divine couples will be reunited whether they’re on Earth or not, all levels are coming together. Know that you will all, all here and even those who subconsciously hear, because they have been consciously hearing, all of you will be fulfilled. You will be eventually meeting your other half. But again for the couples who can experience it for a little while on Earth this is a profound adventure in love. And as a surrogate for all others and so it was in earlier times, not too many of those together.
You, my beloved and I, during the time I was on Earth meeting you in the Temple being with you at those times and the opportunity to bring back the feminine the divine feminine the goddess that was repressed by the patriarchal and the Pharisees and Sadducees the Council of Nicaea who wanted of course to distort and pervert who you really were and what you accomplished. They didn't want to recognize, they didn't want to qualify the goddess energy.
Now this channel knows exactly because he channels goddess all the time when he is doing a session. Ashtar comes in first and then letting the goddess come through. So there is a profound sense especially in that sense of knowing what the feeling of that energy is like, how profound, how wonderful. And of course I accorded you that sense of equality totally with me in that life. It was a precursor when the time ahead and the balancing out of karma that would now come into alignment. And now being in charge of this network in itself to allow the highest and best information to be brought forth to everyone on planet Earth so everyone is blessed and benefited. And I give you all my love also.
I will now step aside and let our friends Ashtar and St. Germain speak but if there's one last question before I do depart out of the way. We’re all hanging out up here! We’re hangin’.
Anne: Well I won't deprive Ashtar and St. Germain. I'll just make a quick comment and you may make a comment in relation to it. But having made this decision we're taking …
 I am taking a new tack with our beloved HEN family honoring them to allow them to honor one another. We're going to have a whole new concept and it'll all be about each of us helping one another through love. That's the new concept. The Love Connection. TLC, the Love Connection which will be my new … [Sananda interrupts]
Sananda: I'm just saying that that is, it is also an aspect of service to collective within what you’re doing and it is also because of this thing that this channel has tuned into and the profound nature of the divine couples coming together. You see your HEN Network itself can also infuse the divine couple aspect /twin flame aspect is going to be more highlighted now because of the new role that it will play at this time forward on Earth. This new paradigm of love that allows couples to be reunited and be fulfilled in feelings of ecstasy and all levels. So that is a major dynamic that will play a “part two” of this which you have created.
I bless you and again with great joy, joyful confirmation for what you have been guided to do.
Anne: Thank you. Thank you.
Sananda: I bless you all. I am Sananda I now step aside and let those who wish to come forward. I love you all. Blessings to you.

Ashtar: Greetings! I Am that I Am Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command.
I come forth now at this time to join this, as Prime Creator and Sananda, and now I have the opportunity as I come so often through this channel in the personal sessions. And as I’ve said before that although I have the honor of connecting with, I often indeed through these sessions and all that I connected with today indeed crossed paths with it, if it was millions of years ago or sometime in the councils and let my voice be spoken in the councils so it is to each and every one of you who I have had the honor of knowing in the missions that we have been upon many, many times, and the mission of course to liberate this planet. Lady Athena is here with me, my other half. And it is a celebration of the love that we all have, what we represent, what we experience and what we symbolize. And Lady Athena of course, in working with all the other goddesses and Aphrodite and Isis and Quan Yin and of course you, all of those of the feminine polarity of Earth, all the goddesses of Earth as you’re all representing, the feminine is representing the anchoring in of the goddess, know that your heart’s desire will be fulfilled. And all of the … and Lady Master Venus of course who was separated from her other half, Lord Sanat Kumara for millions of years. Many people cannot even comprehend in linear sense that kind of time, of course, because everything is in the now state. Because it is [???] that kind of way. That does take away the sense of well it felt like a long time or it took like a short time but when you’re in the state of now, you can't measure it that way. It’s just this longing to be together. Lord Sanat Kumara was willing to be separated from his other half in order to come on the mission to Earth with the 144,000. Well imagine, it wasn't until 1956 of Earth time that he could go back to be reunited and [???] Buddha took over with all the light workers and the ground crew to continue to anchor the light. I am mentioning that as one of those couples who sacrificed much to build up the momentum on the planet to liberate the planet.
And it is with great joy we look in those divine couples who have stood out. All divine couples are loved and recognized for their efforts. Some of course because of the unique personalities seem to stand out more, only because there just happened to be an opening available that fit that personality profile. Okay, there’s a cosmic bulletin board. Hey we've got some openings over here. Oh, that's not my cuppa tea over there.
There's not too many physical bodies I told this channel when I referred to in some of the sessions I had done referring to how the 144,000 has now increased to almost 50% of the world's population and I say hey that's still a teeny tiny little group compared to the quadruple number of beings up here on the ships who also wanted to take Earth embodiment. But there's only a certain number of physical bodies to go around. Okay? And yet now with the soul twin flame mergence in this new, we could say dynamic project that has come under way, the love project, on our level, intergalactic We can call it that, yes. You put in your profile and throw the energy out there and we will help to connect you with your true other half, the love of your life, the goddess or the god of your dreams, we can say, uniting these energies. So the energy is shifting pretty fast right now and I'm very happy. We like to say we’re tickled pink up here to be a part of this aspect and to share as much as we can, our knowledge, experiences. And as for the twin flame aspect which will become more and more important as the energy begins to build and to be able ... yes, I said ‘to get the bad taste out of your mouth.’ (This channel likes to repeat what I say and I like to repeat what he says. We all like to repeat each other’s sayings. It's really nice. We don't copyright. Oh he copyrighted that saying. No, we just love to say it at certain times because it has a unique aspect. It gives a certain perspective and contrast to what you're going through.) So it is a pure joy to inspire others in love, in what we feel. And among those of us as divine couples to let you know that all of you will be fulfilled.
It is true that some of you who will be connecting with this channel and with the HEN group itself will be experiencing, not too far in the future, connecting with your other half. But having the faith  knowing this will occur among the thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of couples that could be experiencing this profound uniting and have what you can experience while duality goes away. The transition in itself is very profound to go out of the more dangerous situation, which is why divine couples weren’t usually allowed, are now able to unite energetically with your other half and look back one day with hindsight and perspective. It gives you a unique perspective as versus being on any other planet that you could actually when you left the planet finally at the very end, you got the bad taste out of your mouth we could say from all the other funkiness and toxicity and all that stuff that humanity has struggled with being immersed in the darkness in duality. And now to come into joy and beauty and fulfillment and to meet the love of your life and be happy, that is what makes us so happy. To be inspired by the use of stories of love and fulfillment and of course to then journey with your other half around planet Earth on humanitarian missions that combine business with pleasure. Why not?
When you're aligned with Divine Creation Prime Creator wants to give you everything and then some. You could say that to have the icing on the cake or to have the sprinkles on the icing on the cake --that's what I like to say -- and really enjoy it. Have a wonderful time!
And of course I know St. Germain he's biting at the bit too to give his percent what he wants to say. There is some aspects about the economics, the financial aspects because again when you think about love and finances it's often been intertwined in a kind of twisted kind of … I could use the word perverted, but kind of got off course because the integrity the higher, higher spiritual principles were often kind of ignored. The way that the Earth tends to suck people into distractions and duality and to also tempt certain souls by dangling we say the dangling of the carrot. Of course when they dangle the carrot is it plastic or fantastic? We want you to have a good nice crisp carrot. You get a lot of juice out of it and not, oh I bit down on it and it was plastic! It didn't taste really good. How come I got off course? How come I let the duality and the imbalanced forces of course who have been experts in the past of distracting and ensnaring those things. Well now, of course, we’ve taken appropriate actions to break many souls free who are caught into horrible situation karmic things.
And as I've said before about, I pounded my fists on the council tables a few times on behalf of Earth humanity because I felt such compassion, unbearable compassion. My friend St. Germain felt the same way of seeing souls whose hearts were pure, who wanted to ascend, but even when they tried to they were distracted and pulled off course. Now what Prime Creator was saying earlier about … and I've said it myself and he repeated what I said, about the only way you can mess up on your missions is you'd have to really try at this stage to get messed up. And nobody's going to do that. So the aspect of accidently -- there could've been some truth to that in the past when one accidentally like somebody has some problem going somewhere to happen kind of thing but that's not going to be allowed. But there were instances of people trying in dedication and being distracted and pulled off course.
We would also understand that in earlier times we in the Federation of Light and I, in my command the Ashtar Command, and all of the commands of the Federation were not as organized and more able to handle situations. We learned. We gained wisdom and insight and we learned from you, the ground crew, the boots on the ground, the away team. You’ve taught us many things in many different areas. Of course Zoser, and the Knights of the Silver Cross, the Physicians of Light who were talking about and really observing and monitoring the carbon base level of the physical base body changing from carbon-base to crystaline, the new root race coming on; cosmic men and women.
That's also true in relationships. The very conditions themselves. Voltra is doing a lot of work and he is very busy on the Jupiter One and inviting all couples coming on board, so many souls utilizing his services. But remember there is no limitation. We can make our ships bigger or smaller. There's no sense of distance or size limitations. Just like the concept of the fictional character Dr. Who but it's still based on some truth about time travel and those things that he goes into the phone booth and inside is millions of miles.
There's no … we don't relate to things in the linear. That's why I say we don't relate to linear time. Though I’ve often said to this channel I think I've gotten a little better at interpreting time actually, but that's going away. It’s a profound shift that's happening on every level. But the relationship area is being very much highlighted.
As Prime Creator said I put my highlighter on that because it must stand out. It is a major dynamic that infuses everything into balance and harmony and fulfillment. And when one is in blissed out love and is with their other half and all of their needs are taken care of financially where they can travel and don't have to limit and struggle and stress out financially and they can really give to that relationship without any limitations, give of their hearts, there’s nothing they have to worry about. That enhances and multiplies the feelings of that love that they can share with the rest of the world. So we truly profoundly bless you all and we look forward to seeing all of you divine couples coming together.
And again it has been a great joy to come here and other things now. You have a question our sister of light if there is anything I might help to clarify here I am standing by.
Anne: Oh thank you Ashtar. It's so good to hear from you. It's been a long time and we are grateful that you could join us today. I don't want to limit the time with my chatter. You’re so comprehensive and I just want to give you my personal love and gratitude for being here today. I'm glad that even though I know the channel’s recording ability has ended he's allowing us to continue on my recording so that everyone will have an opportunity and we do want to greet our beloved St. Germain. So I'm good. I'm good. I'm just glad you're here Ashtar. Thank you.
Ashtar: I'm so glad to be here and one thing we'd like to really emphasize how much, as Prime Creator and Sananda have said and we all say, how much we all love all of you. And that's this channel's feeling too when he was remembering watching having watched this movie and he started to cry there because the emotions were profound and want to be with your other half and you love them so much that there is no way to describe it. You love them so much it hurts really and a kind of way some describe it. It's a profound when you know you've been incomplete and now you're going to be completed. There is no, nothing as beautiful and wonderful and as precious as that coming together; not only for the couple themselves but for the energy it in invokes on the planet. The power, it causes a shift in the time-space continuum we can say, and all of the joy that one can experience to get the bad taste out of one's mouth again.
And it's like the this channel had once saw in 2012 when he really realized it was going to be more like 2017 in the sense of what was hoped for in 2012 as far as the momentum. And similar when you meet your other half and you can’t be with him or her and you've seen them. It's like he saw this vision of him standing behind the glass wall and there is this delicious gourmet feast laid out on the table and he could smell it and he's starving and he knows the wall is about to come up any moment and he's starving and oh my gosh and the nectar of the gods that lightens his drink out there. And as Lord Rochon of course you know I always likes to refer to him when I'm doing sessions with all of the ground crew and he's the innovator and he likes to make up Galactic Southwest fair -- different and unique blends from all over the universe. He could do a whole menu recipe book from all over the world, from all over the planets. But anyway he experienced that sense of it was so close and yet so far. I was so close I felt I could taste it but that glass wall, that you could smell the food that was how it feels sometimes; you're so close and yet so far. Well that's going to go away. That feeling of I’m so close but I've all almost touched it but I can't.
I just want all of you out there that are hurting and struggling and now the promise, it's a sacred promise, a cosmic done deal. You just must be a little more patient because that's part of the template of God's divine perfection that's being tempered like a well-aged bottle of wine and it tastes perfectly you open it up as we say taste so in that kind of analogy, all of you, you’re like well-aged perfect. The aspect of when flavors come together they marry. Perfect aspect.
Anne: Something did occur to me because I'm so looking forward to reuniting with my other half, my beloved Sananda. And you too have -- all of the cosmics, St. Germain, you, you all have other halves. Is that true?
Ashtar: Well yes and St. Germain will of course refer to her when he comes through here. I refer to Lady Athena and so in that sense as divine couples we like to inspire others. And there are many. There are so many divine couples throughout the universe to call upon all of us who are with our other halves. Or there's even a being called The Unifier who is a specialist at also bringing divine couples together.
Now it's also true and some people think it's a fable, but this channel was been thinking about it. You know God created little beings called Cupids. Their expertise -- and now this channel really he got hit when he saw his other half – Cupid hit him with lots of arrows. Not just one arrow. Bam, bam, bam, bam! It was like intense. Once Cupid hits you with their arrow -- they can fire their arrow in the opposite direction. It's like a homing device, it comes right back around and hits the one person. Now the thing about Cupid firing an arrow in fact I'm going to mention something here. This channel, it kind of popped into his brain and it's true. What was that famous song Love Potion Number 9. You know that song.  It was a famous song decades ago. People think that's a fable. Well Cupid sticks their little quill into Love Potion Number 9 and fires it, there's no possible way you can resist. And this was an Atlantean potion. There were eight potions earlier. The ninth potion was so powerful the dark forces tried to get ahold of it and use it in a destructive way. But Love Potion Number 9 is in fact symbolic of an energetic elixir that enhanced the relationships earlier in those earlier Golden Ages that brought such an ecstasy to the relationship. Again the dark forces tried to use it that's why there was always controversy about it and it was kind of taken away from the planet.
Now Love Potion Number 9 is coming back again because now the imbalanced forces can't use it. Cupid has been sticking their little arrow into Love Potion Number 9 and firing the arrow at certain couples. And when they fire it at one person it is true that that line stretches on the other end and there is another arrow they can hit the other person. So it's not a fable. It's that these beings, the Cupids, they enjoy … you'll see, if you tune in, these little cupicle kind of beings. They're really cute and they love to fire their arrows at those to bring couples together. So you can laugh about it but it's true. There are little beings whose job it is to help bring everyone together.
Anne: How sweet! Thank you, thank you for that. Thank you Ashtar. I think we’re going to start having fun now. Is that right?
Ashtar: Yes definitely. It's time to have fun. There's been lots of stress and struggle and strife and so much sadness and tragedy. Too many broken hearts. It's time to end the broken hearts club and bring couples together. And the romance the romance of the universe it is not a human aspect. Romance is everywhere and it's an aspect of one of the aspects of divine love between couples and expressing that and being together.
So I wish to profoundly bless all of you and know your heart’s desire and being with your other half will indeed take place. There is nothing impossible. There's nothing to block or stop twin flames coming together. Know that is a promise of Prime Creation and I'm just repeating what Prime Creator has said and just  know it is a sacred promise.
So I want to bless all of you. I will now step aside make my adieu and let St. Germain come in and let him share whatever he wishes to share in his own unique way as we profoundly continue on in this journey of uniting and sharing and connecting with all of you. It is such a wonderful joy and I would just again like to thank you, my sister of light, for providing this opportunity. And I want to thank all the ground crew members from the bottom of my heart, how much we appreciate, how much we value and respect you.
I've said before, even though we may be millions of years evolved beyond Earth, we are not so high and mighty that we can't learn from you. You teach us profound things because many of us and those other commanders and commanderesses and the different crews and commands throughout the universal realms have been on Earth embodiment also. Many times you’ve been up here. Many, many times roles are reversed.
Now there’re also many souls who have never been here before; they are now just incarnating for the first time and it’s kind of new. But thank God you didn’t incarnate earlier because it's getting easier now. Because of the personality profiles from the original 144,000 which were the only souls actually who could develop what this channel called galactic street-smarts, as we label it that, know there were billions, there were trillions, quadruple number of beings who applied when the clarion call was sent out. I want to do this!
Many thought it was a suicide mission but there were many, many more trillions upon trillions who wanted the experience but they couldn't. It wasn't anything against them. There's nothing about making somebody less or more. We’re just saying the personality profile of all of the souls who applied, only 144,000 souls happened to have this unique quality of surviving. God, when Divine Creator created whether Divine Creator realized that there was this similar aspect to some souls -- that's a question an interesting question. You can ask Prime Creator sometimes about that. But the fact is then then the number began to increase because after certain souls started incarnating they were able to balance by osmosis to project that quality they had that they now realize that they had (that they didn't know before), out to others who can pick up on it and kind of infuse it into their being and then the ground crew began to increase to over 50% of the population have learned to get a little more the galactic street-smarts and survive. And how many times I've said this: when the imbalanced forces thought they got rid of many of you or all of you, you always bounced back to be their worst nightmare. If you don't get the humor and be happy and light at the same time in the galactic street-smarts then you can get through it pretty much in one piece and not be so psychologically or posttraumatic stress conditions that often occur when you are on planet Earth.
So I just want to profoundly thank all of the ground crew members from the bottom of my heart and Lady Athena, my other half, and all of those up here who are celebrating for all of so many of you coming together with your other halves experiencing the profoundly the first time on Earth this very experience and so we start celebrating in love up here. So it is a wonderful thing to observe and I just bless all of you. I love all of you. And I look forward to connecting more and more in time.
And for this channel, of course, doing the personal sessions I always look forward to connecting with different ground crew members as we go forward because it's not just for each person it anchors itself into the collective momentum field. The encodements that we download are specifically geared to each person of course, unique. It's unique to that person and no one else but there does, over a period of time, collectively others start to benefit indirectly by what each of the ground crew members are able to receive in a more concentrated form. Everyone else’s benefit. This is the thing about service to collective the new energies coming on the planet are truly win-win user-friendly.
I know I've been accused of being a motormouth sometimes when I come through this channel so I'm going to bow out of the way and let St. Germain come through.
I bless all of you. I am Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command and I stand aside for another.

St Germain: Bless the Violet Fire. Bless the Violet Fire. Bless the Violet Fire.
I Am St. Germain. I come forth at this time. And as Ashtar was saying, yes, I'm here also with Lady Portia my other half. And of course she was also referred to as Lady Liberty and she has had a profound impact upon the planet as the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity. That is a title that was bestowed upon her. Of course I had title of the God of Freedom because it represents our passion.
We have different titles just because it was part of our, shall we say, the makeup of who we are. And it's a great passion to bring more freedom and liberty to everyone on Earth. And Portia has shared this with me for all of our existence of being together. The romance of life.
And I will say that even when I was in Earth embodiment she merge down and I could connect with her. We haven't talked much about that aspect at times but there was that aspect of being apart and wanting to be with one another. Still there were times when she was able to merge and we were able to connect and at those times the sense was that in the grounding of the twin flame energy on the planet. It's a profound aspect now to be able to be with her and yet to, as a sense of overshadowing the changes. And yes this discussion and focus on the divine couples is something right up our alley as well because of the alchemical aspect as an alchemist and I speak of this all the time alchemically of the changing of lower consciousness into higher consciousness. Or the alchemy of base metals into gold.
But it was the spiritual alchemy of course that I was most emphasizing. Many just thought about the physical and that was it but it is that aspect, that divine constant that love itself alchemically turns to transform from a more base aspect into a more defined sacred aspect of ecstasy and feeling of total oneness when you are with your other half.
Lady Portia and I of course love to expand that energy as we free humanity up in love. Free up humanity out of all the toxic aspects because it is with as it was also behind the scenes right now the restoring of the Republic and getting rid of the corporate aspect. It’s kind of like an aspect of relationships that are toxic, that are structured, where there is control. But in a relationship with a twin flame we are free and in our freedom we empower in each other. There is no control, there is no manipulation. There's a natural sense of knowing with our beloved what we, in a sense, what we the things that we desire and want in a sense are aligned with theirs to.
We are still unique personalities in a sense. Portia of course embodies the Divine Goddess and of course Justice and Opportunity. She's been working overtime also with Quan Yin of course as for the world court and bringing justice to the planet. Overshadowing and overhauling the corrupt justice system. That's one of her passions and I also share that with her as well, overshadowing the process to expose the planetary wounds and to bring love and light and help to all souls wherever they are. And yes also bring divine couples together.
I love to transmute alchemically through the Violet Fire of Divine Transmutation. As a matter fact when I established, when the Violet Flame was brought here 25,000 years ago in Atlantis, the Freedom Temple, the Violet Flame that was given to humanity as a gift to free up the karma. Now this is there are many forms of karma. And as a karmic lord as Ashtar has shared through this channel and this channel has discussed it too, in a sense, that I challenged the fellow lords and ladies of karma. I basically told them as this channel uses the phraseology, ‘I told them to put their money where their mouth was.’
Ashtar has expressed it that way the challenge means they never incarnated here. As Ashtar has pointed out rightly so about the perspective and contrast. It's one thing to be up here in the higher realms or aboard the lightships -- and of course I have a ship called the Freedom Star, a merkaba ship that Portia and I travel around on. We don't need ships but we like to. I have company. We like to have parties and guests. We love to party and drink nectar of the gods and I come up with all kinds of elixir types of drinks that are very profound in consciousness. And Portia loves to do special things and add that to the entertainment and play beautiful musical instruments, exotic instruments from all over the universe. Lord Rowcan of course, he's always bringing in new innovative ideas. Oh and this channel remembers the light club parties. Oh yes it's fun, these light club parties. There were parties in Europe and places I would dwell but they were kind of dull and boring compared to the parties up here where divine couples would come together and we’d dance and we’d celebrate the romance of what we feel.
And of course I'm overshadowing the Earth right now so that through the love aspect, I’m alchemically bringing in new elixirs. And there are some on Earth that I channeled through different ones to different elixir ideas. Love Potion Number 9: Hmm, I'm going to have to bring that down again on planet Earth. That really is and infused energy for divine couples to be brought together because when you're utilizing it and using it in a sacred way it does create an energy field. In creating a little divine altar, have a photograph of your twin flame there. And even if you aren't with her quite yet but there’s a photograph then you can use that as a way of focusing. You can sing songs to her. You can sing romantic songs and you can do energetic color meditations as this channel is doing, so you can infuse and draw that person to you. You're not manipulating them but something I would like to clarify because often times the conscious self is not in alignment with the Higher Self. And this channel and Ashtar has discussed this before in debriefing, as you're getting ready to come down on Earth, you're looking at one another and you go, ‘now when we get down there…’ like that movie this channel was referring to, the test of love, would we be able to when we finally connect and one of us recognizes the other and the other doesn't recognize because it's purposely done that way to protect, the chance, the risk, but no, love is too powerful because you could never really not be together but often in some situations in past lives there were certain situations that souls tried to be together and the imbalanced forces stopped it. But now that's not going to occur. Divine couples will be reunited.
But it is true, Love Potion Number 9 and those things that were designed as a sacred elixir to enhance the love to enhance the feelings, nothing is wrong with that if it's in the highest purpose. When everything you're doing is in Divine Will in Divine Creation and all of the elements you are using are part of the holistic view of life itself, alchemically everything is transformed into a beautiful experience of bliss and ecstasy and joy. You transmute the darkness and the pain and the suffering and you infuse it with the light and the love and the romance and the celebration of Divine and the glory of Divine Creation coming through that. And you experience the Divine couples coming together in a sense as Lady Portia and I will purposefully very much reach out and help enhance and overshadow them with this elixir energy that has been created. We’ll call it Love Potion No. 9  but infused with a perfect … it can never be manipulated by imbalanced energies. It's impossible now.
This elixir is designed to infuse and to enhance and it's also we could say an aspect of that, I'm infusing in with the economic system. But there has been of course much stress and impatience and I just wish to say to all of the souls out there you know that Divine Creation has a perfect timing. I work with the Divine Creation. I am very much connecting with the Asian Dragon Families helping to orchestrate. I set up a world trust many centuries ago because I knew this time would come and we knew there might be little glitches and little snafus and things and we’re always preparing and we knew we had might adjust things but the plan was still in place. We could adjust the plan to be flexible. Like Ashtar would say it’s like molding clay /cosmic Play-Doh. It's not a rigid kind of thing.  And so there's a lot of flexibility there and only Prime Creator knows that perfect timing. Yes the question was asked of Prime Creator, has kind of changed his mind a little bit perhaps because of new timeline even for Prime Creator looking at all the magnificence of free will and how much free will has been utilized in a unique ways as co-creators remember were profoundly discovering and creating and manifesting alchemically transforming in greater freedom and liberty and expansion at all times and bringing more joy and beauty and fulfillment into the picture. Into your life. It is our desire and your freedom profoundly through your I AM Presence connected to the great I Am that I Am that all things are flowing and that the romance of the universe. So I like to express that today in celebration. I like to toast with the nectar of the gods, Love Potion No. 9, to all of those who are desiring to be with their other half and wish to travel and as this channel knows you could have “all the money in the world” as the saying goes, but if you're not with that love of your life the one of your dreams, what's the point?
So to be able to have all of the abundance but because your love you are with your other half and you’re sharing it with them profoundly something bigger than yourself that transforms it alchemically into profound type experience. Yes the sparkles on the icing on the cake, and to be able to travel and have plenty of money. Most of the money of course is focused, while there is still a money system but that will eventually become a [???] system, will be alchemically transformed into so that money will not even exist. The spiritual value will be there. But for a little while getting the bad taste out of your mouth as Ashtar would say, so that you could really feel fulfilment because you’re instead of having all bad memories, as you go out and return to the higher realms, you leave Earth with good memories of the romance and the love and the joy and the fellowship, the humanitarian projects, combining business with pleasure, was said yes!
There’s nothing wrong with that to in balance and responsibility to lose yourself in love. They used to say fall madly in love. Well when you fall in love sometimes it may seem like you’re crazy or mad as some would say because you're so in love others that are really funky or are down in the darkness, that person’s out of his or her mind. Oh my god what's wrong with him because they're in dark and maybe they're a little jealous that you're so filled with joy and feeling of joy and romance so understanding that there is that kind of they interpret it that way or you madly in love you’re insane, crazy. But it's a crazy love. It’s a wonderful thing to be lost in love in that way. Alchemically you transmute all the darkness and you’re able to actually allow your heart to feel and you can be totally open with your partner and come from the heart; there's no games to be played. There's no anything but just unconditional love for your other half and they feel for you. Everything is that and that's what you're alchemically moving in to rapidly in this new paradigm. And yes, in that vision this channel had aboard the mothership and the profound significance of what that means alchemically for Earth and all that’s around Earth at this time as an example throughout the universe that love has overcome all of the darkness, all of the conditions. Alchemically, love itself is part of the elixir formula. It is infused into it.
So I wish to bless everyone at this time. Now, I of course in a sense if there is a few minutes left this channel will get the signal because we have to make sure he keeps it under 90 min. of his, as far as the time aspect here. He doesn't want to edit it down so it fits within the size of the CD. But at this point, our sister of light, do you have any questions that you would wish to get clarified at this time?
Anne: Well, I'm so excited. This is been such an inspirational call and I loved what you just shared dear St. Germain. We are just as you know we're tipping on the tipping point right now waiting for the first domino to fall which we understand is the RV to be closely followed by our Restored Republic and the new NESARA implementation. Is there anything you would like to comment about that?
St. Germain: Well anything I would say would be a little redundant perhaps from what has already been said. Because it comes down to the push and shove, the go out and thump it on the street and all of those sayings. Okay, let's just have it done. Have it done. Yes I agree too but at the same time we’re flowing because even though it feels … and as Ashtar has said the feeling the words ‘soon’, ‘shortly’, and ‘imminent’ have all been worn out.
Many times we’ll feel on top of it and Divine Creation could be that no matter how close you are to it, it could still be like a million miles away. When I say that we are truly on top of it and we’re truly close to that moment. And Divine Creation is doing last-minute adjustments, I’m using a phraseology here, in the time-space continuum itself as far as any souls that would need a little more sense of because you see every soul on Earth is linked with every other soul as far as that 90-95% in service to collective. So no one is left out of the mix. No one is left out or saying oh I didn't get, I need a little more time to get this one thing done. So it's the overall collective sense of everything shifting and balancing and alchemically coming into that perfect elixir formula and that nothing is off. Everything is perfectly aligned because the elixir has to be perfect in its consistency; how it's designed, how it's created, energetically, vibrationally. And we know with certainly Divine Creation will push the green cosmic light the Asian Dragon families have technically pushed the button as some have said and they tested the system out perfectly. But until Divine Creation gives the final word and it’s imminent, it's about to occur, that's all I can say. Anything else would be redundant. We know the desire. We know souls have been suffering out there and there's everyone has a different kind of situation. But overall we're on course in the way of the shifting of the timeline occurs so just all of you know that you are all also as, before duality totally goes away, in these last few moments after millions of years that last tempering of patience and focus and purpose. And even though we know it's very difficult for souls from higher realms to be patient on the human level we just ask you to be a little more patient. That's all we can say at this point because its imminent. It’s Divine Creation’s will it will occur.
But it is a fact that all of the not only 30 million approximately minimum of those who have currency are so many at the edge of their seat and struggling. We understand that but it's how all of you as a collective aspect are shifting and adjusting with each other. And when that perfect alignment, which is about to take place occurs, the actual green light and truly the 800 numbers, as some refer to the toll-free numbers, will become available. It’s imminent because they're being put in place in one way. But again, getting it as email and notices, those kinds of things, or put on certain websites where it will be announced and most of you anyway will not even know it took place.
30 million is really a small drop in the bucket compared to 7 billion. But these 30 million are the ones who will be, we can say tip of the iceberg who will initiate and of course the NESARA aspect itself comes into effect. After that everything starts to fall into place. We bless it. We just say it’s imminent and just keep feeling focused. Knowing that there are parts that just like true love so it is with the finances. You will be fulfilled beyond your wildest imaginations.
Many cannot conceive how they will feel once it actually happens because there's no genetic memory to compare it with. It's a profound. It's like meeting one's other half and then not being able to tell them and then when they finally do tell them when you think you know what you're going to say to them you really have no idea how profound that moment is going to be because your hearts will connect and it will be so profound and the feelings of love that you can finally say to that person what you feel. What you been holding it for so long. And this is the kind of thing that is playing out in different kinds of ways.
So I want to bless all of you. Lady Portia and I…
Anne: I just want to say I want to thank you St. Germain. I want to thank all those who joined: dear Ashtar, my beloved Sananda, and dear Prime Creator. I believe this call itself is going to have a profound effect. You said we have to all as a collective come together. I think this is going to be a Love Potion No. 9 for the Earth collective. I think this call is going to uplift everybody.
St. Germain. Yes, the cupids and Love Potion Number 9 is definitely a little highlight there in what has been shared today. ‘Take that in your pipe and smoke it’, as the old saying goes. [Laughing]
Anne: Well we've had a lot of fun and you've all been so uplifting and joyous and that's just what we needed right now. So I can't wait to get this message out.
St. Germain: Well that's what the love doctor ordered. Blessings to you. Love to all of you. So be open to the cupids hitting you with arrows and when they dip their quills into the Love Potion No. 9 because it's going to happen. Aiming right now. They’re going, okay who can we hit right now with little arrows? Cupid’s arrows! They are real beings. Yes they are, I worked with them. And I’m adding some elixir stuff to Love Potion No. 9 to kind of infuse it with some interesting exotic kinds of things. Lord Rowcon of course he always kind of likes to throw in his little exotic seasonings and stuff too.
So blessings to all of you. Don't be too surprised when love meets you and you connect and the financial thing happens. Blessings to all. This channel got the signal and so I'm going to let him come back. And I want to bless all of you.
Bless the Violet Fire. Bless the Violet Fire. Bless the Violet Fire.
May we be all transformed in freedom, financial, and love, in all areas of light.
Blessings to all. I am St. Germain I love you all. Blessings
Anne: We’re going to give Michael just a little time to recover and return too. He's done a wonderful job for us. We're just going to give him time to get settled back in and regain his own energy and his body and then we’ll hear some final words from dear Michael Ellegion who dictated this for us. I'm just kind of standing by until Michael decides to say hello. We’ll just be here. I'm so grateful so grateful for this joyous call. Putting all of our hearts at ease. I'm just going to stand by for a final goodbye from Michael. How are you doing Michael?
Michael: Oh God. You know other people don't know this when I do a personal 90 min. transformational reading I’ve shared this with people. In years past I didn't share it then more recently I started telling people because people have asked me: what am I experiencing when they are coming through? I tell people hey that's the cool part. And because I leave my body when they're coming in me/ come through me and I'm out. To me it's always like this I’m like in this gigantic kaleidoscope of color and sound or frequency. And there's all around it's like the shifting patterns of like [???] orbs and sacred geometry and I'm just blissed out in this incredible state. And then of course when I come back a few moments there it’s like [wiggy]. I don't remember anything until I tune in and it all floods back into my consciousness. It's kind of like when their life flashes before their eyes but I'm just seeing this and so, man when Prime Creator and Sananda and Ashtar and then St. Germain and what they were saying and all. As they were describing I was seeing all these wonderful beautiful energies all around and there was just wonderful to hear you know something I experienced some things and then to hear their confirmations in a more collective sense too.
Anne: Yeah, it was a great call. It was so uplifting. It’s just what everybody needs right now.
Michael: Yeah I thought it was cute when he goes ‘that's just what the doctor ordered’. But there was a little glitch because my phone slipped off it was on this little thing here and it slipped off and that's where you're heard this click and then he said that's what the doctor ordered so then he goes that's what the Love Doctor ordered.
Anne: Yeah I didn't hear what he said so he repeated it. Oh what fun.
Michael: Yeah well it's interesting what's going on up there. That's what people you know Ashtar has said this and I said this because it is true. You know people think of higher beings as being serious and they’re sitting there you know they have wisdom and knowledge. I think because they have the ability to have a sense of humor. Ashtar always likes to use expressions and he says that. You know? It isn't just the knowledge and wisdom, it’s the ability to have fun and that's when he says, you know we’re not so high and mighty sometimes he says. We learn from you too. And to be able to come down on the human level and sit across from us and interact with us you know and this thing about all of these all of the divine couples and coming together.
Anne: Oh yes. They all touched on it. And recognized their own other halves. Oh Michael before we close where running. This is an over two hour call for everybody you know with all aspects included. There may be some who would like to link up with you and get some more insight into their own personal connection. How would they get in touch with you Michael?
Michael: If they want to experience a personal 90 minute transformational channeled reading, they can call me on my cell phone which is 206 – 235 – 8402. Now I'm in Roanoke, Virginia but I'll be going back to the West Coast because that's where my twin flame is.
I came out here for a couple of reasons that have been fulfilled. I can do my work wherever I go, and that is a West Coast cell phone number. But I'm being called to go back to the West Coast and that's going to be pretty exciting when I go back there.
People can also go to my website: I always invite people to take a look at the NASA Starpeople Characteristic List which was compiled by Brad Steiger many years ago.
When I was taken onboard, after the cabal ‘offed’ me with this psychotronic beam in 1979 -- because one of my missions has been to be a thorn in the butt of the cabal. I basically put a target on my back because I started to expose early on what the cabal/the illuminati was up to. Just because I felt hey it’s time to expose them. And I don't live my life out of fear. It was all part of the plan that I was to be killed and come back from that experience. -- And when they hit me with the psychotronic beam I thought that was it. And the next thing I know I was waking up on the mothership and Elohim standing around putting the life force into me and altered my DNA/RNA so I wouldn't be vulnerable.
But the interesting thing about that altering of my DNA/RNA to do protect me from psychotronic and those kinds of black op kinds of stuff they do, they altered my DNA/RNA in such a unique way, they explained to me, that unlike the old karmic readings they used to do from now on, when I met Korton who is the communication specialist up there, and I remember hanging out with them in the councils, and he tells me that from now on I was going to be doing sessions just for others like myself that were on a mission. And he told me I was going to come upon this list of characteristics and then two months later I saw the NASA list. It didn't really surprise me the NASA star people list. I know almost every one of them on the list because with conscious memory they would retain more of that energy. So what he was explaining about the DNA/RNA change because of it being done to protect me it was a unique kind of thing they had done. They had never done that kind of thing before. And the way they were doing it was unique to me but it allowed them now to anchor in the higher light encodements through that DNA/ RNA change so they could be anchoring unique ladder light encodements that are unique to each person, spiritually tailored to those who were getting readings from me because it's more than just the conscious information. It's playing it back later because the conscious mind doesn't hear the encodements but the subconscious does. So as you play them back many times it starts to cause a transformational effect and that same thing.
Anne: What about this particular session now? It included encodements I'm presuming for the Earth collective rather than for me personally. Do you know anything about that?
Michael. I think the reading for the love aspect but when I do a personal reading it's more tailored to each person for whatever their particular individual unique thing they're going through. But I also would like to infuse it with this kind of Love Potion Number 9. They're going to infuse that energy to bring and help anchor in the twin flame energy for the different people that I do sessions for. Above and beyond whatever they're going to show personally it's kind of a collective thing that what St Germain was saying about the Love Potion No. 9 how that -- and they call it that because it's an elixir kind of energetics that is going to be part of the encodements from now on because they want to really spotlight and highlight this thing about the divine couples twin flames coming together from my experience that kind of instigated, set things in motion, that helps all the other difficult things for couples being brought together. It’s something that seems on the one hand almost impossible but then nothing’s impossible. It's a challenge because it's supposed to be. Because it's meaningful. If it was too easy it wouldn't have the same significance somehow on this human level. But it's still the encodements are always unique to each person and it's always interesting that people come back to me later that say when they play it back they start hearing other things popping up on the recording that they didn't initially here. So that's where the transformational effect comes in from the sessions.
Anne: Well wonderful. I'll get this out to everybody and I'll also post your number. Email is
Well Michael you've had a good workout here and we enjoyed your personal sharing at the beginning of this call and I'm eager to get this posted and raise the vibrations of this planet when they hear all of this good news.
Michael: Thank you for letting me do my work.
Anne: It was time you know I always get the knowledge. They came in right as programmed. Prime Creator, Sananda, Ashtar, and St. Germain just as I told you but I didn't want to say it ahead of time. That was wonderful. I love that confirmation. I'm going to play Ashtar's favorite song as we close. So Ashtar here we go.
Thank you Michael.
Que Music [2:09:26]    Let The River Run
We're coming to the edge,
Running on the water,
Coming through the fog,
Your sons and daughters.

Let the river run,
Let all the dreamers
Wake the nation.
Come, the New Jerusalem.

Silver cities rise,
The morning lights
The streets that meet them,
And sirens call them on
With a song.

It's asking for the taking.
Trembling, shaking.
Oh, my heart is aching.

We're coming to the edge,
Running on the water,
Coming through the fog,
Your sons and daughters.

We the great and small
Stand on a star
And blaze a trail of desire
Through the dark'ning dawn.

It's asking for the taking.
Come run with me now,
The sky is the color of blue
You've never even seen
In the eyes of your lover.

Oh, my heart is aching.
We're coming to the edge,
Running on the water,
Coming through the fog,
Your sons and daughters.

It's asking for the taking.
Trembling, shaking.
Oh, my heart is aching.

We're coming to the edge,
Running on the water,
Coming through the fog,
Your sons and daughters.

Let the river run,
Let all the dreamers
Wake the nation.
Come, the New Jerusalem.